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"WE STILL LIVE!" ...John Carter
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About the Author

David Bruce Bozarth was born 17 August B.D. (Before Dirt) and enjoyed a rather normal middle class childhood. During his teen years he became very proficient with electric musical instruments and percussion toys, forming several organized cacaphony ensembles. These musical endeavors provided monetary income, though the main pursuit was naive young things going gaga over guitar gurus. Did he take advantage? Like that gentleman adventurer from ERB's works he's too cool to tell.

After an involuntary stint in Uncle Sam's Boy's Club he returned to civilian life to manage two music stores. Teaching kids 6 to 66 how to amaze and amuse on 15 different instruments, Bruce worked ausiduously to unburden himelf of a wife collected during his military daze.

Three years later, free and beginning to loose that fabulous mane of hair, he married again — a relationship which lasted 29 years then he was the one unburdened!

At some point between thinning hair and extreme male pattern baldness he wised up and retired from the rock 'n' roll game and became a computer consultant. In his spare time (when not on the Web or pounding replies to hundreds of email messages per week) Bruce daydreams of simpler days when he first discovered ERB — well before the Beatles ever got together!

Like John Carter and other Burroughsian heroes, Bruce has grey eyes, a winning smile, thinks quick, and...well the rest is subject to change without notice (but if you do notice, keep it to yourself!).