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Barsoom Character List

A-Kor - Male, Dwar son of O-Tar and Haja
A-Sor - Male, Padwar friend of Gahan of Gathol
Anatok - Male, Jed of the Kangaroo men of Gooli
Assassin of Toonol - Male, title given to Gor Hajus
Astok - Male, Prince of Dusar
Ay-mad - Male, Member of the Council of Seven Jeds
Bal Tab - Male, Green warrior in Prince Jal Had's zoo
Bal Zak - Male, Commanded the Vosar
Ban-Tor - Male, related to Xaxak's wife
Bar Comas - Male, Jeddak, Warhoon
Carter John - Male, Prince of Helium
Carthoris - Male, Prince of Helium
Dak Kova - Male, Jed, Warhoon
Dan-ho -
Dar Tarus - Male, Jeddak of Phundahl
Dator -n/r, Dator Home: Valley Otz
Djor Kantos - Male, Padwar, Son of Kantos Kan
Doxus - Male, Jeddak, Kamtol
Dur Ajmad - Male, relative of Jal Had's first wife
Dur-Dan - Male, One of Ras Thavas' most trusted aides
E-Med - Male, commander of the Towers of Jetan
E-Thas - Male, O-Tar's right hand man
Em-Tar - Male, warrior in Hin Abtol's army
Fal Sivas - Male, scientist/thief
Floran - Male, fought with Gahan of Gathol
Fo-nar - Male, captured by Hin Abtol's forces
Gad Han - Male a prisoner in Morbus
Gan Had - Male, captive at Morbus
Gan Hor - Male, commanded a force of guerilla ranchers
Gan-ho - Male, conscripted by Hin Abtol
Gantun Gur - Male, the most powerful assassin of Amhor
Gar Nal - Male, rival of Fal Sivas
Ghek -Neuter, Bantoomian spider man
Ghron - Male, Jed of Ghasta
Gor Hajus - Male, Assassin of Toonol
Gor-don - Male, Rescued by Carter
Gore - Male, Korvas
Gozava -Female, green martian, a Thark
Gur Tus - Male, Dwar of the 10th Utan
Had Urtur - Male, Hastor
Haj Alt - Male, Prince of Tjanath
Haj Osis - Male, Tjanath
Haja -Female, Princess of Gathol
Hal Vas -son of Vas Kor
Hamas - Male, employed by Fal Sivas
Hin Abtol - Male, Jeddak of Pankor, Panar
Ho Ran Kim - Male, Jeddak of Horz
Hor Kai Lan - Male, Noble of Horz
Hor Vastus - Male, Padwar in Helium's navy.
Hora San - Male, last great High Priest of Tur
Hortan Gur - Male, Jeddak of Torquas
Hovan Du - Male, subject of an experiment by Ras Thavas
I-Gos - Male royal 'taxidermist'
I-Mal - Male, Chief of Manator
I-Zav - Male, Guard assigned to Ghek
Il-Dur-En - Male, one of Ras Thavas' trusted hormads
Issus -Female, First Born treated as a goddess
Jad-Han - Male, Prince of Amhor, Janai's brother
Jal Had - Male, Prince of Amhor, zoo keeper
Janai -Female, Princess of Amhor
Jat Or - Male, lieutant in personal guard of Dejah Thoris
Jav - Male, Lotharian
Joog - Male, Korvas
Kab Kadja - Male, Jeddak of Warhoon
Kal Tavan - Male, of Tjanath, wife murdered by assassins
Kam Han Tor - Male, one of the Horzian sleepers
Kandus -of Invak
Kantos Kan - Male, Jedwar, Helium Navy
Kar Komak - Male, Odwar of Lothar
Kara Vasa -Female, Noble of Phundahl
Kor San - Male, Valla Dia's father
Kor-an - Male, dueled with John Carter
Kulan Tith - Male, Jeddak of Kaol
Lakor - Male, a thern
Lan Sohn Wen -Commander of the 1st Utan of the Jeddak's Guard.
Lan-O -Female, enslaved in Manator; Tara's confidant
Larok - Male, a warrior-artificer
Lee Um Lo - Male, Embalmer of Horz
Llana -Female, Princess of Gathol
Lum Tar O - Male, Embalmer of Horz
Luud -Bisexed, a ruler in Bantoom
Man-Lat - Male, Officer in Kamtol
Matai Shang -Holy Hekkador of Therns
Moak -bisexed, King of Bantoom
Motus - of Invak
Mu Tel - Male, of Toonol
Multis Par - Male, of Zor
Myr-lo - Male, the inventor of Kamtol
Nastor - Male, Dator of Kamtol
Nolach -bisexed, king of Bantoom
Nolat - Male, of Kamtol fought John Carter
Notan - Male, Royal psychologist of Zodanga.
Nur An - Male, of Jahar
Nutus - Male, Jeddak of Dusor
O-mad - Male, a Thark
O-Mai the Cruel - Male, Jeddak of Manator
O-Tar - Male, Jeddak of Mantaja & Manatos
O-zar -
Old Ben - Male, the writer's body servant (colored).
Olvia Marthis -Female, daughter of Jed of Hastor
Orm-o - Male, young slave who fed Tor-Dur-Bar (Vor Daj)
Ozara -Female, Jeddara of Ombra
Pan Dan Chee - Male, Warrior of Horz
Pandar - Male, an officer in the hormad armies
Parthak - Male, brought food to John Carter
Paxton Ulysses - Male, apprentice to Ras Thavas
Pew Mogel - Male, of Korvas, a homad.
Phaidor -Female, daughter of Matai Shang
Phao -Female, of Jahar
Phor San - Male, Odwar in charge of Hin Abtol's aerial navy
Phor Tak - Male, creator of the disentegrator ray
Phystal - Male, slave master in Zodanga
Pnoxux - Male, of Invak
Povak - Male, Ur Jan's assassin
Ptang - Male, one of Xaxak's men
Ptanus - Male of Invak
Ptor Fak - Male, of Zodanga
Rab-zov - Male, of Pankor, Panar
Ro Tan Bim - Male, he Horzian corpse Lum Tar O had for appetizers
Rojas -Female, of Invak
Sab Than - Male, Prince of Zodanga
Sag Or - Male, Noble of Phundahl
Salensus Oll - Male, Jeddak of Kadabra, Okar
San Tothis - Male, of Gathol
Sonoma Tora -Female, daughter of Tor Haton
Saran Tal - Male, the Prince of Helium's Major-Domo
Sarkoja -Female, green martian woman.
Sator Throg - Male, a Holy Thern of the Tenth Cycle
Sept -bisexed, king of Bantoom
Sharu -Female, a slave in Ghasta
Sil Vagis - Male, Teedwar, 91st Umak, Helium
Sola -Female, Tars Tarkas' daughter.
Solan - Male, of Kadabra, Okar, a palace offical
Sonoma Tora -Female, a noble of Helium
Sorav - Male, an officer of Salensus Oll
Sovan - Male, Prince of Ptarth
Sytor - Male, commands the 10th Utan, 1st Dar of the 3rd Jed's Guard
Tal Hadjus - Male, Jeddak of Thark
Talu - Male, Prince of Kadabra, Okar
Tanus - Male, crewman on Gahan's cruiser Vanator.
Tario - Male, Jeddak of Lothar
Teeaytan-ov - Male, a hormad of Morbus
Thabis - Male, of Valley Dor, Issus' chief.
Than Kosis - Male, Jeddak of Zodanga
Thar Ban - Male, Jed of Torquas
Thor-Ban - Male, Jed of Torquas
Thorian - Male, Chief of the lesser Therns
Thurid - Male, Dator of Otz Valley
Tor Hatan - Male, commander 91st Umak
Tor-Dur-Bar - Male, Vor Daj as a hormad
Torith - Male, officer of the guards at the submarine pool.
Torkar Bar - Male, dwar of the Kaolian Road
Tul Axatar - Male, Jeddak of Jahar
Tun Gan - Male, name hormad Tor-Dur-Bar took
Tunjun - Male, padwar, Helium, aka Carthoris
Turan - Male, a panthan of Gathol
Turjun - Male, Carthoris' alias
U-Dan - of Zor
U-Dor - Male, commanded the 8th Utan
U-Kal - Male, Gahan of Gathol's Manatorian alias
U-Van - Male, guard at Manator
Ul Vas - Male, Jeddak of Ombra
Ul-to - Male, of Pankor, Panar
Ulah -Female, slave at Ombra
Uldak - Male, an assassin of Zodanga
Umka - Male, Masenas cat-man of Ladan
Ur Raj - Male, Padwar of Hastor
Ur-Jan - Male, head of the Zodangan Assassins Guild
Uthia -Female, Tara's slave.
Vad Varo - Male, Ulysses S Paxton's Martian identity
Vaja -Female, of Zor
Val Dor - Male, a captain of Helium
Valla Dia -Female, Princess of Duhor
Van-Tija -Female, Princess of Kamtol
Vanuma -Female, Princess of Amhor
Vas Kor - Male, father of Hal Vas
Vobis Kan - Male, Jeddak of Toonol
Vor Daj - Male, of the Warlord's Guard
Wolak - Male, slave owned by Fal Sivas
Xaxa -Female, Jeddara of Phundahl
Xaxak - Male, Dator of Kamtol
Xodar - Male, Jeddak, an ally of Helium.
Yamdor - Male, Ras Thavas' right hand
Yersted - Male, commander of the submarine.
Yo Seno - Male, Jailer of Tjanath
Zad - Male, Thark warrior
Zamak - Male, in the retinue of Ul Vas
Zanda -Female, slave in Zodanga
Zat Arrras - Male, Jed of Zodanga
Zithad - Male, commanded the guards of Issus
Zu Tith -n/r, n/r Home: n/r
Zuki - Male, kangaroo man of Gooli


Mad King Character List

Peter of Blentz - regent of Lutha
Leopold of Lutha - The king of Lutha
(von) Coblich - Peter's man
Dr. Stein - in the retinue of Peter of Blentz
Princess Emma von der Tann - Daughter of Ludwig
Prince Ludwig von der Tann - Father of Emma
Captain Ernst Maenck - of the Blentz garrison
Victoria Rubinroth - Barney's mother (named)
Lieutenant Otto Butzow
Lieutenant Karl Schonau  - one of the Blentz retainers
Fritz - a von der Tann retainer
Joseph - a von der Tann retainer
Yellow Franz of the Black Mountains - a brigand leader
Rudolph - a boy in the brigands' camp
Herman - a mountain brigand
Herr Kramer - shopkeeper at Tafelberg
Ferrath - an informer
Victoria Custer - Barney's sister
Margaret - friend of Victoria Custer
Bert - (named)
Bill - a driver
Count Zellerndorf of Austria
Stefan Drontoff - a Serbian spy (named)
General Kampf - imaginary Austrian created by Barney
General Petko - Serbian Minister to Lutha
Friedrich - a Luthan, probably a servant or chauffeur (named)
Captain Krantzwort - in the retinue of Peter of Blentz
Colonel Kazov - Luthan infantry commander


Pellucidar Character List

Ah-gilak - Pellucidarian for Old Man
Allara - The mother of Stellara
Amar - The name given by the Ruvans to Diane the Beautiful
Avan -  Chief of Clovi
Bruma - High Priest of the Jukans
Balal - Son of Scurv
Blug - brutal Kalian
Bohar the Bloody One - Right-hand man of the Cid
Bovar - warrior from Tandar
Brun - Father of La-ja and chief of Lohar
Bulf - Hand picked successor to the Cid
Canda the Graceful One - Daughter of Goork, King of Thuria
Carb - native of Clovi
Cid (The) - Title of the King of Korsar
Coripies - The Buried People of Amiocap
Dacor the Strong One - Son of Kandar, King of Amoz
Daj - Warrior of Lo-har
Dangar - A Sarian resuced by Von Horst
Dhung - Son of Scurv, the chief of Garb
Dian the Beautiful - Daughter of Kandar, King of Amoz
Do-gad - Nephew of Fash, King of Suvi
Dorf, Lieutenant - An officer of the O-220.
Doval - An Amiocapian from Paraht.
Downes, Frank - Communicated with David Innes
Drovan - Chief of the Bison-men
Durg - A Gorbus
Fash - King of Suvi
Favonia - Wife of Erich Von Haren
Fedol - Chief of Paraht in Amiocap
Fitt - A Korsar prisoner of David Innes
Fooge - Woman warrior of Oog.
Foola - Man of Oog and son of Gluck.
Frug - Chief of Basti
Furp - King of Tanga-tanga
Gamba - King of Lolo-lolo
Ganaks - The Bison-men
Gaz - Brutal man from Lo-har
Geela - Son of Gluck in Oog
Gilak - Pellucidarian word for human
Gluck - Chief of Oog. Woman warrior
Gluf - A Phelian
Glula - Gluck's mate in Oog
Goofo - Major domo of the Jukan palace
Goork - King of Thuria and father of Kolk and Canda
Gorph - A Mammoth-man
Gosha - Xexot term for king
Gr-gr-gr - Chief of the sheep-men
Grum - Daughter of Gorph
Gung - Warrior woman of Oog
Gura - Daughter of Scurv
Guva - A Mammoth-woman
Hala - A woman from Zurts
Hamlar - Chief of Tandar
Hines, Lieutenant - Navigator of the O-220
Hodon the Fleet One - Messenger and warrior of Sari
Hor - High Priest of Lolo-lolo
Horg - A Mammoth-man
Horibs - Reptilian humanoids
Innes, David - Emperor of Pellucidar
Ja - King of the Anoroc Islands
Jalu - Chief of the Zurts and father of Zurk
Jav - Second mate of the John Tyler
Jones, Robert - Pvt. Cook on the O-220
Juag - King of Hooja's Island
Jubal the Ugly One - Amozite chief
Jude - Native of Hime
Jukans - Semi civilized and crazed people
Julp - Warrior of Basti
Kandar - King of Amoz
Kanje - A priest in Tanga-tanga
Kay - A Mezop on the John Tyler
Kleeto - Woman from Suvi
Ko - A Mezop crew member of the Sari
Kolk - Son of Goork, King of Thuria
Kru - A Bison man who becomes chief
La-ak - Warrior from Canda
La-ja - Daughter of Brun
Lajo - A Korsar sailor
Lana - The sister of Jana of Zoram
Letari - Mate of Doval of Paraht
Lotai - Daughter of Gorph of Jaru
Lu-Bra - Girl from Suvi
Mamth - Chief of Ja-ru
Manai - Mate of Hamlar
Maral - Mate of Avan, the chief of Clovi
Meeza - King of the Jukans
Moko - Prince of the Jukans. Son of Meeza
Mow - A Coripie from the tribe of Ictl
Mumal - A Sarian woman mated to Gorph of Ja-ru
M'wa-lot - Chief of Sagoth tribe
Nester, Cogden - Discovered Innes' telegraph
Noada - Messenger from Pu
Noak - Major-domo in Jukan palace
O-aa - Princess of Kali
Ogar - The god of the Jukans
Oose - King of Kali and father of Oose.
Ope - High Priest of Tanga-tanga.
O-ra - A girl of Ruva
Ovan - Son of Avan, chief of Clovi
Pu - The god of the Xexots
Raj - Mezop captain of the Sari
Rana - A girl of Zoram
Rela - Daughter of Avan
Rhump - Warrior woman of Oog
Ro - A Jukan
Ro-Tai - Chief of Ruva
Rumla - Native of Oog
Saj - A priest in Lolo-lolo
Scurv - Chief of Garb
Shrud - Woman of Tandar
Skruf - Native of Basti
Skruk - Warrior of Pheli
Sloo - Mate of Scurv, chief of Garb
Sol-to-to - A Mahar from Phutra
Son of Gr-gr-gr - Sheepman on Hooja's Island
Splay - A Bison-man
Stellara - Daughter of Fedol
Tant - A Bison-man
Tar-gash - Sagoth of M'wa-lot
Thorek - A Mammoth-man
Tomar - A warrior of Clovi
Torp - Chief of the Gorbuses
To-yad - A Sagoth of the tribe of My'wa-lot
Trog - A Mammoth-man
Trum - A Bison-man
Tu-al-sa - A Mahar
Turth - A Mammoth-man
Ulan - A warrior of Clovi
Ul-Van - Warrior of Ruvan
Utan - Warrior of the Zurts
U-Val - A warrior of Ruvan
Victor - Cabin boy on the O-220
Vulhan - Native of Amiocap
Xax - A chief of the Coripies.
Zor - Warrior of Zoram
Zuppner, Captain - Captain of the O-220
Zural - Chief of Lar on Amiocap
Zurk - Son of Jalu, chief of the Zurts


Caspak Character List

Ajor - Female, Ga-lu
Al-tan - Male, Kro-lu chief of the Kro-lu of the east coast
An-Tak - Male, Galu Co-Tan's brother
batu - literally: one who is through, finished, done for
Benson - Male, Tug crew member; former Royal Navy
Billings, Thomas - Male Tyler, Sr's secretary
Bo-lu - the people of the club
Brad-lee - Male, Co-Tan's pronunciation of Bradley's name.
Bradley - Male, Lieutenant, The tug's Mate
Brady - Male, Irishman; tug crew member
Caproni - Male Italian explorer, 1721
Chal-as - Male,  Kro-lu warrior of the west coast
Co-Tan - Female, Ga-lu Rescued by Bradley
Dietz - Male, member of the U-33 crew
Du-seen - Male, Galu, Ajor's suitor
Fosh-bal-soj - Male, Bradley's Weiroo captor
Galu - The people of the rope (ga=rope, lu=man)
Heinz - Male, member of the U-33 crew
Him Who Speaks For Luata - Male, Weiroo leader
Hindle - Male, one of the U-33's crew
Hollis, Jimmy - Male, Toreador crew member
James, William - Male, Tug crew
Jor - Male, Chief of the Galu
Kho - Male, a Sto-lu of Tsa's tribe
Klatz - Male, one of the U-33 crew
Kro-lu - the bow people
Lys La Rue - Female, passenger on the liner sunk by U-33
Olson - Male, tug engineer. Irish
Plesser - Male, U-boat member
Schoenvorts, Baron Fredriech von - Male, Commander of the U-boat
Schwartz - Male, one of the U-33's non-commissioned officers.
Schwerke - Male, member of the U-33
Short, Colin - Male, Toreador crew man
Sinclair - Male, Tug crew member
So-al - Female, saved when Billings killed the cave-lion
So-ta - Female, comely Band-lu
Sto-lu - the hatchet people
Tan - Male, Galu, Co-Tan's father
Tippet, John - Male, Tug crew member; killed a cave bear
To-jo - Male, chief of the Band-lu
To-mar - Male, became Kro-lu after Billings met him
Tsa - Male, Bowen's rival for Lys; a Sto-lu
Tyler Sr., Bowen J - Male, Tyler's father
Tyler, Bowen - Male, Junior executive at family owned shipbuilders
Weiroo - flying humans of Caspak
Whitely - Male, Tug crew member
Wilson - Male, Tug crewman


Jungle Girl Persona List

Gordon King - the Hero, a young American doctor with an
     independent income.

"the Cambodian" - guided King to the jungle, but not into it.

My Lord the Tiger - any of several tigers in the jungle

Vay Thon - absentminded high priest of the temple of Siva in the
     city of Lodidhapura, friend to Gordon King

Lodivarman - the Leper King of Lodidhapura, loves to eat mushrooms

Che and Kangrey - Man and wife, escaped slaves, take care of
     Gordon King

Uda - son of Che and Kangrey

Fou-Tan - princess from Pnom Dhek, ran away and was captured
     by the Leper King, Gordon King's love interest

Beng Kher - King of Pnom Dhek, father of Fou-Tan

Bharata Rahon - prince in Pnom Dhek, desired Fou-Tan, who ran away
     to get away from him

Vama - leader of a group of ten of the Lodidhapuran soldiers sent
     to recapture Fou-Tan

Kau and Tchek - two soldiers under Vama, who capture King and

Prang - Hulking brute of a man, escaped slave from Pnom Dhek,
     mistaken for a Yaeck.  Stole Fou-Tan from King.

Hamar - slave belonging to Fou-Tan, sent to serve Gordon King

Indra Sen - Officer sent to be Gordon King's host in Pnom Dhek.
     Helps him escape.


Tarzan Persona List

Ab-on - Acting chief of Kor-ul-ja
Abdul - Tarzan's servant/interpreter at Sidi Aissa
Abraham son of Abraham - South Midian Prophet (Paul's hair black)
Abu Nejm, Abdullah - former ivory poacher, slave trader
Achmet-ben-Houdin - marauder chief, amor's nephew, executed by Jacot
Adendrohahkis - King of the Trohanadalmakusians
Ahmet-din-Taieb - Ouled-Nail's cousin, tribesman of Ali-ben-Ahmed
Ajax - aka Akut
Akamen - Atka's cousin, next in line to throne
Akut - great ape
Alam - Sumatran native who betrays Corrie
Alauddin Shah - village chief, southern Sumatra
Alextar - Nemone's brother, rightful king, imprisoned
Algernon Wright-Smith - fiance of Patricia Leigh-Burden
Ali - the Sultan
Ali-ben-Ahmed - Shiek whose tribe captures Tarzan
Althides - under-officer (sergeant) of Cathne
Aluli - aka First Woman, Thorn Forest virago, finds Tarzan
Amat - Sumatran collaborationist
An-un - Father of Pan-at-lee
Anderssen, Sven - Swedish cook aboard the Kincaid
Andua - Waziri warrior who can fly planes
Anne of Cleves - gorilla wife of King Henry
Annette - Princess Sborov's French maid
Applosus, Appius - Commander of Colosseum Guards
Ateja - daughter of Ibn Jad
Atewy - Arab accompanying the film company
Atka - Queen of Ashair
Augustus, Validus - Emperor of the East
Avan - Ovan's father, Chief of Clovi
Axuch - Bagego Slaves in Sanguinarius
Baine, Jerrold - film company employee
Balando - a Waziri warrior
Balza - beautiful blond creature of God
Basuli - chief of Waziri warriors
Batando - Chief of the Gallas
Batn, Abu - Aarab Sheykh
Baynes (Hon.), Morison - visitor to the Greystoke estate,
     Meriem's suitor
Belthar - Nemone's fighting lion
Bertram - Nimmr Knight, tourney escort
Beyd, Mohammed - Arab left in charge of Achmet's camp
Billings - Fuwalda  Captain, murdered by mutineers
Black Michael - Fuwalda  chief mutineer, maroons Claytons
Blagh - guard at Opar
Blake, James Hunter - rich, young American hunter
Blk - another Oparian, discoverer of new temple locale
Bluber, Adolph - Fat German, treasurer of badguys expedition
Bodkin, Paul - outer guard of Nimmer
Bohun, King - Ruler of the Knights of the Sepulcher
Boleyn, Anne - gorilla wife of King Henry
Bolton, Lt. Cmdr. - submarine commander
Bolton-Chilton, Francis - English prisoners of Almetejos
Bos, Tak van der - reserve officer imprisoned with Tarzan
Brown, Horace - Chicago inventor of ignition disruptor device
Brown, Mr. - American pilot for the Sborovs
Brulor - Ashair High Priest, Father of Diamonds
Brynilda, Princess - wife of Gobred
Bu-lot - Son of chief Mo-sar
Bubonovitch (S/Sgt.), Joe "Datbum" - Lovely Lady waist
     gunner, Brooklyn NY
Buckingham - gorilla created by "God"
Buira - Muviro's daughter, kidnapped by Kavurus
Bukawai - leperous witch-doctor, lives with hyenas
Bukula - Black serving Abu Batn
Bulabantu - under-chief of Mbonga's tribe
Bulala - West Coast black, Bagalla prisoner, former safari cook
Busili - first Waziri Tarzan meets
Buulaoo - son of M/ganwazan by a younger wife, hates Tambudza
Cadj - High Priest of the Flaming God
Campbell, Joseph - aka "Joe the Pooch"
Canler, Robert - Jane's unwanted suitor, her father's creditor
Capell, Colonel - British commander of the 2nd Rhodesians
Capietro, Dominic - Italian communist, now slave trader
Caraftap - Slave who wants Talaskar
Carb - Clovi warrior leader
Carl - The Clayton's houseman in London, kidnapping accomplice
Catherine of Aragon - gorilla wife of King Henry
Chan, Thak - Mayan hunter from Chichen Itza
Chand - Lascar sailor on the Saigon
Charpentier - Lieutenant in the French navy
Chemungo - son of Mpingu
Chon - True god of Thobos
Chuldrup - Lascar sailor on the Saigon
Chulk - intelligent young ape
Clayton, Alice - Lady Alice (Rutherford), John Clayton's
     wife, real mother of Tarzan
Clayton, Jane - Lady Greystoke, wife of Tarzan
Clayton, William Cecil - cousin, suitor of Jane Porter
Coh Xiu, Cit - Mayan King of Uxmal Island
Collis, Barbara - English aviatrix
Collis, Lady Barbara - English aviatrix
Colt, Wayne - American communist (apparently)
Condon - thief who tries to rob Billings (Jack Clayton)
Constantine, Father - French missionary in Africa
Cranmer - gorilla created by "God"
Crouch, Dr. - passenger on the Naiad
Crump, Tom - notorious ivory poacher
Dacor - Captain of a Viking ship
Dak-at - Chief of a Ho-don vilage
Dak-lot - One of Ko-tan's palace warriors
Dammuk, Ibn - Sheykh's son
Dareyem - an Aarab
Darus - Priest, loyal to La
Davis (S/Sgt.), Bill - from Lovely Lady, Waco TX
Desquerc, Monsieur - absent fingerprint expert
Dick - black-haired twin, born in England, Tarzan-go
Dick Throck - English pugilist and ne'er-do-well
Dilecta - Daughter of Dion Spendidus
Dion Splendidus - A Senator
Doc - blond-haired twin, born in America, Tarzan-tar
Dominic Capietro - Italian communist, now slave trader
Dooth - a priest, loyal to La
Dorf - Mate of the O-220
Doria - beloved of Gemnon, daughter of Thudos
Douglas, (S/Sgt.) Carter - from Lovely Lady, Van Nuys CA
Drinov, Zora - Russian communist (apparently)
Dufranne - Captain in the French navy
Duncan Trent - on safari, in love with Lady Barbara
Dutton, Pelham - American hunter
Edward - boy, squire to James
Elija son of Noah - North Midian Prophet (Paul's hair yellow)
Elkomoelhago - King of the Veltopismakusians
Elsje (Verschoor) van der Meer - Hendrik van der Meer's wife
Erich von Harben - Dr. von Harben's  son
Erot - court hanger-on, Nemone's favorite
Es-sat - Chief of Om-at's tribe of hairy blacks
Eshbaal - shepherd from North Midian
Esmeralda - maid to the Porters
Eyad - Arab accompanying the film company
Eyck, Robert van - Wood's friend and companion
Fahd - Arab of the tribe el-Harb
Fastus - Son of Subltatus, Molester of Dilecta
Faviona - Eric's wife, from Castrum Mare
Favonius, Septimus - Uncle of Validus Augustus
Fejjuan - Galla native, slave of Arabs
Feng, Won - Loango shopkeeper, friend of Thome
Festivitas - Mother of Præclarus
Firg - Oparian jailer
First Woman - aka Aluli
Flaubert, M. - duel second to Count de Coude
Fodil - an Aarab
Fupus, Fulvus - Unwanted suitor to Favonia
Ga-un - one of Ungo's apes (carry off Magra and Helen)
Ga-yat - Ape of old tribe
Gabula - Erich von Harben's Bagego body servant
Galla Galla - Chief of the Bagalla cannibals
Gama, Cristoforo da - King of Alemtejos
Gantry, Bill - guide and hunter
Gault, Gerald - Romanoff's English guide
Gayat - Ape of tribe
Gayat - ape of Toyat's tribe
Gazan - "Redskin", Teeka & Taug's child (balu)
Geeka - Meriem's doll (named for the black who made her)
Gefasto - Veltopismakusian Chief of Warriors
Gemba - a black slave
Gemnon - noble of Cathne, old family
Gerard, Captain - Foreign Legion friend in Oran
Gernois, Lieutenant - Foreign Legion officer
Giles-Burton (Col.), Gerald - Bangali Resident Commissioner
Gluf - Man of Pheli
Go-Lat - King of an ape tribe
Go-yad - Ape of tribe
Gobo - ape killed by Esteban
Gobred, Prince - Ruler of Nimmr
God - ancient Englishman living with gorillas
Godensky, Sergei - Romanoff's photographer, loves Violet
Gofoloso - friend of Elkomoelhago, Chief of Chiefs
Golato - her headman
Goldeen, Ben - producer for Prominent Pictures
Goloba - Stabutch's headman
Gonfala - Queen of the Kaji (gonfal = great diamond)
Gordon Z. Marcus - Naomi's father
Goro - Moon, thought to be a supreme being
Goss, Unterleutnant von - German officer under Obegatz
Goyad - Toyat's rival for Guinalda
Gozan - member of Kerchak's ape band
Graham, Mary - Brown's blabby secretary
Gregory - father of Brian and Helen Gregory, leading safari
Gregory, Brian - prisoner in temple under Lake Horus
Gregory, Helen - sister of Brian Gregory
Gretchen - aka Kla
Gridley, Jason - California inventor
Groote, Hans de - young Dutch 1st mate of the Saigon
Grotius - Dutch outlaw living in jungle
Guinalda - daughter of Gobred
Gulm - leader of twenty exiled Oparians
Gunto - members of Kerchak's ape band
Gupingu - Bukena Witch-Doctor
Gust the Swede - mutineer aboard the Cowrie
Guy, Sir - first to joust with James
Hafim - Galla slave in Cathne freed by Tarzan
Hajellah - an Aarab
Hanson, Mr. - aka Malbihn, ne'er do well Swedish adventurer
Hasta, Cassius - Nephew of Validus Augustus
Hawkes, Flora - one-time London maid to Jane Clayton
Herat - King of Thobos (enemy of Ashair)
Herkuf - former priest of Chon, prisoner in Ashair
Herog - present King to Xuja
Hines, Lt. - Navigator of the O-220
Hiram - aka Old Timer
Hirfa - wife of Ibn Jad
Hoesin - Kampong (village) Chief
Hooft - Dutch outlaw living in jungle
Horst, Von - Mate of the O-220
Howard - gorilla created by "God"
Howard, Catherine - gorilla wife of King Henry
Hugo - Dutch outlaw living in jungle
Hyark - warrior killed in arena by Tarzan
Ibeto - Tibo's father
Id-an - One of Pan-at-lee's two borthers
Imba - Kali Bwana's servant
In-sad - Kor-ul-ja warrior
In-tan - Kor-ul-lul left to guard Tarzan
Innes, David - Emperor of Pellucidar
Intamo - evil-faced Bagalla witch-doctor
Isaza - Lord Passmore's "boy" and cook
Iskandar - Corrie's kidnapper
Itzl Cha - Mayan girl, victim-to-be
Ivan Minsky - his companion
Ivitch, Paul - with Sveri at Opar
Ja - Captain of a Viking ship
Ja-don - Chief of Ho-don village, Ta-den's father
Jackie - infant son of Korak and Meriem
Jacot, Armand - Foreign Legion Capt (later Gen),
     Prince de Cadrenet
Jacques - servant to Countess de Coude
Jad, Ibn - Sheik of the fendy el-Guad
Jafar, Raghunath - Asiatic Indian communist,
     fond of Zora
Janzara - daughter of Elkomoelhago
Jar-don - Name given Korak by Om-at
Jeanne - aka Meriem
Jenssen, Carl - adventurer
Jerome, Jerry - aka The Kid
Jerrold, Captain - captain of the Lady Alice
Jervis - English foreman of African estate
Jezebel - defender of Lady Barbara in South Midian
Jobab - Apostle in South Midian
Joe - motion picture scenarist
Jones - sailor from the Kincaid on Jungle Island
Jones, Robert - Negro Cook of the O-220, from Alabama
Kabariga - Chief of Bangalo people of Bungalo
Kahiya - Chief of expedition's askari
Kala - youngest mate of Tublat, fostermother
Kalfastoban - Vental (commander of ten warriors)
Kali Bwana - (Jessie) woman looking for Jerry Jerome
Kam, Lum - van der Meer's Chinese servant
Kamak, Abdul - young ogler of Meriem at Sheik Amor's
Kamudi - a Black man
Kandos - Righthand man of Phoros
Kaneko, 2nd Lt. Kenzo - Japanese army
Kapopa - witch-doctor friend of Bobolo
Karnath - Member of ape tribe
Kavandavanda - Kavuru King and High Priest
Kaviri - chief of a tribe on the Ugambi river
Kavudoo - chief of tribe pursuing Jack and Meriem for ransom
Keewazi - black who let Jad-bal-ja escape
Kega, Rabba - the Mbonga witch doctor
Kenzo Kaneko (2nd Lt.) - Japanese army
Kerchak - King of the Apes when Tarzan was a boy
Kervyn van Prins (Capt.) - Dutch army
Keta - little monkey friend of Tarzan
Khamis - Obebe's witch doctor
Kid, The - (Jerry Jerome) 21-year-old hunter
King - chief mutiineer of the Arrow, murdered by Snipes
King Bohun - Ruler of the Knights of the Sepulcher
King Henry the Eighth - gorilla created by "God"
Kip, Lum - Chinese sailor on the Saigon
Kirchner, Bertha - German spy - English prisoners of Almetejos
Kla - literally the New La, captured by the Oparians
Ko-tan - King of the Ho-don
Kolk - Captain of a Viking ship
Komodoflorensal, Prince - son of Adendrohahkis, aka Aoponato
Korak - son of Tarzan and Jane
Korsky, Michael - with Sveri at Opar
Kraski, Carl - Russian dancer, chief badguy
Krause, Fritz - German "Bring 'em back alive" badguy
Kraut, General - chief of German operations in East Africa
Kudu - Sun, thought to be a supreme being
Kulonga - Mbonga's son
Kwamudi - headman of film company's Blacks
Kyomya - lad of Almetejos, servant of Sandra (Goddess)
La - High Priestess
Lajo - wisest of the Korsar warriors
Lang, Freeman - Los Angeles radio announcer
Laon, Janette - beautiful French companion of Krause
Lara - native girl
Larsen - Captain of the Saigon
Lavac, Jacques - Lieutenant, seaplane pilot
Leigh, Penelope - whining, snobby wife of Col. Leigh
Leigh, William Cecil Hugh Percival - Colonel, owner of
     the Naiad
Leigh-Burden, Patricia - niece of Col. Leigh
Lettenhove, Lt. de - Dutch army
Lobongo - Tumbai chief
Lord - an Englishman captive of the Zuli
Lorro - Zuli warrior-woman
Lu-don - High priest of A-lur
Lucas (Capt.), Jerry - Lovely Lady pilot, Oklahoma City OK
Lukedi - a Bagego
Lulimi - old man in Mgungu's village
Lupingu - Nyamwegi's love rival, traitor
Luviri - Owaza's second in command
M'Duze - old hag at Nemone's palace
M'ganwazan - cannibal chief on the Ugambi, in Rokoff's pay
M'wa-lot - King of Sagoths
Madison, Naomi - "The Madison," female lead
Mafka - Magician of the Kaji tribe
Magor - Member of ape tribe
Magra - dark girl, Thome's accomplice
Makahago - Veltopismakusian Chief of Buildings
Mal'yat - Balza's gorilla-like "he"
Mal-Gash - Rival to Ungo, king of the apes of Ho-den
Malbihn - aka Mr. hanson, ne'er do well Swedish adventurer
Mallius Lepus - Centurion
Malud - Knight of Nimmr, suitor for Guinalda
Maluma - lady-in-waiting to Nemone
Manu - little monkey gossiper near Opar
Maral - Ovan's mother
Marcus, Gordon Z. - Naomi's father
Marks, Joey - Mullargan's manager
Martha - daughter of Abraham
Matsuo (Capt.), Tokujo - Japanese army
Mbeeda - Arab headman bribed by Swedes to kidnap Meriem
Mbonga - chief of the gomangani (black tribe)
Mbuli - Thome's headman
Medek - Black slave of Kavuru
Melton - truck driver, guide for Mullargan and Marks
Menofra - Wife of Phoros
Menthes - Herat's Queen
Meriem - daughter of Jacot, Korak's wife
Metak - Prince of Xuja, son of Hergo
Metellus, Cæcilius - Young patrician at the baths
Mgungu, Gato - Chief of the Leopard Men
Michel - boy, squire to Sir Richard
Minsky, Ivan - his companion
Miranda, Esteban - Spanish actor, Tarzan look-alike
Mo-sar - Chief and pretender
Molak - great ape
Momaya - Tibo's mother
Momulla the Maori - mutineer aboard the Cowrie
     north of Jungle Island
Montmorency, Richard - Knight of Nimmer, befriends James
Moore, Harold - tutor to Jack Clayton
Mori, Antonio (Tony) - Filipino communist, with Colt
Motlog - Arab of the tribe el-Harb
Mountford, Lord - Captive of Mafka
Mourak, Abdoul - Abyssinian looking to punish Achmet
Mpingu - chief of the Buiroo tribe
Mpugu - village Chief friendly to Tarzan
Muda, Taku - Kampong (village) Chief
Mugambi - Jane's bodyguard, adopted into Waziri
Mullargan, One Punch - Heavyweight Champion of the World
Mumga - nearly blind old female ape (sic)
Mumga - old woman in charge of prisoner Kali
Mussolini, Benito - aka the Great Man, Italian dictator
Mutimbwa - Chief of the Waruturi
Mweeza - member of Mbonga's tribe
Naika - Gupingu's daughter
Nao - Oparian priestess in love with Colt
Naomi Madison - "The Madison," female lead
Naratu - Usanga's woman
Natando - black leader of von Harben's safari
Neeta - young ape previously drowned
Nejm, Abdullah Abu - former ivory poacher, slave trader
Nemone - Queen of Cathne
Niaka - Hafim's brother, slave in Cathne gold mine
Noice, Clarence - motion picture sound director
Nsenene - girl of Bobolo's villlage, fond of The Kid
Numabo - Chief of the Wamabo
Numgo - members of Kerchak's ape band
Nyalwa - elected temporary pygmy Chief
Nyamwegi - Orando's friend, killed by Leopard Men
Nyoto - Bagego chief
O'Grady, Pat - assistant director
O-dan - Kor-ul-ja warrior
O-lo-a - Ko-tan's daughter
Oah - a priest, loyal to Cadj
Obambi - Lafayette Smith's "boy"
Obebe - chief of cannibal tribe
Obegatz, Lieutenant - German officer under Schneider
Obroski, Stanley - actor, Tarzan look-alike, Lion Man star
Ogabi - Gregory's headman
Ogdli - Kavuru who captures Jane
Ogonyo - a Bagego
Ohha - Khamis' 14-year-old daughter
Oju - Uglo's rival, fights Tarzan, kidnaps Corrie
Old Man - un-named English prisoner of the Bolgani
Old Timer - (Hiram) 30-year-old elephant hunter
Om-at - A black
Orando - Tumbai Chief's son
Oratharc - helpful Veltopismakusian warrior
Orman, Tom - motion picture director
Otobu - Wamabo slave in Xuja, befriends Tarzan
Oubanovitch - Red Russian, engineer on the Saigon
Ouled-Nail - dancing girl in Sidi Aissa, Kadour's daughter
Ovan - 10-12 year old boy of Clovi
Owaza - a village headman
Paabu - Bagalla boy into whose head the knives "went"
Pagth - king of Gobu's tribe
Pan-at-lee - Om-at's sweetheart
Pan-sat - A priest
Parr, Catherine - gorilla wife of King Henry
Patrick, Dan "Gunner" - small-time Chicago mobster
Paulvitch, Alexis - Rokoff's evil assistant
Peebles, John - English pugilist and ne'er-do-well
Percy Smith-Oldwick, Harold - Lieutenant, Royal Air Service flier
Peters, Kitty Krause - Princess Sborov, wife of Alexis
Peterson - derelict with the Ramsgate safari
Philander, Samuel T. - secretary and assistant to AQP
Phobeg - prisoner in Cathne, gladiator vs Tarzan
Phordos - Gemnon's father
Phoros - Dictator of Athne
Pickerall, Sandra - heiress to Thos. Pickerall's Ale, Endinburgh
Pierre - Romanoff's valet, in love with Violet
Pindes - officer of the guard, Erot's enemy
Porter, Jane - daughter of AQP, fianceé of William Clayton
Potkin, Abe - movie producer
Præclarus, Maximus - Sanguinarian Officer, escort
Preswick, Major - British officer, knew Tarzan in London
Prins, Capt. Kervyn van - Dutch army
Puant, Dan - movie scenarist
Quesceda - Ali's priest
Ramsgate, Barbara - on hunting safari near Bangali
Ramsgate, Lord John - her brother
Rateng - Galla hunter-warrior
Rebega - Chief of pygmy village
Reece - John Clayton's Hollywood guide
Rela - Ovan's sister
Rev. Mr. Trousley - Wisconsin minister
Robolo - tribal chief and a Leopard Man
Rochere, General - Paris bureau chief, French Foreign Legion
Rokoff, Nikolas - Countess de Coude's evil brother, aka M. Thuran
Romanoff, Mr. - on photographic safari joined to Ramsgates'
Romero, Miguel - Mexican communist
Rosetti, (S/Sgt.) Tony "Shrimp" - Lovely Lady ball turret
     gunner, Chicago IL
Rourke, Billy - Reece's friend
Rufinus - Soldier
Ruiz, Pedro - High Priest of Alemtejos
Rungula - Chief of the Bansutos
Sabrov, Michael - aka Alexis Paulvitch
Sacho - ape helper of "Tarzan"
Sarina - Eurasian living with Dutch outlaws
Sborov, Alexis - Russian prince
Schmidt - sailor from the Kincaid on Jungle Island
Schmidt, Wilhelm - 2nd mate of the Saigon
Schneider - sailor from the Kincaid on Jungle Island
Schneider, Fritz - German officer, commander of invasion unit
Schneider, Major - brother of Fritz Schneider
Second Woman - woman bludgeoned by First Woman
Sergei Godensky - Romanoff's photographer, loves Violet
Serra, Osorio da - Captain-General of the Almetejos warriors
Seymour, Jane - gorilla wife of King Henry
Shah, Alauddin - village chief, southern Sumatra
Shang of Fachan - mutineer aboard the Cowrie north of Jungle Island
Sheeta - panther who befriends Tarzan after being rescued
Sheykh Ab el-Ghrennem - Sheik of film company's Arabs
Shruk - Man of Pheli
Simpson - cruel sailor on the Marjorie W. who torments Ajax
Singh, Jabu - Lascar sailor on the Saigon
Skopf, Herr - Hotel proprietor who discovers Condon's body
Smith - derelict with the Ramsgate safari
Smith, Lafayette - Prof of Geology, Phil Sheridan Mil Acad
Smith, Milton - Executive V.P. of B.O. Studios
Smith-Oldwick, Harold Percy - Lieutenant, Royal Air Service flier
Snipes - rat-faced chief mutineer from the Arrow
Sobito - Tumbai witch-doctor
Sokabe (Lt.), Hideo - Japanese army
Sokabe, Lt. Hideo - Japanese army
Son of First Woman - 16-year-old boy befriended by Tarzan
Spider - sailor who survives the wreck of the Lady Alice
Spike - White hunter with Wood's safari
Stabutch, Leon - Russian agent sent to kill Tarzan
Stalin, Joseph - Soviet dictator, orders Tarzan "removed"
Stimbol, Wilbur - NY stockbroker, head of Blake's safari
Strong, Hazel - Baltimore heiress, Jane Porter's best friend
Sublatus - Emperor of the West
Suffolk - gorilla created by "God"
Sullivan - sailor from the Kincaid on Jungle Island
Sven - ne'er do well Swedish adventurer
Ta-den - A white
Taask, Lal - tall, thin East Indian with Thome
Tabo - brother of Ulala
Tada (Lt.), Kumajiro - Japanese army, once at University of Oregon
Taglat - cunning older ape
Tai, Sing - van der Meer's Chinese servant
Tajiri (Col.), Kanji - Japanese commanding officer
Talaskar - cook for 800^3+19 (aka Aoponato)
Tambudza - oldest wife of M'ganwazan
Tanar - Captain of a Viking ship
Tar-Gash - a Sagoth
Tarrant - mutineer from the Arrow
Taug - rival for Teeka's affections
Taurus, Claudius - 5-year Champion gladiator of C. Mare
Tennington, Lord - Londoner, owner of yacht Lady Alice
Terkoz - son of Tublat, post-Tarzan chief, exiled
Terry, Rhonda - Naomi's stunt double
Tha - insane Priest
Thaka - members of Kerchak's ape band
Thetan of Thobos - black slave in Ashair, Herat's nephew
Third Woman - arrives with antelope and captive man
Thome, Atan - plump, greasy Eurasian badguy
Thompkins - sailor who survives the wreck of the Lady Alice
Thompson, Lt. - Royal Air Service flier, finds Xuja
Throck, Dick - English pugilist and ne'er-do-well
Throwaldo - Veltopismakusian Chief of Agriculture
Thudos - aristocrat, advocate of Alextar's rule
Thuran, M. - aka Nikolas Rokoff
Tibbett - 2nd mate on the Naiad
Tibbs - Prince Sborov's English valet
Tibo - ten-year-old boy
Timothy - Apostle in South Midian
To-Yad - a Sagoth
To-yat - Ape of old tribe
Tobey - Prof. Porter's factotum, Esmeralda's beau
Tollog - brother of Ibn Had
Tomar - a Clovi youth
Tomlin - John Ramsgate's valet, in love with Violet
Tomos - Prime Minister of Cathne
Toog - exiled king from another ape band
Tor-o-don - Beastlike man
Torini, Lt. - Campbell and Zubanev's pilot across Africa
Torndali - Veltopismakusian Chief of Quarries
Toyat - head of old tribe of great apes
Trent, Duncan - on safari, in love with Lady Barbara
Troll - White hunter with Wood's safari
Trousley, Rev. Mr. - Wisconsin minister
Tubuto - member of Mbonga's tribe
Ubonga - old woman at Leopard temple
Udalo - Chief of the Bukena
Uglo - Orangutan chief
Ukundo - pygmy prisoner of the Bagalla
Ulala - aka Fejjuan
Ulan - Clovi warrior
Ulp - Oparian who suggests sacrificing the girl, Kla
Umanga - a village chief
Umar, Tian - Kampong (village) Chief
Ungo - king of great ape tribe
Usanga - Sergeant over German East African blacks
Usula - Waziri headman
Valthor - Noble in Athne, City of Ivory
Vanda - mother of organgutan saved by Tarzan
Vestako - Veltopismakusian Chief of the Royal Dome
Victor - one of two Filipino cabin-boys of the O-220
Violet - Lady Barbara's made
W'walat - ape of Toyat's tribe
Wamala - Zora's servant
Waranji - a Waziri
Wasimbu - Muviro's son, Jane's bodyguard
Wayne Colt - American communist (apparently)
Werper, Lt. Albert - Belgian officer, aka "M. Jules Frecoult"
West, Bill - chief cameraman
White, Major - big game hunter, B.O. Studios consultant
Wiggs, Peter - outer guard of Nimmer
Wilbur Stimbol - NY stockbroker, head of Blake's safari
Wildred - second to joust with James
Wilson - sailor who survives the wreck of the Lady Alice
Wlala - pygmy woman guarding Kali
Wolff - Hunter hired by Gregory (and Thome)
Wolsey, Thomas - gorilla created by "God"
Wood, Stanley - American travel writer
Woora - Magician of the Zuli tribe (has emerald)
Wright-Smith, Algernon - fiance of Patricia Leigh-Burden
Xanila - 60-year-old woman, captive in Xuja
Xatl Din - Mayan officer
Xertsle - Gemnon's palace apartment mate
Ydeni - Kavuru who captures Naika
Za - Umanga's bitch recruited to nurse Jad-bal-ja
Zek, Achmet - Arab cutthroat leader
Zertol, Prince Zoanthrohago - Veltopismakusian owner of Tarzan
Zevri, Peter L. - Russian, hopes to be Peter I of Africa
Zeyd - Beduin in love with Ateja, rival of Fahd
Zopinga - Mugalla of the Bagalla tribe of Ugalla forest
Zu-tho - a great ape
Zubanev, Nikolai - Russian exile in London
Zugash - king of tongani (baboon) tribe
Zuppner - Captain of the O-220
Zutho - ape of Toyat's tribe
Zygo - King of Athne
Zytheb - Ashair priest, Keeper of the Keys
ben Kadin, Ali - Sheik Amor's half-black half-brother
ben Khatour, Amor - Achemt's uncle, kidnapper of Jeanne
ben Saden, Kadour - Shiek of a desert tribe south of Djefa
d'Arnot, Paul - Captain in the French navy
da Gama, Cristoforo - King of Alemtejos
da Serra, Osorio - Captain-General of the Almetejos warriors
de Coude, Olga (Rokoff) - Countess, wife of Raoul, sister of Rokoff
de Coude, Raoul - Count, official of the Ministry of War
de Groote, Hans - young Dutch 1st mate of the Saigon
de Lettenhove, Lt. - Dutch army
el-Aziz, Abd - companion to Ibn Jad
el-Ghrennem, Sheykh Ab - headman of film company's Arabs
van Eyck, Robert - Wood's friend and companion
van der Bos, Tak - reserve officer imprisoned with Tarzan
van der Meer, Corrie - van der Meers' daughter, aged 16 at outset
van der Meer, Elsje (Verschoor) - Hendrik van der Meer's wife
van der Meer, Hendrik - Sumatran rubber plantation owner
von Goss, Unterleutnant - German officer under Obegatz
von Harben, Dr. Karl - missionary from Urambi country,
     Gretchen's father