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ERB Summary Project


Summarized by
Okapi and Friends

Illustrated by Hitomi

David Bruce Bozarth,
Managing Editor


Princess Mary of Margoth

Prince Boris of Karlova

Prince Stroebel

King of Margoth

Baron Kantchi


Gwendolyn Bass

Hemmington Main

Mrs. Bass

Abner J. Bass

Prince Boris of Karlova

King Constans of Karlova

An officer of the guard

His highness's valet

Alexander Palensk,

Nicholas Gregovitch,

Ivan Kantchi (Little One)

The Rider




Dimmie (Prince Boris)

The Wolf. (The Rider)








the Roman road

The royal hunting preserve

Peter's Inn


The Black Guard


The ERBList Summary Project has become a source of research and content for readers around the world. The ERBList Summary Project's summary of H.R.H. The Rider which follows reflects the enthusiasim of readers of Edgar Rice Burroughs whose native language is not English.

Since 1998 the ERBList Summary Project has attracted the interest of many in lands foreign to the United States of America. One of ERBList's Japanese members requested the opportunity to summarize a favorite novel by Burroughs--a novel she has only read in English. Okapi (Yoko Okamoto) enlisted the aid of fellow countrymen to complete the English to Japanese to English summary. I edited only the accidental punctuation or repetition of phrase. I also waived the 250 word limit per chapter requirement because there IS a difference in the way persons are identified in Japanese and how action and intent are described. American readers might have to read once to get the feel of the action and identification, but will eventually agree that this summary is quite valid and accurate! At a future time there will be an "American" summary of H.R.H. The Rider under the general guidelines of the Summary Project in the interest of "completion", but in the meantime the summary by Okapi and her friends works very nicely!

There are 18 illustrations by Japanese artist Hitomi. I have resized 17 of these for the Summary Project and used one as the title image. To see the illustrations in full size see Hitomi's site (link broken as of 2017).

H.R.H. The Rider was written in 1915 and first published in serial form in 1918. The hardcover edition was published in 1937 as The Oakdale Affair/The Rider by ERB. Inc.

Chapter 1

The kingdoms of Margoth and Karlova in Europe have been enemies for centuries. But they are about to join in peaceful alliance through the Princess Mary of Margoth and Prince Boris of Karlova. Prince Stroebel of Margoth and Baron Kantchi of Karlova take charge of this negotiation. Princess Mary, who received an American education, is active and charming, and refuses this marriage.

King of Margoth admonishes the Royal Family's duty at her. However, she tells them Carlotta, her old nurse's bedtime stories of Karlovian being the ogres, then she refuses again and again. Stroebel announces Boris comes within the month.

On a certain lovely afternoon of a June day, Hemmington Main meets Gwendolyn Bass on the garden of the estate of Abner J. Bass who is her father and the multimillionaire on Broadway in the United State. The obstacle of their marriage is the disagreement of Gwen's mother, Mrs. Bass. She has higher ambitions for her daughter.

Ten days later, Main receives Gwen's letter. She writes Mrs.Bass takes her to Europe in order to make her forget Mr.Main and find the marriage partner of a high status, however, she don't want to marry anybody but him. And she asks him to meet her father.

Mr.Main meets Abner J. Bass in his private office. Mr. Bass doesn't agree with his wife's idea about their daughter's future, but he can't get away at this time to accompany them. He offers Main money to go to Europe and discover his daughter. Mr. Main who is loved by her, hesitates about receiving the money, but he is persuaded by Mr. Bass and leaves for Europe.

Chapter 2.

The Crown Prince Boris of Karlova receives an intense reproof from the King Constans of Karlova who is his father. He resists that he is made to marry Princess Mary of Margoth. He thinks she unquestionably has a scrawny neck and the temper of a termagant. The king is enraged at Boris's rebellious attitude, and decides Boris remains under arrest until Baron Kantchi has arranged the time of his visit to the court of Margoth.

King Constans calls an officer of the guard. Constans orders to take a royal prince to his room and to watch him so that he may not escape. Watch's soldier is a newcomer and is not one the royal prince knows well.

Although Boris is going to make a soldier his ally, as the soldier turns down temptation of a royal prince, he fails to escape at first. However, the plot of and a royal prince and his valet is successful and he binds up a soldier on his own bed at last.

Ten minutes later a solitary horseman rides out of the city in the darkness.

Chapter 3.

From the suburbs of Sovgrad is the capital in Karlova of a mountainous country, the Roman road winds across many hills to the border Karlova and Margoth. Five or six miles above the Roman road it skirts a royal hunting preserve of Prince Boris's favorite, and one old inn was situated in the woods along the way. This Inn (Peter's Inn ) is the haunt of questionable characters from the city of Sovgrad. Here too were wont to forgather a little coterie of another class.

A half dozen young sprigs of the ancient nobility of Karlova, lured by the spirit of romance and adventure to this haunt of the lower world, and enticed by the cookery of the inn keeper's wife and the vintages of the black cellars, become regular patrons.

Tonight, Alexander Palensk, Nicholas Gregovitch and Ivan Kantchi are also waiting for the other friend there. All three are the members of officers in The Black Guard - the crack regiment of the Karlovian army. They say the joke about the friend not coming, However, as Ivan who is a nickname called little one, (although the body was large harder than others), hears rumor of a notorious highwayman called The Rider, he is worried about the friend.

At the time their friend is waylaid by The Rider on the Roman road.

Although he is threatened by The Rider with the revolver gun, he who is bold and fearless, teases and arrests this bandit conversely. And he asks the bandit for accompany with him in order to his friends can believe that he is waylaid by the famous thief, The Rider. The Rider's pride had been sorely lacerated. But when he hears the point to which they go is Peter's inn. He smiles because there are a lot of his friends. He can escape from this man's hand and the revenge is also possible.

Chapter 4.

Alexander, Nicholas, and Ivan prepare to go out for search their missing friend. They are good customers for Tillie, Peter's wife of cooking boast and Bakla, a work person's maid. Bakla was also worried about the missing friend. Because he is a very fine gentleman with a great deal of money and a large and generous heart although she did not know his true character. As the dinner which completes soon becomes spoilt, Tillie runs over and stops their start.

Then, Demmie who is their missing friend goes into the bar-room on Peter's Inn with The Rider. Demmie introduces the Rider, the redoubtable highwayman to his friends. They are surprised and The Rider finds his friends immediately at the bar-room.

The Rider whose name is The Wolf, agitates his friends who hate guardsmen and Demmie. They pounce on Demmie and his friends. However, Demmie and three officers of The Black Guard do not lose, while they fight, a one man detects Demmie's true character. When Bakla hears that he is the Crown Prince of Karlova, she is very surprised.

She leaps at the man raises his revolver and leveled it at Dimmie and diverts an aim. Then, she cries. Demmie is the Crown Prince Boris.

The attack of rowdy persons stops.

In the spoiled atmosphere, Demmie shows the situation which is likely to be lonely. And he invites The Rider and his thieves to the meal. All the persons concerned become reconciled and begin a meal together. As Demmie hears many Rider's adventure tales, he envies this highwayman. As for one side, the rider envies Demmie's status. Demmie proposes suddenly whether the status of a royal prince and a thief exchanges for one week.

He is going to send The Rider to Margoth instead of him. And he considers if his substitute's Rider should just apply for marriage to Princess Mary. Ivan, Alexander and Nicholas are opposed to this proposal. If the practical joke may become the cause of war, they are very much put in an awkward position. But Demmie says irony to his friends.

Although the group of a Karlova army desired for the trouble between two countries to promote, Demmie whom they respect with a leader is a pacifist, and is opposed to war. However, he who does not want to marry Princess Mary of Margoth is going to dare perform this rash act.

Chapter 5.

The day of a matrimonial application to Mary of Margoth from Prince Boris of Karlova, comes. The Margothians are opposed to this marriage. Princess Mary shows the intense feeling of dislike to his visit to her boudoir in the palace. Although Carlotta, a nurse wishes to help the royal princess she is able to assist.

However, Princess Mary thinks of the good idea to stop this marriage. She says that Carlotta must not pay attention to anything that she may say or do while Prince Boris is present.

The Rider who changed himself into Prince Boris goes to the court of Alexis by limousine with Ivan and other two friends. As the imitative royal prince who doesn't know the manners carries out a funny thing on the way. People along the route, ridicule him. He understands the sneer and is enraged.

Hemmington Main witnesses the outbreak on a balcony of Demia's principal hotel with an unknown man. The man says that he isn't Margothian but the same visitor as Main. They drink the Bronx of a American cocktail and connect friendship on the balcony of hotel. When Main talk about his romance, the man says their opposite positions. That is Main seeks to find a love, he to elude one. He proposes. they join forces about these problems.

Then Main finds Gwendolyn and her mother whom he misses, enter into this hotel. Main has a sense of closeness like his friend, Garrigan of the late Chicago Press Club in the Man, and reveals the romance of him and Miss Gwendolyn Bass, daughter of AbnerJ. Bass the multi-millionaire American the daughter.

Main says that if he can only find some way to separate Gwen from her mother who is opposed that her daughter married him without peerage, for about an hour they can get married immediately. The man, M. Kargovitch thinks of a good plan. He promises that he cooperates Main. They will carry out the plan.

Chapter 6.

When the imitative Prince Boris of Karlova arrives the palace of Alexis of Margoth, Ivan Kantchi reproaches about courtesy manners to him. The Rider becomes irritated with Ivan's reproach. As usual, the Rider performs disgrace, and he makes Prince Stroebel trouble.

As Princess Mary and Calotta look at the situation from an upper window of the palace room, They are amazed to the royal prince, and laugh at him. Princess Mary who doen't want to marry with Prince Boris of Karlova disguises herself in the royal dressing room.

The meeting between Alexis of Margoth and Crown Prince Boris of Karlova finish without any untoward incidents to greatly mar the felicity of the occasion. Baron Kantchi, the Karlovian minister, who knows about the real royal prince well, goes back to court in Sovgrad by the imitative command.

As Princess Mary disguises herself as a figure like an ugly old woman purposely, all the persons are surprised at her frightful figure. People give good evaluation to the bold artifice which is planned by Princess Mary in order to make an application of marriage of the Crown Prince of Karlova abandon. However, Alexis of Margoth, Mary's father, are enraged. Alexis says to Mary that marriage with she and Prince Boris is performed absolutely.

Mary escapes from the place of the interview of only two persons with a royal prince quickly. She returns her own apartments and declare Carlotta that she is going to run away for avoid the marriage with a royal prince.

Though Carlotta said that Princess Mary doesn't obey her father, as she received U.S. education, she helps her mistress. While they have elaborated the plan, M. Klein, a king's private secretary, brings His Majesty command that she have to remain in this apartments until the king call tomorrow. If she does not promise to obey a command of the king, he says that he sets a watchman in this room. Princess Mary says that she wants him to wait in the little room next to her while consulting with Carlotta.

When Klein enters into the room, without suspecting anything, Princess covers the key of the room. They escapes from the royal palace by the car which is driven by Stefan, chauffeur.

Chapter 7

Main and his new friend, Karbovitch, can know that Mrs. Bass and her daughter only stop here because one of the maids is sick. They're leaving both maids- the well one to look after the sick one - who are to follow on by rail later And they get on to Sovgrad as soon?as possible Main informs Karbovitch of Mrs. Bass and Gwen's appearance. Karbovitch teaches Main the plan for making Main and Gwen get married.

The arrival of the wife and daughter of the famous American multi-millionaire, Abner J. Bass appears in the newspaper of Demia. The royal guest of Alexis? saw it and now he is a prince and not a bandits. So he regrets that work of its original cannot be performed. Princess Mary is glad. She and Gwen were friends in the school. But she hid the status. So Gwen knew about Princess Mary only by the name of Mary Banatoff. She doesn't know that Mary Banatoff is the Princess of Margoth. Mary goes in the Royal Hotel to meet Gwen. Then, they are pleased with reunion and speak about the Rider.

On the other hand, her chauffeur, Stefan is spoken to by a certain man while waiting. The man asks Stefan whether this car is Bass family's car. Since Stefan slips out of the royal palace secretly, he is a guilty feeling. And he answers that that is right to a man's question.

After meeting with Gwen, Princess Mary's party go to her favorite royal palace in Vitza. Then, Mary is always waiting to suppress anger of her father. However, Prince Boris who disguised himself as a thief, Rider is waylaying them in the middle of a way. Rider takes down Stefan from the car and lends Stefan his horse and makes him go to Demia. Rider drives a car.

Princess Mary notices he misunderstanding Princess Mary's party with an American millionaire's party. As she doesn't want to reveal her true character to him., She does not correct his misapprehension. At first, she feels a thrill in the circumstances where he fell as a romance and an adventure. She is glad. And she wonders about the merit of breeding from the words and the manner of Rider. Princess Mary is going to escape from the car, but she fails in the Carlotta's cause. As she has the danger of a life threatened from a rider, She gets angry very much.

He who considers as the method of addressing is clearly refused to her. A few yards from the Roman road the car is brought to a stop. She understands that she must go to a rider's hiding place on foot, so she is disgusted.

Although not known in what reason, Rider does not know the well, either. Her legs become like logs and she is very tired.

Chapter 8

Rider who changed himself into Prince Boris is completely disgusted with the role. He says that if he had been a Prince, he would rather go to the gibbet. Moreover, he says that he does not want to be a meeting with the royal princess like a ghost. He tells that he does not want to visit to the dinner party tonight. He threatens that if he is not returned to the original position, immediately, he will expose all the truth to the king of Margoth.

Then, with Alexander Palensk's proposal, as the imitative Boris prince becomes light food poisoning, he suddenly returns to Sovgrad. Ivan goes to apologize of a homecoming of a royal prince to Alex. Because Alex seems not to care about that, Ivan becomes unpleasant. Then, he says an insinuating remark which teases about Princess Mary. Alex gets angry. And he speaks about his true feeling. about Prince Boris -- like an ape.

Ivan thinks that what the king says is true. However, since Alex ridicules his royal prince, he gets angry. He says that by leaving thus under the cloak of simulated illness Prince Boris but endeavors to spare Alex the knowledge of his true sentiments which are shared by all those Karlovians who see Princess Mary. Alex gets angry and leaves. Ivan considers. Maybe war will break out between both countries.

Chapter 9

M.Klein notices at last what he was deceived by Princess Mary. He is confined in the tiny room. Although he calls out for help, nobody comes. Night comes. He is in a half-madness state. He leaps for the grating of the window above him. He drew himself up until his face was at the opening and he raises a cry. At last, a sentry of a courtyard hears his cry. He is helped and he goes to Klovia and his king. At about the same time Stefan, mounted upon the abandoned horse of the highwayman, was spurring along the Roman road into Demia.

Since troublesome visitors returns, Alexis is giving himself over to the pleasures of the society of his own nobility. There, the private secretary who fears anger of a king, dashes unannounced into the banquet hall and he pours about Princess Mary's escape -- However, Alexis is in a good mood. He makes the talk of the marriage of Princess Mary and Prince Boris stop. Prince Stroebel who prepares this marriage also agrees. Alexis regards her as going to Vitza, because when she is angry with him, she always goes to Vitza. He tells the secretary make Captain Polnik go to Vitza and see that Princess Mary has arrived safely.

There, Stefan returns. He tells that Princess Mary and Carlotta is held up by Rider upon the highway and they are kidnapped. The surprised king orders Captain Polnik instantly, that a royal princess should be recaptured from Rider. By the notice, all the persons concerned are making a great uproar. So a hundred and fifty officers and soldiers of The Guard is sent to the border

Chapter 10

Two cars are running the Roman road at the time. In the foremost car rode Mrs. Bass and Gwendolyn - in the second the false Prince Boris with Alexander Palensk and Nicholas Gregovitch rode, bound for the hunting lodge of the crown prince of Karlova, where The Rider and the prince were again to exchange identities and take up once more the particular roles for which each was best suited.

On the way, Mrs.Bass 's car breaks down and stops. Then, in order to remove an obstructive car, the car of false Prince Boris's party stops. The royal chauffeur was excitedly berating McDouga, the driver of the other car for stopping in such a place.

Mrs. Bass is surprised very much. They get off a car for Mrs. Bass who is in trouble. False Prince Boris (Rider) sees the daughter who is near Mrs. Bass and he declares himself being Prince Boris of Karlova. He knows that they are an American multimillionaire's family. Then, he is glad in good haul having gone into his hand.

He says that he takes them to Sovgrad by the car of a royal family, and he will take down Alexander and Nicholas there. They respect the intention of the friend who is the real royal prince, and obey this command of an false royal prince obediently. Prince Boris (Rider) talks about his marriage partner by whom he is not pleased. on the way. And while talking, he thinks of what should be surprised. He says that in order for him not to marry Princess Mary, he should just marry other someone. Then, he looks at Gwen frankly.

Mrs. Bass is very glad. And his matrimonial application is received immediately by her. She is excited as her daughter marries the Royal Family. Gwen feels of dislike in the royal prince's rude attitude and this attempt of marriage. She does not want to marry Prince Boris. She considers her sweetheart Mr. Main. She needs his help. They go to the lodge for hunting of a royal family, in order to hold a marriage ceremony. On the way, the Rider drops in at Peter's Inn and he asks Peter so that the priest for a marriage ceremony may be taken to the lodge for hunting.

Chapter 11

The way which goes to the Hunting lodge of the king of Karlova is a damp severe way. Then, the way is not suitable for automobile. Royal prince parties do not reach the lodge easily.

At the time Peter make a messenger to call a priest, and he is waiting for their return. An unknown foreigner comes to Peter's Inn with the priest. A foreigner shows Peter a memorandum. The command from Rider is written in the note to lead them to the Hunting lodge of the king of Karlova. Peter thinks that why this young fellow come to be here so soon with a priest the man whom he called and gave the priest should not come back early so much. However, the note said plainly that he must ask no questions. Peter obeys this command and whispers in the foreigner's ear.

Royal prince parties reach the lodge at last. Although domestics know the truth, they follow a command of an imitation royal prince. The unknown foreigner who is Mr.Main, comes there with a priest. Gwen and Mrs. Bass are surprised. Since Mr. Main thinks his new friend may be there, he is surprised to see a royal prince of Karlova. Mr. Main says that he come here in order to marry Gwen.

Mrs. Bass says to him that the Prince of Karlova applies for marriage to Gwen. However, Gwen does not want to marry a royal prince. She asks Mr. Main for help. The Prince of Karlova gets angry and takes out a revolver. Mr. Main also takes out a revolver. They shot their revolvers simultaneously. The Prince falls Mr. Bass shouts, Main killed he crown prince of Karlova.

Chapter 12 by Shinji Bessho

Princess Mary kidnapped by The Rider uses up power, and she stops. Carlotta is tired too. The Rider lifts a princess in his arms, and walks. She asks to take down, since he wants to hold more, he does not take her down.

Since he will mistake if Princess Mary is Miss Bass, he notices that he is likely to lapse into love then he sighs. She hears the sigh, and though The Rider is a bandit, she is sure that he is clearly thoughtful man. After asking about the sigh, two persons quarrel using with the word which is not in their hearts. While the party walks towards the camp, she wonders why he uses English refined.

They reach the camp in a mountain, at past midnight. They receive a meal and a blanket in a hut. And she is surprised that The Rider is a young handsome man under the light of a lantern. He is standing before her, while a friend's thief warms soup.

The princess asked him how much their ransom. The robber who prepares the meal hears it. He says that he does not demand a ransom, his requiring is that "Miss Bass" enables it to marry Mr. Hemmington Maine. However, "Miss Bass" is ill-humored, She is not glad as he expected. On the other hand, the thief who is in a cabin knows the expected ransom and the prisoners' identity, and to tell the other bandits about this, he goes to a tent.

"Miss Bass" and "her mother" say that she does not desire the marriage with Mr. Maine. Highwaymen go into a hut. They thought it regrettable to lose the rich game, and caused the rebellion. Fighting with thieves and The Rider begins. He beats several villains in a hut. The remaining villains escape outside. A gunfight of the inside and outside starts. The princess and The Rider cooperate and fight with outer thieves.

Princess Mary questions that The Rider protects her as prisoner. Prince Boris says that he is a remarkable brigand, laughing. Furthermore, He says to her why she is not a European princess.

Chapter 13

The bandits settle down to a determined siege. Their attack becomes more intense. Mary helps False Rider (Prince Boris) and opens fire on babits. Rider is impressed by Princess Mary's action and regrets why she is not a queen. On the other hand, Princess Mary regrets why he is a thief. Presently there is a lull in the firing, and a voice bellows out of the darkness, demanding that they surrender and promising freedom for the man and a fair ransom for the two women. They refuse. Shooting is resumed.

A bullet is lost and they are ready for death. Mary said to him that she cannot understand why does he fight with his subordinates and exposes his life to danger, in order that he may protect her. Rider replies to the question with the death near at hand which is not avoided. He says that he loves her. Their lives in a precarious state to bandits' intense attack. Then, The Guard of Margoth come, and subjugate bandits and they are rescued. Officers are pleased with Princess Mary's safety.

Rider (Prince Boris ) knows for the first time as she is not Miss. Bass but Princess Mary of Margoth. One man points at Rider and calls him that notorious highwayman, Rider. Princess Mary protects him as he protected her life. However, Captain Plonik arrests Rider (Boris of Karlova). He says to Princess Mary that Rider may be condemned to life sentence instead of hanging.

Boris of Karlova think if his true status is revealed, it becomes scandal. He must keep silent about true character. He decides to wait and find a better way out of his difficult situation. They return to Demia. Boris of Karlova is thrown into prison within sight of the palace where the Princess Mary take with unwonted meekness a severe lecture from her royal sire.

Chapter 14

When the imitative Prince Boris of Karlova (the Rider) drops to the shot from Hemmington Main's revolver, the priest who accompanies Main are surprised with the assassination of the crown prince. He slinks from the lodge, mounts his horse and gallops madly toward Sovgrad. However, the Rider is alive. Then two men enter the neglected doorway of the royal hunting lodge. One is a low browed, evil looking fellow; the other a red faced, well fed priest.

The evil looking man asks the circumstances from which the Rider has broken down. He knows that an imitative prince's true character aren't revealed. They have taken the Rider who fainted away. The royal servants do the face that the troublesome fellow disappeared. The Americans who do not know the imitation prince's true character wonder. Mrs. Bass repents her fault because her dearest ambition causes this unexpected tragedy. Moreover, she knows how Main loves Gwen, her daughter. She reforms herself and she accepts Hemmington Main. She proposes escaping to Main in Margoth..

Mysteriously, the oldest of the servants, a venerable looking butler also approves of the proposal. Americans go to Demia by car.

Chapter 15

Hemmington Main reads a newspaper in the hotel at Demia the following morning. It has appeared in the newspaper about assassination of Prince Boris of Karlova so that it may be related with the abduction of Princess Mary of Margoth by the notorious Rider, and her subsequent rescue by the royal troops. Moreover, Main also knows that the name of Mrs. Bass and her daughter and him will be mentioned as persons involved in an assassination case.

When Main shows Gwendolyn Bass this morning paper, she is surprised to look at the portrait of the Princess Mary. Princess Mary is Mary Banatoff who roomed with Gwen at college. However, she doesn't know until now that mistakes Mary Banatoff is a royal princess. Moreover she met Mary yesterday.

Mrs. Bass, Gwen and Main are arrested for the police in Margoth. Main thinks of the method of helping Gwendolyn and Mrs. Bass on the way to the jail. Main writes some across the picture of the princess in the newspaper. He tells Gwen that she shows Princess Mary it, when getting off a car.

Chapter 16

Main is conducted to a dark cell below the street level. Kargovitch (Prince Boris) is also in the prison. He asks Main why the Basses have changed to Princess Mary's party. Main does not understand a reason for why it became such crossing.

However, Main says that the note which Karbovitch gave Main to Pater the innkeeper results in Main taken to the hunting lodge of the prince, where he finds Miss Bass, her mother, and he meets prince Boris who tries to marry Miss Bass. Moreover he tells Kargovitch that he shot prince Boris, in self-defense. Kargovitch is surprised. Main says that he is in the prison since he assassinates prince Boris. They can understand this situation at last. Kargovitch want to get hold of Miss Bass and Mrs. Bass for Main, but in the fact he does Princess Mary and her nurse. They tell each other that they become hanging. However, Kargovitch says that he will be freedom, if he reveals his secret. Moreover, he says that the crime of Main's crown prince assassination is also dispelled. Main cannot understand what Kargovitch tells him. Officers come and they tell Kargovitch (false Rider) that he becomes death-by-shooting punishment at dawn.

If Karbovitch revels truth, it can save his life. But the war will start between Morgoth and Karlova. So he cannot speak about it. But, He says Main that he did the kind of a laughingstock and he was related to the severe practical joke to a defenseless girl. Moreover he fall in love with the girl.

Rider who is wounded by Hemmington Main is looked after by Bakla in the attic of Peter's Inn at the time. When his consciousness returns, he read the newspaper from Sovgrad. The Sovgrad papers report that assassination of the crown prince, and of the strange disappearance of his body. And Rider knows the capture of the Rider (Prince Boris) by the soldiers of Margoth and the probable fate which awaited him in Demia. As Rider thinks that Prince Boris becomes hanging, he regrets. But he cannot help Prince Boris. He tells Bakla that he can do nothing for Prince Boris because of the circumstances which got confused fearfully. Maybe, Prince Boris's friends will think that true Prince Boris are assassinated and true Rider is caught in Demia. As Bakla knows that Demi (Prince Boris) may be hanging, she feels shock. She leaves nursing of Rider to Tillie and goes to Sovgrad.

Early in the afternoon, Main is taken out from the prison and he meets again with Mrs. Bass and Gwendolyn. Moreover, Princess Mary of Margoth. By the suggestion Main wrote across Princess Mary's picture cause, they are freed in lest than half an hour. But Main assassinated the crown prince of Karlova, so the king of Margoth could not be prevailed upon to release him. However, although not known in what reason, Main is released safely. As Mary's father king changes his mind, he sends M. Klein to announce that Main were to be liberated.

Main also wants Kargovitch to become free. And he talks to Princess Mary that Karbovitch becomes death by shooting at dawn. Princess Mary is surprised. Main explains that although Karbovitch knows the truth from which his life can be saved, since he will damage the heart of the girl whom he loves, he cannot speak about the truth. Princess Mary does not show Americans her heart which was shaken, but she goes to king's cabinet room. She asks the king of Margoth, her father, to help Rider's life. As Rider fought for her and saved her from probably being more fearful than death he should be rewarded more. But Alexis turns down her wish. He says that Rider becomes death-by-shooting punishment by their clemency, although he should become hanging in fact. Princess Mary raises the voice of despair.

Chapter 17. written by Shinji Bessho

Prince Boris is walking in the solitary cell. The visitor who wears a long dark cloak comes. The prince considers that the visitor is an assassin. He is surprised that Princess Mary's face appears under a hood. He is glad. He asks why the princess came here. She explains it, cuts off her royal bondage, and confesses love to The Rider. They embrace each other, with the iron bars inserted. When he tries to kiss her, she interrupts it. Before it, she wants him to speak truth, but he cannot. She is disappointed about it and leaves a prison. Boris despairs similarly and sits down on the bench in a solitary cell.

Chapter 18 by Pan-Dan-Chee

Prince Boris of Karlova sees the morning in a solitary cell. Before dawn, he is taken from a cell to become execution by shooting punishment. The gun is directed to the prisoner. Then, a officer appears and stops execution. He takes the prisoner to the Palace of Margoth. There is his father, King of Karova. He hugs his son. He knew all by the report from Bakla. Imitation execution is the punishment to Prince Boris's mischief.

All the persons concerned are reconciled.

He comes to see Princess Mary of Margoth in her room. They confirm love between them. All the people in the Palace positive that there will never be war between Margoth and Karlova.

Hemmington Main and Gwendolyn Bass are married at Demia. The Rider might have got married to Bakla or might not have done.