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"WE STILL LIVE!" ...John Carter


David Bruce Bozarth





This glossary began as a writing aid for my Dead Cities of Mars pastiche I once hoped to market via print channels. That didn't happen; however, since 1996 A BARSOOM GLOSSARY has become an internationally recognized on-line reference for the Martian works of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

A Barsoom Glossary is presented in three major sections: People, Places, and Things. Each section has internal navigation within itself, or one can return to this page to enter each section. Lists are usually presented in Alphabetical Order. Footnotes (where applicable) are IN LINE with the appropriate paragraph. Links are provided to other sections when applicable, but otherwise linking is kept to a minimum, each section is complete for presentation purposes.

Quotes from the works by Edgar Rice Burroughs are either in Quotes, Italics, or Blockquote format.

Illustrations by various, including the author. Attribution is given where indicated. All copyrights are respected.

To obtain an earlier version of A Barsoom Glossary in PDF format: right click Save As to keep a copy). This website is the most up-to-date version.


What originally started as research to write a Barsoomian Spoof soon became an obsession to detail Edgar Rice Burroughs' wondrous Martian Saga. Perhaps my manuscript Dead Cities of Mars will be available one day. When it is I hope you will enjoy it--until then my research produced a rather handy glossary of Barsoomian facts which should interest old and new fans of Burroughs' adventure tales set on the planet Mars.

I first read the Martian series between 1960 and 1965. When I began work on Dead Cities of Mars in 1982 I re-read the entire series and took notes. Others have done authoritative works on Barsoom but I have not read them as of yet. I felt it was necessary to do this research independently to avoid having their influences or observations obstructing my compilation and comments.

I am not a scholar, so don't look for scholarly work. I'm just a plain old Texas boy who likes a little fantasy when he can. Nowadays it seems that most fantasies involve two or more of the opposite sex, a kilo of coke in a locked room or something else artificial. Give me Barsoom any day of the week! Get high on your own imagination. And the best of the imaginative writers of any generation is Edgar Rice Burroughs.

David Bruce Bozarth
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