ERB Summary Project Duane Adams 2000, colorized by Tangor

The Moon Maid

Summarized by
Duane Adams

Introduction by David Bruce Bozarth

Summary and Images first appeared on the ECOF-2000 CD. Presented as an omnibus summary "The Moon Maid" which includes the full texts of THE MOON MAID, THE MOON MEN, and THE RED HAWK. Summary is based on the Magazine versions, which are longer than the Book version.


(Edgar Rice Burroughs)

Julian 3rd (1967)

Julian 5th

Lt. Cmdr. Orthis

Lt. West

Lt. Jay

Esn. Norton

Ga-va-go, leader

No-van (Va-gas tribe)


U-ga (human tribe)

Lu-thans (Va-gas tribe)




The Twentyfour




Or-tis (Orthis)

Julian 9th


Julian 8th

Jim Thompson

Peter Johansen


Or-tis (false)

Juana St. John

Moses Samuels


Pthav's woman



Julian 20th

Red Hawk (Julian 20th)

Rain Cloud


Rattlesnake clan

Or-tis (sixteenth)

Julians (tribe)

the true Or-tis

Saku The Nipon

Raban, the giant


Americans (tribe)

Yanks (tribe)



Julian 21st


Mars (Barsoom)



Va-nah (the moon)

City No. 337

Herschel Island

United States of America

Great Britain


Cajon Pass

Bear Lake

Capitol city


Harding (liner)

1914-1967 (War)

June 10, 1967

International Peace Fleet

Eighth Ray

The Barsoom

Christmas Day 2025

January 8, 2026


crescent hooks

Jemadar, rank (ruler)

wings/gas bag


Javadar, rank (Prince)

thirteen kelds, ten years

Jemadav, rank (princess)

mortar (weapon)

hand grenade

2036 (year of return)

March, 1969

2050 (year)

electronic rifle

2120 (year)


Brother General, rank

Kash Guard

Old Glory

the name of God

Treivos (local government)


Red Lightning (horse)

2430 (year)

Flag of Argon

The Flag

Great Feud

Red Lightning (20th's horse)


THE MOON MAID is an illustration of an author who refused to give up. Three months before the Versailles Treaty (Jun 28, 1919) which ended World War I, Edgar Rice Burroughs began work on a story with the working title UNDER THE RED FLAG. He had already written his "World War I" novels THE MAD KING, THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, and BEYOND THIRTY while the world was still at war--yet there was something which occurred during that extended combat between nations which captured ERB's attention more than that great conflagaration. Feburary 1917 saw popular unrest in war torn Russia. Lenin returned to Russia in April 1917 which set forth a series of events that led to the Russian Revolution and the rise of the Bolsheviks—and the State takeover by October.

These events and the ensuing loss of individual freedoms for the Russian people in the interest of community (Communisim) deeply troubled the author of the Tarzan and Barsoom tales. He voiced those misgivings in the unpublished work UNDER THE RED FLAG. The story was not well received by editors who had previously published Burroughs' stories. "The war is almost over," they said, "The readers are tired of War. Give us Tarzan!" Burroughs complied, completing TARZAN THE UNTAMED and TARZAN THE TERRIBLE; however, the author was left with a story he felt should be told but for which there was no current market.

Despite of ERB's growing wealth as a writer, he remained a frugal man. What he wrote was WORK. Work demanded RECOMPENSE. That fertile brain went to work on the problem.

Nearly three years after the First World War ended Burroughs re-thought UNDER THE RED FLAG--his prediction of future ills under a communal-type government--and deliberately wrote a prequel to the warning he wished to share and market, and also profit from. Writing for THE MOON MAID was begun in June 1922--a fantastic tale that wove adventure and science speculation with a connection to his established Barsoom tales. Spaceflight! The Moon! Strange Societies! Even Stranger Creatures! The pulp editors loved it. THE MOON MAID appeared in serial form in 1923. Burroughs then revised UNDER THE RED FLAG as an extension of THE MOON MAID. Hello! Previous WORK is/was salvaged!

There is an economy of effort illustrated by Burroughs the author: If you can't sell it in one form, revise and sell it in another. Hindsight reveals Edgar Rice Burroughs ultimately benefitted from the pulp editors' initial refusal to publish UNDER THE RED FLAG. When TARZAN THE UNTAMED appeared in the German market after World War I--with its strongly anti-German (wartime) sentiment--ERB's Deutsch agent was vilified along with Burroughs and his books, contracts and royalties disappeared. We do not know if the 1920s Russian market might have responded similarly because UNDER THE RED FLAG was never published but the parody of Communisim expressed in THE MOON MEN did see print and did not suffer similar adverse effects for international publication.

Having "saved" the initial work expended in writing UNDER THE RED FLAG Burroughs eventually closed the series with the intensely patriotic THE RED HAWK (1925). In the few years previous to writing THE RED HAWK some real world events had taken place:

World events were happening at whirlwind pace! About this same time the International Workers of the World (IWW or Wobblies), Unions, and Prohibition surfaced. Burroughs was not fond of any of these movements or laws.

ERB, most likely, had either read or heard of Josef Stalin's preface to ON THE ROAD TO OCTOBER (1924)The October Revolution and the Tactics of the Russian Communists and read between the lines. Whether Burroughs actually read ON THE ROAD TO OCTOBER or not is actually moot: Burroughs always and uniformly espoused the concept of personal freedom and freedom under a government that recognized personal freedom--the general concept of Democracy. Politically, Burroughs was Republican, though in later years he would hang a picture of Harry S Truman on the wall with admiration.

Burroughs' stories contain many personal comments regarding human society and types of government. He freely used his fanciful "damphool litrachor" as a bully pulpit to express his personal convictions. We readers find evidence of the author's beliefs regarding "civilized government" in nearly every story he produced but in no other series of stories do we find Burroughs so focused and specific--or as adamant!

THE MOON MAID, however determined to denounce Communisim, is one of the few ERB tales--THE MOON MEN segment in particular--which actively supports the concept of organized religion. We are shown the tenets of Christian and Jewish beliefs, the sanctity of marriage, and a belief in God. Do we know that ERB believed in these attributes of religion? No. Was this a deliberate attempt to reveal and revile the "godlessness" of Communisim? Yes! Burroughs had earlier used Barsoom (GODS OF MARS) to debunk organized religion; yet, how often in his early works did ERB's characters reference God, or an Almighty, or some Force beyond human experience? Burroughs wrote to his audience--this is why he remains as popular today as when the stories were first published. Religion exists for some, some are Agnostics, some are Atheists, some do not have an opinion, yet in THE MOON MAID Burroughs wrote to the (then) 1920s American reading public which was largely Judeo-Christian in belief.

THE MOON MAID trilogy, which even the fans of Burroughs must admit is rather crude, blunt, or unpolished compared to his other works has a larger soul and message: Be Prepared! Beware the Politicians! Do Not Disarm! Avoid Communists! Avoid authoritarian rule! Honor and Love Thy Wife! Struggle Against Dictators! Honor Family and Friends! Love Thy Country! Be Free and Independent! Be willing to Fight for One's Beliefs! Burroughs made no bones about his political leanings or his fear for the future--not only for America but the world at large. Or, as others might say, perhaps I'm reading too much into THE MOON MAID--after all it might be as simple as ERB the working man artfully figuring out a way to sell a story which had been rejected.

Some Facts. Some Speculation.

Definitely Admiration.

David Bruce Bozarth

Edgar Rice Burroughs began work on The Moon Maid in June of 1922. The Moon Men had already been written but was yet unpublished. The Moon Maid was published as a five part serial in Argosy All-Story Weekly on May 5, 12, 19, 26; June 2, 1923. The first edition hardback which contained all three parts of the story was published by McClurg in February 1926. It cut out almost twenty-five per cent from the magazine version (mainly from The Moon Men). The Ace paperback edition, 1962, restored the original material. Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote The Moon Men in April and May of 1919 under the working title Under the Red Flag. It was published as a four part serial by Argosy All-Story Weekly, February 22, 28; March 7, 14, 1925. It is a cautionary tale about the dangers of Russian communism. The sequel to The Moon Men was first published as a three part serial in Argosy All-Story Weekly September 5, 12, 19, 1925. Other than the magazine publications The Red Hawk has never been printed on its own. It is usually combined with all three parts of the trilogy or in conjunction with The Moon Men. [Information obtained from Robert B. Zeuschnerís The Exhaustive Scholarís and Collectorís Descriptive Bibliography.]

The chapter headings are from the Ace edition followed by the chapter heading of the hardbound editions in parenthesis.

Part I

The Moon Maid

Duane Adams 2000

Prologue (Prologue - The Message From Mars)*

The storyteller meets Julian in the Blue Room of the Harding after the war that has lasted from 1914-1967. All weapons of war have been dumped into the ocean, scrapped, or converted to peaceful purposes. Two months after the war on June 10, 1967 earth received a communication from Mars. Julian cryptically states, "... there is no such thing as Time ..." Having no stateroom the storyteller invites Julian to share a room with him. As they pass by a young lady, Julian mysteriously predicts he will know her in 200 years. In the stateroom Julian begins his story.

Chapter I - An Adventure In Space (The Flight Of "The Barsoom")

Julian explains how he recalls his prior incarnations. He begins the story of Julian 5th, a member of the International Peace Fleet. Communications with Mars/Barsoom gives Earth the knowledge of the Eighth Ray. A Mars ship to Earth strays off course. Lieutenant Commander Orthis, Julianís Air School rival, discovers and isolates the Eighth Ray of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter so interplanetary travel could be possible. The Barsoom is built to fly to Mars with a five man crew consisting of Julian as the captain, a disgruntled Lt. Com. Orthis, Lt. West, Lt. Jay, and Ensign Norton. They launch on Christmas day 2025. Orthis asks to have Ens. Norton bunk with him rather than Lt. West. Twelve days out they fly close by the moon and observe plant life and possibly insects and reptiles. Orthis gets drunk and vents his frustrations on Julian. Julian tells Orthis to apologize or be put in irons. The next day Orthis sabotages the engines.

Chapter II - The Secret Of The Moon (The Heart Of The Moon)

A drunken Orthis is placed in irons. The ship falls towards the moon. They discover Orthis has destroyed the auxiliary engines, the radio, and opened the intake valve of the Eighth Ray. Ens. Norton closes the valve, but they continue to drop. The decision is made to land and explore the moon surface. The ship is caught in a lunar whirlpool and slowly spirals into a huge crater. Hovering one hundred and thirty miles below the craterís summit, they conclude the moon is a hollow sphere. A luminosity is coming from the center of the moon. Pressure and atmosphere similar to earthís is discovered and verified. They ascend(descend) toward the light. Emerging, they land on the interior of the moon - 11 A.M. January 8, 2026. The interior is lit like a "cloudy day on Earth".

Chapter III - Animals Or Men? (Human Quadrupeds)

A description of plants and animal life is given. They discover the lesser gravity of the moon. The water is tested and proven safe. Orthis asks to be given another chance. They decide to place Orthis on parole. Short excursions of exploration reveal a well marked trail and imprints of a three-toed quadruped. Armed with revolvers and rifles Julian and Orthis follow the spoor. Crossing a river they spot a small horse-like animal with a human like face. Discovering they are on an island, five of these creatures gallop down on them stopping fifty feet in front of them.

Chapter IV - Captured (In The Hands Of The Va-gas)

More creatures appear to be coming. The five in front of them threaten the party with weapons. Julian shoots and kills the leader. The reinforcements are closing in. Julian and Orthis kill the remaining four and flee. Encircled by a hundred such creatures they fire at will. Every wounded creature has his throat cut immediately by another of the creatures. The crescent-like hooks on the spears of their foes bring down Julian and Orthis. They are strapped to the backs of the creatures and taken to their camp or village. The bodies of the dead creatures are devoured raw by the living. They are taken to the leaderís hut but language is a barrier.

Chapter V - Out Of The Storm (A Lunar Storm)

Julian and Orthis are taught the language of the Va-gas, the quadruped creatures. Julian attempts to explain the Sun, stars, and planets to a disbelieving Ga-va-go, leader of the tribe known as No-van. He also tells him that human flesh is poisonous. Ga-va-go wants to be taken to Earth where there is an abundance of flesh. Ga-va-go sends for Orthis and thereafter shows a preference towards him. Descriptions of a nomadic move by the No-vans. A storm comes up. The No-vans are terrified. They take shelter in a forest. After the storm a human like bird creature is spotted. As it descends the Va-gas tear off itís wings and the hump on itís back and bring it to Ga-va-go.

Chapter VI - The Moon Maid (An Exodus And A Battle)

The captive bird creature is actually quite humanoid. She is Nah-ee-lah (The Moon Maid), a U-ga, from the city called Laythe and daughter of itís Jemadar. Nah-ee-lah is brought before Ga-va-go. A disgruntled Va-gas, who wants to eat all the captives, is killed and eaten. On the move again. Orthis rides along side Ga-va-go. Julian speaks with the moon maid. As he tries to explain the idea of planets to her she almost believes him because of the U-gasí ancient myths of such possibilities. Nah-ee-lah explains her wings and gas bag that allow flight. She also tells him how her race tells time. The No-vans attack another Va-gas tribe, the Lu-thans. A tremendous battle is described with the No-vans victorious. A feast is made of the dead and the spoils of the battle are divided.

Chapter VII - A Fight And A Chance (The Moon Maid Escapes)

Orthis and Julian are separated because Orthis has promised the Va-gas weapons and to take them to Earth. Ga-va-go wants to ransom the moon maid. Julian learns that the U-gas consider the Va-gas lower animal forms, and they eat them as we do cattle. Ga-va-go has given Nah-ee-lah to Orthis. He tries to forcibly take her to his hut. Julian stops him. Orthisí hatred for Julian returns. Julian is dragged from the hut by guards and tied up. A storm starts. Nah-ee-lah cries for help. Julian breaks his bonds and finds Orthis forcing himself on the maiden. Julian knocks him out. They decide to flee under the cover of the storm even though Nah-ee-lah is just as afraid of the storm as the Va-gas are.

Chapter VIII - A Fight With A Tor-ho (Into The Mouth Of The Crater)

Weaponless, Julian and Nah-ee-lah head for the mountains. They wander for days looking for the hidden entrance to Laythe, which is below the lip of a crater. Julian has a terrific battle with a tor-ho and kills it. Nah-ee-lah tells Julian if he "... had been killed I should not care to live..." Julian tells her to save herself next time. Their relationship is strained. Nah-ee-lah believes she has found the entrance to Laythe. They hand make a pole to gain ingress to the tunnel twenty feet below the edge. The pole slips off the edge as Julian barely makes the entrance and leaves Nah-ee-lah hanging from the craterís edge. Julian rescues her and develops feelings for her.

Chapter IX - An Attack By Kalkars (The Fight With The Kalkars)

Following the tunnel for five or six miles they come to an open area with two branches leading out of it. This confuses Nah-ee-lah because there are no branches in the Laythe tunnel. A Kalkar is sighted coming down one of the branches. They run down the other corridor. Julian learns of Ko-tah, a powerful Laythean, who has designs on becoming Jemadar and marrying Nah-ee-lah. The corridor is a cul-de-sac ending in a circular chamber. The Kalkars entered the chamber and try to encircle them. A fight ensues in which Julian and Nah-ee-lah manage to gain some weapons and escape back to the entrance. All hooked poles except one that allow access to the crater rim are cast into the abyss. Nah-ee-lah clings to the rim of the crater as the pole falls away leaving Julian stranded below to face a charging Kalkar.

Chapter X - The City Of Kalkars (The Kalkar City)

Julian is captured by a Kalkar named Gapth who tells him that there is no escape from the Kalkar city. They blindfold Julian and take him through a series of halls and chambers to confuse him. Julian keeps track mentally of the way back. A description of the Kalkar city where Va-gas are bred like cattle. Julian is to be confined until The Twentyfour, a committee that rules the city, meet to question him. He is told that attempted escapes means death by torture. Julian is imprisoned with Moh-goh, one of Ko-tahís hunters. Moh-goh tells a history of Va-nah, the inner moon; of Ko-tahís power; of the believed death of the Princess (Nah-ee-lah); and the hopeless life of Laytheans in which they look forward to death believing that the next incarnation may be brighter. They discuss escape plans as Julian worries about Nah-ee-lahís fate. They over power two guards, don their clothes, and make it to the tunnel entrance. As they attempt to tie spears together for an escape pole, they hear pursuers in the tunnel.

Chapter XI - A Meeting With Ko-tah (Laythe)

With a rope around his waist Julian leaps to the top of the crater and pulls up a surprised Moh-goh. They travel to Laythe. Fearing to be taken as Kalkars they enter the city via the tunnel. Julian frets about the Moon Maidís fate. They make themselves known and tell of their impossible escape from Kalkar City No. 337. Julian becomes known as >Ju-lan-fití which he leads them to believe means Prince. Descriptions of Laythe are given. Julian is brought before Ko-tah the Javadar (Prince) and is treated as an equal. Julian accepts Ko-tahís hospitality in the hopes of helping Nah-ee-lahís father, Sagroth. Ko-tah is skeptical of Julianís story of Earth and space travel. The Princessesí identity and fate are kept from Julian who keeps his knowledge of her to himself. Description of the baths. Julian is to meet with Sagroth.

Chapter XII - Growing Danger (Ko-tah Threatens the Princess)

Julian is taken to the Jemadarís palace. Wonderful descriptions of the palace and throne room are given. Julian is formally introduced to Sagroth, his wife, and daughter. Nah-ee-lah shows no hint of recognition of Julian. He is hurt. Ko-tah tells Julian he is either his alley or enemy, and he must choose quickly. In an informal meeting Julian tells of Earth and space travel, while Sagroth reveals more about the ancient legends of the outer worlds. Later Julian tries to draw Nah-ee-lah into recalling their mutual adventure, but she is "cold and haughty." Julian gains the confidence of Ko-tahís loyalist/spies and of the coup dí etatí that has been in the making for thirteen kelds, ten years. He learns to use wings and air bags. He discovers Ko-tah meeting with the Kalkars. Later he overhears the Kalkars pressuring Ko-tah to join with a creature from another world to take over Laythe. Ko-tah refuses and decides to unseat Sagroth immediately. Julian wonders what he should do with the information.

Chapter XIII - Death Within And Without! (Ko-tah is Killed)

Julian goes to warm Sagroth. Nah-ee-lah calls him a traitor. Assassins appear. As Julian and Sagroth fight them off, a dozen more come in and Sagroth is killed. Julian and Nah-ee-lah escape. She asks for his forgiveness in doubting him. A plan is made to rally the Imperial Guard, who are always loyal, to aid the new Jemadav, Nah-ee-lah. They take control of the throne room from Ko-tah and his small band of warriors. He returns with a million warriors. A huge battle results, however the throne room is still held. The populace arrives declaring Ko-tah the Jemadar. Nah-ee-lah wants to surrender, but Julian engages Ko-tah in a sword fight and quickly slays him. Suddenly, the city is being shelled by Kalkar mortar fire. A message comes from Or-tis, leader of the Kalkars, Jemadar of Jemadars, he will spare Laythe if Nah-ee-lah marries him. She rejects the offer and call the city together to address them..

Chapter XIV - The Barsoom! (Back To "The Barsoom")

The Kalkars storm the city. The Laytheans repel them until the Kalkars start using hand grenades. The situation appears hopeless as Julian and Nah-ee-lah declare their love for each other. They discover Nah-ee-lahís mother has committed suicide. Orthis blows up the gates to the palace. The two lovers don flying wings and leave the city undetected. With their gas bags losing buoyancy, they land on an island. They stay there a long time. The Barsoom is spotted flying near by. They fly to try and intercept it. Julian deduces that the ship is investigating craters in an attempt to return to Earth. The Barsoom dips below the rim of a crater. Julian desperately flies to the lip and finds the ship is still there. Ensign Nortonís friendship with Orthis made the repairs possible. They return to Earth. The year is 2036, ten years have passed since they left Earth. Julian 3rd promises to tell the author the story of Julian 9th, if they meet again.

Part II

The Moon Men

Duane Adams 2000

Being the Story of Julian 9th

Chapter I - A Strange Meeting (Prologue - The Conquest)

The author is polar bear hunting near Herschel Island, March, 1969. A terrific polar bear hunt is described. The author is rescued by a ship carrying Julian 3rd. He begins the story with the reminder "... there is no past and no future - that there is only now." A recap of the events of The Moon Maid are given. The United States and Great Britain jointly rule the world and have effectively disarmed it so that in 2050 when Orthis returns to Earth with an army of Kalkars; it is easily conquered. Orthis has invented an electronic rifle that dissipates aluminum. Julian covers the remaining ships to protect the aluminum. Orthis readjusts the rife and dissipates the bronze propeller and all the bronze fittings; indeed, he can change the setting to dissipate any existing matter. Orthis spews hatred towards Julian 5th. Julian boards Orthisí ship. Orthis blows up the ship killing himself and Julian 5th. Some Earthlings join in with the Kalkars. The offspring of Julian 5th and Orthis live on. "Julian 9th will tell his own story."

Chapter II - Soor, The Tax Collector (Chapter I - The Flag)

It is around the year 2120. Description of life under the rule of the Kalkarsí Twenty Four is given. With the execution of the intellectuals, learning is prohibited and all maintenance of infrastructure as well as all things mechanical is non-existent. The world is in chaos. People are forced to barter for goods such as coal at unreasonable prices. A tax collector, Soor, levees new unfair payments. Julian 9thís father pays the new tax, but Soor also demands a bribe. At home Julian 8th seethes over his humiliation and meekness. His woman cautions him to be quiet because of spies. Julian 8th declares, "The American spirit has been bent, but not broken..." A foreboding of hellhounds is given.

Chapter III - The Hellhounds (Chapter II - The Hellhounds)

We learn that Julian 8th once killed a Kash Guard, the Kalkar police force, defending his wifeís honor. During a political argument with Jim Thompson, a neighbor, Julian displays Old Glory. Julian 9th sees a face in the window and secrets the Flag back to itís hiding place. Peter Johansen comes to the door and gives the impression he saw the Flag incident, a treasonable offense. That night, Julian 9th hears the bay of hellhounds and a womanís scream. He has a terrific battle with the hellhounds and slays all of them. The saved girl invokes the name of God, a forbidden deity, as all religion has been banned by the Twenty Four. It is decided that the girl should stay with Jim Thompson and his woman, Mollie. Julian 9th helps walk the beautiful girl to Jimís house. He is drawn to the her like a magnet.

Chapter IV - Brother General Or-tis (Chapter III - Brother General Or-tis)

The next day Julian 9th returns to Jimís and becomes acquainted with the rescued girl, Juana St. John. She tells him her story. Julian learns of the new commander of the Kash Guard, Or-tis, from Moses Samuels, the Jewish tanner. The specter of the mining camps for criminal offenses in mentioned. Back at home, Or-tis suddenly appears to announce his supremacy and search for the illegal and hidden Flag. When it canít be found he threatens everyone and asks Juana to come and work for him. She refuses. Or-tis says there ways to may her come to him and leaves.

Chapter V - The Fight On Market Day (Chapter IV - A Fight On Market Day)

Juana fears she has brought doom to everyone around her. That night she attempts suicide by drowning, Julian saves her and realizes that he loves her. Upon returning home, he finds men spying on his house. The next day he warns his parents. At the market place Julian saves the daughter of Pthav, a Kalkar coal baron, from a charging bull. Or-tis is impressed until he sees that it is Julian 9th. He warns him to use his strength for good causes. Julian says he will. The family "hereditary pen," corral, has been given to a man by the name of Vonbulen. Julian bodily throws him out . The tax collector argues with Julian about the ownership of the pen. As Soor leaves, Julian throws his fatherís bribe payment, of cheese, in Soorís face knocking him down. Jim Thompson says that action was rash , but he envies him.

Chapter VI - The Court Martial (Chapter V - The Court Martial)

Julian 9th is taken before the special military tribunal headed by Or-tis. He successfully defends himself against Soorís charges of resisting an officer of the law in the discharge of his duties and assault with a deadly weapon (the cheese). He is let go with the warning to show respect. He tells his family about the incident and then walks Juana home. On his way back he meets and fights with Peter Johansen calling him a spy and breaks his wrist. When he tells his mother about the incident, he learns of Peterís designs on her, and that she now fears that Johansen will pursue his desires openly. Julian 9th takes Juana on a long secret journey to a hidden church.

Chapter VII - Betrayed (Chapter VI - Betrayed)

Sixteen people attend the church service. The service is described. As they leave separately, Julian and Juana spot Johansen following Old Samuels. They intercept Samuels using a ruse of looking for a goat. It is unknown how much Peter discovered about the secret church. A week later Or-tis rides up with fifty men and tell Juana she is to marry him. Julian steps in and declares that she is his woman. Juana states it also. Or-tis doesnít believe them because he has had them watched. He makes threats and gives her thirty days, the legal time limit, to find a man or accept him - with that he leaves. Julian declares his love to Juana and wants her to live with him. Juana wants a marriage ceremony, which is illegal. Juana lives under Julianís roof to divert suspicion until they are married. Julian tries to make plans for their own place, but Pthav says he wonít get any land. Pthavís wife says she will help convince Pthav to persuade the Treivos, the governing body of a district, to allow Julian to work some land. The marriage takes place. The Kash guard pound on the church door, and the congregation makes their escape through a secret tunnel.

Chapter VIII - The Arrest of Julian 8th (Chapter VII - The Arrest of Julian 8th)

The church is lost to them. The next day Samuels gives Julian a crucifix as a wedding present. The Kash Guard come to question Samuels about the church. Julian tries to prevent his torture, but he is tied up. The crucifix is discovered and broken by the Guards. Samuels gives up no information as they torture him to death. Julian doesnít know why they donít do the same with him other than something is whispered between the Guards. Samuels is buried. The state gives all Old Samuelsí possessions and house to someone else. Julian and Juana repair the crucifix. Or-tis and the Treivos are in a power struggle which allows Julian to use land and explains why is was not tortured to death. He is also given permission to build a house. He buys and tames a bad tempered bay which he names, Red Lightning. Julian 8th is arrested for night trading. Julian 9th rushes to the stockade and offers to help him escape. He refuses because he is innocent and is sure he will be set free. The trial is to be military and therefore will be held in secret.

Chapter IX - I Horsewhip An Officer (Chapter VIII - I Horsewhip An Officer)

A Kash Guard reports that Julian 8th received ten years in the mines and that his mother, Elizabeth, has thirty days to take another man. He also lets it slip about the dissatisfaction of the Guards with Or-tis. Julian plans a revolution. A month later he finds Johansen attacking his mother and kills him. At the market place the people are very upset because the taxes have been doubled. Julian uses this anger to talk the people into revolting right now. It goes well until a company of Kash Guard appear. Alone, Julian defies a Guard who then attempts to whip him. The tables turn and Julian horsewhips the Guard until he is knocked unconscious and carried away to prison.

Chapter X - Revolution (Chapter IX - Revolution)

Julian 9th wastes no time in escaping from prison. On the run, a soldier suddenly appears in front of him. The manís rifle misfires and Julian kills him. Surrounded on three side by the Kash Guard he dives off a cliff into the water below and eludes them. Back at home, he takes the Flag, his mother, and new wife to the old church for safetyís sake. He starts out for the coal mines. He manages to speak with his father and tells him of his plan. Julian 8th says some of the prisoners may help. Julian 9th systematically disposes of the sentries and then with some help the guard house. The barracks is easily taken by all the prisoners. Their battle cry becomes "On to Chicago." The five thousand man army dwindles to two thousand by the time they reach the hidden church. At the church they learn from a dying Elizabeth that Or-tis has carried off Juana. They bury their dead wife and mother.

Chapter XI - The Butcher (Chapter X - The Butcher)

On their way to the market place they pick up Jim Thompson. Their numbers have shrunk to a thousand men. At the first attack the Kash Guard turn and run - some defect. The sight of Old Glory leading the way spurs the people to join the revolt. Pthavís woman displays her hated husbandís head on a pole. As they storm the barracks, they ride into a trap. The Guard seems to have known they were coming and gain the upper hand. The situation appears hopeless so Julian decides to look for Juana. At Or-tisí quarters he finds him choking Juana and easily kills him. The Guards are returning to head quarters so Julian sends Juana off to a rendezvous place with the Flag on Red Lightning . The remaining revolutionaries, along with Jim Thompson, are killed. Julian 9th is captured. He refuses to speak and is tortured. The next morning the butcher, the executioner, cuts his throat. The author asks Julian 3rd if recalls more re-incarnations. Julian 3rd only smiles.

Part III

The Red Hawk

Being the Story of Julian 20th

Chapter I - The Desert Clans

Julian 20th, the Red Hawk, tells his own story. The year is 2430. The revolution started three hundred years ago by Julian 9th has driven the Kalkars to the western edge of the continent. For the last one hundred years they have held the pass, probably Cajon Pass, that leads down the mountains to their last stronghold. Beautiful descriptions of the desert clans are given. Red Hawk tells the clans they will invade after the rainy season. More descriptions of their lives are given. Julian announces to the council that they will take everything and everyone with them. This will be the final battle - win or lose - there is no coming back. The Flag of Argon is brought in, and they all bow to it. It has become their religion.

Chapter II - Exodus

The fifty clans gather in April and a thousand, thousand people depart for the last stronghold of the Kalkars. The Flag is revered as a god. Rain Cloud, Julianís brother, questions the commonly held flat Earth theory. Red Hawk is a fighter not a thinker. The fifth march is a difficult night trek across the desert. An overview of the clanís hounds is given. They arrive at Bear Lake in the mountains after ten marches and twelve days. The battle plan is to have the Wolf and his clan attack the pass directly, hoping to draw the Kalkar hordes to that point. Meanwhile, Red Hawk will flank them, while the Rattlesnake clan will attack from the rear. All the clans are in place.

Chapter III - Armageddon

The three pronged attack is launched at dawn and is a complete surprise. A terrible battle ensues. Red Hawk successfully defeats a jousting Kalkar chief. The battle wages for hours. Red Hawk receives a flesh wound. The Wolf has taken the pass and joins the fight at the base camp. A Kalkar messenger from Or-tis, the Jemadar, brings an offer of peace talks. The Red Hawk tells him, "... that the Kalkars must slay us to the last man, or be slain." The messenger is allowed to return and the battle continues. When night comes the Julians fall back and encircle the Kalkars for an eveningís rest. Suddenly the Kalkars rush en-mass to break through the lines. Red Hawk is caught up in the crush of the horde, recognized as the Red Hawk, the Chief, and is captured.

Chapter IV - The Capitol

On the way to a Kalkar camp Red Hawk describes the Kalkars of his time. The news of the defeat causes the Kalkars to flee to their Capitol. Julian is brought before the sixteenth Or-tis and offered a peace alliance. Julian 20th refuses. Or-tis sends the offer to the Julians anyway. The Julians start to invade the city. A slave prophesies that her kind will be there still when all conquerors have vanished and are forgotten. Julian is taken to and describes the Capitol city. Again Or-tis offers peace and again Julian refuses the offer. Orthis will send him to the Butcher in the morning. He is imprisoned at the top of a skyscraper with another man, who is the true Or-tis. Julian hears of the true Or-tisí fatherís regrets of the long Great Feud, of his wish to reunite all Americans, and of his assassination by the renegade uncle who has Kalkar blood, the false Or-tis now in power. They are both to go to the butcher in the morning. Julian begins to wonder if the old Jemadar was right to try to end the Great Feud.

Chapter V - The Sea

Julian and Or-tis make a temporary truce. Taking a leap of faith, Julian asks the Or-tis to escape with him. They overpower the guards and must scale down the outside wall of the building. Donning the guardsí cloaks, they find horses, including Red Lightning and make their escape. Pursued and almost trapped, they must split up. Red Hawk travels for hours. When Red Lightning refuses to go further, they sleep. He awakes to discover that he had slept at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Making their way down to the sea, they drink the salt water and become very ill.

Chapter VI - Saku The Nipon

Red Hawk searches for a way to rejoin his people. He happens upon the Nipons, a race of Japanese pygmies. Descriptions of their camp and people are given. Saku, the chief, feeds him and gives him directions. The shortest route back to his people is past Raban, the giant, who eats people. Red Hawk believes this to be a personification of a natural event, like lightning, and chooses that path. He departs and soon comes upon a Kalkar chasing a girl. Julian challenges him, and in the ensuing fight the Kalkar manages to kill his own horse and himself. The girl did not run away but remained there looking at Julian.

Chapter VII - Bethelda

The girlís name is Bethelda. She was hoping the Nipons would hide her from the Kalkars. Chivalry demands that Julian take her to Saku, so he does. She wants to join the Julians, saying that she is American also. But Julian thinks of her and those like her as a Kalkar and should be terminated like the Kalkars. Her arguments about the place of Americans that are trapped to the Kalkars by tradition distresses Julian to the point that he is unsure of the right course in dealing with her kind. Bethelda tells a little of her story and ponders her fate even if the Julians win. Julian tells her of the victory at the pass and their intentions to drive the Kalkars into the sea or be killed trying. The night is cold so Julian forces Bethelda to take his cloak. They fall in love. Bethelda states that she is an Or-tis -- Julian is silent. In the morning Julian goes hunting for deer to repay the Nipons. Upon returning, he finds dead bodies and the camp in shambles. Recklessly, he follows the spoor of twenty horsemen, one horse is obviously twice as large as Red Lightning. The Flag now gave greater meaning to him.

Chapter VIII - Raban

Red Hawk takes a perilous short-cut to get ahead of the murderous band. Reigning arrows down from above, Red Hawk disseminates Rabanís men. Raban rides off with Bethelda and his six remaining Kalkars. Red Hawk dispatches four more before being knocked unconscious and captured. One of his captors is a Yank named Okonnor who tells him a little about Raban. Red Hawk talks him into helping him rescue Bethelda. Okonnor rides off to get help from the Yanks in the area. Julianís love for Bethelda is complete. Red Hawk spies on Raban and his men. Raban is told of Red Hawkís capture and wants to eat his heart. It is then discovered that Red Hawk has escaped with the help of Okonnor.

Chapter IX - Reunion

That night Red Hawk can wait for Okonnor no longer. Red Lightning reappears providing him with bow and arrow which allows him to kill a Kalkar which in turn brings him a sword and dagger. Making his way to where Bethelda is held, he interrupts Raban dragging her to a bedroom. During the fight that follows, Red Hawk inflicts many wounds on Raban as Bethelda helps by keeping the torch at Red Hawkís back. Hearing the sound of men coming and reasoning that they are Rabanís men the torch is extinguished. Blocked from exiting the room, Red Hawk fights one of the newcomers in the dark to a stalemate. When a light is brought in, the newcomer is revealed to be the Vulture, Red Hawkís brother. Raban has died from his wounds and the true Or-tis declares Red Hawk to be the Jemadar of all America. The Vulture had made peace with the true Or-tis and together they defeated the Kalkars. They came with Okonnorís men came to find them. Red Hawk affirms the peace alliance, and the true Or-tis swears allegiance to Julian 20th.

Chapter X - Peace

Red Hawk declares his love to Bethelda. They drive the Kalkars into the sea where the Julians think they will sail off the edge of the world. Rain Cloud thinks they will sail all the way around to the eastern seaboard. Julian 21st is born. The union of Julian and Or-tis is complete under the Flag. The Great Feud is over.