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erb-list ... The Listserve!

Presently off line (April 2019). An unexpected server change and switch to new hosting services has inactivated erb-list, the oldest Edgar Rice Burroughs Listserv on the net, the largest privately hosted listserv dedicated to the life and works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. First time since 1996 this discusion list has been off-line.

New host—and its capabilties—is being examined.

The present list software is sadly out of date (circa 1996) so new products are being tested. Under consideration is a possible move to commercial level email discussion list offerings—and these would be unlimited in message volume and allow message size up to 512k each. If the latter is optioned would you pay $2/year to play? Perhaps a Patron amount of $10? Inquiring minds want to know. Contrary to common belief, these services cost money... TANSTAAFL.

Whatever happens, as we go foreward, erb-list will be spam free, ad free, and your PRIVACY will be 100% assured.

Inquire or comment: Tangor.