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A Barsoom Glossary

An avid traveler in real life, Edgar Rice Burroughs had visited many different locations in the United States of America. He had studied Geology (among other things) while a student at Michigan Military Academy, rising to the point that he taught Geology for a period of time.

His travels took him from Yellowstone to the American Southwest and those landscapes suggested many of the terrain features found in the Barsoom Saga. Vast deserts, thick forests, mountains and sand ... all were fodder for his vivid imagination and became the background upon which his adventuring characters engaged in romance, war, and rough philosophy.

The list below covers the features, areas, and other natural formations described.

location of Carter and Powell's gold mine; Apache indians are the indigenous people. United States.
Artolian Hills
— (aka Snow Clad Mountains) surrounds the northern city of Duhor.
Buried Sea
— See Omean
Carrion Caves
— subterranean entrance to Okar "At the opening to the subterranean passage that led to their haven of refuge a mighty battle was fought in which the yellow men were victorious, and within the caves that gave ingress to their new home they piled the bodies of the dead, both yellow and green, that the stench might warn away their enemies from further pursuit.
    "And ever since that long-gone day have the dead of this fabled land been carried to the Carrion Caves, that in death and decay they might serve their country and warn away invading enemies. Here, too, is brought, so the fable runs, all the waste stuff of the nation—everything that is subject to rot, and that can add to the foul stench that assails our nostrils."
Dead Sea of Korvas
— located at dead city of Korvas; remaining open water of one of the ancient seas of Barsoom.
Death, the
— an underground river passing beneath Tjanath that empties into the Valley of Spiders. See Syl river below.
— nation located some distance from Tarid on Thuria.
forbidden land
— term applied to the north polar region until after Okar was discovered.
Forest of Lost Men
— rare wooded area of Barsoom, near the equator, land of the invisible men.
Golden Cliffs
— surrounds Valley Dor with 5,000 foot perpendicular walls; veins of gold, quartz, rubies, emeralds and diamonds lace the cliff faces.
— a large island with hills and dale, forest and pleasant shoreline; Toonolian Marsh
Gulf of Torquas
— ancient sea bed now a moss-covered valley/basin over 1,000 miles across, between Torquas to the east and Xanator to the west. (Fighting)
Helium Forest
— Helium (Giant)
Hohr Valley
— northwest of Tjanath; Ghasta, where runs the River Syl; a fertile, near tropical area, where a species of large upside-down spiders live.
Hudson River
located United States, Earth.
Island of Ompt
— in the Toonolian Marshes
Isle of Shador
— a prison island in Omean Sea
Iss, river
— also known as River of Mystery, River of Death; empties into the Lost Sea of Korus via subteranean outlet beneath the Otz Mountains; believed to run the breadth of Barsoom, those embarking upon the final pilgrimage apparently have access to various points along it's unstated course for boat travel to Valley Dor.
Kaolian Forest
— a heavily wooded area near Kaol; situated near Polodona (the equator).
Korus, Lost Sea of
— open body of water, Valley Dor
Land of the First Born
— at the south pole. Located on the shores of the Omean Sea, a vast body of water in immense subterranean caverns, accessed via vents through the planetary crust large enough to handle airships of various sizes.
Land of Lost Souls
— fertile band of land at the outer edge of the Otz Mountains to the south and the immense ice shield to the north.
Little Colorado
river in United States; where Carter and Burroughs met.
Location: 150W 15NL
— dead sea bottom covered with ochre vegetation with low hills in the distance; a place where a misaligned directional compass brought John Carter and Vor Daj during an overnight flight from Helium; approximately 2600 miles southwest of Phundahl. (Synthetic)
Lotharian Hills
separates Lothar from the hordes of Torquas.
Mountains of Torquas
— large range of mountains northwest of Aaanathor (Thuvia)
Morbus, Island of
— Large island with hills, forests, and swamp areas located in the Toonolian Marsh, approximately 700 miles from Phundahl.
Mysterious River Iss
— See Iss, river.
Nuuanu Pali
agricultural area, Hawaii, United States.
one of the Hawaiian Islands, Earth.
Omean, the Buried Sea
— vast body of water located two miles beneath south pole (Gods)
Otz Mountains
— Surround Golden Cliffs and Valley Dor (Gods)
Otz Valley
— surrounds Valley Dor; aka the Land of Lost Souls.
— the equator
River of Death
— See Iss, river
River of Mystery
— See Iss, river
Snow Clad Mountains
— See Artolian Hills
— river running through the Hohr Valley.
— island of the Toonolian Marsh located near Toonol; the ancestral home of Ras Thavas.
Throxeus (or Throxus)
— mightiest of the Five Dead Oceans of Barsoom; no specific boundaries are known, though in all probability the swamps near Gathol and the Toonolian Marsh are remnants. The five oceans were composed of salt water.
Toonolian Marshes
— 1800 earth miles of marsh stretching between Phundahl on the west to Toonol on the east, narrow winding waterways connect small bodies of water, the largest of which is a few acres in area; marsh, jungle, and water, dotted by rocky islands which may be the remains of an ancient mountain range, often forested by thick jungle. The area is densely populated by "fierce beasts and terrifying reptiles, by remnants of savage aboriginal tribes long isolated." 19' to 27' N Lat; 90' to 123' W Lon
Valley Dor
— south pole, Martian Heaven
Valley of the First Born
— here Kamtol lies
Valley of Helium
— area between the twin cities of Helium.
Valley of Lost Souls
— at south pole between Valley Dor and Otz Mountains
Valley of Spiders
— located near Ghasta, See Hohr Valley.
— island home of the Jovian (Sasoom) Savators (Skeleton).