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Summaries of ERB Style Pastiches and Fan Fiction From Around The World

In a similar vein to the Edgar Rice Burroughs Summary Project at erblist.com is the Pastiche Summary Project. Guidelines are the same. See Here.

Pastiches (in the style of, or similar to) and Fan Fiction which embrace the characters or worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs or his imitators will appear here. This project contains spoilers, so if you haven't read the story which is summarized keep that in mind. You have been warned!

Some stories come from "passarounds" ie. Xerox copies mailed from one fan to another, and do not have regular or usual distributions, and thus this summary may be your only way to learn about the story.

The pastiches are organized in Title Alphabetical Order. Each entry tracks the Author's Name (if known), Summarizer's Name, Length (Novel, Short, Poem, 1 Page, Comic, or actual word count), Country of Origin (if known), and the Publisher (if exists).

Individual summaries may have comments as Forewords or Afterwords written by the summary author(s). The Project Editor may include Sidebars. All Summaries are Copyright © by the respective authors and may not be reproduced without permission.

PASTICHE PROJECT EDITOR: Tangor (tangor@erblist.com)

The Forgotten Sea of Mars

Back To Earth's Core

Jag Jane (Me Jane)

La of Opar

Les Insurgés De Mars

Mobutu's Ghost

To Balance the Books

When the Princess Disappeared