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David A. Adams

HTML verision by David Bruce Bozarth

The Chronology first appeared in ERBAPA #55, Fall 1997. John Martin, Editor. Web Published by permission of the author. This work is provided as a reference source for Edgar Rice Burroughs researchers. The material may be freely copied as long as the copyright notice and author credit remains intact.


Several years ago I began this chronology as an aid to writing literary criticism on the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. As I was relatively new to these endeavors, I found it useful to place the particular novel under scrutiny in its proper historical and biographical context as I proceeded with my writing. Since this time, this chronology has grown to a size that I think it would be of interest to others involved in these literary efforts, and so I decided to share it with the members of ERBapa to use with their own work.

For the purposes of size, I decided to include only the dates of ERB's life 1875-1950. Of course, important Burroughs family dates began before 1875, and many important dates of publications continued after 1950.

This chronology is organized in the following manner: There is a listing of cogent historical events that may have influenced ERB's writing, followed by the major biographical events in his life. All of the publications of the novels are listed, followed by an abbreviation of the publisher. Of particular interest are the dates each work was originally written (indented in the chronology). The Tarzan films are also listed. I decided not to include extensive literary works by other authors to keep this list concentrated on ERB, even though my personal chronology includes the writings of many other authors.

The main problem in constructing a chronology such as this one is to decide what to include and what to leave out. I began by including only those events I judged to be of importance to ERB's literary work My decisions of course are personal ones, and they reflect the limits of my knowledge concerning the details included in each of ERB's novels.

My computer database is color coded for easy reading, however, I did not use this method of reproduction in ERB apa due to the cost involved. If you are interested in a computer disk of this chronology, just mail me a disk formatted to either PC or Macintosh along with postage on a self-addressed envelope or computer disk mailer, and I will send you a simple text copy of this list. This will make it possible for you to continue your own chronology without having to retype all of my information.

My sources are the obvious ones: Porges, Fenton, Zeuschner, Fury, Farmer, et.al. Mistakes and obvious omissions may be graciously pointed out to the compiler, David A. Adams.

18753 mos.Born Sept 1, 1875 to George Tyler & Mary Evaline (Zieger) in Chicago, IL- the youngest of 4 boys (George Tyler Jr., Henry Studley, Frank Coleman). Births of Hans Christian Andersen, Thomas Mann, Rainer Maria Rilke, C.G, Jung, and Albert Schweitzer
18816"Edward" or "Eddie" Burroughs entered the Brown School on the West Side of Chicago
188712Placed in a girls school during a diphtheria epidemic
188813Enters the Harvard School in Chicago, begins his study of Latin
188914Began proposing to Emma Hulbert who lived down the street
189015Idaho was admitted to the Union on July 3
189116Lived with his brothers, George & Harry, on 'The Sweetser & Burroughs' ranch along the Raft River Valley (Cassia County) in the southeastern part of the Territory of Idaho. Attends Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass. (1891-92)
189217Enters Michigan Military Academy
189520Graduates from Michigan Military Academy & became a teacher there
189621Enlists in army and is assigned to Troop B Seventh Cavalry in the Arizona Territory
189722Discharged from Fort Grant, Arizona; begins work at father's firm, the American Battery Co.
189823The U.S. battleship Maine was blown up in Havana Harbor, Cuba, and two months later the Spanish-American War began. Radium was discovered by the Curies and G. Bemont. Application for a commission with Teddy's Roosevelt's Rough Riders turned down. Returns to Idaho; opens stationery store in Pocatello.
189924Stanley's Through the Dark Continent is published. Travels to N.Y., returns to work at Am. Battery Co. Buys copy of Descent of Man by Darwin
190025First trial flight of Zeppelin. Jack London's The Son of the Wolf is published. Marries grammar-school sweetheart Emma Hulbert in Chicago, Jan 31.
190126President McKinley assassinated; succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt. Boers begin organized guerrilla warfare.
190227Owen Wister's The Virginian is published.
190328Wright brothers fly a powered airplane. Travels with Emma to Idaho to join his brothers' mining company. First fiction written, (a fairy tale set in Idaho).

  • Minidoka 937th Earl of One Mile Series M
190429Work begins on the Panama Canal. Russo-Japanese War breaks out. In Salt Lake City, has job as railroad policeman; in Chicago, employed as construction worker, door-to-door book salesman, vendor of light bulbs, accountant.
190530Theodore Roosevelt inaugurated as president for second term. Edwin L. Arnold's Lieut. Gullivar Jones: His Vacation is published.
190631San Francisco earthquake. Tries to enlist in Chinese army. Works for Sears, Roebuck Co. 1906-08, shows talent for managerial work.
190833Liquid helium was first made, and tungsten was proved to be well adapted for filaments in incandescent lamps. 1908 Otto, king of Bavaria, as mad as his brother, Ludwig, was shut up in a chateau. Daughter Joan born Jan 12. Though successful at Sears, leaves security in August to start his own business (Burroughs & Dentzer Advertising Contractors) which fails. His 3 brothers return to Chicago with the failure of their gold-dredging projects in Idaho.

  • "Poverty!" a poem.
190934Model T Ford is produced. Louis Bleriot crossed the English Channel in an airplane. Son Hulbert born Aug 12. Works for Dr. Stace as office manager for the Physicians Co-Operative Association, selling Alcola, a nostrum for alcoholism. Turns down job offer from Sears, Roebuck.
191136Boule was the first to describe a nearly complete Neanderthal skeleton. Secretary & Advertising Manager, Champlin-Yardley Co., Chicago (owned by Coleman Burroughs).

  • Under the Moons of Mars began in July, sells before end of year.
  • The Outlaw of Torn
  • Tarzan of the Apes begun Dec. 1 at 8:00 p.m.
191237Working as manager of the System Service Bureau, Chicago - "The Magazine of Efficiency". Arizona and New Mexico become states. SS. Titantic sinks on her maiden voyage. Piltdown Man"found" in England (proved to be a hoax in 1953). Metcalf of All-Story buys serial rights to Tarzan of the Apes for $700.

  • Princess of Mars, A (Feb-July 1912) The All-Story.
  • The Gods of Mars
  • The Avenger (3,500 word short story, unpublished)
  • For the Fool's Mother (unpublished short story)
  • The Return of Tarzan - "The Ape-Man"/"Monsieur Tarzan"
191338Woodrow Wilson inaugurated as 28th President of the U.S.. Income tax begins in the U.S. Schweitzer opens hospital in French Congo. Ford manufacturing 1000 Model T's a day. Captain George Tyler Burroughs (ERB's father) died Feb. 15 (age 79). Son John born 28 Feb. Travels to San Diego, Cal. with family for the winter.

  • A Man Without a Soul, All-Story (The Monster Men)
  • At the Earth's Core - "The Inner World"
  • The Cave Girl (Part One)
  • The Monster Men - "Number Thirteen"
  • The Warlord of Mars - "The Prince of Helium."
  • The Mucker (Part One)
  • The Mad King (Part One) - "The Mad King of Lutha."
  • Eternal Lover (Part One) - "Nu of the Neocene."
191439World War I begins in Europe. Goddard begins his rocketry experiments. Returns to Chicago and moves to the suburbs of Oak Park, 6415 Augusta Street.

  • Tarzan Of The Apes, McClurg (His first book publication).
  • The Beasts of Tarzan (written in San Diego)
  • The Lad and the Lion - "Men and Beasts."
  • The Girl from Farris's.
  • Thuvia, Maid of Mars - "Carthoris."
  • The Cave Girl (Part Two).
  • The Eternal Lover (Part Two) - "Sweetheart Primeval."
  • The Mad King (Part Two) - "'Barney' Custer of Beatrice."
  • Pellucidar.
191540First Zeppelin attack on London-WWI. Hugo Junkers constructs the first fighter airplane. D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation is a sensational film success. Ed and his family move into the former country home of his parents, 414 Augusta St., Oak Park. Selig accepts The Lad and the Lion for filming but rejects The Cave Girl. Story outline for a wild-animal comedy, The Lion Hunter, is rejected by Selig. Ed joins the Author's League of America.

  • Return of Tarzan, The McClurg (25 small chapter headings by J. Allen St. John).
  • The Son of Tarzan.
  • The Man-Eater - "Ben, King of Beasts."
  • Beyond Thirty.
  • Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar
  • The Rider - "H.R.H. the Rider."
  • The Zealots (unpublished).
  • The Lion Hunter (unpublished outline).
191641"Pancho" Villa pursued by Brig.-General Pershing. British first use tanks on Western Front. Travels to Los Angeles. Difficulties with film producers - sells the film rights for Tarzan of the Apes to William Parsons (National Film Corporation). Wrote a trip diary called "Auto Gypsying," an account of a cross-country trip through the Midwest to the West Coast. Burroughs family moved to 355 South Hoover Street in Chicago. Ed is suffering from neuritis. Plans to enlist for WWI, but Emma persuades him to stay at home with his family.

  • Lost Continent, The (Beyond Thirty), All Around Magazine
  • Girl from Farris's, The (4-part serial), All-Story Weekly.
  • Beasts of Tarzan, The, McClurg.
  • "An Auto-Biography" (booklet)
  • The Mucker (Part Two) - "Out There Somewhere."
  • Jungle Tales of Tarzan (chapters 1-8) - "The New Tarzan Stories"
191742U.S. declares war on Germany - WWI. Bolshevik Revolution in Russia - czar abdicates. 100-inch reflecting telescope installed at Mount Wilson, California. Appointed captain in reserves by state of Illinois.

  • An Auto-Biography (Repulic Trucks)
  • The first British Methuen editions were published: Apes, Return, & Beasts.
  • Lad and the Lion, The All-Story (rewritten, Feb 15, 1938, ERB).
  • Son of Tarzan, The, McClurg.
  • A Princess of Mars, McClurg.
  • The Oakdale Affair - "Bridge and the Oskaloosa Kid."
  • Jungle Tales of Tarzan (chapters 9-12).
  • The Land That Time Forgot (part 1) - "The Lost U-Boat."
  • The Little Door (unpublished).
  • The Land That Time Forgot (part 2) - "Cor Sva Jo."
  • The Lad and the Lion released by Selig on May 14
191843Ed unsatisfied with William G. Chapman, his syndicating agent, took over his own newspaper sales. WWI Armistice signed, Nov 11, 1918.

  • Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar, McClurg
  • Gods of Mars, McClurg
  • Rider, The, All-Story Weekly, Dec.
  • The Land That Time Forgot (part 3)
  • Tarzan the Untamed (chapters 1-13) - "Tarzan and the Huns."
  • Patriotism by Proxy (Oak Leaves).
  • Peace and the Militia (Oak Parker).
  • A National Reserve Army (Army-Navy Journal).
  • Wanted--Good Citizens!
  • "Tarzan of the Apes" & "The Romance of Tarzan" Starring Elmo Lincoln.
191944Permanent move to California, buys estate (to be named Tarzana Ranch) in San Fernando Valley. Ed acquires a new secretary, John A. Shea. Studley, Ed's nephew, at ranch after the death of his wife, Mary Becker, in childbirth on April 22. Red Army takes Ufa; beginning of White defeat. Red Army takes Omsk. Observations of the total eclipse of the sun bear out Einstein's theory of relativity.

  • Jungle Tales of Tarzan, McClurg, written in Oak Park, Illinois.
  • Warlord of Mars, McClurg.
  • The Moon Maid (Part Two) - "Under the Red Flag."
  • The Efficiency Expert
  • The Oakdale Affair produced by the World Film Co. released 6 October.
192045Eighteenth amendment - prohibition passed. Studley's infant daughter, Margaret Mary, died of spinal meningitis in March. Mary Evaline (Ed's mother) died on 5 April, age 79. She had been living at Tarzana. A swimming pool installed at Tarzana.

  • Tarzan the Untamed, McClurg, Written in Oak Park and L.A..
  • Thuvia, Maid of Mars, McClurg.
  • Tarzan the Terrible (Tarzana "Early Rancho" Period)
  • The Ghostly Script (unpublished) (philosophy of the afterlife-writing resumed Oct 1930).
  • The Revenge of Tarzan, starring Gene Pollar. "Son of Tarzan" serials, starring P. Dempsey Tabler &
  • Kamuela C. Searle (1920-21).
192146Regular radio programs begun by a station in Pittsburgh. The Burroughs children were withdrawn from school to be tutored at home. Chess player Capablanca wins world championship from Lasker, who has held the title since 1894.

  • Tarzan the Terrible, McClurg.
  • Mucker, The, McClurg.
  • Efficiency Expert, The (4-part serial) Argosy.
  • The Chessmen of Mars
  • The Girl from Hollywood - "The Penningtons."
  • The Adventure of Tarzan, starring Elmo Lincoln.
192247Begins sub-dividing part of his Tarzana ranch to sell lots for houses. Mussolini forms Fascist government. Lenin is ill so Stalin is made general secretary of the Bolshevik party.

  • At the Earth's Core, McClurg.
  • Chessmen of Mars, McClurg.
  • Tarzan and the Golden Lion
  • The Moon Maid (Part One)
  • Beware! (The Scientists Revolt)
192348Ed incorporates self as Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Ed gives up the idea of success at farming and auctions off his livestock and equipment.

  • Tarzan and the Golden Lion, McClurg.
  • Moon, Maid, The, McClurg.
  • Pellucidar, McClurg.
  • The Girl from Hollywood, Macaulay.
  • The Bandit of Hell's Bend
  • Tarzan and the Ant Men
192449Lenin dies in January. Power struggles in Russia with Stalin as the leading player. Raymond Dart and Robert Broom find Australopithecus africanus. Plans to sell 120 acres of Tarzana ranch for country club, a financial disaster. Ed is near physical collapse from overexertion and anxiety.

  • Land That Time Forgot, McClurg.
  • Tarzan and the Ant Men, McClurg.
  • Marcia of the Doorstep
  • Out of Time's Abyss (article for Urban Military Academy school newspaper)
192550Ed auctions most of his horses in an economic move. Family auto-camping trip to the Grand Canyon in August. Voronoff combines animal and human experimentation in the field of induced rejuvenation.

  • Cave Girl (& The Cave Man), McClurg.
  • Bandit of Hell's Bend, The, McClurg.
  • Eternal Lover (Eternal Savage), McClurg.
  • The Moon Maid (Part Three) written - "The Red Hawk."
  • The Master Mind of Mars written - "A Weird Adventure on Mars"/"Vad Varo of Barsoom"
192651Goddard fires the first liquid fuel rocket. Daughter, Joan, dates Jim Pierce, and ERB selects him as a film Tarzan.

  • The Moon Maid, McClurg.
  • The Mad King, McClurg.
  • The War Chief - "War Chief of the Apaches."
  • "An Adventure in Plagiarism" (The Bulletin of the Author's League)
  • The Tarzan Twins
192752Lindbergh flies the "Spirit of St. Louis" nonstop New York to Paris. Johnny Weissmuller swims 100 yards in 51 seconds. Joins anti-Prohibition group (The Association Against the Prohibition Amendment, Inc.). Built a beach house at Malibu. Cyril Ralph Rothmund hired as ERB's secretary. Joan Burroughs stage debut at the Weber Little Theater in Ogden, Utah, 20 Feb.

  • Outlaw of Torn, McClurg.
  • War Chief, The, McClurg.
  • Tarzan Twins, The (juvenile), Volland /Illus. Grant.
  • You Lucky Girl! (play)
  • Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle - "Tarzan the Invincible."
  • Apache Devil
  • Tarzan and the Golden Lion, starring James Pierce (last silent Tarzan feature film).
192853Stalin has complete control of the Communist Party. He begins a five-year economic plan. Amundsen died attempting to rescue Nobile in the Arctic. Voronoff's work on rejunevation by transplanting glands. Film Tarzan, James Pierce, marries Joan Burroughs on 8 Aug.

  • Master Mind of Mars, McClurg.
  • Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle McClurg "Mid-Rancho" Period.
  • Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins with Jad-bal-Ja the Golden Lion
  • Tarzan and the Lost Empire
  • Tanar of Pellucidar
  • Tarzan at the Earth's Core - "Tarzan and Pellucidar."
  • Tarzan the Mighty, starring Frank Merrill.
192954"Black Friday" - U.S. Stock Exchange collapses on Oct. 28: world economic crisis begins. St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Trotsky expelled from the U.S.S.R.. Ed & his 2 sons on an auto-camping trip to the Ensenada area of Lower California. Joan Burroughs Pierce, II, daughter of Jim & Joan, born on Dec. 24, ERB's first grandchild.

  • The Monster Men, McClurg.
  • Tarzan and the Lost Empire, Metropolitan.
  • First daily newspaper Tarzan comic strip (Harold Foster).
  • A Fighting Man of Mars
  • Jungle Girl - "The Dancing Girl of the Leper King."
  • The Citizen and the Police (Police Reporter)
  • Tarzan the Tiger, starring Frank Merrill.
193055Tarzana officially recognized as an independent post office. Frank Coleman, Ed's brother died on 18 March. Ed suffer a serious illness with a bladder obstruction, surgery in Nov.

  • Tanar of Pellucidar, Metropolitan. Gridley Wave (Key middle period work) (139)
  • Tarzan at the Earth's Core, Metropolitan, unites with Pellucidar Series.
  • Tarzan the Invincible - "Tarzan and the Man Things" (Tarzan, Guard of the Jungle).
  • The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County - "That Damn Dude."
  • "Genghis Khan" (unpublished) unfinished long poem
193156Moved to studio at Malibu.

  • Tarzan the Invincible, ERB - First title published by ERB, INC. (Studley illus & first use of the "doodad" as his trademark or colophon).
  • Fighting Man of Mars, A, Metropolitan, unites with Pellucidar Series.
  • Tarzan Triumphant - "Tarzan and the Raiders."
  • Calling All Cars (unpublished)
  • Tarzan and the Leopard Men
  • Pirates of Venus
  • Tarzan and the City of Gold
193257Franklin D. Roosevelt wins U.S. presidential election in Democratic landslide. Studley Burroughs (Ed's nephew, Harry's son) is drinking and fails to complete his art assignments on time, so Ed returns to J. Allen St. John for the dust jacket of Tarzan and the City of Gold).

  • Pirate Blood (6-part serial), Argosy.
  • Jungle Girl (Land of Hidden Men), ERB.
  • Tarzan Triumphant ERB.
  • Murder! (unpublished short mystery puzzles)
  • Pirate Blood (by John Tylar McCulloch, pen name).
  • Lost on Venus
  • "Edgar Rice Burroughs Tells All" (Rob Wagner's Script)
  • First Tarzan radio show (voices of Jim Pierce & Joan as Tarzan & Jane).
  • Tarzan, the Ape Man, the first Weissmuller/O'Sullivan Tarzan film.
193358Ella Oldham Burroughs (Harry's wife) was killed in an automobile accident on 30 March (Harry becomes involved in unusual psychic experiments to contact his wife.). Son, Hulbert, graduated from Pomona College in Claremont, California.

  • Apache Devil, ERB (last Studley dust jacket).
  • Tarzan and the City of Gold, ERB.
  • Tarzan and the Lion Man written. Swords of Mars
  • The Death Valley Expedition of the Intrepid 33ers (automobile camping trip journal)
  • Tarzan the Fearless - only Buster Crabbe Tarzan film.
193459Black blizzards. Ed began taking flying lessons in January. James Michael Pierce is born to Jim and Joan Pierce on Aug. 13, ERB's first grandson. Ed divorces Emma on Dec 6, 1934 in Las Vegas. Jack graduated magna cum laude in art from Pomona College.

  • Pirates of Venus, (Argosy 1932), (ERB 1934).
  • Tarzan and the Lion Man, ERB.
  • Tarzan's Quest written - "Tarzan and Jane" /"Tarzan and the Immortal Men."
  • Tarzan and His Mate-Weissmuller & O'Sullivan, April 1934.
193560Ed marries Florence Dearholt on 4 April in the Las Vegas court house. Florence brings two children to the marriage, Lee (age 6) and Caryl Lee (age 4) by her former husband, Ashton Dearholt. Ed has bladder surgery in Nov. and a long period of convalescence.

  • Lost on Venus, ERB.
  • Tarzan and the Leopard Men, ERB.
  • Back to the Stone Age written.
  • Tarzan the Magnificent (chapters 1-12) written - "Tarzan and the Magic Men."
  • The New Adventures of Tarzan - Herman Brix-(Burroughs/Tarzan Enterprises).
193661John Coleman "Jack" Burroughs (Ed's youngest son) married Jane Ralston on 12 Dec.

  • Swords of Mars, ERB.
  • Tarzan & the Tarzan Twins with Jad-Bal-Ja the Golden Lion, Whitman, Illus Juanita Bennett.
  • Tarzan's Quest, ERB, St. John's final illus.
  • The Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw written - "Elmer."
  • Tarzan the Magnificent (chapters 13-25) written - "Tarzan and the Elephant Men."
  • Tarzan Escapes-Weissmuller & O'Sullivan.
193762Isolationism at its peak. Lee Burroughs (adopted son) is enrolled at Hollywood Military Academy but soon removed. Ed is having angina pains.

  • Oakdale Affair, The, ERB, 1st J.C. Burroughs Illus.
  • Back to the Stone Age, ERB.
  • Carson of Venus
  • Tarzan and the Forbidden City - "The Red Star of Tarzan."
  • "Two Gun" Doak Flies South (unpublished) (by John Tyler McCulloch, pen name).
  • Writer's Digest letter.
193863Orson Welles's Martian broadcast.

  • The Lad and the Lion, ERB.
  • Tarzan and the Forbidden City, ERB.
  • Synthetic Men of Mars
  • Land of Terror
  • Lad and the Lion, The (rewrite, Feb 15, 1938, ERB)
  • Tarzan's Revenge - Glenn Morris.
  • Tarzan and the Green Goddess - reediting of the Brix film of 1935.
193964World War II starts. Lindbergh: "Keep Out!" Florence has major surgery in June. Ed reports "several slight heart attacks" in his diary.

  • Carson of Venus, ERB.
  • Tarzan the Magnificent, ERB.
  • Official Guide/Tarzan Clans-May 10, 1939.
  • Scientists Revolt, The Fantastic Adventures, July 1939.
  • Land of Terror (Completed April 17, 1939) (652).
  • Tarzan and the Jungle Murders (Tarzan and the Castaways)
  • Angel's Serenade (unpublished)
  • Tarzan and the Champion (Tarzan and the Castaways)
  • Tarzan Finds a Son! - Weissmuller & O'Sullivan with Johnny Sheffield.
194065The Fall of France. Moves to Hawaii with Florence 18 April. Ed is drinking.

  • Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County, ERB.
  • Synthetic Men of Mars, ERB.
  • Tarzan and the Castaways (3 stories), Blue Book, 1940/ Thrilling Adventures 1940/ Argosy 1941.
  • Tarzan and the Madman (Jan 16-Mar 22, 1940), Published by Caneveral, June 9, 1964.
  • Escape on Venus (chapters 1-16) - "Captured on Venus"/"Slaves of the Fishmen."
  • Llana of Gathol (Part One) - "The Frozen Men of Mars."
  • Savage Pellucidar (Part One) - "Hodon and O-aa."
  • Escape on Venus (chapters 17-29).
  • Llana of Gathol (Part Two) - "The Black Pirates of Barsoom."
  • Savage Pellucidar (Part Two) - "Men of the Bronze Age."
  • Escape on Venus (chapters 30-42)
  • Llana of Gathol (Part Three) - "Escape on Mars"/ "Yellow Men of Mars."
  • Beyond the Farthest Star (Tales of Three Planets)
  • Savage Pellucidar (Part Three) - "Tiger Girl."
  • Escape on Venus (chapters 43-55)
  • Llana of Gathol (Part Four) - "Invisible Men of Mars."
  • The Quest of Tarzan (Tarzan and the Castaways)
  • Tangor Returns (Tales of Three Planets)
  • The Strange Adventures of Mr. Dinwiddie (unpublished)
  • Misogynists Preferred (unpublished), a satire.
194166Ed & Florence separate in March. Ed is still drinking; columnist for the Honolulu Advertiser. Depression, heart attacks, bladder infection. Ed at Pearl Harbor bombing.

  • John Carter of Mars (Skeleton Men of Jupiter=part 2) Amazing Stories.
  • No books (1941-44 paper shortage).
  • I Am A Barbarian
  • Wizard of Venus (Tales of Three Planets) between Jan-Oct.
  • Uncle Miner and Other Relatives (unpublished) in July, a satire.
  • Skeleton Men of Jupiter (John Carter of Mars) Oct-Nov.
  • Unfinished Venus story written-interrupted by the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
  • Fall of a Democracy (speculative article) (unpublished).
  • Tarzan's Secret Treasure-Weissmuller & O'Sullivan.
194267Retreat in the Pacific; Midway; Guadalcanal. Ed-War Correspondent for UP in the South Pacific - no longer drinking. Florence was granted a divorce from Ed May 4 in Juarez, Mexico. John Ralston Burroughs born to Jack and Jane 22 June, ERB's 3rd grandchild.

  • Savage Pellucidar (4 short stories) Amazing Stories.
  • Tarzan's New York Adventure-final MGM Weissmuller- O'Sullivan paring
194368Battles at Salerno, Cassino, and Tarawa. ERB wrote no fiction for the year after March 30.

  • More Fun! More People Killed! (unpublished) written, a wild parody
  • Tarzan Triumphs-RKO- "Now Tarzan makes war!"
  • Tarzan's Desert Mystery - Weissmuller.
194469Anzio, Normandy, the Bulge, Saipan and Leyte Gulf. Covers war as correspondent in Gilberts and Marshalls. Danton Burroughs born to Jane and Jack, 2 June, ERB's 4th. grandchild. Ed's brother George died 8 June; Lew Sweetser of Idaho died 9 June; & Emma died 5 Nov.

  • Land of Terror, ERB.
  • Tarzan and the Foreign Legion
  • Savage Pellucidar (Part Four)
  • Uncle Bill (unpublished)
194570Iwo Jima and Okinawa. FDR dies; Truman is President; V-E Day. Hiroshima and Nagasaki; V-J Day. Ed returns to US sick with angina pectoris. Son, Hulbert, marries Marion Thrasher. Ed moves into his new home in Encino.

  • Tarzan and the Amazons - Weissmuller.

  • Escape on Venus ERB.
  • Unfinished Tarzan novel (83 typewritten pages) revised and completed by Joe R. Landsdale as The Lost Adventure, published by Dark Horse in 1995.
  • Tarzan and the Leopard Woman - Weissmuller

  • Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion", ERB.
  • Tarzan and the Huntress - Weissmuller.

  • Llana of Gathol (Serial in 4 parts) ERB Hawaii-final John C. Burroughs illus-his best.
  • Film: Tarzan and the Mermaids - Final Weissmuller Tarzan film.
194974Ed is very ill; suffers a heart attack. Nephew, Studley Burroughs, age 57, died suddenly of an embolism on 23 December.

  • Tarzan's Magic Fountain - first Lex Barker Tarzan film.
195074ERB died March 19, 1950 while reading the Sunday comics in bed. He was 74 years old.