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Edgar Rice Burroughs — (Narrator)

Bowen J Tyler, Jr

Nobs (dog)

Lys La Rue



Baron Friedrich von Schoenvorts










William James

Tom Billings






Ace (horse)





John Tippet



He Who Speaks—for Luata


The Land That Time Forgot

by The Members of ERBList

Managing Editor's Note: This is one of the more difficult ERB novels to summarize since The Land That Time Forgot (all three parts) have the longest chapters of all the ERB works. The 250 word summary requirement was relaxed to accommodate the longer chapters. This summary includes The Land That Time Forgot, The People That Time Forgot (also known as People Out of Time), and Out of Time's Abyss.

The series was first published in 1918's Blue Book Magazine. The working title was "The Lost U-Boat." September, October, November were the Blue Book serial dates. The first edition, which included all three segements, was published by A. C. McClug in June of 1924. Various camps of ERB fandom consider the Caspak tales to be either three short novels or one continuous larger novel. Book sellers routinely break this into a trilogy due to the Ace SF Books offerings during the 1960s.

— David Bruce Bozarth

Chapter 1

Bill Hillman (Jeddak of the North)

The narrator, Mr. Burroughs, finds a fantastic manuscript in a thermos bottle retrieved off the south coast of Greenland. Burroughs relays this amazing tale written by Bowen J. Tyler, the son of a Santa Monica shipbuilder. Tyler, accompanied by his Airedale Nobs, is en route to the WWI battlefields, where he hopes to join the Lafayette Escadrille, when his ship is sunk by a German U-boat. Coincidentally, he recognizes the sub as one manufactured in his father's California shipyard. Tyler and Nobs crawl from the channel waters into a lifeboat and later rescue the drowning Miss Lys La Rue. Man, woman and dog huddle together - wet, cold and hungry - clinging to life as they wait for the morning sun.

Chapter 2

Bill Hillman (Jeddak of the North)

The three survivors are rescued by a British tug at sunrise only to be confronted again by the German U-Boat. The brave tug captain tries to ram the sub but when this fails he leads his crew onto the deck of the sub to engage in hand-to-hand combat with the boche. Eleven survivors from the sinking tug are successful in capturing the sub along with nine German prisoners. With the help of Olson, the tug's Irish engineer, Bradley the mate, and the rest of the surviving tug crew, Tyler takes control of the sub and prepares to sail the craft to an English port. Incredibly, the German commander, Baron Friedrich von Schoenvorts, turns out to be Lys' fiance. He alone of the sub crew refuses to help man the ship and has to be chained below. They raise the Union Jack but every attempt to make contact with British ships meets with hostility. The sub is a ship without a port.

Chapter 3

Bob Zeuschner

The submarine is attacked by every British ship they come upon. Leaving British waters, more troubles commence; a diesel engine breaks down; a diving tank valve is opened, later someone damages the gears. Wilson tells Bowen that he and Benson saw Lys La Rue go into the German commander's quarters. The next morning damage to the sextant and chronometer is discovered. Bowen begins to believe Lys might be a traitor. The wireless is damaged, leaving only the compass and sun.

Tyler probes Lys's intentions, clumsily suggesting she is Von Schoenvorts' tool. Lys pales and turns away. After enduring a 10 day storm, Tyler notes the sun apparently rising in the south. The compass has been tampered with. Low on food, water and fuel, at least 2,500 miles off course, Benson and Bradley deny that anyone could have tampered with the compass.

The U-boat forces a cargo ship to supply oil and provisions. After loading food and water, von Schoenvorts regains control of the submarine. Von Schoenvorts cruises, attacking many vessels. Meeting a German raider, the German crew goes topside. Lys frees Bowen. Moments later Tyler and the British torpedo the raider. The U-33's crew is again incarcerated. That evening Tyler talks with Lys. She denies speaking with von Schoenvorts, suggesting that Benson lied. She is coldly angry, yet Tyler inwardly vows to win her love.

Chapter 4

Bob Zeuschner

Perplexed by discrepancies in the submarine's course, Tyler is alerted by Lys to observe Benson's watch. Confronting the traitor, Benson pushes Tyler out of the sub, sealing the hatch and submerging. At the last minute the hatch opens and Tyler is pulled in. Bradley explains that Lys La Rue was instrumental and that Benson had tried to shoot her. Benson was shot and, before he dies, reveals his hatred toward Americans and his treacherous actions.

The next morning, sailing among icebergs, land is spotted. Simultaneously, they discover the water supply is poisoned. The large inaccessible island is believed to be Caprona. The sub cruises the high cliffs looking for a possible landing place and fresh water. A small beach is located, a decomposing human body can be seen. Tyler swims from the sub to investigate, he cannot tell much except that it seemed more ape-like than human. No fresh water is found.

The next day they encounter a warm, stagnant fresh water current in the ocean. Bowen submerges and takes the submarine into an underground tunnel. The sub surfaces to sunlight and a world filled with giant ferns, huge flying lizards with bat-like wings, and enormous, hideous creatures in the water. Other creatures are barely glimpsed in the forest and plains nearby. One German is dragged from the deck by a monstrous reptile and the deck becomes a seething caldron of dangerous creatures clambering, squirming, and wriggling on the deck.

Everyone enters the sub which slowly moves 40 miles up the river. Tyler opens the hatch, only to be attacked by another huge reptile. Tyler falls backwards into the sub and the creature's head and neck pursue. Olson decapitates the creature with an axe. That night they had juicy steaks for the first time in a long time.

Chapter 5

David Adams

The four dine on Plesiosaurus steaks. Nobs also gets his share. Lys is coldly polite to Tyler and sweetly gracious to Bradley and Olson.

In the morning they resume their course upstream into a hot, inland sea. It is a great crater lake.

They land the U-33 close to shore. Tyler convinces the Germans and Englishmen to work together during their dangerous situation. Tyler is overall commander, Bradley is his first lieutenant and Olson is second, in command of the Englishmen. Von Schoenvorts will act as an additional second lieutenant and have charge of his men.

They take on fresh water and go exploring inland. They shoot a large red deer, but it is partially eaten by an Allosaurus. They kill the saur after it throws Nobs into a clump of acacias.

They return with the remains of the deer and plan to build a palisaded camp.

Chapter 6

David Adams

Hearing a shell detonation from the U-33 they hurry back, but suddenly come upon 500 anthropoid apes, gorillas, and various mixtures of man-apes. The leader is a Neanderthal man. Attacked by the beast-men, they shoot 6, including the leader, which scatters the terrible hoard. Finding the Neanderthal only slightly wounded, they tie him up and bring him to the U-33. The sub had successfully turned away and attack by the wild ape-men, killing 20. The following morning they begin to build a fort with various buildings and an outer wall. Tyler has a show-down with von Schoenvorts about disciplining his men. They spend the night on the U-33 moved into the bay a hundred yards from shore, listening to the sounds of creatures from many eras.

Tyler and Miss La Rue have a quiet and rather philosophical moment on deck. She notes, perhaps quoting Shelley, "You are a comic little figure, hopping from the cradle to the grave." Tyler replies, "You are here for but an instant, and you mustn't take yourself too seriously." They touch hands.

A stone wall is built around their log buildings (called Fort Dinosaur in chapter 7). Lys learns to speak with the Neanderthal. Ahm, relates his country is called Caspak. He calls them Galus and says he will one day be a Galu too. He shows them edible fruits and plants.

On Sept. 3, 1916, they have been on Caspak 3 months. Bradley explores for 4 days, and writes a brief report of their many adventures. Ahm is helping them adapt. On Sept. 7, 1916, Bradley is out on another exploration. Ahm mysteriously disappears from the fort. Von Schoenvorts and Olson discover oil. They plan to refine it for submarine fuel.

Tyler is still shy with Lys.

Chapter 7

David Bruce Bozarth

" October 8, 1916: This is the last entry I shall make upon my manuscript." Bowen Tyler prepares his "message in a bottle" with little hope it will ever be found. He now lives on the high cliffs and can see the Pacific Ocean. Recalls events from September 8th when they traveled north to discover a lake of oil geyser and erected a crude refinery under von Schoenvorts' direction. The U-33 is sent north to be near the refinery. Days later, from Fort Dinosaur, Bowen re-supplies the Germans overland. Bradley's group has not returned. Three days pass; Bowen and Lys avow their love to one another. The couple parts for the evening, each to their accommodations.

Next morning Tyler, with Nobs, takes a bath in the stream. Tyler kills a hyena. Nobs feasts. At breakfast Bowen notes Lys' absence. A search reveals the woman has been abducted. Almost simultaneously Fort Dinosaur is shelled by the U-33. Racing to the shore, the survivors see the U-33 leaving them behind.

Olsen, Whitely, Wilson and Tyler scowl at the German's perfidy, and speculate that Lys was taken by a Caspak native, rather than the Germans. Tyler leaves the three men at the fort to await Bradley's return, then embarks on a solo rescue mission to recover Lys La Rue.

Chapter 8

David Bruce Bozarth

Following the trail northwest, Tyler and Nobs pass the sandstone cliffs into territory yet unexplored into a land inhabited mainly by herbivorous mammals. He travels more than 20 miles the first day, still on the trail of the abductor. That night he smells wood smoke. Stealthily, Tyler approaches a camp of hatchet men. He sees Lys, a prisoner. Tyler kills Tsa, scattering the primitives, and takes Lys into his arms. Fearing the night beasts of Caspak, Tyler and Lys enter the cave system nearby. The tribe contests the incursion. Tyler is forced to kill another male. The couple is given leave to occupy Tsa's cave.

The following morning conversation with the tribe indicates more of Caspak's strange evolution. Lys considers the constant references to "galus" to be religious. Over the days Tyler and Lys witness the females in the slime-covered ponds for several hours each day. On the fourth day Lys says she can make the return trip and Tyler goes on a hunt with the males. Bowen becomes lost chasing game. Later finds Tippet's grave maker.

Chapter 9

Stanley Galloway

Tyler is attacked then aided by a group of Band-lu. In their village, he intervenes in the reprimand of So-ta, one of the chief's women, by To-jo, the chief. That night Tyler is bound and sentenced to death, but is given one day to consider teaching To-jo how to throw a man jujitsu-style. So-ta releases him while the others are away in return for escort to the Kro-lu. After a three-day journey, Tyler leaves her at a village and returns south. Upon arrival at the Sto-lu village where he had left Lys, he finds bones within a deserted camp. Three days of searching brings no clue of Lys's fate. He heads for Fort Dinosaur but becomes lost. He discovers the grave of William James. Depressed but defiant he makes his way to the barrier cliffs and, with the help of some hand-made ladders, scales the wall and takes over a cavern near the top. He spends his days watching the Pacific for a sail.

Chapter 10

Stanley Galloway

Tyler descends daily for food and water but spends most of his time atop the cliff. He writes the manuscript here that we are reading. One day he is startled by the sound of a firearm. He discovers Lys held at bay by three hyenadons. Incredibly, Tyler shoots the three beasts then descends to Lys. Before he arrives she is pursued by Kho of Tsa's tribe, whom Tyler kills with his knife when he arrives. They ascend to Tyler's cave and wed with vows "beneath the eyes of God." They throw the thermos with the manuscript out to sea.

People That Time Forgot

Chapter 1

David Bruce Bozarth

Burroughs delivers Bowen's manuscript to the Tyler family at Santa Monica, CA. The events in the manuscript are discussed. Later, Mr Tyler, Sr. is reported dead returning home on the Toreador. Ten days pass for the burial of Bowen Tyler, Sr, then Tom Billlings, Mr. Tyler's secretary, organizes a rescue expedition. Arriving on the shores of Caprona, the crew attempts two approaches to the interior, one by the cliffs, the other aerial. Tom Billings takes an aeroplane over the cliffs and ten minutes later the crew of the Toreador hears machine gun fire. Two weeks pass.

Chapter 2

David Bruce Bozarth

Tom Billings (first person narrative) encounters a flying reptile and shoots it down. Flying north, he sees a fleeing human figure chased by others; but is attacked by a flying reptile and downed in the trees. Descending from the trees, Billings traveled northward. Later, thinking he was about to be attacked, Billings sees a girl running towards him, fleeing from a large cat. Three shots are required to kill the creature. The beautiful girl asks if he is galu. Almost immediately a horde of hairy men approach. The girl is frightened. Billings defends them both. The pair heads north, the girl educating Billings along the way. He learns her name is Ajor. Near dark Ajor takes a bath in a stream. Later Billings kills an antelope for dinner. That evening they begin language lessons. In a cave they cornered by a large bear which is, fortunately, attacked by another "mighty beast."

Chapter 3

Deon Beswick

Tom and Ajor awake and eat, Tom is aware of his attraction towards the girl. They were saved from the bear by a saber-tooth, which died in the battle. Tom speculates on nature and ecology. Leaving the cave, they are attacked by apelike Bo-lu, or clubmen, easily vanquished. They next encounter the Sto-lu, or hatchet men, who are more man-like and curious. Both types are scared off by Tom's revolver. For three days they travel through hostile country, hiding from more dangerous beasts and meeting gentle ones such as the diplodocus. Tom learns Ajor's language and they trade information. Billings realizes that Ajor is both intelligent and shrewd. Ajor attempts to explain the mysteries of the Galus but Tom is bewildered by the descriptions of the Wieroo and the God of Life Luata. She wears the triangular symbol of the god on her adornments. In the land of the Band-lu, spear men they continue for two days, fighting beasts. Tom leaves Ajor at camp and enters a wood. Attacked by a group of Band-lu, Tom is captured and taken to their camp. Ajor follows. Tom is left bound in a decorated, dark cave. Tom's fears assail him. He is now convinced his expedition and those before must have failed. But thoughts of Ajor sustain him. He hears noises in the dark and imagines some terrible creature of Caspak is about to kill him, but it is Ajor who has spent all this time carefully coming to rescue him. They then get lost attempting to escape in the cave system. Driven to exhaustion, they eventually find a way out and recover.

Chapter 4

Deon Beswick

After resting two days, Tom and Ajor set out again, heading for the land of the Galu via those of the Band-lu, and the Kro-lu (the archers), a 35-mile trek. On the way they meet with a member of the Band-lu who had captured Tom. Billings explains his purpose and weapons. The former Band-lu is scornful for he has now become Kro-lu, and wishes to kill Tom and take Ajor for himself. Tom hesitates to kill this man, and at that moment a cave lion attacks nearby Band-lu. Tom shoots and kills it, earning the admiration and friendship of the Kro-lu warrior, Tomar. Entering the valley, Tomar is united with his mate So-al, who has also followed the strange Caspak path of evolution and become Kro-lu. Tom becomes optimistic of their chances of reaching Galus with their new found friends, since they must now pass through the land of the Kro-lu.

Chapter 5

David Bruce Bozarth

In a safe grotto So-al asks why Ajor left her people. Ajor reveals her cos-ata-lo status (and some Caspakian evolution at the same time) and Du-seen's desire to take her against her wishes. The Weiroos are introduced as "boogey men" who steal Galu women. Ajor relates her experiences since leaving Galu country, very arduous and terrifying, ending with her encounter with Tom Billings. Tomar and So-al were to enter Kro-lu country (archers) while Ajor and Billings sought to avoid contact. Separating during the day, Ajor and Billings later see a Kro-lu in the hands of the Band-lu. Billings slays two of the captors. Billings kills two more and Ajor, using Billing's rifle kills another. The Band-lu retreat. Chal-az is rescued. Chal-az informs the couple that an invasion of the Galu is imminent. Billings divines more of Caspak's odd evolution. Shortly after a hundred Kro-lu warriors appear.

Billings explains his presence, and when challenged for the woman states she is his. He then demonstrates his claim by pistol fire. Chal-az intercedes when the chief Kro-lu is miffed. Ajor and Billings enter the Kro-lu village.

Chapter 6

David Bruce Bozarth

After dinner in the Kro-lu camp Billings exhibits his feelings toward Ajor. There is a commotion at the gate. Later, a messenger comes from Billings, who leaves his weapons with Ajor as he departs. In the long chamber Billings encounters Nobs, the Airedale. Du-seen claims Nobs is his animal. After an hour long conference, Billings leaves; Nobs follows. Du-seen is angry because of the animal's loyalty. Du-seen's claim proves poor, Nobs heels to Billings. Tom leaves, but has a fear that Ajor is in danger. Returning to the hut, Ajor is gone. Nobs protects Billings from an attack. Eluding the attack, Billings searches for Ajor. Chal-az comes to his aid. Ajor has escaped the Kro-lu, thinking Billings has departed. Chal-az aids Billings' exit from the village.

Chapter 7

By Stan Galloway

Billings and Nobs head north to find Ajor until they reach the cliffs marking the boundary between Kro-lu and Galu countries. Nobs leads them west along the cliff until they sight Du-seen's party. They follow through a pass into Galu country. After two days of searching, Billings lassoes a young stallion with Nobs's help. The horse, Ace, is gentle by nature and Billings rides him the next day. After five more days, Billing spots Ajor. Riding Ace, he rescues her from Du-seen, but they ride into a bog and are thrown from the horse. As Du-seen and his men approach, Ajor begs for Billings to kill her rather than let Du-seen. She had stabbed Du-seen the previous night to escape his amorous advances, and he had vowed her death. As Billings resigns himself to death by Du-seen's arrows, rifle fire interrupts. Bowen Tyler approaches with Galu warriors and men from Billings's party. They all return to Jo's village. Tyler and Lys La Rue had been married by the Toreador's captain. Chal-az soon arrived as Galu.

Ajor, as daughter of the chief, "from whom might spring a new and greater Caspakian race," was not allowed to leave with Billings's party to return to America. Billings abandons the return party, choosing to stay in Caspak with Ajor.

Out of Time's Abyss

Chapter 1

David Adams

In September of 1916, Bradley and four companions, Sinclair, Brady, James, and Tippet search for a way out of the barrier cliffs surrounding Caspak. They have a deadly encounter with a cave bear.

The three previously encountered types of humanoids are briefly reviewed: the pure apes, those a shade more human, and the men like Ahm, the club-man Bo-lu. The party is attacked by white-skinned men with features of the African Negro (a higher type than Ahm). The party shoots two and the rest run away.

During the night Bradley hears a dismal flapping of huge wings and sees "a banshee." Bradley describes it as "a winged human being in a flowing white robe." Sinclair says it had big round eyes, cheeks sunken in deep with "yellow teeth behind thin, tight-drawn lips -- like a man who had been dead a long while." The dismal flapping of wings comes again, and Sinclair fires. An eerie wail floats from above and the apparition is swallowed by darkness.

Reaching the northern point of the island without finding a break in the barrier, they return to Fort Dinosaur, traveling due south through unexplored country. At a night camp Tippet encounters one of the white-shrouded figures and faints. He thinks he has looked into the face of Death itself. Tippet is so distraught he openly contemplates suicide before nightfall.

Passing through dense forest, Bradley and Tippet encounter a "dragon devouring the carcass of a mammoth." The unnerved Tippet is killed, Bradley dispatches the creature with a single shot. Tippet's headstone reads: "Here Lies John Tippet/Englishman/Killed by Tyrannosaurus/10 Sept. A.D. 1916/ R.I.P."

James is later attacked by a white-robed figure. Claw-like fingers clutched him beneath either arm, but it is driven off. The following day William James is killed by a saber-tooth tiger. That night the three survivors take turns at guard. In the morning Brady and Sinclair kill a lion, but Lieutenant Bradley is gone! Making a mad dash, the two men reach Fort Dinosaur and report to Olson, Whitely, and Wilson, the remnants of Dinosaur's defenders. They, in turn, hear learn of the stolen submarine and disappearance of Miss La Rue and Bowen Tyler with his Airedale, Nobs.

Chapter 2

David Adams

Bradley is carried off by a white-robed, flying creature. He believes the wings are mechanical because the creature is humanoid. He is transferred to another creature by being dropped and caught in mid air. The fliers carry him across the inland sea to a large island and a strangely shaped city where he is imprisoned. He still has his pistol and a few supplies. In the morning Bradley views the irregular room with human skull-capped columns. Two bat-like creatures sleep upon perches, hanging upside down; humanoid, with great wings, yellow teeth, and death's head faces; they are skinny and hairless with little, plump feet. Bradley, speaking the savage language of Caspak, learns they are Weiroos living in Oo-oh. Lutha is their father. They want to know if he is cos-ata-lu.

Each house of the Weiroos holds a human skull an a column, and skulls are plastered into the walls. There are hundreds of thousands of skulls. Even the streets are paved with them.

The Weiroos send him down a ladder to breakfast with other Weiroos, who eat messily out of common troughs. Bradley finds the stew delicious. He signs his name to cover ‘the bill," surprising the Weiroos. On the street Bradley is shoved around. Hee punches a Wieroo. Others attack, but after Bradley knocks down several, the arrant cowards withdraw to moan and wail. Later Fosh-bal-soj, Bradley's keeper, attempts to discipline Bradley after complaints were lodged. Bradley fights Fosh-bal-soj, is nearly choked to death, but eventually kills the Wieroo.

Bradley hides the body then goes through a yellow door where he finds a beautiful Galu girl. A Wieroo comes in, but she tells Bradley not to kill him. She says she is destined for "a fate worse than death" in a few nights at the coming of the new moon. Bradley is subdued by many Weiroos and loses his pistol. He is taken to the Blue Place of Seven Skulls, and lowered head-first until his head bumps the floor.

Chapter 3

David Adams

Half-stunned, Bradley unties the rope binding his wrists. A starving man tries to eat Bradley, crying: "Food! Food! There is a way out!" An-Tak, a Galu, a prisoner of 30 moons, has not been killed because he is cos-ata-lu. The wretched man explains the biology of Caspak. Each creature evolves higher as egg/tadpoles advance up the many stream beds. The final stage of human evolution is cos-ata-lu (no-egg man). The Weiroos want the secret. They only produce male offspring; thus must steal fertile cos-ata-lo (no egg woman) Galus to reproduce. An-Tak explains the Seven cycles of evolution.

An-tak survived by eating lizards and rats and promises to eat Bradley when the Englishman falls asleep. Bradley explores the dungeon, locating a hinged platform in the wall. He finds a descending ladder leading to an underground river. In darkness Bradley wades downstream, counting his steps that he might return to save An-Tak. He is bumped by floating corpses dropped into the river by the Weiroos, skulls and wings removed. At the end of the tunnel Bradley sees a temple in a wooded grove. He floats toward it, concealed from view by a Wieroo shroud.

In the tunnel under the temple Bradley climbs on a skull-paved shelf. A Wieroo emptying trash into the river is knocked unconscious and rolled into the water. Bradley explores the temple. Climbing a ladder he finds a door, behind which the Galu girl has refused a Wieroo's advances. Before Bradley can intervene a huge red-robed Wieroo enters. The creatures fight. The white-robe wins and tosses his foe down the open well.

Wishing no witnesses to his murder, the Wieroo advances on the girl. Bradley cuts its head off with the red robe's discarded blade then disposes of the remains. Rooms are painted blue when murder occurs there. A completely blue room is shunned by Weiroos. All Weiroos are murderers; their robes slashed with color to mark the number of murders done: White, Yellow, Red, Blue in upward rank. More Weiroos come. Bradley and the girl enter a blue room and hide under a pile of hides, but Bradley's foot is exposed. The Wieroo do not discover the girl. Bradley is led off to meet He Who Speaks for Luata.

Chapter 4

David Bruce Bozarth

Bradley is led into the temple for questioning by Him Who Speaks for Luata. The blue-clad Wieroo ruler accepts no armed visitors to his chambers. Bradley reveals he is cos-ata-lu and that he knows the secret. He makes a demand that he and the girl be set free in return for the knowledge. Alone with Him Who Speaks for Luata, Bradley sees the girl peering from hides hung on the wall. Leaning close to deliver the secret, he beheads the creature. In a different room he fabricates three ropes and lowers the girl into the disposal shaft to the underground river. After joining her, Bradley is determined to rescue his fellow prisoner. The girl has knowledge that an underground corridor exists beside the river. Returning to the Blue Place of Seven Skulls, he learns An-Tak has died. He removes the body to the river to confound the Wieroo guards.

Bradley learns of Wieroo evolution as he and the girl continue their escape. At the end of the corridor, their way is blocked by a waterfall. Descending to lower levels, Bradley sees a Wieroo nursery where galu mothers care for their hideous off-spring. Avoiding contact, they enter a room. Hidden, they watch the yellow-sashed Wieroo who had Bradley's gun enter to get food for the women and children. Later, the couple ascend into the room where he had first seen the girl. The gun recovered, Bradley listens to the flapping wings outside, knowing the hunt has begun in earnest. The girl will not stay behind to avoid death by association with Bradley. She tells of her heartache for home and a man named An-Tak. The Englishman does not speak of his knowledge in that regard.

Disguising themselves as Weiroos with dead wings and robes about them, the couple walk the roofs toward the north edge of the city. Waiting until darkness, they descend by rope and enter the woods. Bradley learns from the girl that there are no large predators on the island. Two days later they find a natural amphitheater high in the hills with woods and water. Just beyond the hills is the inland sea.

Bradley discovers he is in love with the girl and suppresses his inner urges. Days pass as they make clothing, primitive weapons, and feed themselves. During a wistful conversation, Bradley learns An-Tak was the girl's brother. His offer to stand in that position for her is rejected. "I already have a brother. I do not want another."

Chapter 5

David Bruce Bozarth

For several months Bradley and the girl remain hidden, their lives simple. He teaches her to swim. Then one day Bradley is sighted by a Weiroo who flies off toward the city. Three days later five Weiroos return. Leading the Weiroos into the woods, Bradley kills three with the gun. The two remaining Weiroos are captured and forced to fly the humans to the mainland.

The Englishman and the girl travel south after releasing the Weiroos. Later that afternoon they come upon the U-33. Cautiously observing, Bradley discovers that von Schoenvorts and the German crew are in charge and the British are forced labor to transport oil to the U-boat. Before engaging the Germans, Bradley learns the girl loves him, kisses her, then stealthily approaches von Schoenvorts. Bradley applies a stranglehold on the German captain and demands the others lay down their weapons.

Two of the German crew have no desire to obey an order to attack, allowing the English prisoners to take their weapons. The fight is short, the Allies victorious.

Co-Tan (the girl) emerges from the brush and is introduced. Meanwhile, one of the long suffering German crewmen slays von Schoenvorts with a bayonet thrust. The Germans place themselves as prisoners of the British, but know they will be better treated than they had been under von Schoenvorts. Bradley and Olson catch up on events. Bradley decides the refueled U-boat will begin a search for Tyler and La Rue.

Three days later they near Galu country, Co-Tan's home. Some hours later they sight a party of 20 Galus and put to shore so that CoTan might speak with them. Among that number is Tan, the girl's father. During the meeting with the Galus, Tom Billings and A-Jo arrive on Ace, the bay stallion. Bradley learns that Bowen Tyler and Lys, his wife, have already left for the outside world. Bradley and Billings know the Galus will not let the women go with them, so they quietly put the women on board the U-33 and sail away. Upon exiting Caspak via the subterranean river, the U-boat joins with the Toreador. The Toreador's captain marries all three couples and the ships return to America.

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