Life is a wonderful thing, and perhaps more wondrous when it is shared with others. The memorials on this page are to honor fellow Edgar Rice Burroughs fans who have passed away. Though they are no longer with us, their legacy of goodwill and knowledge has enriched us immeasurably.

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Michael Shaw

? - 29 October 2020


Photo: John Martin

David Bruce Bozarth (Tangor)

October has been a hard month for losing friends! Tim Clark sent a message advising the passing of Mike Shaw. Never met Mike as I have been to very few fan gathers over the years, but I knew of him, his congeniality, and utter fascination with the life and works of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Back in the day when Danton Burroughs and I were phone buddies for many years, Shaw's name came up frequently, so in a way I guess I did know Mike!

Tim Clark

Hello my friends,

This is just terrible terrible news. I gave a Mike a call after this, his last post on Facebook, on August 29th:

This week I have received a number of inquiries from my past students if I am still in the Alta Loma area and what I have been up to; well lets see, I am now 75 and was diagnosed with Leukemia February the 12th. I'm getting stronger each day and am happy to stay in the house for the time-being. I'm able to get outside when it is not to hot...I am a member of the Ontario-Host lions club for the past 8 years and have been able to serve my community with several special projects. We run an Honor Student program so I am still involved with students. I'm blessed with good friends a wonderful family and a positive out look for my future... My Wife and daughter have done so much for me during the toughest times and I am unable to tell the just how much they mean to me...Thank you to all my friends and loved ones that have prayed for me over these pasted few months. I've been so blessed with so much...My best to all of you Michael Shaw

I'm sure a number of you saw this and responded in kind. As you know, Mike just turned 76 the last week of September, and was feeling so optimistic. I have already messaged Joanie with my condolences. I most likely live geographically closer to her than any of us, with the exception of Billy. I have let her know that I am available if she needs anything, anything at all.

As you SubERB's know, Mike is the one who brought me into the ERB fold almost 25 years ago. Over the years he imparted upon me so many acts of kindness….giving me a ride to Joe's after my eye surgery seven years ago being the most endearing.

If we are given the opportunity, let us all please represent, if allowed, at Mike's memorial service.

May God rest his good soul,


Stanley Galloway (Woola)

Whoever is able, please pass on my condolences to Mike Shaw's family. I visited him at his home in 2012 and he showed me his collection. He was a grand master of ERB. I know a few of the items in my collection that I bought from Mike, and they remind me of him and our shared admiration for ERB. I'm so sorry to hear this news. --Stan Galloway

John Martin (Bridge)

I first knew of Mike Shaw by seeing something he wrote for Bill Ross's Tarzine and I met him in person when he and Ralph Brown hosted the terrific 1989 ECOF in Tarzana, Calif.

Since then I've interacted with him at several other ERB cons and once when he was on vacation he stopped at my house in Washington and we had a good time looking at my ERB collection.

Mike was a real people person. He liked everyone and everyone liked Mike. Over the years, he and I traded and sold each other a fair amount of ERB items. Mike was always excited about everything ERB.

He was a teacher as well, like so many other ERB fans. It would have been exciting to have been in his class.

And class is what he had.

John M.

John has written a more in-depth illustrated article embracing Mike Shaw's life, collecting, and fame in unusual places. See Here


J. G. Huckenpöhler (A. Q. Porter)

I was very sorry (and surprised) to learn of Mike's passing. He didn't come east very often, but it was a pleasure to see him and talk Burroughs whenever I was at a gathering in the Tarzana/Woodland Hills area. The L. A. SubERBs have suffered more than their share of losses lately.

A. Q. Porter (Huck)

Laurence Dunn

Very sad to learn of Mike Shaw's passing. I first met Mike in 1989 when he co-hosted the ECOF event in Thousand Oaks, CA with Ralph Brown. From the first, I liked Mike. Tall, muscular guy and always had a smile on his face. I recall a tale from another ERB fan who had gone to a flea market with Mike. The fan would say that he would ask a vendor in hushed tones if they had any Tarzan items, but he said Mike was totally the opposite and would call out across a bunch of people "You got any Tarzan stuff?" I liked Mike a lot and will miss him.


Bob Zeuschner (Tardos Mors)

Memories of Michael

Michael Shaw and I first met in 1975 at an Edgar vent called a "Dum-Dum", but we did not become close personal friends until 1989, when Mike hosted a Burroughs event in Tarzana. Mike and I and fellow SubERBs worked together on another Dum-Dum in 1996, then again in 1999, and then the most amazing event in 2012 which (thanks to Jim Sullos) featured Dr. Jane Goodall.

A couple of years after the 2008 death of Danton Burroughs Mike and I began driving together to ERB, Inc. offices in Tarzana two or three times a year, and while there we would bother Jim Sullos, Cathy Wilbanks, Janet Mann, Willie Jones, and later Tyler Wilbanks as well. Often Tracy Griffin would join us for several pleasant hours culminating in an informal lunch.

Sullos, Shaw, Zeuschner, Willbanks, Griffin (seated)

Tarzana was almost one hour west of my home, and so Mike would pick me up and together we would take the freeways to the correct off-ramp and park in the space directly behind the back door of ERB, Inc. As an aside, Mike seemed to have a serious disdain for every stop sign he saw, and perfected the "rolling not-quite stop" far better than anyone else I had ever driven with. During that hour's drive coming, and an hour more returning home, Mike and I would talk about religion and philosophy, but most of all he would tell me stories of his father's love of Burroughs, and the home he had built, he would talk about his family with so much love that it was quite wonderful. Mike told me about the 1970s, when he would visit and spend time with Hully Burroughs and Danton Burroughs at least once a week (Mike was a high school teacher and his school was only a few miles from the ERB, Inc. offices). When he moved to another high school sixty miles away his visits became less frequent.

When we were visiting in the offices of ERB, Inc., Mike and I were both uncomfortable when we saw the hodge-podge of ERB-related books which seemed to have been put randomly on the shelves in ERB's own original office. This lack of appropriate order bothered us both, and we discussed this too on the return trip home.

It may have been in 2012 or 2013 when Mike decided to do something about it. He volunteered himself and me to take the rather chaotically disorganized books on the shelves in ERB's own office, and put them into a proper order. Jim Sullos, President of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., agreed to Mike's offer, and we found a day when our activities would not be too disruptive for the small office. On the appointed day, the two of us drove to Tarzana and spent several happy hours putting the ERB, Inc. bookshelves into proper order (every true collector knows how much joy there is handling items that we collect). We had the feeling that the books had been put on the shelves by people who did not have every book's date, publisher, and publishing history memorized :-). Mike and I knew that the books had to be organized by series, by date, and we knew where to put the first editions and where to put the common reprints. When we finished, we took photos because we were sure that the shelves would have made ERB himself proud.

Mike was a serious collector of all things Tarzan, and his enthusiasm was contagious. For much of his life Mike spent weekends at swap meets, where he and Danton Burroughs would often meet and add items to their respective collections. Both were both well-known by the vendors at the major swap meets, and both acquired wonderful items to their own personal collections over the decades.

Mike's energy was infectious and his knowledge was encyclopedic. Several times he went through my boxes of Tarzan-related toys and similar things, and was always so happy when he found something that he needed. Since I was a collector of ERB hardcover books, pulps, and ERB-related "doo-dads" were not of special importance to me and I was glad to share them with Michael. From time to time Mike would find something that he thought belonged on my own shelves, and he was always happy to share with me the information of the auction houses where he bought and sold his own treasures.

Mike had been a part of the Southern California SubERBs since the group was initially organized by Tracy Griffin, and Mike was an enthusiastic planner and participant in every SubERB event, every Dum-Dum and ECOF held in Southern California up to the present. Any ERB fan who attended any of those events would have remembered Mike. Mike's voice could fill a large noisy room, and when Mike asked for everyone's attention, he got it.

Mike was tall, athletic, handsome, very outgoing, very friendly, with a laugh that brought a smile to everyone in the area. I know he was very active in many different groups, most of which were not related to Burroughs. Mike made sure to attend every SubERB meeting and we were all worried in the last year or so when his health did not permit him to leave home. He was upbeat, and the last time I spoke with him on the phone, he spoke openly and confidently about his illness, and we talked about his attendance at our next SubERB meeting via Zoom.

Mike's love for his family was palpable. We will all miss Mike.

Richard Allen Lupoff

February 21, 1935 - 22 October 2020


David Bruce Bozarth (Tangor)

In an odd twist of fate, or coincidence, John "Bridge" Martin shared a post on the erb replyall email list which was a few comments regarding Richard Lupoff and memories of Pat, Lupoff's wife who passed a way a few years ago. She is remembered here, in the Hall of Memories. John's remarks regarding the couple were an engaging read and well received ... yet only two days later "Bridge" returns to advise the list that Dick had ALSO passed! (Learned via a visit to Lupoff's Wikipedia page.)

Lupoff's writing career began in 1967, though he had been involved in fandom before that. His Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of Adventure was large in my personal library for many years as a basic resource regarding the life and works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. His fiction works (over 50) were entertaining and a few won awards. At fan conventions he and Pat were generous with time and knowledge ... and have been listed as the couple who created "cosplay" (dressing as your favorite heroes and heroines) for science fiction and comic book conventions.

On a page composed of memories and obituaries the phrase "he will be missed" might seem repetitious; however, it was never more fully meant!

Goodbye, Dick! Your princess awaits! Go! Find her!

A Love Story


The name of Richard A. Lupoff came to my attention in the 1960s Burroughs Boom when Canaveral Press was republishing out of print Edgar Rice Burroughs titles. Lupoff was charged with preparing the books for publication and was also assigned to write a scholarly book about Burroughs and his works. The book, Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of Adventure" came out in 1965. I was quick to purchase a copy.

How did Lupoff become an ERB fan? According to fan Dick Spargur of Dayton, Ohio, and others, Lupoff's wife Pat "had first read a Tarzan novel and suggested he read it."

Reminiscing, son Ken said, "Along with my father she played a role in several seminal cultural events. Together they created 'cos-play', where folks come together dressed as their favorite superhero or science fiction/fantasy character."

Pat and Dick met on a blind date in 1957 and married a year later. Richard was a book author and Mary was co-editor of the amateur fan magazine "Xero".

I first met Dick and Pat Lupoff in August of 2015 when I attended a gathering of Burroughs fans in Willows, Calif.

"She was my father's muse throughout the '70s and '80s... reading and discussing many of his novels..." said Ken of his mother.


John "Bridge" Martin

Richard A. Lupoff, author of "Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of Adventure," has passed away: Wikipedia.

Stanley Galloway (Woola)

I'm so very sorry to learn this. Thank you for passing it on for us, Bridge, so that we can mourn appropriately.

In many ways, I owe Richard Lupoff my career. It was because of his Master of Adventure that I took an interest in literary criticism (even before I knew it was called that). And then later, when I was mulling the idea of writing The Teenage Tarzan, it was that book that "told me" I could do it. Though, I met Dick only once, I valued his role in my life and career more than I was ever able to express.


John "Bridge" Martin

Just realizing that it was almost on the two-year anniversary of the death of his beloved wife. May they enjoy a Marvel-ous Forever.


Jim Goodwin

I first met Dick Lupoff at the Dum-Dum at Woodland Hills, CA in 2012. I found him to be a very friendly, easy to talk to guy. Not pretentious at all. I remember at the breakfast on closing, he and his wife were sitting and eating and I stopped by his table. He didn't mind at all. I said something somewhat witty, (I don't remember exactly what) and he said "Can I use that?". This was extremely flattering to me as this was my first ERB con. I was always in awe of him for his writing, especially "Master of Adventure" He will be missed.

Jim Goodwin

Serena Dubois (Tavia)

Like you, Tangor, I found Lupoff's ERB: Master of Adventure book years back in paperback and relied on it as a source for info for years. I'm sorry I wasn't able to meet him in person but am glad he shared his knowledge of ERB with all of us. He won't be missed quite as much because he did leave this part of himself when he left to find his princess.


J. G. Huckenpohler (A. Q. Porter)

Very sorry to learn of Dick's passing. I owe him (and Pat) a drink which I cannot now repay.

A. Q. Porter

Jess Terrell (Vad Varo)

The day I found a book about Burroughs on the spinner rack, was almost as exciting as finding a book by Burroughs. It would prove to be inspirational. When I found Richard Lupoff's "Master of Adventure", in 1965, I was elated to learn the background of both Edgar Rice Burroughs and his stories. To this day it remains my first choice as a Burroughs reference.

Master of Adventure, inspired me and intensified my appreciation for the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Scott Tracy Griffin

I must've had Dick inscribe half-dozen different editions of his seminal ERB reference book at the PB Collectors Shows over the years. Some years ago, Phil Burger (then associate editor of "The Burroughs Bulletin"), his wife Heather and I visited Dick and his wife Pat in Berkeley. We went to a local used book/comics store and then out to dinner. It was a special night. We got to hear all his tales of Biblo & Tannen and Canaveral Books firsthand!

Steve Allsup (korak)

Sure glad he was able to write the new introduction to the deluxe ERB Inc edition of John Carter of Mars last year. I treasure that volume, even signed by him!

Now who will compose the conclusion of his Carson vs Sivana story?

Laurence Dunn

I'm very sorry to hear of Dick Lupoff's passing. I knew of him of course through two of his books: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Master of Adventure and also Barsoom: Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Martian Vision. This second volume I had no idea of its existence until one day I came across a sci-fi book store in London called, Dark They Were and Golden Eyed. I snapped it up immediately. Afterwards through Fanzines, I discovered of course his role with Canaveral and the novels they produced written by Burroughs. I treasure those editions. Then I finally got to meet him in 1992 at the Louisville Dum-Dum. I'm pretty sure our meeting was brief as just about everyone wanted to speak to him or so it seemed. I got the chance to meet him again in 2012 at the ECOF convention in Woodland Hills, CA celebrating 100 years since the publication of Tarzan of the Apes. He was with his wife Pat enjoying the event and I asked him if could sign my copy of his Barsoom book which he graciously did. A couple or so years ago on one of the ERB Facebook groups, Edwin Lester Arnold's book Gulliver of Mars cropped up in discussion and I posted an image of my NEL edition, Lieut. Gulliver Jones: His Vacation that had a foreword written by Roger Lancelyn Green who was an old acquaintance to Richard but had passed several years before. In an exchange of emails, Dick asked me if I could send him copies of his foreword as he had never seen it. In return, Dick sent me a copy of Marblehead, the unexpurgated edition of his Lovecraft's Book. I wish I could have met with him more but I'm grateful for the time I had. Rest in peace Dick.


George T. McWhorter

May 10, 1931 - April 25, 2020


David Bruce Bozarth (Tangor)

One of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Power Fans, long time publisher of the Burroughs Bulletin, Edgar Rice Burroughs museum creator and curator, vocalist and generaly nice guy has passed.

George's tireless devotion and incomparable knowledge of Burroughs' works and life made him an indespensible resource to both fans and filmmakers—he's even listed at the Internet Movie Database. George literally grew up on the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs because his mother taught him to read (pre-school!) from those texts. Years later George, a collector of the most extreme caliber, donated a true museum's worth of ERB collectibles to the Ekstom Library at University of Louisville, and became the curator of that collection until he went into assisted living care.

McWhorter's openness and eager readiness to share what he enjoyed most with others endeared "the man with the Tarzan yodel" a warm respect and affection from all he met.

Farewel, Tublat, your trail is in other jungles these days. May the sun shine warm on your silverback.

John Martin (Bridge)

George T. McWhorter, beloved booster and benefactor of ERB fandom, has passed away, it was announced today.

Plenty of information on the web about his life and accomlishments on behalf of ERB and his fans.

I wrote a poem about George a few years ago. I posted it today in a couple of facebook groups after adding an "Epilogue" to the end. Here it is:



George McWhorter's mother, Nell,

Taught him how to read so well

That he devoured many books,

And best of all he got his hooks

Into the tales by Edgar Rice,

Which tales did his young mind entice

To read each one that he could find

To feed and grow his yearning mind.

He read of Tarzan, tall and strong,

Jungle Lord, knew right from wrong.

He traversed over Planet Mars

With he who wore a captain's bars;

He went to Venus on a ship

That left for Mars then did a flip;

He roamed the Arizona West

With Shoz-Dijiji, on a quest;

He hiked with Bridge and Billy Byrne,

Then to the Inner World did turn;

He ne'er forgot that Caspak land

And rode herd on the Bar Y brand.

And when they thought he'd done it all,

He'd just begun to have a ball:

Setting up at Louisville

For other fans, the wondrous thrill

Of seeing books in jackets, fine,

And scenes of Tarzan on a vine,

Magazines and lobby cards

With tales of jeds and jungle guards;

Toys and games and photographs,

Figurines of tall giraffes.

And more, and more, and more, and more,

Enough to fill the Earth's huge core!

Burroughs' heroes all became

Kings or lords with lasting fame.

And likewise, George, the Super Fan

Has earned the kudos: "You da man!"

And all the fans from East to West,

Give George a hand, for he's the best.


Ed Burroughs said, if after this,

Awaits another life of bliss,

I want to go through outer space

And see the worlds in every place;

And surely George desired, too,

A sim'lar happy rendezvous;

So may they both traverse the stars,

Poloda, Amtor, and on Mars.

Stanley Galloway (Woola)

Very sad news. George was a pillar in the ERB community. --Stan

Rob Donkers (Tex)

Very sad news, such a great guy..

George will be dearly missed.

I love the poem Bridge


Steve Allsup (korak)

Wow, the end of an era!

Tim Clark

Thank you John. God bless George.

Jim Goodwin

I remember quite clearly the first time I had the privilege to meet George at the Ekstrom Library. I hadn't announced my coming, but George took time to show me around the wonderful library and answer my endless questions, all with a smile on his face. Then he graciously stood with me so my wife could take our picture together. This was such a thrill for me! This started a correspondence with George that lasted years. He will be missed. Respectfully, Jim Goodwin

J G Huckenpöhler (AQP)

It was a shock to learn from Jim Thompson of George's passing, though it probably should not have been. He had 10 years on me, and had several contributing factors including diabetes, so Covid found him an easy target.

My earliest memory of George is meeting him during the 1983 Worldcon in Baltimore, ConStellation (which coincidentally happened to be the last Dum-Dum organized by Vern). Over the next few years, as I got to know him better, he impressed me with his encyclopedic knowledge of Burroughs. And when he hosted the 1990 Dum-Dum in Louisville and I got my first view of the Burroughs Collection in the Ekstrom Library, he really became one of my heroes. His tours of the "back room" of the Burroughs collection were unforgettable.

Fast-forward 30 years (and at least three more Louisville Dum-Dums) and the news of his passing came this morning. He was the last of the Great Old Ones, having outlived all of the other silverbacks of my early years -- Vern and Rita Coriell, Bob Hyde, Stan Vinson, John Roy, and Pete Ogden. He will be sorely missed.

Laurence Dunn

I am deeply saddened to hear that George McWhorter has passed away. He was a couple of weeks away from his 89th birthday. I first met George in 1985 when he hosted the second ECOF event at the University of Louisville, many of us stayed in the student dormitories during the event. I had attended with Frank and Doreen Westwood and fellow ERB fan Ken Hall. There was never anyone who had devoted their life to Burroughs quite like George did, setting up the collection in the Ekstrom Library, giving up his job of running the library so that he could be curator of the collection, kickstarted both the Dum-Dum conventions and the Burroughs Bulletin that had fallen by the wayside after the late Vern Coriell passed away. When I was chair of the Board for BBs, I knew that we would have to find a successor to take over as editor of the BBs as George was getting older and more frail and I found him in Henry Franke who continues in that role today. In recent years, George has had health problems, his eyesight was failing and could no longer read the books he loved so much. He has taken that final voyage down the River Iss. RIP George, we will miss you tremendously.


Jess Terrell

I have spoken of George several times in my Facebook discussion group devoted to Edgar Rice Burroughs (ERB). George absolutely loved the stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs and was one of ERB's greatest ambassadors. The Burroughs collection he built at the University of Louisville, his shepherding of the Bibliophiles organization and their publication, The Burroughs Bulletin, and his passion for ERB was vital energy that fueled Burroughs fandom to new heights. Even in recent years, when age began to slow him down, his enthusiasm inspired anyone who came in contact with him. I visited the collection three times in the nineties, and each time he was outgoing and could have talked Burroughs for the entire day. I always meant to visit more frequently during that time, but work and other responsibilities did not permit. However, I have tried to make up for that absence in the last four years by getting to know George. In our regular visits, I would bring him up-to-date on happenings in the world of Edgar Rice Burroughs, discuss the books of ERB, and read to him from Land that Time Forgot, his favorite Burroughs novel.

George was the first person I found who had read Edgar Rice Burroughs. I immediately realized that I wasn't the only fan who was passionate about Burroughs' works. George fueled and inspired my love of Burroughs every time we visited.

I am grateful I got to know him in the last few years and to understand better his impact on the fandom of Edgar Rice Burroughs. George's memory and efforts in support of ERB will continue to inspire us, but he will be missed.

Jess Terrell

Abraham Sherman

George was, and always will be, a treasure to the ERB world. He was a generous soul, and an extremely accomplished singer and scholar. A great life, well lived!

Michael "Mike" D. Resnick

March 5, 1942 - January 9, 2020


A winner of five Hugos and one Nebula award has passed from cancer. Survived by a wife and daughter, his legacy in literature will endure for decades to come.

Mike's Edgar Rice Burroughs connection started at an early age (circa 1952) and was so inspired by the OB that in his early 20's he authored one of the most elusive collector's items: a chapbook of "The Forgotten Sea of Mars" which appeared as a supplement for fanzine ERB-dom #12 in 1965.

By that criteria alone Mike's presence was assured among fans of Burroughs, and now Mike himself! Yet, he was not through with Burroughs, though it took a number of years before he returned to ERB fandom, his interests and writing having taken him into worlds of his own creation, and around the world upon which we live.

Mike was a devotee of the fan conventions, an active fellow from 1962 on. The internet came about and there he found erb-list (1996) and participated for a number of years before work and scheduling became too much, yet he was always ready to take an email, meet face to face, give interviews, and encourage writers and fans. A thoroughly nice fellow!

His works live on. The man he was will live on in the hearts of those who knew him.

David Bruce Bozarth (Tangor)

Yeah, life is busy and there's way too much going on all the time, but I just found out that Mike Resnick passed January 9, 2020.


Fine, fun fellow who could be crotchety and generous at the same time. Dedicated, dangerous, demonstrative. Special, spiritual, specious (in a good way!).

A nice fellow who played with us fans in the early days of erb-list back in 1997 until his other stuff took too much of his time.

How did I find out? Well, this recent pastiche summary project entry for "The Forgotten Sea of Mars", for one thing. And getting a badly butchered/scanned text of the story (which I had never read until night before last), and a self-imposed project to make that ugly text readable, and adding comments, footnotes, etc. for a scholarly report, and looking up info on Mike to make sure my memory was correct ... and

"He's Dead, Jim."

Last thing I wanted McCoy to tell me. Sad heart.

If you want a version of my research of the Chapbook done by Caz in 1965, email me as you know how to do. PDF with illustrations.

R.I.P. Mr. Resnick.

I know I will miss you!

(We were coming up for our annual email to each other ... and that won't happen any more. I think I will miss that most of all.)

J. G. Huckenpohler (A. Q. Porter)

Tangor --

I was surprised also to receive the info on Mike's passing. He and Carol were among my earliest friends in fandom -- met them during the 1967 Worldcon in New York. (I had already received and read my copy of FORGOTTEN SEA OF MARS -- from Caz, I believe; if I remember right, it was a supplement to an early ERB-dom.

Mike will definitely be missed.

Stanley Galloway (Woola)

I interviewed Mike back in the 90s for the BB. I was in grad school, and his graciousness to me was an important part of my academic/creative energy going into science fiction. He invited me to his home, talked candidly, autographed the copies I'd brought with me, and even gave me a copy of one of his books that I didn't have. I've always remembered that day fondly because of Mike's openness to me. --Stan Galloway

Jim Thompson (OJT)

Kaor and Thank you, Tangor! I did not know Mike Resnick well so I will share my brief comments here and ask you to transfer them to the Hall of Memories. Jim

Mike Resnick was a babyboomer like me. We babyboomers are the third generation of ERB fans. Mike Resnick was one of the first celebrity fans of my generation. Jeff Jones was another. Mike contributed to ERB fanzines. His first book, The Goddess of Ganymede (first published in book form in 1967 by Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. in an edition of 750 copies), and its sequel, were and are desired collectibles. Mike became a very successful author (>70 novels and many short stories) and editor in the SF field. For a long period, as I understand it, he wasn't proud of his two Ganymede novels and was unwilling to sign copies presented to him for autographs. By the time I met him in the 21st century, he had mellowed in that regard. He signed my copy with graciousness and good humor. He was well known for his expansive wit and broad humor. He was intelligent, forthright, widely read and travelled, a raconteur, and a modern Renaissance Man. He was always an ERB fan and a supporter of ERB fans. He was a member of ERBCOF-List for many years and had a presence on Facebook that I enjoyed. I considered him a friend, even those our interactions were sporadic and rarely in person. His passing is a loss to SF fandom and especially to ERB fandom.

John Martin (Bridge)

I didn't know Mike Resnick personally or ever even meet him briefly at a "con" but I was aware of his contribution to ERB fandom.

He was a help to the fanzine ERB-dom in its early days and a major effort was his novella, "The Forgotten Sea of Mars," which was a sequel to "Llana of Gathol" by Edgar Rice Burroughs and approved by the Burroughs estate. It tied up a loose end involving one of the characters. It was published as a supplement to ERB-dom No. 12, 1965, bound separately with art by Neal MacDonald.

It was republished more recently in the trade paperback anthology, "Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs," edited by Resnick and Robert T. Garcia.

There may have been better pastiches written by others, but Resnick's is the best I've ever read so far. It read exactly like something ERB would have written, which is the highest compliment I can pay it.

I also enjoyed Resnick's early pair of novels which were written in a style that was a tribute to ERB as well: "Goddess of Ganymede" and "Pursuit on Ganymede." I particularly enjoyed the insider joke Resnick played with inclusion of an arch villain named Kaz, an obviously play on the name of Cazedessus.

He went on to write many other books and developed his own style of writing which was different from ERB's.

Don Bearden

"Tars Tarkas"

July 7, 1942 - March 12, 2019

Tangor posted to the lists:

Yesterday, about 6:15 in the evening, one of ERBList's original founding members passed after a long illness.

Elsie Bearden called me tonight with the news (8:20pm) that Don passed March 12th...

Born July 1942, Don had been married to Elsie for 51 years. The couple had two children, Jim and Sandra.

Don, more commonly known in the lists as "Tars Tarkas" was an avid comic book collector, fan of ERB and penned some scribbles with the Bards of Barsoom (Bozarth, Nunez Bearden ... and at one time Klasek) Caverns of Mars and When The Princess Disappeared.

Still getting over this news, kiddies.

A Hall of Memories page at erblist.com will happen, just not this instant. Still trying to wrap my head around this.

Goodbye, Don!

This announcement can be shared on FB. Elise did not know who to notify.

David Bruce Bozarth (Tangor)

Don Bearden and I met sometime in very late 1996 on ERBList when he joined the tiny noise that was—at that time—about six people chatting Edgar Rice Burroughs in email and having great fun in the process.

In the years following countless emails and phone calls were privately exchanged and a personal friendship evolved.

Don took the ERB persona Tars Tarkas, the staunch ally of John Carter of Mars, because (paraphrased since I have slept since then) "I like being different!"

Don's encyclopedic knowledge of Classics Illustrated comics was his great passion..

The good times, the bad times. Things did turn sour over the years as his health and finances declined; yet. the mighty Tars Tarkas soldiered on. Each day was always new. Each day was another adventure.

The last few years were helping him complete his latest passion: collecing all of Classics Illustrated in Electronic form. I helped most of that, but he found the bits and pieces I did not have and in that we had something exciting, if time consuming when we had time to do it, to enjoy.

Now he is gone.

R.I.P., old buddy!

Note: Don co-authored two round robins with Bozarth and Nunez: Caverns of Mars and When The Princess Disappeared.) He also penned an ERBmania! contributor column at erblist.com titled Hark! The Thark!

Stan Galloway (Woola)

Condolences ... always hard when its one of our own. --Stan

Rob Donkers (Tex)

Sincere condolences

Very sad to hear this.

R.I.P. Don


Jack Hodgson

There are no words. There cannot be. But we all feel the loss.

Jess Terrell

I'm sorry to hear this.

Steve Allsup (korak)

What a shock! Never to read his posts any more. He was a great guy. God bless his family in this time.

Jim Thompson (OJT)

Thanks for sharing this, Tangor Sad news. Jim

J. G. Huckenpohler (A. Q. Porter)

Very sorry to learn of Don's passing. Our ranks are thinning too fast.

Cole Richardson and I visited fellow Panthan Ellen Vartanoff ("Jana, the Red Flower of Zoram") in the Montgomery County (Md.) hospice. The doctors have given up on curing her multiple cancers and she is rapidly declining. Her nephew Trevor has done heroic service as her primary caregiver, and our hats are off to him.

A. Q. Porter

Serena Dubois (Tavia)

So sorry to hear this , but truly believe he's flying free.


John Martin (Bridge)

A few months after I joined erb-list, I saw a post that Don Bearden was in a hospital 22 miles north of me with a heart problem. I had never met him but since he was so close I drove up and introduced myself and had a visit.

After that, Don and I had two more visits at restaurants in his home at Yelm, Washington, and spent a couple of hours there each time talking about everything from Sunday school to Gene Autry with lots of ERB in between.

Don and Elsie also came to the ERB West Fest I held one year in Centralia, along with Serena (Tavia) from erb-list and several other ERB fans, including from B.C. and California. We had a great time visiting all day long.

Don and I also had several lengthy telephone calls from time to time.

At the time we were visiting a lot, Don told me that he had put together two complete collections of Classics Illustrated over the years and passed them on to others. He was working on a third collection, last I heard.

In addition to ERB's books, he was a big fan of the Tarzan movies.

A wonderful man and a great fan!


Bob Fester (Histah)

Really sorry to hear this. God bless Don's family

Anthony Bruno "Tony" Menegazzo

(Feb 2, 1928 - Nov 1, 2018)


A 2007 Tony Menegazzo Christmas Card. An artist on the side, Tony often illustrated his contributions to ERB-APA and other publications.

Tony appeared a permanent fixture of ERB fandom. Legendary. Eager. Engaging. Among the early "listers" in addition to attending events with enthusiaim. Long time member of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Publishing Association. One of the "Old Guard" has passed.


Bill Hillman

Writer, artist, avid horseman, long-standing contributor to Edgar Rice Burroughs Bibliophiles and ERBzine, former Chess Records employee, Friend of Rolling Meadows Library member. Mass of Christian Burial: Nov. 19

Robert Zeuschner (Tardos Mors)

I am genuinely saddened to hear of the passing of our good friend Tony, who could be counted upon to be in attendance in so many of our ERB gatherings.

RIP, Tony.

Raymond La Beau


Thanks for the information. I don't believe any of the Chicago area fans, or the Muckers were aware of his passing.

Dorothy "Usha" Howell

So sorry to hear of Tony's passing. It has been a very long time since we were last in touch, but I remember him well from Burroughsian gatherings and in ERBAPA. It seems he left APA a long time ago because of ill health. Not only did we share ERB but also the Chicago area and horses. RIP, Tony

John Martin (Bridge)

Tony Menegazzo was a friendly chap who liked everyone and enjoyed coming to ERB gatherings. He lived in the Chicago area and would drive cross-country to attend one. It was in L.A. where I met him and enjoyed visiting with him.

I "met" Tony, though, in ERBapa (Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association) to which he contributed an article to every quarterly publication, and often supplied artwork for the cover of the publication as well as for some of the inside or back covers.

Tony used his own artwork and imagination to do comic book-like stories about ERB characters for part of his contribution. He also participated with other membes in "round robin"-type ERB comic stories, where each contributor would take a continuing story in whatever direction he wished.

Tony was also a vigilant reader of Chicago area newspapers and would often include several Tarzan-related clippings or cartoons he had found in his reading.

Another way in which Tony liked to share his art was by making his own Christmas cards and birthday cards to send out to other ERB fans. I have many of these in my colleciton and the cover of one is included with this memory. Also included is the envelope design of Tarzan and a great ape. If you ever received a letter from Tony, it's very likely that you have one that looks a lot like this one.

Pat Lupoff



A force in fandom, a loving wife of 60 years, and vibrant free spirit who set "hubby" on a path of ERB madness has passed. Pat Lupoff attended many "Cons" over the years—some in costume—and will be missed! Condolences to Richard "Dick" Lupoff (Author "Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of Adventure"). I never met Pat, or Dick for that matter, but have enjoyed their immense presence for the life and works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. I have also lost a wife (two to be exact) and know the heartbreak that follows. A bright light in our ERB madness has passed...

—Tangor (David Bruce Bozarth)

Dick Spargur

The wife of Dick Lupoff, editor of ERB's Canaveral Press books, has passed away. She was the one who had first read a Tarzan novel and suggested he read it leading him into our passion. They had been married for sixty years. I met them both in Tarzana in 2012 and found them to be very nice people. (10/18/2018)

Phil Normand

I'm so sorry to hear this. I knew that Pat was having health problems, but Dick kept very private about them.

She was a fun lady. My Pat and I had a nice dinner with them at John's Grill in San Francisco in 2012 before we went down to the Dum-Dum in Tarzana. Dick and Pat were very gracious when we visited them at their home a couple of years before that — getting Dick to tell the story of his involvement with Canaveral Books, which must have been asked of him a dozen times already, if not more.

After sixty years together they were right and left hands for each other.

Ray and Shirley Le Beau

So very sorry to hear the sad news. I also had met them at previous ERB gatherings and they were very cordial.

John Martin (Bridge)

Pat Lupoff: Friendly Femme of Fandom

How did a certain well-known Mr. Lupoff become an Edgar Rice Burroughs fan who authored a major book about the Master of Adventure? According to fan Dick Spargur, of Dayton, Ohio, and others, it was his wife, Pat, "who had first read a Tarzan novel and suggested he read it."

He did, and he was hooked.

Pat Lupoff, Richard's beloved wife and co-fan of 60 years, passed away Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

In reminiscing about his mother, one of her three children, Ken, said, "Along with my father she played a role in several seminal cultural events. Together they created 'cos-play,' where folks come together dressed as their favorite superhero or science fiction/fantasy character."

Pat and Dick met on a blind date in 1957 and were married a year later. While Richard was a book author, Pat was co-editor of the amateur fan magazine, "Xero", and thus she helped launch modern comic book fandom. Ken said.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dick and Pat Lupoff in August of 2015 when I attended a gathering of Edgar Rice Burroughs fans in Willows, California, hosted by an informal group of fans known as the North Coast Mangani.

* Condensed from a longer article by Bridge for inclusion at the Hall of Memory —Editor

Pete Ogden

? - October 22, 2017


D. Peter Ogden was a monster fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs. He created a fanzine dedicated to ERB called ERBania in 1956. A familiar figure at Dum-Dums and ECOF meetings, Pete was well-liked by all who met him.

James Thompson (OJT)

On 2/18/2018 9:23 PM, Thompson, James wrote:

Kaor! With great sorrow, I must inform you of the death of Pete Ogden last Fall (Oct. 22). Pete had been suffering from Alzheimer's for many months. I learned of his death from his son, Wayne who called me in early December with the news. Pete was the second of three members of the "age 85 in 2017" cohort of ERB fans to leave us. Bob O'Malley had died a bit more than a year earlier; George McWhorter is still with us, and doing well. (I spoke with George tonight.) I am not sure who is the next oldest still active among ERB fandom. Tony Menegazzo, Bill Hillman, Gerry Spannraft, Bob Zeuschner and Ray LeBeau are among my elder silverbacks. I apologize for not calling out the others.

Pete and Joan Ogden were the Jed and Jeddak of ERB fandom. Pete's decline and death have struck Joan hard. I missed a call from Wayne today granting me permission to share the news, but he did leave a voicemail. I have sent Joan several letters in the past year, once I learned of the situation, and I had talked with her twice in 2017 before Pete passed away.

Wayne tells me Joan is not ready to receive any phone calls. However, if any of you wish to compose an e-mail with your condolences, you may e-mail it to me at home (brekkejt@charter.net). I will collate them and print them and mail them on to Joan on your behalves.

Bob Zeuschner (Tardos Mors)

This is sad news, indeed. Pete was one of the very first ERB folk with whom I communicated. We exchanged letters while he was still in England, and Pete asked my advice where he should go in the USA. I recall recommending Southern California but he chose Florida instead. I subscribed to ERBania from issue #1 in England, and never missed an issue. We met and talked at an occasional Dum-Dum through the years. I think it might have been two years ago when we last exchanged letters. I knew Pete was ill, but did not know details. Pete was a gentleman and one of the great Burroughs readers and fans. He is missed.

Raymond Le Beau

This is very sad news. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Joan. A number of years ago, Shirley and I did a layover in Tampa and called Pete. We were able to drive out to Pete's home and spend a few hours visiting and enjoying seeing his collection before returning to the airport for our flight home. He was a gentle person.

Kenneth Manson

Sad. I only met him once, in Dayton, I believe. Can someone let Henry Franke know, so he can post something in the Gridley Wave. I am not sure if he still is on the list.

Bob Hibbard (Waldo)

I was just thinking of Pete yesterday, and wondering about his health. He was an ERB Superstar, and a fine man. Condolences to Joan.

Dorothy J Howell (Usha)

How sad to lose Pete -- for us and, of course, for his family. It hurts in part because so many of us are becoming the last remnants of a kind of second generation of ERB's own "First Fandom." I discovered Tarzan in virtually the same year ERB himself passed. A recent loss that I still mourn is that of Bob Hyde. My heartfelt thanks to these men (and Rita, not to mention Bobby) who served fandom so well for so many years! How well I remember the presence of Bob and Pete at our gatherings, along with George and others, for sure.

Phil Normand

Very, very sad to hear this. I, too, knew that Pete was having health problems, but thought they were mainly related to macular degeneration. I knew it was hard for him to read his computer screen so it has been a couple of years since we connected. I asked for his advice on the alternate jacket for T AND THE CASTAWAYS when I was getting that ready.

We were both fans of P.C. Wren's Foreign Legion stories as well as Rider Haggard. When I was trying to catch up on back issues of ERBANIA he sent me every number he still had in stock. We exchanged emails in January 2016 about detective writers Michael Connelly and Anne Perry whom he recommended highly. I met Pete at the Dum-Dums and immediately liked him, I always had a great respect for him, as a person and as one of the ERB elders and fan founders.

As Bob Z. says, Pete was a gentleman, and he was a gentle man. He always produced an interesting zine with ERBANIA and his production values were of the highest. That he kept it going so long is a testament to his love of ERB fiction.

I'm sorry to hear that he was a victim of Alzheimer's. It must have been a sudden onset and decline from when I heard from him in 2016. His email was very clear and straightforward then.

My deepest condolences to Joan, who I never met, at the loss of her life's companion. I'm sure the last two years were hard and heart-breaking for her. My condolences to Wayne as well. I can only imagine that Pete was a wonderful father.

I will miss him and miss knowing that he was always available to talk ERB, Wren and adventure fiction in general. It's always hard to face the fact of mortality and that time runs out for all of us, seldom when we want it to.

Jim, please send this along to Joan and Wayne when you can.

Joyce VirJean Potter Bozarth

Mama Tangor
April 13, 1930 - January 21, 2017


Coming at this Hall of Memory entry for my Mother late (2018) as it was (and remains) tough to do. Mom, aka "Mama Tangor" on the lists, was a fan of ERB from the get go ... though her love originated with the Tarzan films. She didn't read Burroughs until the 1960s during the reprint boom when her two sons went ape-sh*t over the books.

For the longest time there were two boys (myself and James ... aka Barney Custer). She taught us right from wrong and even taught us to quit fighting each other by taking us into the backyard (ages near seven and about to turn five) and stood over us with a swtich after breaking up one more fist fight in the house and said "Have at it!" We got switched if we didn't put all heart into beating each other up. She stood over us, tears on cheeks, until we stopped, shame-faced and asked: "Do we have to?" A life lesson was learned in ten minutes that these days would be considered child abuse. James and I never fought each other again. We disagreed, but no fisticuffs were involved thereafter. We became "gents". And her commonsense towards life filled all our days henceforth.

VirJean taught her kids that books were envoys to the world. Friends in far off places. She was the first to suggest on a summer afternoon a run to second hand book stores where we might find moldy old pulp for a nickle and paperbacks for a dime. We might drive MILES to get to the next bookstore because the ones close in hand been picked over by the Bozarths!

She was a family geneologist with some fame even before the internet was conceived, VirJean (her preferred name) eventually became semi-famous for her explorations into family lineages, tracing the Bozarth "tree" back to 1345 in France. Me, I don't care a fig about that stuff, but dearly loved teaching her how to make a word processor record that info, logically, so she could share it with the world. I truly admired her dedication to that work ... and managing to raise five kids, too. And having heart enough to be a Den Mother for way too many years for way too many kids.

She loved Edgar Rice Burroughs. She eventually read all of the books. Except perhaps Minidoka, Marcia of the Doorstep and You Lucky Girl!. Was more than willing, in fact eager, to chat ERB themes and memes. A terrific mom, if I may say so ... and I do!

Tangor (David Bruce Bozarth)

Mother died this morning according to my third brother living in California. He has been taking care of her affairs the last few years. I have no other information to share at the moment. Some of you remember when Joyce VirJean Bozarth was a member of erb-list and went by the pseudonym "Mama Tangor". A few of you brightened her days with private emails and she came to love all of you as "sons and daughters" and friends of her eldest. For that kindness I thank you.

She had been in assisted living for the last four years and lost some of her motor control and much of her vision, hence her "disappearance" from erb-list.

Huck (J G Huckenpohler)

Very sorry to learn of the loss of your mom. We all got to know her a little bit through her occasional posts, and most, I'm sure, would have liked to get to know her better.

Abraham Sherman

It was always an extra joy to see her messages on the list. We will miss her. We are thankful for the young man she raised, who grew up to help rally the fans of one of the great minds in fiction. What a legacy for Mama Tangor!

Ron de Latt

My deepest condolences to you and your family.

Clark Day

My condolences....

Dennis Willcutt (Predator)

I am sorry. I hope you will get through this loss as best you can.

Rob Donkers (Tex)

Deepest condolences,

my thoughts are with you

Serena Dubois (Tavia)

So sorry for you. I was glad to hear that she left this world having been reading, whether a romance or ERB, both of which I have also enjoyed and would gladly have the last thing I do before I pass on. I know we all have been missing her and was glad to know why she hasn't been speaking to us.


My deepest condolences

Bob Hibbard (Waldo)

Deepest condolences, Bruce.

Elizabeth Patterson (Nat-ul)

Prayers for God's peace and comfort for you and your family!

Don Bearden (Tars Tarkas)

Love and Prayers Bruce. Hold on and trust. We thought of her often.

Stanley Galloway (Woola)

?My heartfelt condolences as well. ---Stan

John Martin (Bridge)

It was always a pleasure to look at my email and see that Mama Tangor had posted something and I would happily read and often respond. She was indeed a virtual "Mama" to many of us on the list and it was a sad day when she could no longer post and even sadder to know she has moved on. Thanks for sharing her with us.

Stephan Allsup (korak)

I am very sorry to hear it, but I bet your dad has been missing her all these years!

She was a great lady that we came to love on the list.

Bob Zeuschner (Tardso Mors)

Tangor -- I well remember your plans to bicycle from Texas to Temecula, California, to visit your mother. I also remember her humor and intelligence on the list. We all know that words are inadequate, but you do have our condolences.

Bob & Lindy

Jack Hodgson

Sorry for your loss Tangor. I have fond memories of Mama Tangor's posts on the list.

Jeffery Gibson

My deepest condolences.

Michael Tierney

So sorry to hear about your loss.

Gregg Stone

Sorry for your loss

John Pappas (Ulysses Paxton)

My condolences to you.

Bill and Sue-on Hillman (JoN and Dejah Thoris)

Our sincere condolences at this sad time.

We have so many pleasant memories of Mama Tangor when she was active on ERBlist.

Bill and Sue-On

John Tyner (Quaestar)

So sorry to hear of your loss. Those of us who have been around forever remember when she had a presence on your no-nonsense website.

Peace and memories to you,


Jim and Linda Thompson (OJT and Nemone)

You have our deepest sympathies. We remember her fondly from meeting her once. Linda and Jim

Patrick H. Adkins

January 9, 1948 - April 7, 2015


Tangor (David Bruce Bozarth)

Pat and I burned up phone lines between Texas and Louisiana once a month from 1996 until Katrina ... which impacted his family a great deal. One trip to Houston back in either 2002 or 2003, Pat (never called him Patrick) blocked in enough time from his documentation work for a medical thing in the Houston Medical Center to run by the house, pick me up (I was not driving at that time, eyes oh my!) and I guided him to a favorite old style greasy spoon with chicken fried steak the size of enormous that came with sides of grits about yea high and cream gravy you could park a fork upright. Side of greens (the stewed kind girls won't eat), corn on the cob and bread that was made from real corn. The meal took about an hour and half to consume and the after dinner coffee another hour. We turned the air blue with fabulous lies and tall tales—and had a good time. Only time I ever met Pat in person.

Over the years we talked ERB, family, world, etc. but mostly it was ERB and his projects. He asked for input (a mistake, I ALWAYS give my input!).

Adkins was one of the original 10 at erb-list. ERB fans will remember him (and John Guidry) as collecting and publishing the unpublished works in ERB's company safe decades after the famous author's death in a volume entitled "Forgotten Tales of Love and Murder". Pat sent me an autographed copy as thanks for input and just because he was a nice guy.

Adkins had a short lived ERBmania! column at erblist.com from 1997-1998 until he decided he wanted to do his own publishing on the web (which I helped him set up). Sadly, that ambition did not quite come true over the years. After Katrina Pat seemed to lose his ERB mojo. his strangeexcursions.com website ended up incomplete, stuck, abandoned (it is still on line, just as abandoned as before). I know why, but that's not for this memory, other than saying things piled up and one foot before the other was the rule of day to day. Meanwhile, I am updating his DVO column with the original material he sent me for that purpose in 1997-98 (his articles from the ERB-APA, though edited to only the ERB content and leaving out the chatter and business of that group).

I can't explain how I missed Pat's passing. Though, I, too, had personal alligators in the swamp from 2006-2016, some computer down time included and other etc., but it was two years after his death I learned of it, and even then I was still dealing with alligators of one kind or another. Thus this late entry to Hall of Memories.

Hall of Memories is just that: The Memories. This is my memory of a decent fellow ERB fan, who happened to live in a state infested with more gators than Texas!

John "Bridge" Martin

I was in ERBapa for many of the years Pat Adkins was in it and always enjoyed reading his contribution, called The Dream Vaults of Opar, many (or all?) of which are online.

I remember that there was a fire at his home and he lost his entire ERB collection, which was caused another big gap in his life in addition to the devastation of Katrina.

Pat and I once had a friendly debate that lasted for a couple of mailings of ERBapa over creation vs. evolution. Those of you who know one of us or the other will know which side each of us took.

Robert O'Malley

November 4, 1931- November 28, 2014


Jim Thompson (OJT)

Bob O'Malley, one of my oldest and closest friends among ERB fans, has died unexpectedly. He had been released from his rehabilitation center after his stroke and subsequent pneumonia to go home on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. I called Bob at least weekly after he returned home and he was making excellent progress in regaining strength and mobility. Then, suddenly, on Friday, November 28, 2014, he had a fatal heart attack.

I knew Bob for nearly 35 years. My first letter from Bob dates back to September 12, 1981. Bob wrote in long hand until I convinced him to buy a computer in the late 1990s and we switched to e-mail communications after that. Bob continued to send clippings and articles that he knew would interest me. His last communication to me of that sort arrived just a few days after his death.

There is no way to summarize a friendship of some thirty four years. He was a fine man, a fine friend, a fine husband, father, and grandfather, collector, and amateur scholar. He was always enthusiastic and well informed about his interests and always willing to share information with others. He made a point of including newbies in his conversations at ERB gatherings. He never sought any special attention but he could always be counted upon for help in projects related to his interests. He was one of my dearest friends among ERB fans and I will miss him enormously!

Editor: The remarks above are from an extenisve article OJT submitted to ERB-APA #124, and have been edited. At 4,500 words the article was too long for Hall of Memory.

David Bruce Bozarth (Tangor)

Bob's input to fandom has been a constant. Bits and pieces of unearthed lore, speculations, observations, actual grunt work research, a treasure! I do not recall having met Bob personally, but I do know that I was in the same room with him, once, in Texas for Brad Vinson's Dum-Dum. I was there for a brief 3 hours and in the press of time, and press of folks to meet... I regret not having that particular pleasure of pressing flesh and meeting a fellow who had inspired much of what I do on the web in the name of remembering a dead guy. Bob ... I will remember YOU!

Denny Miller

April 25, 1934 - September 9, 2014


An iconic figure of film, tv and sports, Denny Miller was also a great supporter of Edgar Rice Burroughs fandom. Generous with his time and availability for Burroughs gatherings, Denny was the most accessible of all the actors who portrayed Tarzan.

—David Bruce Bozarth (Tangor)

Jim Thommpson

Denny Miller - my memorial remarks from ERB-APA 123

I also have the sad duty to write a memorial tribute to our dear friend, Denny Miller, who died on September 9, 2014.

I knew of Denny as an actor from my childhood. I would have seen him as Tarzan. I watched many TV shows where he appeared. I had also seen him in many of his Hollywood movies, particularly enjoying him as "Wyoming" Bill Kelso in The Party, a film role and experience I know Denny loved. I know I watched some episodes of Mona McCluskey, but I do not recall them. I would particularly like to see him again in that series.

I have written of my many encounters with Denny in past issues of the ERB-APA. I had already sent Denny my special copy of Tarzan of the Movies and he signed every photo, as I had requested, adding humorous inscriptions to several of them. He also had his friend and his "Jane," Joanna Barnes, sign it for me while he had my book in his possession. By the time we started meeting at Burroughs gatherings, Denny and I were both wearing beards. Usually, as soon as he spotted me he would open with either a compliment on my beard or else say "Hello, Wolfman!"

He soon became a good friend – to all of us! Because I was so fond of him, I added as many Gorton's Fisherman doodads as I could acquire to my collection and he signed all of them as well. In the last decade, Denny and Nancy Miller deepened their friendship with George McWhorter. By the time George developed his more serious medical problems four or five years ago, and I started calling him regularly, Denny and George had been maintaining their friendship with weekly phone calls for several years. They were part of the same generation and had much in common.

When Denny was diagnosed with ALS, he made the decision not to share the information widely. But he and Nancy did tell George. By then, I was speaking with George three or four times a week, and Nancy decided to tell George to tell me of Denny's situation, because it would have been difficult for George not to talk about it, since he was so concerned about Denny's and Nancy's situation as the disease progressed. Of course, I kept the information in confidence, only telling Linda.

This past summer, Linda and I made plans to visit Las Vegas for a long weekend in early October. When Denny died in September, I contacted Nancy and suggested we visit with her. She agreed. Not only that, but she offered to transport us to and from the airport. We spent a day together during our long weekend trip. Nancy prepared supper for us at her home and allowed me to take photos of their home and many of Denny's memorabilia from his career. We spent the day talking about all our good memories of Denny and about details of his last months after his diagnosis. I will write about some of that visit in more detail in a future ERB-APA contribution.

Editor: An edited version of a much longer article published in the ERB-APA, 123. Thompson's personal remarks remain from the article. Miller's filmography can be seen at the Internet Movie Database.

David Burton



We on the Edgar Rice Burroughs Lists had a little heads up from David about 10 days before:

Subject: erb-list Home

Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2011 11:45:40 -0500

Hi All,

I wanted to thank those who called and/or sent cards for my (almost) month long stay in the hospital.

The update is that my heart is in BAD shape. I'm home with an implanted IV and will be going back in Jan. for a heart pump. My doctors are more than confident that I'll make the transplant list as that the rest of me is in excellent condition, so I should know soon if I make the list.


David Burton

Mary Fabian

(Reporting a Facebook Post from David's account)

this is lee with bad news. David had an "incident" this morning, & had to be taken by ambulance to Concord. i do not think that he will be coming back.

i want to tell all his friends how much you all meant to him & thank you for being there for him through this. if there is better news, i will update, but i am not hopeful.


Yikes! This is not the kind of news we want during the holiday season... OR EVER! Thinking good thoughts and wishing for the best.


I am certainly hoping that David will be okay.

Mary Fabian

Rest in peace, David

December 8, 2011 2:56 pm from David's Facebook via lee

Tex (Rob Donkers)

Oh no!!

Terrible, I'm shocked....

Can't believe this happened so incredibly fast.

My thought are with David's family and friends.

R.I.P. David

Korak (Steve Allsup)

Is David gone? Lord? Oh, no!


I am sorry about this news. Rest in peace.


It's always a shock accompanied by great sadness to lose someone you know, but we can be thankful that David at least had a chance to say, in a way, goodbye to his ERB friends, by telling us of his latest health problems and preparing us by disclosing that the outlook was not too optimistic. As a result, he was able to read many encouraging messages from ERB fans before he passed away, and I'm sure that gave him a good feeling. Too many times, we don't have a chance to say, in person, these types of things because the first inclination we have that something is wrong comes after the person has passed away -- and it's too late to say those things.

Yes, we will miss "John Carter," but we can treasure those last few recent posts -- from him and from us back to him.

Edith Griswold

what more is there to say: David Burton died today

Dick Spargur

Oh gosh. This is so sad. He was a very good and nice person. I am so sorry.

Bob HIbbard

So sorry to hear this.


The last reply David "John Carter" Burton ever sent to me (and Gridley) yesterday, was "never give up!" I'll always remember that.


I spoke to David by phone three days before. He was optimistic, waiting for a transplant, still danbbling with ink and paint as he could. Too damn young.

Gridley (Andy Nunez)

I can only imagine how bad he was feeling when he took time out of his busy day to write this. I am heartbroken

Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2011 09:10:13 -0500

Thank you Andy and I hope you know that if anything were to happen to me, then you'll be alright, you're always trying to get better and that's part of being an artist. Check out art books (more pictures than words, because when they have more words than pictures its not going to help you learn jack about art) and always, ALWAYS PRACTICE! :)

Henry Franke

I was afraid of this, based on what David was posting on his Facebook page a few days ago, after his last stay in the hospital. He was awaiting a heart transplant. Just saw Edith's message a few minutes ago, and went to David's Facebook.

Ray Le Beau

What a sad day for family and friends. Deepest regards and God's blessings. David will live in all our days because of his art. I now feel very privileged to own a 1 of 1 print of La of Opar and signed by David.

Phil Normand

Sorry to hear about this. I was just thinking about David today and was feeling relieved that he had finally found out what was wrong with him and was on the list for a heart transplant. It is a shame that he couldn't get a diagnosis much earlier.


Dick Spargur

Amen and a half…

J the V

The Muckers feel privileged that David Burton was one of our featured illustrators in the 2010 Dum-Dum souvenir edition of The Mucker/The Return of the Mucker.

We are saddened by his death. He will be missed.

Korak (Steve Allsup)

Nice write-up about David on a REH website.

Dave Hoover

May 14, 1955- September 4, 2011


RIP Dave Hoover. We do not know details but understand he passed away Sunday night. Our hearts go out to his family and close friends.

Dave shared some of his California experiences in an ERBzine feature about 10 years ago. A wonderful talent . . . a great loss.It might have been the 1999 convention in Woodland Hills. Dave is in the photos.

There are good samples of Dave's work in the Galleries we worked on following that convention.ERBapa members are familiar with his APA covers.

Bill and Sue-On Hillman

This was the last time I saw Dave face-to-face. I visited him at his home on my way back to my own house following a two-week Hazardous Materials training course conducted at the Pennsylvania Fire Academy. I had visited the Frank Frazetta Art Museum that same morning before driving to Dave's. Dave was working on his Master's degree at the time and so his art output had been seriously curtailed. He received his degree not that long ago. The last time I saw Dave in person before this visit was at an ERB convention, where I put him up one night because he didn't have a room. His twin brother had just passed away from heart failure. They shared the same congenital heart problem, and Dave had surgery right after that con, if I recall correctly.

Dave had interesting stories of he and his brother working animation out in California many years ago, which is where he got to know Danton Burroughs. I do not know if Dave ever recorded his experiences out there. I had asked him if he could have written something, but he was busy working his degree program.

Dave was much too young to leave his family and friends.

Henry Franke

We are so sad about Dave Hoover ... a genius artist..!! young man..

Jairo Uparella

R.I.P. Dave Hoover.

A shame that his greatest dream, a Tarzan comic book, didn't come true.

The first 5 pages he did looked stunning.

He had such a great love for the character.

Very sad that Dave's gone.

Tex (Rob Donkers)

This is terribly sad.

I was surpised and gratified when Dave, one of my favorite Burroughsian artists, joined ERBAPA one year ago. His initial intention was to serialize the graphic novel "Tarzan the Magnificent." He provided one installment, and provided four pieces of original cover artwork for two issues as his submissions.

In our last communication, he mentioned that he had decided that, rather than serialize "Magnificent" in the ERBAPA, he was going to have a friend color it and submit the first 24 or so pages to DarkHorse for professional publication. "Magnificent" is the only Tarzan novel that has not been adapted to the comics.

Dave's ERBAPA covers for #108 and #110 can be seen on Bill's ERBAPA site here: http://www.erbzine.com/mag22/2280.html


I met Dave at Dum-Dum 98. Great guy. What a tragedy.


I met Dave in Tarzana in 1998 and kept in touch over the years. When I was the OE for the ERB-APA he did me a great cover for the symposium issue, Ladies of ERB.....I will sorely miss him...


Sad, sad... Condolences to Dave's family. Yet another star in our Universe winks out....

Waldo (Bob Hibbard)

I am totally shocked and sadden that Dave Hoover has died. I am speechless this evening. He was a friend and will be sorely missed in the ERB world. He was so very nice to me when I talked with him on numerous occasions. At this point, all I can say is that I am happy he shared his ERB artwork for all to see. So kind and generous of his time. He will be missed.

Dennis Wilcutt

'98 must have been the same year I met Dave Hoover, as I met him at an ERB convention in Woodland Hills, visited with him a little bit, and bought one of his great sets of prints. Another sad and unexpected loss of a friend of all.


Very sorry to learn of the passing of another APAn -- and a superb artist and nice guy besides. I wonder if I'll ever send off another APA contribution without an "In Memoriam" section.


I too am sorry to hear of the passing of Dave Hoover. I enjoyed seeing his artwork, especially the work he was doing for the apa, the covers and the "Tarzan the Magnificent" adaptation he was working on...

Jim Hadac

Dave also did four superb illustrations for the Muckers' edition of "The Mucker." I admired his work; he was much too young to leave us.

Greg Phillips

He will be missed, especially by the Chicago Muckers.

Dave contributed several fine illustrations to our illustrated version of The Mucker and The Return of the Mucker.

Our condolences to his family and friends....

J the V

I couldn't believe when I saw the status on his Facebook page, but Dave Hoover passed away this past weekend.

I didn't know in real live, but I did know him in online life and we shared our love of Tarzan. He chatted with me on DeviantArt and even did one of Red Sonja pieces based on me. Recently he joined ERBAPA and even did a cover for one of the issues which made that issue extremely precious to me. And now I know that he passed.

Rest in peace Dave!


Bernard J. "Jack" Daley

September 24, 1918 - April 27, 2011


Jack Daley, long time contributor to the Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Publishing Association (ERB-APA) as one of the "Three From Thuria", passed away at the age of 92 (blood infection and pneumonia). An avid book collector and published SF and Horror author and occasional cartoonist, Jack had a real life job as an editor of technical journals for U. S. Steel. He is survived by a wife, daughter, and two brothers.

Henry Franke

Dear Friends,

My apologies for this delayed forwarding of Walter Albert's sad news about the passing of our friend and longstanding ERBapa member, Jack Daley, who for nearly two decades was one of the "Three from Thuria" with Walter and Bob Hyde. Jack was also a science fiction fan for decades. Please read the obituary at the link below -- it is nice remembrance of Jack's life.

Pete Ogden

Real sorry to hear of Jack's passing. When I first visited Bob Hyde, he was there. I found we had a lot in common, besides ERB we both admired the African novels of Robert W Krepps, who happened to be a friend of Jack's. I always enjoyed Jack's contributions to the APA.

Laurence Dunn

I'm sorry to hear of Jack's passing. I met him on a couple of occasions when either the Dum-Dum or ECOF events were held in Pittsburgh. I believe he was of great help to Bob Hyde's family in having his collection moved to the University of Louisville. As Henry mentions, Jack was one of the 'Three from Thuria' and combined they made up their quarterly contribution to the ERB-APA. Jack will probably be best mentioned by the ERB-APAn's for his counting of the Greystoke kills and the number of times Tarzan either smiled or laughed. I once asked Bob Hyde, who kept the issue of the ERB-APA after each had read it. He replied that he did, but the other two would take forever to get the issue back to him. Rest in peace Jack.

Huck "AQP" Huckenpohler

I only met Jack once, at one of Bob Hyde's Pittsburgh gatherings -- either Dum-Dum 1993 or ECOF 1998. But I found him to be a most knowledgable, entertaining, and urbane gentleman. He will be missed, not only by his ERB-APA friends, but by all who knew him.

Jim "OJT" Thompson

I only had the pleasure of meeting Jack two or three times at ERB gatherings, the last being Bob Hyde's Pittsburgh ECOF in 1998. He was a charming friendly man on those occasions. I knew him better from his extensive writings in the ERB-APA where his love of Tarzan and his excellent sense of humor shown through every contribution. I very much regret that I didn't know him better. He is a major loss to ERB fandom.

Terry Alan Klasek

November 3, 1946 - April 26, 2011


David "Tangor" Bruce Bozarth

I sincerely hope this is not a year of "things in threes"... Last month we lost Bruce Salen. This month we have lost Terry Klasek. Terry was one of the founding members of of erb-list—neither of us could remember if he was number seven or eight—who passed away after a series of long illnesses. I'd been meaning to try calling him again for the last several weeks... his computer was sending spam and I wanted to help fix it. The last time I spoke to him must have been the week before Terry passed. He did not sound good, seemed disoriented, almost didn't know me, and I knew something was wrong. Terry and I had routinely exchanged emails and phone calls on a monthly basis since 1997 and had a common bond in our military experiences, love of ERB, and life in general. He was bright, quirky, had an odd sense of humor, was proud of his Navy service, being a member of Mensa, and having worked in the publishing business. He dearly loved his pulp fiction which ranged well-beyond the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. That love, and his irrepressible youthful passion, made our "Erich Von Harben" such a joy. Back in 1997 Terry became one of the Bards of Barsoom and penned a chapter for When The Princess Disappeared, so to my fellow Bard... Adieu! My condolences to his family.

Followup, after calling Diane Klasek: Terry died from renal failure, the cellulitus of the leg was a secondary cause. He was sitting at his computer. He has been cremated. The family is seeking full military honors for internment.

Andy "Jason Gridley" Nunez

I just saw a Facebook memorial page go up for Terry. Apparently he passed away earlier today. "Erich von Harben" as he was known to us on the list, was a mighty collector of ERB, Sherlock Holmes and pulps. He and I spoke by phone occasionally and he was a collaborator on the pastiche when the Princess Disappeared. I have no more information at this time. Terry will be greatly missed by me. He was a Vietnam vet and suffered from illnesses related to his duties. Another list member has taken a voyage on the RIver Iss. Kaor, Erich von Harben. I look forward to seeing you again, as the laws of probability will inevitably make happen again, at least in an infinite universe with infinite time. For my fellow Christians, I look forward to seeing him in Heaven. He left behind a daughter, wife and grandchild that I know of. Please visit his Facebook memorial page. Kaor! Valiant von Harben. Howl, you dogs, a wolf has died tonight!

Steve "Korak" Allsup

Oh, no! First Hadron and now Von Harben?? I can't believe it. Seems he said something on here just the other day, didn't he? Wow. I mourn his loss to this list and to our nation!

Steve "Thoar" Servello

I am deeply saddened. Terry had such enthusiasm and generosity. I experienced both from him.

I miss Terry referring to me as "brother of mine." Such a generous man and his phone calls will be remembered by me with great fondness!

William "Mors Kajak" Herr


Saddened to hear about Terry, but he has had serious medical problems for some time.

Not only ERB, but Sherlock Holmes. He introduced me to two of the Holmes sites that I participated in for a few years as "Euston Station".

Rest in Peace old friend.

John "Bridge" Martin

Terry certainly enjoyed interacting with other fans, here on erblist and elsewhere. Something he mentioned in several of his posts was the time he spent reading various books and comics to his little granddaughter. I am sure that will be a priceless memory for her as she goes through the years. Those special moments will linger long after some of those older ERB books crumble and fall apart.

Terry's last broadcast message to ERB friends at ERBCOF-L on 14 APR 11. One of the few times the typo-afflicted Von Fat Fingers was not overly present (forgiving the drop of a few letters here and there, the lost period punctuation, and the addition of letters):


I have been going through e-mails and facebook messages lately to delete the unwanted. I came upon quite a few messages from THE BROOKLYN BANTH! Many laughs he provided me, and he was such a great friend!

I talked with him 3 times on the phone, and many times in person. He visited the home ofr LA, High Priestess of the Flaming God twice in 2002, while I was sojourning there. We went to the train yard where part of the last Indiania Jones film was shot. We clibed all over all the trains looking into every window we could! We both loved trains!

I lost parts of 3 days thinking about my friend Tan Hadron, plus shed some tears He was a great friend to all, and I miss him terribly!


Rob "Tex" Donkers

Shocking sad news!

R.I.P. Terry/'Von'.

I will remember him as one of the greatest fellow ERB fans.

Gregg Stone

Sorry to hear of this. I know he will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

David "John Carter" Burton

He'll be missed.

Dennis "Predator" Wilcutt

I am sorry that Terry died. He was in the hospital a few times since he was a member of APA. And he has posted his health trials a few times. He was a veteran of Vietnam and a good guy. I had no idea he was that sick again.

Bob "Waldo" Hibbard

Condolences to Terry's family. (Sigh) Another of us wings toward Barsoom....

Dale "Vandor" Robinson

Sorry to hear of Terry's passing. His posts on ERBList often brightened my day. I know he must be in heaven looking up ERB and Conan Doyle and all the pulp writers whose work he loved.

Ken "Tantor" Webber

Tangor, Thank you for the hall of memories. I always enjoyed Terry Klasek's online enthusiasm. I remember an afternoon a few years ago that Terry called me out of the blue just to chat ERB. It was a winter season in my life and that lengthy chat and sharing a favorite topic was as welcome as a roaring campfire to my soul. Terry was always a bit more special after that. He did not know what I was going through and I did not tell him. There was no place for a negative moment to intrude in those few moments. I regret that his health did not allow him to be the O.E. of the ERB-APA for the few issues he contributed. He put life and energy into every one he touched. To his family I say that many of us saw a glimpse of the good that was in him. It would have been an honor to have known the man in his full life. Remember the best of him. He was special and those of us in fandom were grateful for his companionship.....Shalom, Tantor

Huck "AQP" Huckenpohler

Very sorry to learn of Terry's passing. Though we never met in person, we were in regular contact via e-mail and the ERB-APA. I'll miss those crazy typos that earned him the nickname "Erich von Fatfingers".


October 25, 1944 - March, 2011


This is a memorial I never wanted to write. Bruce Salen was member #2 of what eventually became ERBList, starting in 1995. Over the years a grand friendship developed with many fine and wild rides via personal email, the "list", telephone calls, and ultimately hosting Bruce as a guest at the old Texican Hacienda, twice, 10 days each time, over the years. We had a love of ERB, Life, Trains, and all kinds of other things, too. Both of our fathers had passed, both had mothers still living we loved deeply. Spoke to him by phone about two weeks ago. His asthma had been bothering him and we discussed his blood sugar (he was diabetic for many years) and also observed "how things are". Highly intelligent, amusing, a bit odd-ball, but he was a true friend and dearly loved my Border Collie named Dejah Thoris and she loved him, too, and that just made our acquaintance that much sweeter—hence the picture used. That playful-serious guy is the way I will remember Bruce. We both share a name and to keep things straight for the guys on the list I suggested we take ERB Personas. With great glee Salen's "Tan Hadron" was born, but Bruce had such a zest for life that one persona was insufficient. He also was known as the Brooklyn Banth, The Gotham Ape, or a number of absurdly amusing self-applied titles by which he signed his messages. So long, compadre of the Royal Camel Squad, O Valiant Leader of the Byzantine, Dread Overlord of the Hidden Realms... I salute you, dear friend.

Bruce had an intense interest in all things Texas and was very knowledgable of my home State. He most enjoyed his visit to the San Jacinto Battleground and the Battleship Texas with a native Texican as tour guide. That his passing is announced on the anniversary of the Thirteen Days of Glory, also known as the Battle of the Alamo is, for me, a fitting honor for this gentle soul who many will miss.

David Bruce "Tangor" Bozarth

Joan "J the V" Bledig

I regret to announce that the Panthans received some sorrowful news this afternoon at their meeting.

Bruce Salen's sister called Victoria to say that Bruce has passed away.

At this time I have no further information.

His sisters had been trying to reach him by phone. The sister who lives in Brooklyn went to his place to check on him and found him.

His sister in California called Victoria with the sad news.

I know that I was not one of Bruce's closest fans, but he was a member of my Burroughs family and I mourn his passing.

Hadron, please rest in peace,

Stanley "Woola" Galloway

Sad news indeed. Thanks Joan for passing it to the rest of us.

Billy York

Very Very Sad, I really like him. I met him in Louisville and found him amusing and very quick witted. I admired his intellect. It just doesn't feel right. You want things to remain the same but it doesn't.

If you know anything we can do please post.

From Elizabeth J. Salen, Bruce's sister, to Victoria Huckenpohler:

Sent: Mon, Mar 7, 2011 8:07 am

Subject: Re: Hall of Memories - Bruce Salen

Dear Victoria, Laurie just arrived and we are sitting around talking about Bruce. Just read your messages and opened up the Hall of Memories site. I can't tell you how much this all means to us. Seeing that wonderful photo (Bruce loved animals) and reading comments from so many people who appreciated him is so heartwarming. It all means so much to us. We will be in touch again with some more information, memories and photos.

Thank you and all best,


Bob "Waldo" Hibbard

Sorry to hear this. No words are adequate.

Phil Normand

How sad to know that the Brooklyn Banth is no longer with us.

RIP Ape of Gotham.

Jim and Linda Thompson

Very sad news, indeed. Is there a family member address where we could send a condolence card? Jim

Denny and Nancy Miller

We had a nice visit in Washington DC a few years ago, and Bruce joined us on a tour of the Spy Museum. Our condolences to his family.

John "Bridge" Martin

I never met Bruce but we struck up an email relationship and were happy to call each other friend. He was a very caring individual.

Bob Burrows

I've lost a very dear friend. Goodby to the Banth.

Bill and Sue-On Hillman

Bruce Salen (Hadron - The Brookly Banth)

We'll miss you old friend.

Steve "Korak" Allsup

Wow! I knew he had been having troubles but it still comes as quite a shock. Things won't be the same around here without the Brooklin Banth! Seems like he was on here last week.... hard to believe it. He'll always be with us in spirit, though!

Memorial For Bruce Salen

by James F. Thompson

Published ERB-Apa, Spring 2011

Reprinted with permission

Bruce Salen (October 25, 1944 - March 5, 2011), "Hadron of Hastor," "the Brooklyn banth," among his near infinite set of noms-de-plumes, died unexpectedly last month. As is my habit, I have gone to my letter files to jog my memories. Those records begin in 2000 and continued intermittently to the present. I generally addressed him as "noble banth" in our exchanges and he had a variety of epithets for me, e.g., "Jed of the Cumberland," or "Jed of the Ozarks." I also chatted with Bruce at several of the ERB gatherings we attended over the years. As usual, we had common interests beyond Burroughs. We both worked in higher education and often talked about the joys and irritations of working with college students and administrators. Bruce was a reference librarian at a community college in Brooklyn, NY. As retirement loomed, we often talked about our post-retirement plants. I regret that he will not get to fulfill many of his plans for retirement. I recall his enthusiasm for ham radio and his interest in the fact that my father had been a "ham." I recall his interest in railroads and his dependence on rail travel; he never flew. We tried, especially, according to my records, in 2001 and 2002, to arrange for him to visit us in Clarksville. However, Amtrak stops only in the southeastern (Chattanooga) and southwestern (Memphis) corners of TN, leaving a 4 hour journey by bus to Clarksville on the northern border in the middle of the state, which was simply impractical. He did manage to visit George McWhorter in Louisville, traveling by rail, and had volunteered to return this year to help George if he could, once George returned to work.

Bruce suffered from a number of medical problems, especially allergies and asthma. That made him especially sympathetic to chronic illnesses in others. He frequently and thoughtfully inquired after Linda, who shared those disorders, in almost every one of his notes to me. [Linda, by the way, is recovering from another sinus polypectomy surgery this spring.] Bruce usually referred to Linda as my "Princess," and I recall how he sought his own Princess, even bringing one candidate to one of the ERB gatherings. That may not have been the wisest decision when trying to market himself as a potential spouse! Bruce's illnesses, I suspect, were behind the many times he temporarily dropped out of participation in the ERBCOF-List. He was surely the record holder for most unsubscribes and resubscribes there. He was a more active participant at Bruce Bozarth's ERB-List where he was among the very first to subscribe.

Since Bruce always took the train to ERB gatherings, he frequently needed to catch a ride to events or meals away from the convention hotel. I often had a car and he sometimes rode with me to meals. I particularly remember a lunch we had in Ybor City, near Tampa, Florida, at Pete Ogden's 2001 Dum-Dum. Huck and I often try to find a bar-be-cue restaurant to sample when we are in a new city. In this case, Floridian Bob Cook had researched the area for us and identified Moses White & Sons as the best. Several of us, Huck, Bruce, Bill and Anne Campbell, and I, drove there. I was concerned that Bruce would find little that was kosher at a traditional southern bar-be-cue restaurant, and feared that he might go hungry. However, he was confident he would manage, and he did. He ordered a green salad and, at my recommendation, tried an order of collard greens, no doubt the first and last time Bruce ever at collard greens, though he did say he enjoyed them.

I know there are others who know Bruce better and will have more to tell about their friendships with him. But I wanted to add my voice to those who remember him as a friend and fellow fan of the worlds of Burroughs. I will share these recollections at Tangor's Hall of Memories and send a copy to Bruce's family. If you wish to send condolences to them, write to Liz Salen at laramies2 at aol.com.

Jon Hart

Indeed he will be missed. :(


He was one of the very first BB fans that I had met when I attended my first ECOF in 2007. I am glad that I got to know him, he will be missed.

Ray and Shirley

It is always sad news when one of our ERB family passes away. God bless and console the family.

Jim Hadac

I will miss Bruce. It was during the Rockville Dum-Dum of 06 that I had the chance to go with him to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and we watched an IMAX film on a South African safari.

I know he wanted to return to the Museum of Science & Industry the next time he was in Chicago. I told him I would be happy to go with him to the Museum.

He was a train enthusiast and he really liked the train set-up at that museum.

I'll certainly be thinking of Bruce next time I see that train..

Tracy "Passmore" Griffin

Sorry to hear about the Banth. He was such a regular part of this list, he will be missed.

Huck "AQP" Huckenpohler

The telephone call on Sunday afternoon has left me in a bit of a state of shock, and I am only now beginning to be able to put my feelings into words.

Bruce and I first met at an Edgar Rice Burroughs convention in Tampa in 2001, though we had corresponded on several of the Burroughs listservers for several years.

We soon found that we had other common interests besides Burroughs, including hisory, especially the ancient Near East, and manifestations of the supernatural. He visited us in Washington a number of times. to the point where he considered Washington a second home, and joined the local chapter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles and attended several meetings over the last few years.

In return, on several occasions I was his guest, the last time when I was on my way to Montreal for the 2009 World Science Convention. Since the train to Montreal left Penn Station early in the morning, I went up the day before and spent the night in his apartment. He took me to breakfast at one of his favorite neighborhood delis, and I told the waitress, "I'm a Confederate Catholic, and he's a Yankee Jew, but he's my little brother." That's the way I felt about him.

I'll miss those crazy e-mails we exchanged every couple of days, which he would sign with a large variety of aliases -- Artaxerxes of Weehauken, postulant of the Lamasery of the Blue Moon; Armond of Armonk, Somnambulist to the Court of Cyrus the Mede; Ptolemy Euergetes, Lector Priest of Tur's House of Waffles, and numerous others.

But even more, I'll miss my little brother.

David "John Carter" Burton

I am truly sadden to hear this my deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

Terry "Von Harben" Klasek

I am really stunned over this! Bruce sent me an e-mail week before last asking we keep in touch. I called his next day. He sounded ok, but said he was tired so a short talk.

I met Tan Hadron in Opar when he travelled by train for a visit to LA! I was in stiches at all the jokes he had about the college he worked at.

I will really miss Bruce!

ralph g

members, i met bruce about a year ago---we went out for lunch . we talked about erb. he came over to my house and we watched two gordon scott movies and the three creature[black lagoon series].he was a funny man and a nice one as well--he really loved erb--rest in peace--

Andy "Jason Gridley" Nunez

This is sad news indeed and we mourn his loss as he travels along the cold bosom of the Iss to his fate. "Like Lions they fought", is what they shall say when he arrives to find the Jed of Gathol, Abner Perry, Danton, Tintin, Cookie the Wazirian, George Effinger, Bob Hyde and the many others that will be on that shore. Kaor and farewell, faithful Tan Hadron!

Dale "Vandor" Robinson

While I don't post so often these days, I do read much of what transpires here, albeit sometimes several days go by between readings.

I am saddened to hear of the passing of the Brooklyn Banth. I will miss his salutations of the day.


SEPTEMBER 21, 1947 - NOVEMBER 10, 2009


A no more gentle and grand fellow, Bruce "Abner Perry" Wood, has died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 62. He is survived by brother Steven and sisters Phyllis and Laura. Bruce Wood was one of the first members of the erb-list (Edgar Rice Burroughs email group), joining also ERBCOF-L (Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship List), and was a member in good standing with the Burroughs Bibliophiles. In recent years he participated in local ERB groups whenever possible. Among his ERB friends Wood preferred to be called "Abner", the Burroughs persona he chose back in 1997. A frequent attendee of ERB conventions these gatherings will, in the future, be less fun without his presence.

His knowledge of the works of Burroughs was immense. He also had several hobbies that he applied with great enthusiasim as regards ERB: cartography, bookbinding, video, and web technology. Bruce also created a line of reproduction dustjackets of excellent quality, highly sought after by fellow collectors.

Over the years Abner and Tangor worked behind the scenes with technology and imaging projects to bring and serve Edgar Rice Burroughs over the web. That was our fun and I'll miss working on his pet projects, the last of which was creating a cross-browser media server of ERB convention video. Wood's popular ERBAtlas contained high resolution maps of ERB worlds and locations for nearly a decade.

I hope that my old friend is eagerly drawing new maps as his iron mole bores through the crust to Pellucidar.

David Bruce "Tangor" Bozarth

Bill Hillman forwarded this message from George McWhorter to erb-list and ERBCOF-L:

Dear Bill: Susan Mayer just contacted me, saying her brother BRUCE WOOD died yesterday at age 62, apparently of heart attack. She asked me to let the Burroughs collectors know. He had a big ERB collection, but left no will, so his family haven't decided yet what to do with it. Cheers! George

George T. McWhorter,Curator

Burroughs Memorial Collection

Dick Spargur

He lives only about 30 miles from here and was my nearest ERB fan/friend.

I will miss him terribly. I'll look for whatever information I can find and pass it on when I do.

Philip Normand

Is this OUR Bruce Wood, of ERB Atlas fame? Say it ain't so.

This is very sad news. Bruce was a major help in getting me started with my dust jacket project. He was a gentle, kind fellow and an enthusiastic ERBfan. Having just turned 64 I definitely feel that 62 is much too young to shuffle off the coil. Had he been having health problems? My sympathies to the family. Does anyone know where can we send a card?

Jim Thompson

Kaor. This is tragic news. What a loss to fandom and our circle of friends. Please do keep us informed.

David Burton

Very sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers go to his family.

Stan Galloway

Sorry to hear this. Bruce was kind and knowledgeable. I met him at the Baltimore ECOF (if not earlier), and I respected his input on every ERB venture he partook in. My prayers for the family.

Jim Hadac

Oh no, I am sorry to hear this. I had the chance to talk with him a number of times at Dayton. I was hoping to see Bruce again, in Chicago, next year.

Another of our ERB family who will be missed by all.

Dick Spargur

I just googled him and haven't found anything yet. I'll try to attend whatever service is held for him and report back...

I am just feeling such a blow from this sudden, unwanted news. He was such a decent and incredibly honest, down-to-earth person. This loss extends far beyond mere ERB fandom.

Steve "Thoar" Servello

Thanks Dick, I could not have said it better!

John "Bridge" Martin

I never met Bruce Wood but I know him a little from his place atop the ERBlist persona directory and I smile at the thought he put into his persona of Abner Perry. http://www.erblist.com/erblist/persona/personas.shtml

Bruce was a valuable member of ERB fandom. His last post to ERBlist, in August, had to do with the subject of the acorn on the McClurg Apes, and one of his recent posts to the ERBCOF-L list looked forward to working on live internet streaming for the 2010 Dum-Dum.

Bill & Sue-On Hillman

Bruce (Wood) wrote a good autobio at ERB FANS ON THE WEB http://www.erbzine.com/mag0/0017.html with at photo at: http://www.erbzine.com/mag0/0017a.html

Bruce also appears in a great many of our Dum-Dum/ECOF features: http://www.erbzine.com/mag8/0839.html He was a major presence in ERB fandom and will be greatly missed.

Jon Hart

I am very sad to hear of Bruce's passing. I talked to him all to briefly at Dum-Dum 2009. At the Saturday night auction, I had donated some old, worthless hardcover Tarzan books. Bill Ross put them up for auction, but they did not sell. He gave them to Bruce to have rebound. Now those books seem priceless, especially if he had time to rebind them. My condolences to his family.

David Critchfield

One of Bruce's talents was fixing up those special ERB books. At Dum-Dum 2008 I won one from him at the auction, except it wasn't made yet, I got to special order it. So of course I wanted a special At the Earth's Core. For those who haven't seen these, somehow Bruce would take the 1st edition dust jacket picture and make a hardback cover out of it. He was the master at taking books apart and putting them back together. So, in addition to that, I asked for the Frazetta Mahar/topless girl picture as end papers. It took Bruce a year to get the book to me, but as usual, he went above and beyond what I paid for. For one thing, it's a McClurg. And also, he removed all the original plates and inserted in their place ones that he colorized. Thanks to Bruce's efforts I have a very unique copy of AEC. I have four other special Bruce Wood books.

Another one of Bruce's talents was cartography. His first Pellucidar map was in 1965. His second one was published in The Burroughs Reader and Thuria in the Spring of 1966. Here's a link to that one: (image) His latest and in my opinion, the definitive map of Pellucidar, is here: (image) He must have had fun doing this one, a desktop rotating globe, showing Pellucidar's eternal sun shining out of a polar opening (2.32 MB avi zipped file)

Dick Spargur

The only health problem I was aware of was a strange recurring illness he said originated in SE Asia when he was in the service. It kept coming back, several times a year, sort of like malaria, making him incredibly nauseous for two or three days. It struck him last year in Waterloo and he had to stay in the motel room, missing the banquet. It was probably hard on his heart, whatever it was—the VA couldn't figure it out for him. Regrettably, he had resumed smoking in the last few years after his parents died (he was their care taker and quit to help provide them with a better and healthier environment in their last days) and that couldn't have helped either.

I was thinking about him this week and planning to invite him over for one of our irregular show and tell sessions. Now we'll never get to do that again. He used to come over and, knowing that Ginnie was very proud of our new hardwood floors, brought and changed into his slippers as he came in the door to avoid marring them—he was that thoughtful. He never gave people guff but he wouldn't take it from anyone either—tremendous personal integrity.

Bob Zeuschner

Like the rest of us, I too am in shock.

I had been looking forward to talking with Bruce again at the Chicago Dum-Dum. I knew Bruce as an ERB scholar (we discussed bibliography at the many Dum-Dums we attended), as a philosopher (we discussed philosophy of science), as a cartographer, and a quality book binder.

When Jim Thompson hosted an ECOF, Bruce bound special copies of the Moon Maid, and I was lucky enough to receive one.

62 is way way too young.

I too would like to express my feelings to his family, and look forward to someone being able to share an address with us.

Bruce "Hadron" Salen

This really is sad news.

Bruce was a devoted fan and an all-around nice guy -- and I am sure that I am not the only one who will miss him.

Condolences to his family.

Henry Franke

Thanks, Dick, for another memory of Bruce. Now I know why I only saw him so briefly at the Dum-Dum, although Bruce and I did talk about a couple of matters either on Thursday or Friday of the convention. I had forgotten about these bouts he had experienced over the years.

We have now lost at least five special ERB friends to heart attacks since April 2007, and all of them were in their mid-60s or younger: Wayne James, Danton Burroughs, Harry Roland, Bob Jacoby, and now Bruce.

In the past we have shared bits of memories about our friends who have passed away through e-mails in the hours and days after their loss, often learning how little most of us individually knew about them -- usually because most of us see each other only occassionally at ERB conventions. Bob Jacoby was a clear example of this. It would be nice if there were some sort of wiki-based site where we could add our memories to a single file, helping to paint a better picture of our friends, and one that would be longerlasting than grouping of e-mails.

Terry "Erich von Harben" Klasek


I am so stunned!!! I have read all the comments about Bruce Wood's very untimely passing! Gee, he was only 62! I just turned 63, Hadron 65 andPhilip Nomad 64. A decided shock to see one a little younger than us having a fatal heart attack!

My sincerest symphaties to his family! I corresponded with him via phone and e-mail. He got me started in collecting ERB hardcovers. I traded a LAD & THE LION for 5 G&Ds.

A great friend and fan! I shall miss him!

Pete Ogden

I was late checking my e-mail today. What a shock. I am still trying to get over Bob Jacoby's death and now another good friend and talented ERB fan has gone and both in their early sixties. I used to look forward to his visits, when his father lived in Florida and enjoyed conversing with him at the Dum Dums. He will be missed.

Jeff Doten

I'm very sad to hear this - Jeff

Steve "Korak" Allsup

Sure sorry to hear about Abner Perry! I never met him, but he was always a decent and interesting fellow. 62 seems way to young to go nowadays. My prayers are with his family,

Bob "Waldo" Hibbard

My first thought was: Oh, no, not another one of us! Bruce was special--I was fortunate to obtain a Bruce Wood Mcclurg Jewels of Opar with OJT's Frazetta cover. I shall cherish it even more now. A great loss to us all.

Dennis Wilcutt

Bruce was an A-1 person. A certified human being.

Mary "Amar" Fabian

Our sincere condolences and prayers go out for the family and friends.

Andy "Gridley" Nunez

Man, rotten news! My condolences to the family! I don't think I ever met Bruce, but he was a good guy on the internet.

Patrick Ewing

Back in 2001 I had just started collecting first editions and Bruce, or Abner as he addressed himself, provided many of my replica jackets (I didn't realize he'd stopped producing them; still have a link to his website). Bruce was helpful in learning the book lingo and collector lingo which I at the time was clueless about. At the time I wasn't sure if his real name wasn't Abner; thought he might have legally changed it :-] Hopefully his Pellucidar works will find there way on Bill's site, if they haven't already. We met once at the Dum Dum in 2003 and he was just as real and great in person. I'm saddened to learn of his passing. He'll be missed greatly.

Raymond LeBeau

Kaor All,

What sad news. Shirley and I are in Florida right now, but returning up North tomorrow. When Bruce had taken orders for his "Special Edition"" of the Moon Maid at the Grand Rapids Dum-Dum, I believe I was in the first 10 or so to sign up for a copy. While in Naples for a few weeks I had talked to Bruce and he told me he had my copy ready if we wanted to drive up to Sebring to his house. We did and enjoyed the visit. I am so proud of that volume, that it is always one of the first books I show friends when they look at my collection.

Our deep condolences to the family. Bruce will truly be missed. Never more to see that "bearded guy in the railroad cap" at a Dum-Dum or ECOF.

God bless,

Ray & Shirley

Greg Phillips

What terrible news to come home to! I have been a fan of Bruce for ages, but had such a good time with him in Dayton, getting to talk with him more than I ever had before. I was glad I could give him the Tarzan drawing he had asked for, and was glad to see more of his unique binding work.

We have lost a BB and a Mucker, and now Joan will not get her purple McClurg TOA. We'll miss his enthusiasm and his remarkable talents. Please, let's not lose any more friends for a long while.

Huck "AQ Porter" Huckenpohler

These announcements are coming all too frequently. I should not be shocked by them after the spate of the last three years, but still react to each one as if they were family members -- which, in a way, they are.

Bruce ("Abner") was first a friend by e-mail, and later a Dum-Dum & ECOF buddy. His cartographic scholarship, his bookbinding talent, and his bibliographic knowledge will be sorely missed, but even more his presence and his good conversation.

I never got around to ordering any of his special bindings -- kept putting it off -- but will forever treasure his special ECOF 2000 edition of THE MOON MAID.

Another, like Wayne James, Danton Burroughs, Harry Roland, and Bob Jacoby, younger than I am. WAY too young.

John "Quaestor" Tyner II

Abner was a good friend from whom I've acquired three of his recovered works as well as the infamous "Moon Maid" special from the 2000 ECOF hosted by Jim Thompson.

FYI, Abner and I had been in negotiation for years for him to trade me for my McClurg "Pellucidar" jacket which he said was in the finest condition he had seen and he wished to match all the other Pellucidar series jackets in his collection. Each time he was at my house he'd fondle that book. He made a final pitch in Dayton, offering me two other first edition Methuen jackets in trade. I replied to him on September 9th:

"After eons of hand-wringing, wrist-twisting, and blearily eye-ing my Pellucidar (after which you lust), I find that I cannot part with my first edition as it (and its dj) fits soooo well in my collection. I appreciate your exchange offer, but must refuse it. Visitation rights for Pellucidar have been granted and it will be available for fondling. Good to see you in Dayton, looking forward to Chicago and beyond!"

To which he replied: "Thanks for considering it John. See you in Chicago bruce"

I'll miss him, but at some point in the future we can continue our negotiations. Let's retire his persona in the Hall of Memories.


? - SEPTEMBER 17, 2009


Long time Edgar Rice Burroughs fan Robert "Bob" Jacoby, 64, passed away September 17, 2009 from a heart attack. He is survived by a wife, two sons, and a sister. Bob was very active in the ERB Chain of Friendship and Dum Dum conventions over the years and will be missed.

Jim Thompson

What a loss! I so enjoyed Bob's company. As with so many of my ERB friends, I just wish I had had more time to spend with him. Jim

Dorothy Howell

Oh, my, how heartbreaking! My heart and prayers go out to JoNan and Bob's family; we his Burroughsian family are devastated too! Bob was a delightful man with a dry sense of humor I truly enjoyed. What a delight to be able to remember being on the Mucker Jeopardy team with him in Dayton. I always looked forward to his presence at our gatherings.

Bob Jacoby will be deeply missed.

Sadly, DJ

Bruce Salen


I met Bob Jacoby twice -- at the 2001 DD in Tampa, and again in 2003 in Louisville.

I will always remember him as a down-to-earth unpretentious nice guy.

I'm sorry to hear of his passing, and will miss him.


David Burton

Sorry to hear of his passing.

Jim Hadac

I too am sorry to hear of his passing. I had a chance to talk to him at the last Dum Dum. And I remembere he played in the Jeopardy game. A very nice man.


These announcements are coming too thick and fast to process. I still haven't got my mind accustomed to Harry Roland's passing and now we learn about Bob Jacoby -- another good friend and former Panthan gone too soon.

Laurence Dunn

That is sad news indeed, especially coming just a few short weeks after the Dum-Dum where many of us last met him. My memory is getting fuzzy but as I recall he liked to collect the unofficial Tarzan movies that have circulated over the years. He may just have seen the latest Gridley Wave where it appears that a copy of Tarzan the Mighty may have at last been found. Like Danton who will never see his dream of a John Carter movie, Bob will not see Frank Merrill's other outing of Tarzan. Another sad day for Burroughs fandom in losing yet another good friend.

John Martin

Link to obituary for Bob Jacoby in Birmingham news


Denny and Nancy Miller

We were so saddened to learn that Bob Jacoby had passed away. We think of him whenever we look at the beautiful tarzan painting he surprised Denny with at the Louisville Dum-Dum. He will always be with us. What a dear friend.

The erb members are such a close knit group; it is impressive! Your friendship, loyalty and shared enthusiasm/passion for ERB are what makes this group so special!

Thank you, Denny and Nancy

Dorothy Howell

The only reason I was aware of Bob's artistic talent was because I was at his table for the Louisville banquet when he was presenting Denny Miller with the marvelous painting of the latter as Tarzan. Once upon a time (a very long time ago), I wanted to be a commercial artist. Then reality set in. I, too, might have made a nuisance of myself had I known Bob was a commercial artist. The obituary did not say; I wonder if he attended the Rhode Island School of Design, which had been my dream alma mater.

Sadly, DJ


SEPTEMBER 9, 1941 - AUGUST 20, 2008

David Bruce Bozarth

What I sent to the list...

Just received news that my ex-wife of 29 years has passed away. This update is for those who knew Doris. She had successfully completed her chemo and radiation for lung cancer this last January. Recently came down down (sic) pneumonia and was hospitalized. Her third husband of three (?) years was there when she passed in her sleep this morning.

Obviously there's more to the Tangor-Doris story than I will share, but there is no doubt she was a grand lady in all respects, gracious, and understood ERB madness to boot.

Doris and I divorced some time back. But for those twenty-six years we were in synch, best fun I ever had. Doris never read a book by Edgar Rice Burroughs, but she loved the Tarzan movies. We never missed a showing on tv, and over the years she would pick up Tarzan movies on VHS for my birthday or Christmas. We went to TARZAN AND THE LOST CITY and the Dizzy TARZAN...and were in fact the last movies either of us saw in a movie theater. She loved the ERB artwork, especially fond of St John and back in 1997 started a little greeting card company called WHIMSIQUOTES (I, ahem, suggested the name), which linked grand art in the Public Domain with pithy, fun, or romantic quotes from literature what was also public domain. Some of the best sellers were the ERB related cards.

She understood collecting...and I collected ERB...and had a love of books in general, which suited us both.

When I had the brain fart for an ERB WAKE gathering, which we operated for five years, she climbed on board, opened the house to strangers, and served grand meals or hosted expeditions into the wilds of Bellaire and Houston. You could not help being charmed by her infectious ways (unless you had been married to her for a number of years, but even then, she was still grand fun!). Rambling a bit. My best friend is gone. And it was just like her to keep quiet about downturns, reverses, and failing health. Unlike Jane she never fainted. Unlike Harkas Yamoda she never doubted. Unlike Dejah Thoris she was never in danger. But like all of those gals she was not a hand-wringer, whiner, or incapable.

I would change nothing...except perhaps the lack of communication the last three years we were married. She will be missed. For a long time.

John "Bridge" Martin

Death -- we know it's coming, but it's still an enemy. I didn't know Doris, but I offer my condolences.

Huck (AQP)

My sympathies on Doris's passing. I remember meeting her at the 2002 Dum-Dum, hosted by Brad Vinson.

Serena "Tavia" Dubois

So sorry to hear about Doris' passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Steve "Ghak" Wadding

Sorry to hear that. She was kind enough to put up with us at the ERB wakes you hosted.

Ken Fuchs (Thandar) in Temple, TX

I too send my condolences. I was an overnight guest in your home at one of the ERB Wakes and remember having very enjoyable conversations with Doris. She was a gracious hostess and shared my love of dogs. I still have a video she gave me on training a new puppy. I also have a set of ERB-related note cards that she created and gave me during my visit. Each has an illustration from one of the early dust jackets accompanied by a relevant quotation from the book. On the back is a whimsical graphic of a seagull. Below it is the following: "WhimsiQuotes by Doris, a wee division of CompSys Solutions Customized note cards are available. Call [xxx/xxx-xxxx]."

She was indeed a remarkable lady and I feel fortunate that I got to know her.

Stanley "Woola" Galloway

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Tangor.

Dale "Vandor" Robinson

Regardless of the differences and the years between you and Doris, I know that this can still hurt. I offer you my condolences and prayers.

Bob Hibbard (Waldo)

Bruce-- My condolences also. Hang in there, buddy.

Bob and Lindy Zeuschner

Dear Bruce--

Our deepest condolences. I heard you speak of Doris often.

Your remarks are generous and gracious.

Dennis Wilcutt

I am sorry to hear that Doris died.

Andy "Gridley" Nunez

My condolences as well. As the boy said in Dark Tower: "Go, then, there are other worlds than these." Perhaps on one of them, you will meet again.

Bob Burrows (Shoz Dijiji)

My condolences as well. My prayers go to you and her surviving family.

David "Nkima" Adams


It's certainly a pity when someone you love dies.

It always hurts.

You have the memories, but they are not the person no matter what.

You spoke often of Doris, and I am sure her portrait has been drawn in your writings.

I wish you well and all recoveries.

Bill and Sue-On Hillman


Our sincere condolences on Doris' passing.

You will have wonderful memories of better times to help you through this loss.

Mary "Amar" Fabian

Our thoughts and prayers are also with you.

Steve "Korak" Allusp

That's a fine looking lady, Tangor. Far too youthful to check out on us. My sincere sympathy for your loss. I am sure that ERB felt some of the same emotions you are going through when his Emma died.

VirJean Potter Bozarth (Mother / Mama Tangor)

Bruce, your tribute to Doris is well-done. In essence I feel like I've lost Doris twice - once when she left you and the Bozarth family in general and once again when I learned of her death on August 20, 2008 in Kerrville, Texas. The only one she remained in close contact with after she left was my daughter Sharon. When Sharon was diagnosed with cancer in her liver and intestines last November, Doris was very supportive of her. Then Doris came down with lung cancer in January. They became cancer survivor buddies going through the stages of chemo and radiation together. Unfortunately Doris' weakened lungs could not fight the double pneumonia that took her life. Janet Louise Bozarth, a previous cancer survivor and the wife of James Bozarth (Barney Custer) died three months earlier on May 22, 2008. All in all it has been a difficult year for the Bozarth family.

Jeff Kenney

Tangor, a belated, quick note to offer my condolences to you and yours. My father's recent death was difficult, but he had a long life and several years to prepare, unlike your former wife, which I'm sure adds to the difficulty.

Thoughts, prayers, and well wishes, Jeff

Bruce Salen (Hadron)


This messsage is belated and overdue, for which I ask your pardon.

It's a belated and heartfelt condolence for Doris's recent passing.

She was a good woman, and I feel that her passing is as much my own loss as anyone else's -- I feel that I lost a sister and a friend.

I miss her, and will always treasure our exchanges by phone and email, and my two visits to the both of you in Bellaire.

Take good care of yourself, and know that all of us on ERBLIST wish the best for you.



January 1, 1926 - July 17, 2008


The most important ERB fans are the ones we tend to never recognize: Mom or, in this case, Dad...

Jeff Kenney

Attached is a photo kindly sent my wife & I by Mike Conran, taken at the ECOF in Jenison, MI, 1986 when I was (as the photo implies) young-ish...11 years old, to be exact.

To the right is my dad, who passed away this past Thursday after a long, slow, and difficult illness.

This picture that Mike sent last year meant a lot to me when I got it, but it means all the more now, partly because of this: when I was VERY little, my dad and I had a really good relationship. The older I got, it seemed to me the more distant we got. This reached its low point -- as often is the case -- in my teen years. Thankfully, by my mid 20s, when I began to have children of my own, we became much closer and he became Grandpa and really loved the kids. I was glad to be able to say goodbye at his bedside the day he died last week (not sure if he heard...he couldn't talk or open his eyes or move, but I hope). I wish I'd have said all I said that day, back when he was still able to converse. It was hard to do that...we didn't have that kind of relationship, but still I wish I had.

That same day, my mom and I were talking, and she said, 'You know, he really enjoyed going to that Tarzan convention with you in Michigan.'

I was surprised. 'Really?'

It turned out, she said, that he developed a regard for collecting: the monetary value of vintage comics, books, etc. as a sort of 'nest egg' (he was a child of the Depression!) and also the intrinsic value of old things in general.

He and I made countless trips to comic and book shops between my age of say, 10 and 13. He often groaned when I'd ask him, or said he was tired (the poor man worked full time in a factory...this was, of course, after hours!), but then often we did go together. Looking back, I realized he and I spent probably hundreds of hours together (much of it in the car) during that period, often on such jonts. And I began to think, when my son is that age, if he still wants to spend time with me (even if it is just his hobby and not a real 'shared' interest per se), how would I feel? Well, I'd love it. I hope for it.

So all these years I thought he begrudgingly tolerated those trips, mom affirmed that he really did enjoy them, I'm sure just to be with his son, one on one. If a parent's natural inclination is to enjoy their child's happiness, I don't know how he could NOT enjoy the ECOF trip, which left me breathlessly happy by the end, all the way back to Indiana.

Other memories flooded back: dad really loving Weissmuller and other Tarzan movies, and watching them with me contentedly on tv. Dad enjoying watching the Ron Ely TV series with me (once I called him to the living room because Tarzan was on....when he realized it was the Saturday morning cartoon, he told me he liked the OTHER Tarzan show! I think he may have sat through part of that episode). Heck, dad having to climb down a ladder off the 2-story roof where he was cleaning the gutters because I was playing Tarzan-in-a-rope-trap and got my foot caught, leaving me hanging upside down by my ankle from a tree, helpless to free myself!

Again, I apologize for such a long, personal ramble. As prepared as one is for one's parent's death, one is never prepared. I have taken great comfort in those memories of our time going to things like the ECOF. I would give so, so much to go back in time, now, and spend just five of those minutes with him now, on one of those trips. I'll treasure the memory of them.

Steve "Korak" Allusp

Man, sorry to hear about that, Jeff! I am still aching from losing my own Dad. A Dad is an unreplaceable friend. Someday (all too soon) we'll get back together with them again, though.

Linda and Jim Thompson

Kaor, Our deepest sympathies in your loss, Jeff.

Bruce "Hadron" Salen


Many of us have been through the same things that you are now exper-iencing -- we all feel your pain, and know your sorrow.

It hits home a bit moreso for me, because, from reading the entry on the Memorial page, I saw amazimg and frightening similarities in our relationships with our respective fathers.

Hang in there -- nuture yourself -- and know that you are not alone.

Andy "Gridley" Nunez


My sympathies as well.

Tangor (David Bruce Bozarth)

Lost my Dad too early. He was my bud. We'd argue endlessly over who was Tarzan (for him it was Johnny Weismuller and all those other film Tarzans), but in the years before I went into the service he did read the books. I was drafted—we didn't get to talk about the books until years later when I came back with a wife, life, and other things going on. In the end we both agreed the books were okay, but the films were great fun because we could watch those, barbecue, make sandwiches, or drink beer. To put it into perspective: I would never have collected an ERB book if not for my lunch money and allowance and that came from... you guessed it. Never easy to say goodbye. Fortunately we don't have to because those who have gone are never gone. All we have to do is remember and look at how we live to know THEY are always with us.

Rob "Tex" Donkers


My thoughts are with you and your family.

John "Bridge" Martin

Sorry for the late post about your dad but I was out of town until Saturday.

I do extend my sincere sympathies and can relate, having lost my own father about 40 years ago, when I was in my latter 20s.

My mother is still alive and I often think about him and how their life might have been all these years had he not come down with multiple myeloma.

Your memories are a great treasure and will give you much comfort and many smiles and, yes, tears as well, as the years go on.

And in addition to our memories, our comfort comes from family, friends and the Lord himself, as the words in 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 remind us.

Take care, Bridge


June 2, 1944 - May 1, 2008

The best fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs has passed.

Tangor (David Bruce Bozarth)

This is a shocker, kiddies. My last conversation with Dan ended about about 8:pm (California time) on the 30th of April.

At that time he gave out the following info, which I posted to the major ERB listservs:

Just got off the phone with Dan Burroughs (4/30/2008, 10:pm Central). News:

1. There was a fire at the Burroughs home. Confined to one room, with the loss of many art examples by John Coleman Burroughs. The room is known as the "Marble Room" and has been displayed to fans over the years. Daughter Dejah (22) was instrumental in keeping the damage confined: "Dad, are you barbecuing?" Daughter Jane (24) helped go through the aftermath, saving as many items as possible. NO ONE WAS INJURED. I failed to get the exact date of the fire, but must have been within the last few days. Estimated loss is several hundred thousand dollars in Burroughs related material and personal collection of other items and artifacts by Dan Burroughs. Currently dealing with insurance adjusters.

2. Danton Burroughs is now (as of today) President and Chairman of the Board for Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Sandra Galfas is no longer with the company. Dan intends to be hands on. We wish him all good results in that effort. He mentioned a renewed determination by the company to continue protecting the Tarzan trademark, and to extending that cover as needed and where possible.

3. The venuspiratemovie (as has been reported on the web) is dead. That company failed to renew. Venus (and other properties) have been submitted to another major motion picture company (am not at liberty to be more specific during these negotiations).

4. Dan has, according to his doctors, inherited his grandfather's heart--having recently suffered a minor heart attack. He is doing well, though his Parkinson's has advanced. Mr. Burroughs has been invited to participate in a special medical test group regarding Parkinsons. He gave me some specifics, which I will research and report on later.

This information can be disseminated. Hillie, you were specifically named as a recipient of this news.

I will update soonest with more... meanwhile, here's some info I think you all will find interesting!

The "interesting" is that Dan agrees with me that CAVE GIRL, MAD KING and ETERNAL LOVER are the best movie choices out there...if only the production companies can see that!

My notes from that conversation were a little inaccurate: Dan was made Chairman of the Board and Secretary/Treasurer, though a new President had also been sworn in. In general, Danton was in good spirits, though understandably distraught at the fire damage. At the time it seemed like yet another of our conversations where Dan was fighting alligators and the swamp was waist deep...

Now he is gone.

We have lost a good friend who knew and understood fandom. We talked of many things over the years, speaking by phone about once a month since 1998--he never did learn email and wasn't looking forward to it. In fact, he said, "they are going to make me learn email" during our last conversation. His enthusiasm for his grandfather's works, the fans and friends made, the on-going battles with production companies and failures to get HIS pet projects realized (Barsoom, Cave Girl, Eternal Lover), the constant struggle with Parkinsons...we never ran out of things to discuss!

I will miss this man more than I can say.

I've spoken to ERB Inc...

They are devastated, of course. Dan had been working for the company since 1972 and his recent appointment as Chairman of the Board was not only feather in the cap, but recognition of his hard work over the years. Please send all cards and condolences to the Danton Burroughs Family to the ERB Inc office. They will make sure the family receives them.

18354 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, CA 91356

The phones are ringing off the wall at the moment, but I am including the phone number for completion of contact info:

(818) 344-0181

Early Report from Joe Musso:

I have some other sad news, if you haven't heard already. Ralph Herman just call earlier to tell me that Danton Burroughs was found dead this morning by his wife. On Tuesday, a fire broke out in the new addition to his home under the former overhang. He was storing a lot of his collection of gold watches, valuable marbles and family pictures in it. The room was completely destroyed, but the fireman saved the rest of his home. His brother was thrown back when they opened the door, but wasn't injured. Danton went to the doctors yesterday and was given a heart monitor. He seemed fine Wednesday night, but mentally had to be terribly concerned (and depressed) over the loss of his collection. The frames were still on the wall, but the pictures in them were all destroyed.

When I learn more, I'll let you know and stay well.

Dick Spargur

Just saw this today. It's very sad. It's hard to say more than that too. He was far too young and had been suffering a lot already.

AQPorter (Huck)

Deeply saddened to learn of Danton's passing. Whether we were in frequent contact with him, like Tangor and Bill Hillman, or occasional contact, as I was, or never met him at all, the Burroughs Bibliophiles have lost a good friend. He will be sorely missed.

David Burton

This is truly heartbreaking news. My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends. He was a great man and I loved the chats that I had with him over the last few years. I'll never forget my first meeting with him.

Bill, if possible please let us know of any memorial service and anywhere that we can send flowers and/or cards.

Bob Burrows (Shoz Dijiji)

This has been a bad year for me losing friends. One was Charlton Heston and now Danton. May both rest in peace and may God take them by the hand and show them His glory. I miss you both. Smooth Sailing my friend!

Phil Normand

This is very sad and shocking news. The horrible lingering death from Parkinsons was not to be preferred, but there was so much hope on the horizon for treatment. Danton was an enthusiastic friend and supporter of ERB fandom for so many years, it is hard to think that he is gone. He was always happy to talk to us about Burroughsian activities and interests. He kept the doors open for visits and was always cordial. He enjoyed our excitement and "mania" about his illustrious grandfather and his creations.

ERB fandom has lost an important supporter and we have lost a friend.

My condolences to his family.

Michael Tierney

Simply tragic news.

Danton was a good friend.

My condolences to his family.

Pete Ogden

Before I could boot up the computer this morning, I received a phone call from Bob Barrett with the sad news of Danton's death. We talked for a few minutes but we were both so choked up, we had to end the call. When I hung up, I was hard pressed to hold back the tears, I felt like I had lost a son.

John Guidry

This beyond belief.

What next?

Sad sad news

Steve "korak" Allsup

I am very sorry to hear that Danton Burroughs has left us. I always admired him, and hoped to meet him at a Dum-Dum someday. He seemed quite young. This shows how we need to find a cure for Parkinson's because it is a killer of good men.

Dennis Wilcutt

This is really very terrible news. He was a super good guy.

I am very saddened to learn of his death. I always viewed him as a direct link to ERB and his world. Now that llink has been severed. A truly human individual.

Hadron (Bruce Salen)

This really is sad news for all ERB fans -- sad news, and a personal loss for all of us.

He will be missed.

May his memory be blessed, and may his family be comforted.

Lee Barrie

Way too young to pass on, he will be missed.

Jim "The Red Hawk" Hadac

I want to add to all the others that I too am very sorry to hear of Danton's passing today. I never had the chance to meet the man. I had thought about going to California to visit Tarzana and to have that chance to meet Danton.

I hope that some of those who knew him will be sharing their recollections of him. I know I for one would like to learn more about Danton-and his family. I don't even know if he leaves behind any spouse or children.... I think it's important to the whole Edgar Rice Burroughs legacy to keep Danton's memory alive.

John "Bridge" Martin

To fans today, Danton Burroughs was the closest we could come to Edgar Rice Burroughs himself.

He loved his grandfather and the characters and worlds his grandfather created, and that love showed in the way he devoted his life to serving Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., and in the way he interacted with the many fans of his grandfather's imaginative works.

He was enthusiastic, he was a friend of the fans, and he went beyond mere businesslike cordiality by visiting fan conventions and spending time talking with individuals and by inviting fans into the ERB Inc. office and his home.

To us of this generation, losing Danton can perhaps be likened to the experience of an earlier generation, which one day found out it had lost the master himself.

I had opportunities to visit with Danton at two ERB conventions, the ECOF of 1989 and a Dum-Dum about a decade later. If Danton were alive today, I'm not sure if he would remember me specifically, since he reached out to many fans, and I was more of a "face in the crowd," although I did have opportunities to talk with him personally and in groups.

At both of those conventions, Danton invited the fans to his home. It was an adventure, following directions and finding it at the end of that side street, and then even finding a good place to park in the dark!

Danton's home was like a museum of pop culture, with Burroughs items and other things throughout the house, seemingly in every nook and cranny. It was fun to be there with fellow ERB fans, sitting on a couch or bar stool or standing around and looking around, talking with one another and savoring the experience.

Danton would often be over at a doorway in the corner, a doorway which led to an inner sanctum, and he would be bringing out some rare items one by one for the appreciative oohs and aahs of whoever who get close enough to see.

Or, Danton might join others on the couches, arranged around a TV set, on which an ERB documentary was playing.

The first time I visited, my wife, Peggy, was with me, and we left relatively earlier. Later, I read the accounts of others in ERBapa and found out the evening ended with just about everyone being able to take a ride on Danton's official Tarzan rope swing out back!

The second time I visited, my wife decided to stay in the motel and so I stayed later, but never did have a ride on that swing! Still, it was a great time.

It is such a sad thing that Danton's life came to an end so unexpectedly. That's what death does -- it interrupts our wonderful lives and takes wonderful people away from us.

It seems sometimes as if life will go on just the way things are now, and then we are reminded about the fragility of life. May it motivate us to appreciate each other all the more while we still have each other.

My deepest condolences to Danton's family, to those who worked with him at ERB Inc., and to my fellow fans.

Gridley (Andy Nunez)

Please pass on my condolences as well. Though I had never met him, I remember seeing videos of him at Bill Ross' house and felt he would have been a great fellow to be around. What a blow to the family, the company and to the fans. I am truly saddened.

Jeff Kenney

My father is dying of Parkinson's slowly and with some degree of misery, being completely immobile and yet dreaming he can still walk and run...it gets tough. So I'm glad, on the one hand, that Danton Burroughs was spared that. But of course this sudden, unexpected, and shocking passing is not the alternative any of us wanted and it sounded as if he had plenty of fight and good years left.

With Wayne's passing, this has indeed been a difficult several weeks.

Mary Fabian

Our sincere condolences and prayers go out for the family. What a very sad loss. He really was a very nice guy.

blessings, Amar

VirJean Bozarth / Mama Tangor

Hello, Bruce / Tangor,

I know how much the passing of Danton Burroughs means to you personally and also to the rest of ERB-List. My heart goes out to the family and to those who must carry on at Tarzana for Danton's tragic and unexpected death. As a tribute to Danton, it is up to those of us on this list to see that his view of his grandfather, as a person and as an author, is passed on to the next generation of readers and believers in the ERB Mystic. I never met him personally, but I had heard about him from you and read about him on your site and Bill's site. I know about his love for his family and for his grandfather. He will be missed by all of us.

Patrick & Kimberly Ewing

My wife & I met Danton at the 2003 Dum Dum and though we spoke very little he remembered my name and was very gracious. He looked a lot like his grandfather and it felt like I was in a way corresponding with Ed himself. Hopefully there will be another of his family that has the desire Danton had for preserving his father and grandfathers works and making them available to the public like Danton did. Please pass on our heartfelt condolences to his family!

Bob Hibbard (Waldo)

A terrible loss. I am so saddened by this. Danton was so gracious to the fans. I gave him a brick paver with his name engraved on it at the Louisville Dumdum several years ago, and learned that he collects bricks. He responded with a gift of an envelope from ERB's personal stationery.---I have it framed with a photo of the two of us in my library. Danton remembered his grandfather---he was around six when Ed passed. Could it be that Danton was the last person alive who personally knew ERB? Truly the end of an era. Danton will be so missed by us all. My sincere condolences to his family.

Jeff Doten

I never met Dan in person but had a few phone conversations. A great guy that I wished I'd known better. I'm very sad about this.

Laurence Dunn

I came home late last night after seeing off a friend who is emigrating to Australia. My answerphone was flashing and it was Frank Westwood calling to give me the sad news. I had been busy all day at work and not had chance to read my personal email.

I met Dan on my first trip to the U.S. back in 1981. I had just witnessed the first space shuttle lift off and it was while I was flying over to California when it landed. Danton was still on a high having marvelled at the way it just glided in for a safe touchdown. I cannot recall how long I visited him that day but the memory of how open he was to fans of his grandfathers work is still fresh.

Last year I went to the European Premiere of the musical stage show of Tarzan. I went at the invite of Dan who was unable to travel at the time because his medication had had an adverse effect on him. I was given Dan's seat and sat next to Jim Sullos - the now newly elected President of ERB Inc. I called Dan upon my return to give him my overwhelming support for the show. He was delighted and told me to keep in touch. Unfortunately I had not called him since.

I have been fortunate to have met Dan several times over the years. He once asked if I was independently wealthy to be able to afford so many trips across the pond. I have been at the offices of ERB Inc. and in his home on a number of occasions and have seen his two daughters grow up. They are memories I will treasure.

The one thing about Danton was that he remained close to the fans. He appreciated our loyal following and his door was always open.

What I find the really sad part of his passing beyond missing a fine person and a friend to us all is that he was the last direct family link we had with his grandfather. While there are other male members of the family that will carry the name through generations to come, Dan will always be the one closest to us and be the one we will most remember.

Goodbye Dan, it was an honour and a privilege to know you.

Sky Brower (the ape-man)

This is horrible news... very sad indeed. My own grandfather passed away from smoke inhalation while trying to stop a fire in his home, so the circumstances really hit home. I regret never having had the chance to meet Danton -- everyone always said what a wonderful person he was. My condolences to his family.

John Barnes

I'm very sorry to hear this sad news. I send my sincere condolences to the family.

James Van Hise

Danton apparently had a heart attack not long after a fire destroyed one room of his house (called The "Watch Room") which destroyed many of his precious artifacts, including some of his father's paintings. I'm not sure yet about exactly what was lost. This was supposed to be a triumphant week for Danton because he'd been made Chairman of the Board of ERB, Inc and had many new plans for the company.

Lew Kaye-Skinner (a.k.a. Arthur Maxon)

Sky put into words what I've been trying to find a way to express.

Jon Hart

I found this paragraph in a source book of wisdom:

"I firmly believe that if you follow a path that interests you, not to the exclusion of love, sensitivity and cooperation with others, but with the strength of your conviction that you can move others by your own efforts, and do not make success or failure the criteria by which you live, the chances are you'll be a person worthy of your own respect."

- Neil Simon, playwright

I believe Danton was worthy of the respect of many people.

I never had the chance to meet Danton and was shocked by his passing. My condolences to his family.

Diana Cole

Although I never had the privilage to meet or speak with Danton Burroughs, I felt I knew him through our shared love of ERB's creations, and his sharing of family history and photos. It was like being near ERB, himself. I am so sorry he did not live to see the John Carter movie completed, just as it was getting off the ground. Seems like if it is completed, it should be dedicated to his memory for his efforts. I know we have lost a valuable friend, and I hope someone in the family or at ERB, Inc., will pick up the torch, and continue his work so that what he has accomplished will not be lost. My deepest sympathy to his family.

Robert Fester (Histah)

I was sorry to learn of the passing of Danton Burroughs. Like most on the list, I was never privileged to meet Mr. Burroughs but from what I have heard from those who have, he was truly a gentleman of the old school—the sort his grandfather set up as the model we should all emulate. We are all poorer for his loss.

My deepest sympathy to his family

Stanley Obroski

I was fortunate enough to have met Danton at the 2003 Dum-Dum in Louisville. We had just seen the pilot for the WB's Tarzan series and were milling around the Burroughs Memorial Collection. Danton was very interested in folks' reaction to the film - he was particularly concerned that Travis Fimmel may have come across as too pretty or baby-faced (my words) for Tarzan. He was very open and affable. I came away from our discussion with the impression that he was a regular guy, aware of the importance and power of the ERB legacy; receptive to and respectful of the viewpoints of fans.

Walter Taucer

I am very sad of the passing of Danton. I met him at the Dum-Dum 2003 in Louisville, Kentucky. We also went dining with other Bibliophile friends over there and he was to me like an old friend I've known for a long time.

My condolences to the family.

member of the Burroughs Bibliophiles


Abraham Sherman

Danton was a gentleman, to be sure. I called him many times over the years about the APOM film, during its times at various production companies. He was always excited about the project, and desperately wanted the best for it.

Whoever enjoys the privelege of creating Barsoom on film should remember this man and his family's legacy in the realms of imagination.

I was only a desperate screenwriter with a script for "A Princess of Mars," and yet he went out of his way several times to connect me to people associated with the production. We both knew that this unorthodox method of trying to get a script in there probably wouldn't pay off, but he still encouraged me to keep trying.

I didn't really deserve Danton's attention, but he always took my calls and I felt that he valued me as a dreamer and appreciator of his grandfather's work. This whippersnapper will have treasured memories of a uniquely understanding and patient man in the entertainment business...

Ray & Shirley Le Beau

Shirley and I have been gone for the last two weeks and I have been unable to access my computer. I was shocked and saddened to hear of Danton Burroughs passing. He was a fun guy and will be greatly missed. He was always cordial to fans whether at a DumDum or at Burroughs Inc. My wife and I had visited ERB Inc. a number of years ago when Tarzan, The Epic Adventures was playing on TV. Danton showed us all the action figures prototypes and art work for the figures as well as the packaging artwork. One never leaves empty handed at ERB, Inc. as Danton always had a poster or something for visitors. I have a nice photo of Danton and myself taken at his house at the last Tarzana DumDum. I was fortunate enough to have him autograph it at the previous Louisville DumDum he attended. Our prayers and condolences go out to the family.


?-April 4, 2008


There are no good times to report the passing of a friend, but there are good memories and celebration for having known them. Wayne E James and his wife Edie brought quiet joy to fan conventions at Dum Dum and ECOF, and for his charming presence on the listservs ERBList and ERBCOF-L. Wayne joined ERBList quite some time ago then fairly quickly joined ERBCOF-L. Tintin, as he was known among ERB fans, was an avid videographer and through his personal effort and expense, recorded many events, for which we who could not attend, are grateful.

I was not aware Wayne was having health problems until I received this email on March 30, 2008:

Hi All,

I had my second of three surgeries last Monday. It was more involved that they had expected, but all went well. They have finally decided that infection was not the cause of the cement around the prosthesis eroding, which allowed it wobble. They are not sure what it was, but they believe that my body rejected that cement and they are going to be trying another. The first operation left me with a wire/cement/antibiotic spacer. This time the put in a temporary prosthesis with cement and antibiotic. The last operation, on May 29th, should be the new replacement prosthesis.

This surgery was somewhat harder on me than the last as they did more work in there and they used a syringe to extract bone morrow from my hip to put in my arm. Now I have a sore hip as well as a sore arm. I am still in a sling and have been applying ice packs liberally to the arm, but I am not on any external antibiotics, so no IV or pills this time around. I am just taking Tylenol for pain. They also did not staple me, but rather sewed me up this time. I tire easily and have spent most of this week in bed watching DVDs and listening to CDs. I hope to recover as fast as last time and return to work for a month before the next surgery.

And then after the third surgery, good as new? No, but better than when this started last year.

Thanks for all your well wishes, thoughts, and prayers.


Sunday, April 6, I find this shocker in my inbound from Edie James (as forwarded by Bill Hillman):

My Dear Bill and Sue-on,

This is a time of deep sorrow for me and I would like to ask that you share this news with our many ERB friends as I am quite lost.

Wayne had the second of three surgeries on March 24TH and was doing quite well considering what he has gone through. His left arm was causing much pain and that is when the doctors felt the surgery was necessary.

On Friday, April 4TH he called me at work and told me he was having indigestion and would I stop and pick up some tums for him. When I got home I found him on the bathroom floor. The paramedics said he must have collapsed between the time he called ma and the time I got home and that the indigestion he had been experiencing was the onset of the heart attack.

I am not dealing very well with this so your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Services will be Saturday, April 12TH, in Colorado Springs. Take care of each other.


Edie James

Over the years Wayne and I had many emails, shared books, comics, films, real and electronic. He was always good for a new look at things, immensely generous, likeable to an extreme. To his wife and family my deepest condolences. There will be a time of regret and lament, yet it will not consume us—for his memory is so much more powerful that that grief cannot last. Bye bye, Tintin!

TANGOR (David Bruce Bozarth)

Dick Spargur

Ginnie and I are so sorry. It's hard to know what to say at times like these except to say that Edie has our support and, yes, our prayers. We have lost a brother fan.

I will never forget the image of Wayne setting up his tripod and video camera at every Dum-Dum or ECOF he attended and then graciously recording the proceedings for the benefit of all interested parties. Because of him there will be a record of those events.

Thanks, Wayne, and good luck to you up there in those upper terraces…


For once I am at a loss for words. Our hearts go out to Edie in this difficult time for her, and the entire BB family feels the loss.

We'll miss you, Tintin -- and I'll miss the great conversations, both via e-mail and in person. He was far too young.


My dear Edie: I cannot express how deeply saddened I am by the passing of your beloved Wayne. He is a loss to us who were counted among his somewhat distant friends. That your shock and grief is obviously many times deeper moves me to express to you how much I care about you as you go forward in his absence. I know it will be a tangible emptiness for some time to come. As time goes by, the gap does dissipate but Wayne will always be a part of your life. You are very much in my prayers.

Much love to you and yours, DJ

Sky Brower (the ape-man)

Dear Edie -

I'm so sorry to hear about this... We loved Wayne and will certainly be praying for your family. All the best, and God bless.

Billy York

This is terrible and so sad. I met Wayne and Edie during the Dum Dums. What a happy, positive couple. Always cheerful. Everyone loved Wayne and Edie. It just seems to me you can say one name without the other.

Wayne was a wonderful, wonderful person. You could tell he was a much loved man. It is fortunate that we can observe so much of his life that is preserved on the Hillman website.

This is so unexpected because he was so young and always seem so full of life. I cannot begin to understand what Edie is feeling.

Certainly our prayers are with her.

Jim Thompason's article as it appeared n ERB-APA #97

In Memoriam: Wayne James

(???? — April 4, 2008)

It has only been six issues since I last wrote of a departed friend. Now we have lost another. At the beginning of April, Bill Hillman passed a message from Edie James to the two ERB Lists.

My Dear Bill and Sue-On, This is a time of deep sorrow for me and I would like to ask that you share this news with our many ERB friends as I am quite lost.

Wayne had the second of three surgeries on March 24TH and was doing quite well considering what he has gone through. His left arm was causing much pain and that is when the doctors felt the surgery was necessary.

On Friday, April 4TH he called me at work and told me he was having indigestion and would I stop and pick up some Tums for him. When I got home I found him on the bathroom floor. The paramedics said he must have collapsed between the time he called me and the time I got home and that the indigestion he had been experiencing was the onset of the heart attack.

I am not dealing very well with this so your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Services will be Saturday, April 12TH, in Colorado Springs. Take care of each other. Love, Edie James

I posted Edie's mailing address to the lists, and both Bill Hillman and Bruce Bozarth established memorial web pages in honor of Wayne. Bill has been in touch with Edie since the funeral. She is staying with family, still very shaken by her tragic loss. Bill tells me she appreciated the memorial web pages with the messages from their ERB friends which she shared with Wayne's sons and sisters. She hopes to attend a Dum-Dum in the future because they had enjoyed the experience so many times. I know we all hope she will continue to remain in contact with Burroughs fandom. If you have not written a note of condolences to Edie, you can still send one to her at 1114 Mayten Tree Ct., Hemet, CA 92545. The previous week I had received an E-mail from Wayne, recounting his recent orthopedic surgeries:

-----Original Message-----
From: Wayne E. James

Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2008 11:46 AM
To: Diane Book; Bruce Bozarth; Donna Hathaway; Bill and Sue-On Hillman; Terry James; Ted McKosky; Sue & Rick Meadows; Christi Richman; Thompson, James; Ken Webber; Charlotte Ybarra; Diane Zand

Subject: Surgery #2 went well

Hi All, I had my second of three surgeries last Monday. It was more involved than they had expected, but all went well. They have finally decided that infection was not the cause of the cement around the prosthesis eroding, which allowed it wobble. They are not sure what it was, but they believe that my body rejected that cement and they are going to be trying another. The first operation left me with a wire/cement/antibiotic spacer. This time the put in a temporary prosthesis with cement and antibiotic. The last operation, on May 29th, should be the new replacement prosthesis.

This surgery was somewhat harder on me than the last as they did more work in there and they used a syringe to extract bone morrow from my hip to put in my arm. Now I have a sore hip as well as a sore arm. I am still in a sling and have been applying ice packs liberally to the arm, but I am not on any external antibiotics, so no IV or pills this time around. I am just taking Tylenol for pain. They also did not staple me, but rather sewed me up this time. I tire easily and have spent most of this week in bed watching DVDs and listening to CDs. I hope to recover as fast as last time and return to work for a month before the next surgery.

And then after the third surgery, good as new? No, but better than when this started last year.

Thanks for all your well wishes, thoughts, and prayers. Wayne

Wayne had also written to me a couple of times during the spring to inquire about the DD2007 photo CD I have promised to produce. The project was almost ready and I should finish it during the first week of May. It will actually be two CDs of photos and a DVD of video provided by Dick Spargur. (By the way, a big welcome to Dick who is joining us in the ERB-APA this month!) I will send Edie a set when they are ready.

I've pulled my Wayne James correspondence file to remind me of some of the details of our friendship. The earliest letters and E-mails date back to 1999. Wayne registered to attend my ECOF in May of 2000, but that was the spring he was injured and was unable to attend. Edie wrote to me on May 15, 2000, to notify me that "Wayne had fallen off their roof and broken both wrists." He did send a supporting membership and received the ECOF 2000 T-shirt and other souvenirs. He had volunteered to drive others to and from the Nashville airport or around Clarksville, had he attended. We both regretted that we never got to see each other's Burroughs collections.

Wayne had a particular interest in Disney Tarzan and McDonald's Disney Tarzan collectibles and regularly informed other collectors via the ERB lists of unusual "DZTZ" items he had discovered, and many times provided such items to other collectors. I was one of the many beneficiaries of his thoughtfulness and kindness in that regard. On Friday, July 23, 1999, he sent me an E-mail about one of his searches, "Subject: WalMart & Toys R Us." He reported being unsuccessful in getting store displays from either store after speaking with managers who were following Disney instructions to return or destroy such items. I'll quote his second paragraph, as it contains some of his characteristic good humor:

"As to why we were in Toys R Us last night, well that is all OJT's fault. We just went in to get the puzzle and the third poster. We came out with a Fun Dough (like Play Doh) set, a book cover stamping set, a tree-top chase game, a watch with changeable covers and wrist bands, some stickers I did not have, and of course the puzzle, poster, and two boxes. Oh yeah, a Betty Boop doll and some PEZ machines jumped into our basket as we were wandering through the store. — Best regards, Tintin and Kat Balouche"

Wayne's recovery was slow but by the end of 2000 he was well along mending and had gone back to work. In 2001 we continued our hunt for late appearing Disney Tarzan items and there were a few to be found. In 2003, we tracked the appearance of various Gorton's Fisherman toys with likenesses of our friend, Denny Miller. A few more Disney Tarzan items also appeared in 2003. We also saw each other at some of the ERB gatherings in those years.

In 2004, Wayne made some useful suggestions and sent us brochures for places to see in Colorado when Linda joined me for the Ft. Collins Dum-Dum. We spent a week in Colorado seeing the Rocky Mountain National Park at Estes before attending DD2008 in Ft. Collins. That year also began the release of a new set of Barsoom titles from the Science Fiction Book Club. Since I am a member, I purchased one of each for Wayne as they came out. Wayne began using sheets from a small Disney Tarzan note pad when he wrote me notes that were included in packages he sent me. For example, in 2005 he sent me copies of Disney Animal Alphabet and Disney Counting Friends, obscure items with only one or two or fewer links to the Disney Tarzan. I think Wayne is the only fan I know who ever used any of his Disney Tarzan stationary for actual communications. I know all my similar pads are still unused and stored in my book room. Late in 2005, Wayne and Edie moved from Colorado Springs to San Jacinto, California.

By May of 2006, they had moved to their current address in Hemet, CA. Around that time, Wayne also became the first Burroughs fan, to my knowledge, to take advantage of the US Postal Service's option of printing postage stamps with personal images on them. Wayne went through what is apparently a somewhat complex application process to obtain permission to produce 37¢ stamps with a drawing of Tarzan. From then on, all my snail mail from Wayne carried his personal Tarzan postage. Late in 2006, Wayne sent me a photo CD of scans from a Laughlin, NV, weekly newspaper which carried ads for The Sports Bar at Tarzan and Jane's Grill, which were located within the Golden Nugget Casino from 1988 until that time. He also included a text file with descriptive information to enhance the scans. In 2007, I sent Wayne the final volume in the SFBC Barsoom series.

On March 3, 2008, I received my last snail mail from Wayne. Ever thoughtful of other interests of his friends, Wayne had sent me a series of number 7 envelopes which had printed art in the left third of the cover. I suspect they are envelopes that fellow APA member John Martin had made, since one of them depicts the "V.I.P. Entrance Centralia P.O.," while three others depict Tarzan comic book cover images and another a Lone Ranger cartoon. I regret I did not get the DD2007 photo CDs and DVD mailed to Wayne before he left us for his journey down the River Iss.

I also have many fond memories of conversations and activities shared with Wayne and Edie at various Burroughs gatherings over the last decade. I imagine most of you fellow APA-ans do as well. But I thought you might enjoy a little peak into our correspondence. I enjoyed reviewing the file for this article. Doing so reminded me all the more vividly how friendly, thoughtful and generous Wayne was as a friend. We will miss him and he will not be forgotten.

Jim Thompson

Kaor, Edie, if you are reading this, Linda and I send our condolences and deepest sympathies. A card will follow. We have lost a great friend and a great ERB fan.

Friends, I don't know if Edie will be reading messages from the list, at least not immediately. In the meantime, I suggest you also send her your sympathies by mail at 1 1 1 4 M a y t e n T r e e C t . , H e m e t , C A 9 2 5 4 5 .

Dennis Wilcutt

Wayne was a great human being. He will be sorely missed. Just a gentlemen in every respect.

Phil Normand

This is such a shock and so sad. Wayne was a happy, positive, outgoing guy with great energy. We never know the time or the place. . .

Thanks for sending us the address, Jim, I'm sure I've misplaced it. I'll send a card.

Dear Edie, my deepest sympathy. . .

The Red Hawk

Very sad

I always looked forward to seeing both Wayne and Edie at Dum Dums, the last time was in Rockville in 06 when my wife and I had breakfast with both of them there.

I'm terribly sorry and both my wife Yoko and I offer our heartfelt condolences to Edie.

I agree with Billy below that he was a wonderful man and half of a very wonderful and always cheerful couple. All the friends he had will indeed miss him.

Jim Hadac

Brookfield, IL

Ken (Tantor) Webber

Dear Edie,

Sally and I are so stunned with this sad news. Ours hearts go out to you and we will be praying for you. God Bless and comfort you.

Jeff Kenney

This is such a shock, and I'm so sorry and still in disbelief.

I never met Wayne, but having just gotten back into fandom in the past couple of years, Wayne was one of the first people on this list to help me out with Tarzan films, comic strips, and just general correspondence. He was thoughtful, generous, and sharing, and I always perked up when I saw he had posted something. He just recently sent me something, a matter of weeks ago, and I sent him several things....I always think of him when I have something to share. It's just very hard to conceive of not doing that, that he's not there.

I'm so very sorry to hear about this, and my my heart heavy for you and us all. Your family is in my prayers.

Peter Ogden

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Edie in this time of grief through the loss of her soul mate. It was a great shock to hear of Wayne's death, not realizing he had been ill and in hospital for surgery. He will certainly be missed by all Burroughs' fandom.

Joan and Pete

Bill and Sue-On Hillman

Wayne James Tribute Site

Photo Gallery and Condolences


Bruce Salen


Wayne always seemed to have an unpretentious touch of class about him. His passing was untimely -- far too soon -- and he leaves a good name behind him Heartfult condolences to his dear wife Edie.


Mary Fabian

Edie, Our prayers and sincere condolences to you. Wayne truly was dearly loved and will be missed by all. May our Lord hold you in His Loving arms during this time.

Amar and Lou

Metten Jonker

When it comes to feelings, my knowledge of the English language fails; therefore in my own, the Frisian:

Hiel bysunder, hiel gewoan.

gewoan in hiel bysunder minske.

Dit slacht der yn.

Ik bin alhiel ferslein troch dit neis.

Troch myn skriuwen my him wie ik him dochs wat nijer as de measte oaren.

Mien tinken is no ek bei syn frou. Wat in gemis moat sy fjilje.

En sa jong noch.

Wayne, we sille dy misse.

Edie, ik winskje dy alle sterkte ta de kommende tiid.


John Tyner II

Some of us with European backgrounds remember that Wayne may have chosen Tintin, from a lovely character (originally Belgian, albeit comic) which as children we read, along with any bootleg copies of the English “Jane” comics we could get. “Tintin” may well be short for tintinnabulation or “a ringing or sounding of bells” (Webster's). As in the lovely Christmas traditional movie, Wayne certainly has gotten his angel wings………..

Edie, we all will miss him and will be there for you if needed. Wayne sure was a help to many people and you both were, and are, generous with your time and talent. I was delighted to entertain you folks for lunch in my home during our 2006 Dum-Dum.

With sympathetic support,



Bill Herr


Many fond memories of both you and Wayne. Our prayers are with you at this trying time.

The first time we met was at your home in Colorado Springs. Tantor came down from Denver and we had a great chat. There was at least one other time I visited you there before you moved.

My favorite was when you visited Las Vegas. My Princess and I drove down to Circus-Circus to pick you guys up to go to our place for dinner. What a mob scene in the lobby when we got there. Didn't know if we'd ever find you. But we did, and had a nice visit at our place. The drive back to Circus-Circus was much easier. Then our brief chats and the hike up the mountain in Tarzana at ERBCOF 2002. These are the memories I will cherish for ever.

Mors Kajak


I know Wayne only through snail mail and e-mail but certainly enjoyed a fine exchange with him from time to time as we shared information and some ERB-related philatelic items.

Edie, please accept my deepest symathies and be assured of my prayers for you in this time of deep loss. May you receive comfort from the God of all comfort and from your family and friends.

May you be blessed and strengthened by each caring word that comes your way, as well as by your wonderful memories.

Very sincerely,

John "Bridge" Martin


I am in shock. Wayne was such a neat guy. He graciously shared ERB items with me that I needed, and was so friendly at the Dumdums where I was lucky enough to make the in-person acquaintance of Tintin and the beauteous Kat Balouche. Edie, words are never adequate in these times. Just know that time is, indeed, a great healer, and that you have a world-wide support group willing to help you---just ask. With highest condolences,

Bob and Becky Hibbard

John Carter

I am very sadden to hear of Wayne's passing. He was a great man and I love chatting with him via e-mail and he was always a great help with suggestions and he had sent some wonderfully beautiful links when I was working on Tarzan.

Edi, you're in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure I speak for all of us, if you need anything, we'll be there for you.


Stan Galloway

Wayne was a gentleman among ERB fans, always willing to help collectors and scholars, materially and intellectually, with little regard to cost to himself. The news saddens me. My deepest sympathies to Edie, whom I have never met but for whom I offer up a prayer of comfort. -- Woola


Oh! Yes, I remember him, and know his posts. I am sorry to hear that we have lost a fellow ERB fanatic.

Gregg Stone

So sorry and we are definitely praying for you and your family. God be with you.


I always enjoyed running into and/or hanging out with Wayne and Edie at the conventions.

Edie, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Steve Wadding

Ron de Laat

Dear Edie,

Our sincere condolences to you and your family.

The last couple of days were very excited for me; I was busy planning a vacation to LA. I sent an email to Wayne so that he was aware that we are coming. As it was such a busy period of planning this weekend I did not read any ERBLIST or ERBCOF emails and oversee this tragedy.

I had hoped to meet Wayne (and you) when we are in LA as we always had a good contact but never had the chance to meet each other.

I am sure we all will miss him ...

Serena Dubois

So sorry to hear of Wayne James "Tintin"'s passing. I have enjoyed his posts on this list and will miss him and them.


Joan Bledig

Edie, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I know your pain all too well. It's been 7 years since Ed died and it will get easier, eventually.

Please remember your ERB family will never forget Wayne.

Another bright star in our ERB universe has dimmed.


Bill Wagner

Dear Edie and all of Wayne and Edie's friends and family:

It is such a shock to read of Wayne's untimely passing. Such a shock that someone so kind and generous is no longer with us.

My earliest and most lasting memories of Wayne and Edie come from the first time I ever attended a Burroughs gathering. It was in Oak Park in 2005 and I was fresh off the bus (so to speak) and they were very warm and welcoming. They were very kind and made sure the the newbie fit in during the weekend.

I spoke to Wayne by phone not long after the move to California, he said I should join the list and keep up with my new found friends. I put it off, as we all do, until just recently. It with such sadness that I have read these messages today. My deepest sympathies and condolences to Edie and all who knew Wayne

Denny and Nancy Miller

Denny and I are always impressed and warmed by the camaraderie of the ERB group. It has always felt like family. So, when we loose a member of this family it is a great loss to us all. We have so many fond memories of our times with Wayne and Edie.Tthey will always be part of us. We will keep them in our hearts and thoughts! Our love to Edie.

Dale Robinson

I am saddened to hear about Wayne's passing. His family will be in my prayers.


Tony Menegazzo

Sorry to learn about Wayne. I sent a card to Edie about Wayne's unfortunate passing.

Ray and Shirley LeBeau

Dearest Edie,

Shirley and I were to deeply saddened to hear of Wayne's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. I had just exchanged Emails with Wayne a few weeks ago and he Emailed me a Tarzan Sunday comic strip I was missing. Wayne will be remembered as the Unofficial Video Chronicler of the DumDum and ECOF gatherings. Wayne will be missed by us all.

Love & Hugs


1928 - 2006


POSTED TO ERBCOF-L Monday, June 12, 2006:


This is Robert B. Cook, Jr., and I'm very sorry to have to relay the very sad news that my father, Robert Sr., died unexpectedly this afternoon, Monday June 12, 2006.

I'm home from New York on vacation, having just arrived Saturday June 10, and we had had a very nice breakfast this morning. Later this morning we took my father, who had lost a leg due to diabetes, to his Rehabilitation facility where he did exercises to try to regain mobility with the goal of his one day being able to walk on his prosthesis with just a cane.

He had to abbreviate his exercises as he felt quite out of breath. We had planned to stop for lunch on the way home, but my mother thought we should get him home to take his Lasics, a diuretic medication, to absorb the fluid in his lungs which was causing his difficulty in breathing. As we drove home, he started to get his breath back and so we stopped briefly so I could run an errand. When I returned to the car he said he felt much better and he decided he wanted to resume our plans to stop for lunch.

We had a very nice lunch, which he enjoyed and he seemed himself, although he remarked that the coughing fit had taken quite a bit out of him. As we ended our lunch, he excused himself and rolled himself in his wheelchair to go the the bathroom. After he seemed to have been gone longer than necessary, I went to see about him. He was inside the bathroom, but once again seemed to be having trouble breathing.

We left and my mother asked him if he felt well enough to go home or whether he felt he needed to go to the emergency room. He indicated he felt well enough to go home, where my mother, a retired nurse, would administer his Lasics and then take his blood pressure. However, as we drove toward home, his breathing became more labored and when we arrived in the driveway, my mother asked me to run into the house and bring back the blood pressure cuff. When I came back outside, she said there was no time for that, and she asked me to call 911.


Bob Cook was a major contributor to the ERB lists operated by Jim Thompson and Tangor since 1996. A member of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Publishing Association (ERBAPA) and frequent visitor to ERB conventions and World Con's, his friends are numerous, and he will be missed!

He seemed by this time to have lost full awareness of his surroundings, but his eyes were opening and closing and he was breathing and had a pulse. By the time the EMTs arrived--within moments--he seemed to have lost all consciousness, but they reported he retained a pulse. They moved him swiftly into their truck to transport him to the local emergency room.

We arrived there ourselves within 10 minutes or so, and while we were in the room with him as the doctors worked on him, he passed away. The doctor agreed with my mother's supposition that the cause of death was congestive heart failure.

My father was born July 20, 1928, and he would have been 78 years of age next month.

You can reply to my email (in the CC field above) [edited: cook1475 at COMCAST.NET] if you wish me to relay any messages to my mother, Peggy Cook. Thank you.

Robert Cook, Jr.


I am so sorry to hear your father passed today. Having lost my father not too many years ago after a long illness, I have some feeling for the grief, and perhaps relief.

Give your mom a hug. Not from me, from you. She will need you now and I know you will be there, this I can say from the way you aided your father this last year by helping to maintain communications with his Edgar Rice Burroughs friends.

I host erb-list, the other ERB listserv that your father was a member of at one time. I also have a Hall of Memory website for ERB fans who have passed away. May I have permission to include your email announcement as part of the memorial I will post regarding your father?

I knew your father only via email, but he was a gent and pretty smart feller. I will miss him!

Robert's reply, granting permission, contained a statement that produced a smile in these sad hours: "Ironically, when my mother and I arrived home after leaving my father's body at the hospital, the latest issue of ERBania was in the mail for him."

Terry Klasek

To the family of Bob Cook,

I am deeply saddened to hear of my friend's passing! Pray accept my sincerest symphathies and condolencs.

Bob was a great friend, and wild eyed Edgar Rice Burroughs fan! I met him online in late 1996, and we shared many private e-mails. Later I joined ERB-APA, and Bob gave me sage advice and encouragement. He was always just "Cookie the Wazirian" to me as we were never very formal. One reason I really enjoyed his correspondence!

I felt like a close relative to Bob, and I will miss greatly! 'Tis a sad in thge world of ERB today!

I share your grief, and just wish I could have been there to do something to help. It was not to be for me. I have many of his e-mails to me, which I will be reading over the next week.

You all will be in my prayers for strength during the funeral process.

Gridley (Andy Nunez)

I am saddened to hear the news. Your father was a fighter from what I have read and I am sorry not to have met him. My thoughts are prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. Luckily, as even ERB hoped, there are other worlds than this.

Denny and Nancy Miller

Our deepest sympathies to you and your family. We enjoyed seeing your Dad at Dum-Dums and reading his informative e-mail comments.

Bill and Sue-On Hillman


The last correspondence we received from your dad expressed his words of sympathy for the recent passing of his friend Bob Hyde:

"I know you all will miss him, such a grand fellow. I will miss knowing he is not somewhere on the same planet with me and will look forward to seeing him again, one day. - Bob Cook, The Wazirian"

Our ERB family have lost another friend... and grand fellow. We will miss the Wazirian. Our deepest sympathies to you and the family.

Bob Zeuschner

Dear Robert --

We are all saddened to hear your news.

I met your father and spoke with him at several of the Dum-Dums, and his love for ERB was obvious every time we met.

I, and many others, will miss his contributions to the extended family of ERB friends.

Deepest condolences.

Ray & Shirley Le Beau

Dear Bob Jr.,

I was saddened by the news of your father's passing. I never met your Dad, but enjoyed his questions and comments to the Burroughs' list to give us all food for thought.

Our deepest sympathies to your family.


Robert Jr. and Peggy --

Deeply saddened to learn of Bob's premature passing. Enjoyed knowing him and sharing thoughts in the APA, as well as over a succession of dinners whenever we met at Worldcons or Dum-dums.

Our ranks continue to thin too fast -- "Wazirian", you will be missed!

Bob Burrows (Shoz-Dijiji)

My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family. I never met your father but had great respect for him

Bob Hibbard (Waldo)

Robert-- Please accept my condolences along with those of your Dad's extended ERB family. I did not have the pleasure of meeting him, but I enjoyed his many posts. He is at peace now--You will heal with the passage of time (it is a blessing of the human condition that we cannot remember pain). Best,


I'm sorry to hear about "Cookie's" passing. He fought all his woundings and troubles with the heart of a hero and that surely earned him a seat among the best. My condolences to your family.


Dorothy Howell (Usha)

Thank you, Bob Jr., for the report. How devastating to you all. We will be missing Bob and his contributions to Burroughsiana. How wonderful that you and your mother and father were able to share those last few hours together. I can only hope the memories will all be good ones, once the shock of loss recedes.

Best to you and your whole family, DJ

Tony Menegazzo

Dear Robert,

My condolences to you and the family. The few times I met with Cookie the Wazirian, it was nice yakking with him. May he rest in peace, and continue on to whatever path he's on. Again, I'm sorry of his passing.

Dennis Wilcutt

I am sorry to hear of Bob's passing. He was a gentlemen in every respect. At the Texas Dum Dum a few years ago, I had the honor of sitting beside him at the main dinner. He shared many tales of his life with those of us at the table. I will not forget him. I always enjoyed his APA articles.

A one of a kind.

John Martin (Bridge)

I enjoyed reading Bob Cook's articles in ERBapa and it was nice to meet him in person as well at the Dum-Dum a few years ago in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Earlier that year, a gorilla in a Chicago zoo had made headlines. A small child had fallen into the gorilla grotto, to the horror of the surrounding crowd. However, this female gorilla went over and picked up the child and carried him over to the door that the zookeepers used. The zookeepers were then able to open that door and recover the child, and the child was okay.

Bob was so impressed that he created an award. I believe it was called the Kala Award. And he had a plaque made up with a brief account of what the gorilla had done. Bob was showing the plaque around at the Dum-Dum, as I recall, and may have even gave a short talk about it at the banquet. However, when he later went to the zoo to present the plaque, hoping that it would end up in a place of honor near the gorilla cage, he found that the zoo didn't really want it. I can't remember their exact reasons, but probably had something to do with not wanting to call any more attention to the event. So, Bob did something else with the award and it was put on display elsewhere. I can't remember where. Perhaps at Louisville. Someone on the list will know.

But the point is that he was an ERB fan who took this special action to honor a caring animal with an award named for a caring ERB character.

A great man -- a great fan.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on-line obituary data base:


Age 80, on Friday, April 7, 2006, of Baldwin Boro. Devoted husband of the late Alice A. Hyde; loving father of Wendy H. (Pastor John Benigas), John (Indy), and Susan J. (Rick Katz); grandfather of Jeanette, Johnny, Adam, Michael, Brittany, Alyssa and Luke; brother of the late Richard Hyde; special friend of Margaret Herzog. Mr. Hyde served as an Officer in the U.S. Navy during World War II, was a 1949 Yale graduate, Tarzan Enthusiast and Computer Programmer at U.S. Steel for over 35 years. Friends will be received at the JOHN F. SLATER FUNERAL HOME, INC., 412-881-4100, 4201 Brownsville Road, Brentwood, Monday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Funeral services will be held on Tuesday in Baldwin Community United Methodist Church, Chapel at 11:00 a.m. If desired, family suggests contributions to UPMC-Montefiore, Palliative Care Program, Suite 933 W., 200 Lothrop Street, Pgh., PA 15213-2582.


June 25, 1925 - April 7, 2006

Pete Ogden

I just received an e-mail, with the sad news that Bob Hyde died this morning. I am in shock and at a loss for words, he was a good friend of over fifty years. He will be solely missed by everyone.

Hadron (Bruce Salen)

Pete and all,

This is sad news for all of us. Bob was a Gentleman with a Gentleman with a captal G -- I believe that he was respected and liked by all of us, and will be missed and mourned by all who knew him. God rest his soul.


Noldo (Phil Normand))

Omigosh, I'm sorry to hear about this. I didn't really know Bob very well at all, other than through our letters and meetings at the few Dum-Dums I've attended. He was very helpful when I was trying to rebuild the first edition dust jacket for RETURN. With a wealth of experience and ERB knowledge way beyond anything I'll ever have. One of the men who made ERB fandom a great place to visit. Always friendly in his gruff way with a smile around the edges. A great guy.

May he be watching the moons of Barsoom as they wing their course, and find himself a welcome guest in all the golden cities.


Jim Thompson

Kaor! Burroughs fandom has lost one of its icons and we've all lost a good friend. Bob was generous, loyal, and had a fine sense of humor. I am certain flags will be at half mast in his honor on Barsoom and Amtor, in Pellucidar and Opar, and elsewhere in the Burroughs realm.


Laurence Dunn

This is sad news. I had tried calling Bob at Christmas because I never received a card from him and wondered if there was anything wrong. It wasn't until the latest ERB-APA arrived in February that we heard that he had indeed been taken ill. I first met Bob at either the 1989 ECOF event in California or the Dum-Dum the following year in Louisville. Either way, I became good friends with him despite how he joked that he could never understand a word I spoke. In more recent years, along with Bill Ross and Mike Conran, we have been annually staying at his home in late April. Vern Coriell appointed Bob Hyde as the President of the Burroughs Bibliophiles and this coming summer he would have been standing for re-election for the first time. I can't speak for the rest of the Board, but I'd like to think that Bob can keep his presidency.

We'll miss you Bob. Cheers


Tony Menegazzo


>This one thing I didn't want to know. I will miss Bob Hyde very much. He was too good of person to leave us so soon. I am shock as you were. May he rest in peace. My condolence goes out to his family. I hope you and everyone else are staying well.

Take care, Tony

Dennis Wilcutt

>I hate to hear that Bob has died. He was a real gentleman in every respect. One of a kind. It's terribly sad this day to hear of his passing. God be with you, Bob.


Bridge (John Martin)

I knew Bob Hyde through our membership in ERBapa and met and talked with him at the few conventions I've been able to attend. A class act he was, and just as friendly to novice Burroughs fans as he was to those who grew up reading Burroughs in the pulps.

At an ECOF -- the one in Portland, Oregon, I believ -- Bob had a first edition of "At the Earth's Core" with a copied jacket for sale for about $25-40 (I forget the exact price). That was such a good copy that the jacket looked almost real. But, inside, there was a rubber-stamped notation: This is not the original dust jacket. This is a photocopy of the original." I don't know if that was a rubber stamp that Bob himself had made to use for such occasions, or if it was on the jacket when it came into his hands. However, I appreciated his making sure that a potential purchaser (who turned out to be me) would not be misled about just exactly what that jacket was.

I mentioned Bob Hyde on one of the lists just recently in a discussion about the two Tarzan "Endless Quest"-type books. Bob was indignant about their existence, and said something to me to the effect that "Tarzan can die in these books. But, Tarzan NEVER dies!"

Such was Bob Hyde, a defender of the true Tarzan. No, Tarzan never dies. But, sadly, we do. However, Bob's life of dedication to E.R.B. will go a long way toward assuring the continued truth of his declaration that "Tarzan never dies."


Erich von Harben (Terry Klasek)


I am stunned and saddened to learn of Bob Hyde's passing! I exchanged two or three letters with him, and surprized him with one phone call. I enjoyed reading his articles and thoughts in ERB fanzines, ERB-APA and several other zines!

It is hard to say goodbye to any of the "Old Guard" who pass away Had Bob not helped to start the Burroughs Bibliophiles I would have missed out on a great fan publication.

I have been out of it for over a week. I spent eight days in the local VA hospital as a result of falling down the stairs with a leg infection. So from 30 March through 07 April I have not seen any e-mail. I have well over 3,000 waiting for me. So, I may be commenting on subjects that may seem old to some of you, and thought I would explain why first.

Thanks to all who posted re Bob Hyde. I see he was well loved and respected in the ERB community!!!

Cheers to all!

Erich von Gimp

Denny Miller


I'm saddened by the news of Bob Hydes' passing. I remember the Dum Dum at his home and how impressive his collection was.

More importanly I remember how concerned and kind he was when I was ill a few years back. I will miss him and his quiet ways.

My thoughts are with those that held him as a good friend. We were lucky.


Denny Miller

Doug Denby

A loss of this gravity is heart rending. Bob was one of the greats in ERB fandom. He was ecstatic over our singing "Happy Birthday" to him at the ECOF in Unionville last year on his 80th birthday, which corresponded with the event. As has been said, a Gentleman with a capital G. My wife, who was also celebrating her birthday as well as helping to host the event, took a back seat to Bob on this occasion. And with no regret.

There are few in our ranks whose knowledge can come close to Bob's. His culture was obvious. I will miss him dearly.

Doug Denby

Tangor (David Bruce Bozarth)

We've lost a good friend of ERB and fellow fans. I had no idea Bob had been ill. I have no doubt that Bob and Ed are catching up, which is a comforting thought.

Sadly, I will be adding an entry at the erblist.com Hall of Memory page where the passing of fans is maintained.

The Wazirian (Bob Cook)

Bob Hyde was a GREAT GUY, in every sense of the words. I roomed with him at one of the cons, (Louisville, I believe) and he was full of stories and just plain old good conversation. I haven't seen him in a few years but just knowing he's gone will cause me to miss him and his wry smile. See ya later, Bob.

Bob Cook, The Wazirian

Jason Gridley (Andy Nunez)

I am extremely saddened to hear of his passing. Bob, along with Bill Ross, was instrumental in bringing me fully into the ERB thrall once more. I last saw him at Dum Dum 98, and I think I have a photo of Pete and him somewhere. I'll try to dig it out and scan it for Tangor. Bob and I went on an ERB shopping trip at the Unicorn bookstore in Trappe, Maryland around 1995 and it was he who advised me to get my 2nd printing hardcover of Porges. He also made sure I got wind of special deals like the Prince Valiant 1000 edition on special linen paper and an ERB sweatshirt which I still wear occasionally. Lastly, and most important for ERBList, is that is was Bob Hyde who suggested I team up Tarzan and Barnabas Collins in Law of the Jungle, which you can read in the pastiche section. I owe Bob a debt of gratitude and believe, as ERB hoped, that there are other worlds than these, that someday we will meet again.

Jason Gridley

Tantor (Ken Webber)

Bob Hyde was a honoable representative and spokesman for ERB and ERB fandom. I enjoyed his hospitality and his joy of things Burroughs. I had the utmost respect for this man. God speed, Bob.......Tantor

Ghak (Steve Wadding)

Bob was a great guy. I didn't know him well, but have been to several ECOFs/Dum Dums where he was also in attendance, so we chatted a few times. I'm sure I remember him being given a funny hat made of balloons in a restaurant at one of the gatherings. He was gracious enough to wear it for quite a while. (And no, I'm not thinking of Dick Spargur, who has been forced to where at least one funny hat as Joog, the Giant of Mars.)


Huck (J. G. Huckenpôhler)

Just got a call from the Brooklyn Banth with the sad news. Although I hadn't known him as long as Pete had -- only since the 1967 Worldcon --, it was still like getting kicked in the stomach when I heard it.

He will be missed. He was the last of the founding fathers of the Burroughs Bibliophiles, and one of the few to whom the expression "a gentleman and a scholar" truly applied.

Bob, may you find your thoat harnessed, saddled, and waiting to carry you across ever new dead sea bottoms.


Passmore (Tracy Griffin)

I don't have much to add concerning Bob Hyde that others haven't already said, since I palled around with him at the same Cons as the rest of you, but I don't know if my fellow BBs knew that on one of his pilgrimmages to Los Angeles to meet Casper Van Dien in 2001, he took time out of his brief few days here to come to our play, "Dark of the Moon", to support Tasor, Lisi, and me.

Gray Morrow drew Bob in as the villain (from photos of Bob's real-life African safari) in my Sunday story "La's Plight", in which Lisi was drawn as the heroine. I think a picture of Bob, Lisi, and me appeared in one of the Gridley Waves when he met his Sunday strip co-star back at Dum Dum '96.


Nkima (David Adams)

My brother and I had the good fortune to meet and talk with Bob Hyde at the Newton, Iowa Dum Dum. We both felt that we had spoken with a living legend. Bob had a way of looking into your soul with his bright, piercing eyes. There was definitely an aura about him that radiated an enormous sense of enegry. He had a winning smile, but he seemed to be a man who would not tolerate nonsense. A spirit of genius hovered over him.

Vale, Bob, you were one of the shining lights in this world.


Waldo (Bob Hibbard)

Bob was the first adult ERB fan I ever had contact with, being the BB president in 1963 when I first joined as a teen. A giant in the field--he will not be replaced.

Joog (Dick Spargur)

This is very sad news. I was off line all weekend and only now read the news. Bob Hyde was someone with class and tremendous dignity, one of the founding fathers of the BB's, and a nice man on top of it. And that's not to mention that he was also one of the members of "The Greatest Generation"...

Brad Vinson

I just learned of the passing of Bob Hyde ( I have been out the last few days) on my birthday (April 8). I only came to know Bob about 12 years ago, but I had meet him many years ago when I was with my father at a Science Fiction convention in Pittsburgh. I know that he and my father visited each other and my father always talked very well of Bob.

When my father died he left what was left of the collection with my sister and I , but it remained in my sisters house for a number of years. In the late 1980's I bought my sister out and moved the collection to Texas where it remained in boxes for a few more years.

On day Bob Hyde contacted me, as he learned from my sister that I had the collection. He was looking for some old Sunday Tarzan pages. He offered to come down and go through the collection. I was excited that some one was interested. He came down and spent several days with me going through everything. He told me many things as we opened each box and I filled a note book full of notes about the collection. I may not have ever gotten into to it had it not been for Bob encouraging me. He invited me to the 1993 Dum Dum, my first, and even gave me a few comics he had as duplicates.

We never found the Sunday Tarzan pages, but I made a real friend. Bob also included my wife in everything, as he would written on occasion, and of course we saw hem at each Dum Dum after that. He will be missed by both of us.

S. Bradleigh Vinson


I was so sorry to hear about Bob. I've been thinking about going to visit with him. He asked me everytime I saw him. I saw his fantastic collection at his home during Lawrence, Bill, and Ghak's visit to Pittsburgh for ComiCon a couple of years ago, in fact, I remember JoN sending a link of Bob's collection on the list. He was a dear, gentle man.

May he swing with the great apes in glory forever.

I'll be visiting the funeral home this afternoon wearing last year's Dum Dum t-shirt.

blessings, Amar

* * * * * * * *

I went to the funeral home this afternoon, and met Bob's sons and daughter Wendy, and a couple of his granddaughters. I gave them Tangor's info on the Hall of Memories page on ERBList. They were quite happy to hear about that. Bob had donated his entire collection to the University of Louisville KY, and so, one of his sons will be going thru the collection, organizing and packing, and driving the entire collection down to Louisville.

I asked permission to tuck a personal momento into the casket and received an ok. I placed a card with my personal memories of Bob, and my wishes for him in eternity. I also placed 2 Burroughs Bibliophiles bookmarks in the casket near his hand. I wanted that for him - meaningless to some, but to me, it was important because of his standing with the BB's.

Tomorrow, there will be a luncheon at the Bradley House in West Mifflin, after the funeral service. I will not be able to attend that. It was hard seeing Bob laying there in the casket, wearing a suit and a necktie with pheasants on it. Nice necktie, but I thought a Tarzan necktie would've been more suitable, or him just wearing a Dum Dum t-shirt - the way I'm used to seeing him.

It's tissue time.

blessings, Amar

Gregg Stone

I did not know Mr. Hyde, bur from the words of all of you in edition to the stories I have read on him he seemed to be a truly great guy and will be missed greatly.

Usha (Dorothy J Howell

Like Dick, I have been offline for several days and am broken-hearted to learn of Bob Hyde's passing. He was truly a great gentleman among us Burroughsians and will be sorely missed, as are so many of our old-timers, lost to us over the past several decades since the earliest days of Burroughs Bibliophiles and other efforts to keep the name of ERB and his works in the public mind. It has been a deep pleasure to have met and enjoyed Bob's good company over the years.

My condolences and my best to his family.

Much love, DJ aka Usha

PS I join Laurence in considering how the BB Board can best honor Bob. And I would like to think Bob and Vern, among others, are enjoying a good laugh with Burroughs himself as they look back over the years and follow our activities into the future.

Ray and Shirley Le Beau

Kaor All,

Shirley and I just returned from a 10 day vacation today to find that a very special person has passed away. We are truly sorry for the loss of Bob Hyde. I first met Bob at My first DumDum in 1970 in Detroit and have since enjoyed his company at later gatherings. Our condolences to Bob's family.

Ray and Shirley Le Beau

Abner (Bruce Wood)

I think it was ERB-dom that published an article about Bob with pictures of him and his collection. Even back then (1964?) his knowledge and enthusiasm regarding ERB were amazing. Like many other young fans I corresponded with Bob and received great benefit from his experience. I came to feel that Bob was a good friend before I ever met him.

I first met Bob Hyde in person at the 2000 ECOF. Renewing my new friendship with Bob has been one of the biggest benifits from attending the Dum Dum and ECOF. I plan to continue attending ERB conventions, but I fear much of the sunshine will be gone.


? - Katrina 2005


Personal friend of Tangor. Was not a member of the ERB lists but was a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs. We met in high school and discovered our mutual interest in Burroughs. Over the years we kept in touch by phone, letters, and all too infrequent visits. Just an ordinary guy doing ordinary things. Two children from a previous marriage, and a young daughter late in life from a second marriage which ended in divorce. Was residing in Gulfport when Hurricane Katrina hit. He saved his daughter during the storm surge and died in the process. I will miss him.



? - December 2004


Some of the older ERB fans might have known a fellow fan named William Tredinnick. Bill was a movie fan and collector of early silent films and unusual b&w films from the 1930s and 1940s, and for many years used to sell old old movies via VHS and Beta. His business and home was located in the city of Dallas, Pennsylvania. I was able to obtain almost all the ERB movies on VHS from Bill in the 1980s.

Bill had been a writer when he was younger, and had also written a Tarzan pastiche ("Tarzan: Return of the Savage" also read by Bob Barrett and Bob Hyde and others) which I believe Dark Horse was going to publish. He had been quite ill for the past year or so.

I just got a call that he had passed away before Christmas. He was not married, but I do believe that his mother is still alive. Another one of us has taken the last journey down the sacred river ...

Bob Zeuschner


? 1930 - 2003.5.19


Jun Atsugi

I want to make it a wonderful mourning page for the late Mr. Atsugi. The translator's help is very important for Japanese when we read foreign literature. You know, the structure of English and Japanese is completely different. And the custom of our country and your country is also different. The method of the refusal to an opinion of the others also differs from the method of love expression, and the method of expressing our opinion. The method of expression of us is a way often ambiguous. However, we seldom do saying one's opinion frankly. Then, we wish that the others guess our idea. Of course, the way is not valid in the present international society. The method of expression of us has changed recently. By the translator's help, in our words, We enjoy a lot of foreign novels and understand the foreign custom.

--Okapi, 30 June 2003

Bruce "Tangor" Bozarth

On May 19, 2003, an editor responsible for translating many of Edgar Rice Burroughs' novels from English to Japanese passed away from bile duct cancer. Born in 1930 at Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan, Mr. Atsugi attended Kyoto University and, in 1952, joined the editoral staff of Tokyo Sogensha Co.Ltd. where his skills as an editor and translator of non-Japanese literature produced the "world detective story complete works" and the "Sogen detective story library" in 1959. He founded the SF section in 1963. According to Okapi: "Those days, the foreign SF literature seldom loved was introduced in Japan. Moreover, since the translator of foreign SF literature was scarce, he played an active part also as a translator himself. In issue of "The princess of Mars", he requested the illustration from Mr. Motoichiro Takebe, painter." Atsugi worked as the chief editor until 1981. "He translated all E.R.Burroughs works published from Tokyo Sogensha Co.Ltd in Japan, many literary works of SF and Mystery, most notably the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov, also John Dickson Carr, Agatha Christie novels, and others. He translated "Barsoom" by Richard A . Lupoff, too."

When I asked Okapi if Jun Atsugi was a member of Japanese ERB fandom, her reply was: "Sure! "The princess of Mars" was published for the first time in Japan late in September, 1965. He was sure that absolute fun which was already lost with present-day SF works, exists in Burroughs's work. He wished strongly to introduce how Burroughs's work would be interesting. He determined that the Barsoom series whole set was published on Tokyo Sogensha Co.Ltd. Just before publication of "The princess of Mars" he was very glad to hear that the proofreading staff said, "This is the first time that such an interesting book was read."

Jun Astugi was not a member of ERBList but his tireless efforts to produce good translations of ERB's books into Japanese was, in part, responsible for the many Japanese fans who have joined ERBList over the years. Though Jun Atsugi has passed away, his work "still lives" and generations of Japanese yet-to-be-born will be able to find novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs in their language. The memorials below are those of Japanese ERB fans translated from Japanese to English by Japanese-speaking persons. I have no doubt that the sentiments expressed are clear and understandable. My thanks to Okapi for providing the translations and the information.

Pan Dan Chee (Hideki Nagata)

According to the journalistic previous report, Mr. Jun Atsugi who was known for the translator of the E.R.Burroughs works , passed away from bile duct cancer on last May 19. 73 years old of age at death. As former editorial department chief of Tokyo Sogensha Co.Ltd, he directed the space opera boom. Furthermore, he played an active part as a translator of many works about SF and mystery, such as Foundation series written by Isaac Asimov and many works of Agatha Christie. I wanted him to translate "The Outlaw of Torn" and "Tarzan series" which are not translated into Japanese. I pray his bliss of the dead. Tespectfully.


Since there were Mr. Asugi's distinguished services, I thought anew that Burroughs's fan was able to gather in Japan. However; Burroughs's novels may be interesting and the TV programs and movies of his work may attract interest, probably, his books were not read unless they were translated into Japanese. I think, when some persons (Me, too) met with Burroughs's translated novels, they changed their life. I want to be thankful to Mr. Atsugi who introduced so that our hands may reach Burroughs's great adventure world. I pray the bliss of his dead.


I am sorry for Mr. Atugi to pass away. I pray the bliss of his dead.


Although the copies-bound-together-in-one-volume version of Mars series which he translated was completed, I expected that the Tarzan series of a non-translation etc. were translated. It is regrettable. I pray with my hands joined for his soul.


I regret Mr. Atsugi's death.


I was grieved to hear of the death of Mr. Atsugi. He translated many interesting novels written in English including Burroughs, and introduced to us. I am very thankful to him. He will be missed by many. I send our love and deepest sympathy to his family.


April 2002

John Guidry

I just had the sad news confirmed that New Orleans author George Alec Effinger has passed away this weekend. George had the ERB persona of Capt. James K. Powell and I had know George for a number of years. Peggy Ranson told me that the last time she saw George he said that with his luck the Maureen Birnbaum stories would be the only thing he would be remembered for. Not say for his Hugo or his latter books. But knowing George, I am sure he would have been happy to be remembered at all. He was a very nice person who had all too many physical illness, more than any one person should have.

Bruce "Tangor" Bozarth

When John Guidry advised the members of ERBList that George Alec Effinger had passed over the weekend of April 27-28 2002 I was stunned. George (Captain James K. Powell) had been in poor health for several years, yet had always been the best of the "lurkers" at ERBList. Our occasional private emails were always upbeat and full of ERB. I will miss this bright mind and fan.

Fredrik Ekman

And may them both (Effinger and James K. Powell) rest in peace. Effinger wrote the Burroughs pastiche Mars: The Home Front, which is the best of its kind that I have ever read.


Saddened to learn of Effinger's passing, even though I never met him personally. There will be no more Maureen Birnbaum stories, I guess.


Yes. sorry to hear that Effinger passed on.... I've read so many of his short stories...The one that comes to mind now is perhaps the weirdest pastiche based on ERB. Anyone read it? It's " Albert Schweitzer and The Treasures of Atlantis" from 1993's Alternate Warriors ed. by Mike Resnick. In it, Albert reveals himself to be a Tarzanic jungle lord---an alternate warrior ,indeed! from Red Hawk (Julian 20)

David Burton

I did not know him personally, but knew of him, and am sadden to hear of his passing. A shadow has passed, But let it not darken the soul or heart,

For the Life that was,
Forever shall be,
Smile if you wish,
For Life is Light,
With a smile,
It shall never fade

David Burton (John Carter)


Wife of John Coleman Burroughs
Mother of John, Danton, and Dian

Perhaps it would be of interest to elucidate on the "John Carter of Mars" comic strip panels drawn by my husband, John Coleman Burroughs, in 1942. My facial features were drawn and I posed in a swim suit and Martian harness for the body proportions and positions. Never has it been known that I also drew all of the backgrounds and buildings, did all of the coloring and all of the lettering, and very much enjoyed the project. My love to all.

—"Dejah Thoris"
(Jane Ralston Burroughs)
Irvine, California

(Letter to the Burroughs Bulletin)

Right click, view image as, for larger version.

Bruce "Tangor" Bozarth

I never had the privilege of meeting Jane Ralston Burroughs. This daughter-in-law of Edgar Rice Burroughs became real to me because of the many affectionate stories and remarks, memories, and pleasant asides I enjoyed over the years from ERB fans more fortunate. I've read Porges and know the "history," and have viewed images of this lovely woman on the net, but shall ever regret that I did not make her acquaintance. More importantly it should be remembered that more has been lost than someone who participated as model, artist, and story idea person during ERB and her husband's (John Coleman Burroughs) careers. A mother passed on in the early morning hours of 12 January 2002 at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, California. My sincere condolences to the Burroughs family, and to Danton in particular.

Bill and Sue-On

We have just heard from Danton that his mom, Jane Ralston Burroughs, died on Friday. Our sincere condolences to the Burroughs family. She was a beautiful and remarkable lady.

Wayne James

Wayne and Edie James send their sincere condolences to the Burroughs family.

Okapi (Japan)

From the bottom of my heart, I say condolence to Burroughs's family.


My best wishes to Danton and the rest of the Burroughs family.


Add my sympathies to Danton and his family as well.


My most sincere condolences also to Danton and his family.

Robert Miller


? - 1998.12.25

Jim Thompson:

Kaor, friends,

I've had a card from Arlene Alcosser, whom I met along with Robert Miller at the Baltimore Dum-Dum last fall. She reports "he passed away on Christmas Day. He suffered a severe asthma attack. He treasured his ERB friends and always made a point of showing me the latest Gridley Wave. He was at his happiest instructing me on anything related to Tarzan. I'm glad he was able to make this last Dum-Dum and finally get to *see* all his fellow, on-line ERB-ophiles. I hope he'll be remembered fondly by his friends."

I enjoyed "Jed Gathol's" ascerbic wit and commentary on the lists and he did me a number of kindnesses via private communications. I was very pleased to meet him in Baltimore and now regret I did not find more time to spend with him at that happy event. Let us have a moment in silence in memory of our recently departed friend.

If you have any sentiments that you would like passed to Ms. Alcosser, send them to me and I will mail them to her. {Aside to Tangor: I hope you will put up something appropriate at the Persona Directory and keep his entry as a tribute.} [NOTE: This was done. See SHEETA at ERB Persona Directory]


Bruce Salen:

Folks --

It's 3:37 PM in a cold, slush-covered Manhattan. Looked out a window across that dismal stream that is the Hudson - across the barren waste-land that is urbanized New Jersey.

Seven or so hours have now passed since I was shocked to learn of Robert Miller's unfortunate passing.

Robert and I -- along with Dominic Lopez and Larry Rickert, first met in April 1997, at Dominic's suggestion - he wanted to be able to meet on a more or less monthly basis with other New York-based ERBLIST members.

Well, we got together. It might have been me - at least, Larry recalls that it was me - who dubbed us the "Apes of Gotham."

We'd meet, nosh, and chat about almost everything under the sun, not just ERB. With me more often than not doing most of the listening. But what the hell - it was a chance to spend a few hours one evening a month with some nice guys.

Well, even though we did not meet as often as we might have liked - everyone always had a why-and-wherefore for being unable to make it - Robert and I managed to keep in regular on-line contact, to the tune of at least six or eight email messages from each to the other, five days a week.

We found that we shared a liking for those old B-Westerns of the 30's and 40's, like the Three Mesquiteers. And some of the old detective series of the same two decades -- I liked Charlie Chan and Mr. Wong, and he had recently discovered The Falcon.

For the past year or so, we'd talk about spending a Sunday together when the weather got nice, and enjoy a nostalgic walk along the Coney Island Boardwalk - he was especially interested in this greasy-spoon joint that I had told him about, where once of the walls was literally covered with old photos and post=cards, showing what Coney Island looked like more or less during the two or three decades after WW 1.

And over the past few months, we talked about spending a few Sundays together, watching videos of some of the old Charlie Chan, Mr. Wong, and Falcon films.

Now, we will, alas, do neither.

Robert Miller's untimely death is as much *my* loss as any others, because I lost a friend. The loss for me is as real as any other. And the pain in my heart caused by that loss is as real and as painful as any other.

So much so that this morning, when I told a friend of the loss, I could not help crying for the loss. Just as I can't help it now.

I'm gonna miss ya, Robby Me Lad - and I'll never forgive you for leaving me, and causing me this grief.

Y'r Uncle Shadrach.

Laurence Dunn:

This is terribly sad news - especially when I actually received an email from Robert on Christmas Day itself which I would like to share with you....

In a message dated 25/12/98 15:37:19 GMT Standard Time, JedGathol writes:

In a message dated 12/25/98 12:29:48 AM, you wrote:

<<Another time perhaps... Enjoy the holidays.>>


No problemo, friend... There are times when I'm using Netscape to surf, and I never see the IM window until I'm about to sign off too.

Today is Christmas... It's sunny in NYC, but at least it's a little cold. Had some snow flurries yesterday, but not nearly enough to qualify for a White Christmas. How is London on Christmas day? I usually take a walk in the early evening around my neighborhood on Christmas. It's a hoot to see Chinese restaurants, saloons, and other stores closed at such an early hour on a weekday. There is one shop that sells jeans and other clothes which is open every Christmas day; it's run by Israelites so perhaps that's why.

Anyway... I hope Santa treated you well. Have a Happy New Year.


Robert and I first met at the ECOF gathering in Baltimore three or four years ago and after countless private email messages between us since the advent of ERBCOF-L (and also Tarzan-L), we met again last April at the Chillercon just outside Newark. In between times his health had deteriated badly such that he had to use a cane to walk and was also a diabetic. Just recently he had acquired a Tarzan and the Lost City press kit for me but was unable to send it personally as he had been unwell and had to get someone else to post it off. Elaine Casella had sent him a cheque for me to pay for it and just this past weekend told me that it had not yet been cashed.

When Robert and I was at the Chillercon, he caught me looking at some stamps commemorating Princess Diana and he asked me, "Won't you ever forget her?" Well I won't forget Princess Di and I won't forget Robert Miller.