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Tangor's collection of web links to sites featuring Edgar Rice Burroughs. This is a casual list and is not actively maintained. There is no "order" to insertion, nor have I checked many of these over time to see if they still exist.

ERB Graphics - Affordable dust jacket covers for ERB books - Charles Madison in charge, and charging reasonable for grand product.

Edgar Rice Burroughs - An academic reference page concerning Tarzan

Jungle Tales of Tarzan - The entry page to an academic study of Jungle Tales of Tarzan, including links to story text

TARZAN.COM - Official website for Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

Green Blood and Red Blood for Mars - Download rules for mass warfare with minature figures.

The Lost Chronicles of Edgar Rice Burroughs - Fan Site, Fan Fic, notable for the description of THE PERFECT ERB PLOT

The Online Books Page - Repository of ERB etexts, including Australian listings.

UNOFFICIAL Frank Frazetta Fantasy Art - Very large and graphics intense art site. Lots of ERB works.

Trading Post - Place to find and trade for ERB film and video

Grand Comic Books Database - Search for Dell, DC, Darkhorse, Gold Key, etc. Very large site.

Nederlandse Bibliografie van Edgar Rice Burroughs - Dutch bibliography of Edgar Rice Burroughs

RECOVERINGS dust jacket replicas - The highest quality reproductions of ERB first edition dust jackets

Brian's Drive In Theater - Photos and articles on the film Tarzans