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—Creator of Tarzan, Barsoom, a pantheon of heroes and heroines, well-crafted fantastic worlds! His career began in 1911 and ran full bore until his death in 1950. His amazing stories have lasted over a century and inspired countless authors and movie directors. Burroughs is often called the Grandfather of Science Fiction.


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Dedicated to the life and works of EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS (1875-1950). ERBLIST.COM is a large site with articles, scholarship, contributing columns, art, fiction, and even music that explores and celebrates the impact Edgar Rice Burroughs made to the world of literature, film, radio, tv, newspapers. Burroughs was a primary inspiration for generations of creative talent who followed in his famous footsteps.

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Featuring ORIGINAL GLOSSARIES of Barsoom (Mars), Amtor (Venus), Caspak (Caprona), Pellucidar (Inner World), Vanah (Moon), Pal-ul-don (Africa).

Edgar Rice Burroughs SUMMARY PROJECT

Summarizing the works of American Author Edgar Rice Burroughs One Chapter At A Time.

Format is 250 word summaries of each chapter of each book. Included is a Cast of Characters, Places, and Things as applicable for each book summary. Produced as a group effort of erblist members over a three year period.


Contributing authors and researchers explore the many worlds and characters found in the legendary novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs! Embark on a discovery via art, article, and exhibits in the life and works of this extraordinary American author.

Contributors are: Tangor Responds (David Bruce Bozarth), Edgardemain (John Martin), ERB: In Focus (Bob Zeuschner), Dime Lectures (J G Huckenpohler), Tantor Trumpets (Ken Webber), Beyond 30° W. (Laurence Dunn), Korak In Pal-ul-don (Steve Allsup), Nkima Speaks (David A Adams), and Burton Art (David Burton).

Pastiche & Fan Fiction

Publishing the Best on the Web for ERB-Style Fiction. If the term "pastiche" is not familiar, it means "in the style of another". Short Stories, Novels, Novelettes, Poetry, Plays, and related Pulp Fiction.

Most stories are accompanied with illustrations, some by the famous, some of budding new artists well worth viewing!


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Edgar Rice Burroughs

ERB novels in the Public Domain.

Includes New art as well as hundreds of samples by the most famous illustrators of Burroughs' works. This collection is based on the MAGAZINE SERIALS instead of the hard back or paper back editions. May vary in content or length compared to Book versions.

Majority include an ERBLIST introduction with publication and other bibliographic information.


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