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Abner Perry (Bruce Wood) Florida & Ohio, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - Since reading the Earth's Core series, my favorite ERB effort, I have always felt that Perry and I are kindred souls, starting with a great interest in all sciences and progressing to a certain incompentancy in those same areas. Besides, this persona places me alphabetically at the top of the list. (Editor: Bruce Wood passed away November 2009 at the age of 62. This persona is not available.)

Ahm (Bill Boerst) ERBList - I immediately liked this Neanderthal man who befriended the new residents on Caprona and introduced them to his world. When I become a Neanderthal, I want to resemble Ahm.

Akut (Mike Pitman) Texas, ERBList - I want to be known by "Akut" if it isn't taken by anyone else. I liked that name because my wife calls me a big ape all the time!

Amar (Mary M. Fabian) Pennsylvania, ERBList - I started my love of ERB's books, around age 13, with the 'At the Earth's Core' series, and continued on with the Tarzan series. And while I don't aspire to have the beauty of 'Amar', I do profess to have alot of the fire and spirit, like her. I've expanded my love for almost all fantasy/sci-fi books, and am a used book seller now...which brought me an introduction into this site from D'Arnot (Tim Clark) when he purchased a ERB book from me. Rock on ERB!

Archimedes Q Porter (Huck - J. G. Huckenpöhler) Washington, DC, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - Because, unfortunately, he's the Burroughs character I most resemble (NOT that I most admire!)

Bandolian (Michael Johnson) Murrieta, CA, USA, ERBList - Bandolian's Sasoom is under-explored, unfinished. Bandolian is in charge of it all, a being who rules a Jovian planet hundreds of times larger than our own tiny Earth, having a vast as yet unimagined landscape waiting to be filled.

Barney Custer (James D. Bozarth) Houston, Texas, ERBList - We both have beards. We are both frequently mistaken for "Mad Kings".

Barsoomer (David Binger) ERBList - Why I chose this persona: MY favorite ERB book is TOTA so logically I chose Barsoomer, which probably should have been Barsoomian. Clever, huh?

Blazes (Lon Mitchell) Toledo, Ohio - ERBList - I'm a retired military journalist, a cowboy at heart, and presently working as a radio newscaster in my hometown, Toledo, Ohio. My first experience with with ERB was reading the G&D reprints that were still available in the 1960's. The dust jackets (especially Tarzan the Terrible and Tarzan and the Golden Lion) really unnerved my 7th Grade English teacher. In college, when other students in the honors humanities class were researching Steinbeck and Hemmingway, I did my thesis on ERB and aced the class!

Bowen Tyler Jr. (Raymond E Le Beau) - ERBCOF-L - The Land That Time Forgot was the first ERB novel I ever read. That was back in 1955 and I've benn hooked ever since. I liked Tyler's character right from the start.

Bridge (John Martin) - Galvin WA - ERBList, ERBCOF-L Bridge is a Burroughs character who appreciates poetry that actually rhymes, and so do I!

Buck Mason (Clark Day) - Simpsonville - ERBList The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County is one of my favorite non-Tarzan books aside from The Mad King. In Buck, Burroughs personified two things I wanted to be when I was a kid - an undercover cop and a cowboy!

Carson (Belala Farid) - ERBList, ERBCOF-L France: editor of jeddak, the french fanzine about ERB

Carthoris (Jeff Kazmierski) ERBList - I identify with Carthoris because he always seems to be inventing something or solving some problem. I'm not happy unless I've got a project to work on, whether I'm at home or at work. I don't always finish what I start, but I'm getting better. Carthoris operates a Barsoom RPG game site at: (site closed)

Colin T. Randolph, Jr. (Dale Barkman) ERBList - In "Tarzan and the Madman" , Colin T. loses his memory and because of his interest in Tarzan he believes that he is Tarzan. I have spent almost 40 years of my life trying to be like Tarzan, so I, too, would probably "become" Tarzan if the situation presented itself.

D'Arnot, Paul, Lt. (Tim Clark), Tuscany Hills, CA, ERBList - D'Arnot was the kind Frenchman who tutored Tarzan after being rescued by the Ape man. I am both a Special Education Department Chair and the Reading Specialist for my school district. Like D'Arnot, I take great pleasure in teaching the illiterate how to read and write; and instilling social skills into the naive. As Tarzan never forgot the teachings of D'Arnot, I aspire to leave a lasting impression with my students. Tarzan was my very first childhood hero; and I taught myself to read on first the comics and then the novels. I am now pursuing my lifelong dream of a personal library of First Editions. "Mais oui!"

Dejah Thoris (Sue-On Hillman), Canada, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - ...a name I inherited 34 years ago when I met a musician-teacher... dreamer... who tried to convince me that he was a really a warrior from a far-off place called Barsoom... a wanderer who had come to the 20th Century-Canadian prairies on a quest to find his lost soul mate. He recognized me and called me his Princess... Dejah Thoris. Gradually... over time... memories of my past life filled my consciousness. I believe... I still live! Web sites: SUE-ON'S HOMEPAGE DEJAH'S AMAZING AMTORIAN GARDENS

Dotar Sojat (Flem Chapman) Ohio, ERBCOF-L - I'm probably the only person who didn't pick their name. I wanted to do it the way we do on Barsoom and kill a couple of members and assume their names. Tangor liked the idea, but as we were few in number, he picked the name for me, instead. [Note from Tangor: What I said was "You have named yourself!"]

Elmo Lincoln (Jeff Long) Chicago, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - Elmo Lincoln, the grinning silent movie apeman, was eaten by a rampaging movie lion and woke on the planet Mars. After a successful film career he became a spokesmodel for the wig company founded by Matai Shang's smarter brother, Irving. Elmo is no ERB character but he obviously personifies everything that is fine, decent, and noble about all those other guys. The Barsoomian Blade has been revived at Dateline Jasoom's PODCAST for fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs, science fiction, and pulp adventure is presented by

Erich von Harben(Terry Alan Klasek) St. Louis, Missouri, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - First read ERB in the Ace and Ballantine paperbacks of the early 60s. While there is a great deal of action and adventure there is also the humor. I always laugh when von Harben goes to the Baths, and then Fulvus Fupus does the "resounding belly flop- with a loud smak" Then Von Harben's name is Prussian Junkers (nobility), and my mother's family is Von Hausner also Prussian Junkers. Nuff said! [Terry passed away on April 26, 2011]

The Fighting Potato (Neil Leslie) Marion, SC, USA, ERBList - Although ERB's tales of adventure and early SF are wonderfully entertaining to those so inclined, there are also times when he's just plain, downright, and unintentionally hilarious. The description of "The Fighting Potato" in "Chessmen of Mars" is one of those times. Although in my case it should probably be "The Fighting COUCH Potato."

Gahan (Todd M. Pence) ERBList - The Chessmen of Mars has always been one of my favorite Burroughs novels.

Gahor of Gathol (John P. Barnes) Columbus/OH/USA - ERBList, ERBCOF-L - Gahan of Gathol is my brother. I come from Gathol where we mine Diamonds. Our military dress is glittering with the gems. This is how I got the name Gahor the Effulgent. My Princess may have a story yet but suffice it to say that we live in peace and comfort in the luxury of Gathol. But when war is needed I don my Black panthan like dress and get down to business. Have been known to play Jetan with Gahan.

Ghak the Hairy One (Steve Wadding) Maryland, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - I am, indeed, hairy. I have always liked Ghak the Hairy One, because he is one of the few good guys who is known for being hairy. Too many times is hirsuteness equated with villainy. Also, I am NOT Steve Waddington, the actor who played the villain in Tarzan and the Lost City! Just look at the picture and see for yourself!

Ghek (Dawn Jehs) ERBList - When I was a mere human I was always losing my head and I guess those little legs just popped out to help me get back to normal. I was never bad enough to be sent to Rykor's Island but have learned over the years to think first and then think again. After all I am not the swordsman/woman you folks are so I must resort to more cerebral means to defeat my enemies or risk getting my block knocked off.

Gordon King (Nick Rogers) Orangeburg, SC, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - Gordon King is the hero of Mr. Burroughs' novel, The Land of Hidden Men, a.k.a. The Jungle Girl. I like Gordon King because he's the kind of guy who when told he shouldn't venture into the jungle, then must do so! His actions lead him into a strange adventure in the mysterious jungles of Cambodia. And besides, this is one of the few ERB persona's you guys haven't already claimed.

Goro (Alan Johns) ERBCOF-L - Why I chose this persona: Generic for "Moon" in the Tarzan series. Like the moon, I hang out at night and am of few words. In 'Tarzan rescues the Moon' we're told, "To the apes all large things in nature are male, and so Goro, being the largest creature in the heavens by night, was, to them, a bull...." Contemplating this passage tonight, I feel this moniker to be appropriate, since just completing a late night snack I am a "Full" Goro (not to mention that I'm often told that I'm full of bull*).

Go-yat-thlay (Tom Stock) Silver Springs, MD, ERBList - I would like the persona Go-yat-thlay since War Chief is, in my humble opinion, ERB's very best after Tarzan of the Apes

Gozan (Jonathan Hart) Warren, PA, ERBCOF-L - Seems like a good name. Tarzan of the Apes is my favorite book. Enjoyed ECOF 2007. Hope to get to Dum-Dum in '08.

Grasshopper (David Allen Smith) Imperial Beach, CA, ERBlist - Southern California, on the beach, surfin', workin', most of my life. In the 60s it was comic books, sf-fi, Beach Boys and Beatles---and a suitcase of poems bequeathed by my mother, which eventually inspired me to write my own poetry, later stores, and eventually songs. My first short story (1967) was about ERB's Carthoris. My wife, Juanita is an ERB fanatic, who writes a minimum of six hours a day. She has six self-published fantasy books to her credit. So, in addition to my work, I edit her material, so I am never bored. I am proud that some of my tales and drabbles have been published on, My next project is a self-published book of short fantasy stories. Then a poetry book. Then a drawings book...

H.R.H. The Rider (Phillip R. Burger) ERBList - As we are all lurking here on the Burroughs list under assumed names, what better than to assume the persona of someone who is lurking under an assumed name! Besides, it's a really spiffy title.

Histah (Bob Fester) Carterville IL USA - ERBList - My nickname (from rugby) is "Snake". What better persona than old Histah the Snake? Of course I borrowed "Histah" from the Tarzan series.

Hooja the Sly One (Steven R. Harbin) ERBList - Dear Tangor, I'll take Hooja the Sly One, then, if that's OK.

I-Gos (Richard Roelofs) Blue Hill, ME, USA ERBCOF - I'm a nearsighted old geezer with a long memory; a retired academic, interested in preserving much that younger folks would just as soon bury or discard, but free of superstition; I have a generally low opinion of my nation's ruling class, but am ready to admire courage and beauty and sound argument wherever I may find them.

David Innes (Tourmen) Paris, France ERBList - Because David Innes is my favorite hero: A survivor in an inverted world.

J the V (Joan Bledig) Chicago, IL, ERBCOF-L - J the V has been on-line since the early days of computer bulletin boards in the 1970s. Started reading ERB at a very early age. Appeared in French ERB documentary about Michel Decuyper (publisher of "Tarzan Tribune" fanzine) "On the footsteps of Edgar Rice Burroughs" with Bill Morse (NYC), and Danton Burroughs (Tarzana, CA) which aired 12-1-96, ARTE Network. My 1969 Dodge Super Bee was in it too--cruising the land of Grand Avenue. Can be seen in crowd shots in AMC documentary done in conjunction with Tarzan movie festival (the one with the video camera on her shoulder) and videoing Maureen O'Sullivan as she enters hotel at Rutland, VT, Dum-Dum in 1995. Official videographer for The Burroughs Bibliophiles and the world premiere of ERB's only play "You Lucky Girl!" in Palmdale, CA, 4-25-97.

Jad Bal Ja (Jim Roberts) ERBList - The very first ERB book I read was *Tarzan and the City of Gold* published by Whitman. I recently re-discovered this book after joining the group. Jad Bal Ja (actually Jad-Bal-Ja) the Golden Lion saves Tarzan from Belthar, the hunting lion/god of insane Queen Nemone. I chose Jad Bal Ja as a persona (anima?) because he rescues Tarzan and because he is a simple, loyal and quiet friend of Tarzan.

Jack Clayton (Jack Wells) ERBList - Jack sent in a persona entry, but I lost it. Originally he was hoping for Korak, but that was taken. Then he asked for Korak-Zan, but I suggested Jack Clayton, which is how Korak is also known. Seemed like a match made in heaven to me. --Tangor

Jake (Kurt Jacobson) ERBList - Fan artist, see Tangor's Pastiche and Fan Fiction site.

James K. Powell, Captain (George Alec Effinger) ERBList, ERBCOF-L - I've decided on an ERB persona, if it hasn't already been claimed: Capt. James K. Powell, John Carter's companion who was killed by the Apaches--but who's to say he didn't stand beside his own lifeless clay and then feel himself drawn toward Mars, or Venus, or Mercury, or Jupiter, or Beyond the Farthest Star? NOTE: GEORGE ALEC EFFINGER PASSED AWAY APRIL 2002

Jana (Gail Kuric) ERBList - Jana, Red Flower of Zoram, is a great wildwoman! And, my Czech grandmother's name was Janna.

Jason Gridley (Louis A Nunez) Salisbury, MD, ERBList - I picked Jason because he was a sort of renaissance man, a tinkerer, man of action, and explorer. He invented the Gridley wave, and was instrumental in the design of the O-220. He was handy with a pair of 45's, too. Check out myspace page.

Jeddak of the North Warlord of Words (Bill Hillman) West Virginia by way of Canada, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - the title I inherited...from the Grandfather of "My Princess" Dejah Thoris. I have had numerous names thoughout my long Earth name -- John Carter first Barsoomian name -- Dotar Sojat ...and my first Barsoomian title -- Warlord of Mars. Through the years admirers have assumed most of my names and titles...all but... "My Chieftain"... and the Barsoomian title bestowed upon me by the elders of Helium and ... "My Princess"... I AM...Jeddak of Helium. Web Sites: BILL & SUE-ON HILLMAN ECLECTIC STUDIO - - Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. - Burroughs Bibliophiles

Jim Thompson (Jim Thompson), Clarksville, TN., ERBList, ERBCOF-L - "Jim Thompson" is a farm neighbor and best friend of Julian 9th in "The Moon Men," part 2 of "The Moon Maid." Therefore I was born with my ERB persona, a delightful coincidence I discovered when I read "The Moon Men," Ace edition, during my "Burroughs summer" at age 15! Now I manage the Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship List. Visit my ERBCOF-L subpage at

Jock Mahoney (David F. Morrill) ERBList- I came to the world of ERB as a boy in the early 1970s with a Saturday afternoon viewing of "Tarzan's Three Challenges" (1963) starring the legendary Jock Mahoney, the only actor who needed no stunt double to do all the things Tarzan could do (not bad for a guy in his forties). Jocko had earlier provided excellent villainy in Gordon Scott's final Tarzan movie and in the later Ron Ely Tarzan television series. His contributions to the world of Tarzan are to be commended.

John Carter (David Burton) ERBList, ERBCOF-L - Northwood, NH, USA When I started illustrating ERB's Mars, I had to make a choice of who's head I should be in to see what they saw, ERB's, or John Carter's. As that the story is John Carter's, I choose him. He has not let me down. See Barsoom Art at ERBmania! David passed away December 2011. Unlike others who have passed, David let me know he wanted his "persona" to be made available when he no longer had use for it.

Kal Tavan (Bill Wormstedt) ERBList - My 'real life' daughter is named Tavia. Specifically named after the Burroughs heroine in "Fighting Man of Mars." What better name for me than Tavia's father?

Kantos Kan (David Lemmo) ERBList, ERBCOF-L -Sacramento, CA He has always been one of my top favorite Burroughs character.

Kar Komak (William Hedges) ERBList, ERBCOF-L - My very first ERB book was given to me by my Mother. It was Thuvia, Maid of Mars and was one of her favorites. It was an early Ballantine edition. She nurtured my love of reading and to this day fully supports my interest in books in general and ERB's works in particular.

Kerchak (Joshua Dyal) ERBList - What can I say; I like the lovable old ape-king.

Kiatuk (Doug Denby) ERBList - Canadian Innuit name. Seems appropriate in light of the new Nunavut Territory being created in Canada in 1999.

Korak (Steve Allsup) ERBList - Erbmania! contributor: Korak In Pal-ul-don.

La of Opar (Edith S. Griswold) ERBCOF-L - USA, Dweller of the lands under The Flaming Sun, beloved friend of the mighty one and only Tarzan, goddess to all who come to me, I am La of Opar, which no other may dare claim.

Larok (Donal Buchanan) ERBList - Danvers, MA, I-Gos suggested it. I first chose Xodar and sent that in to you. I now find that that was taken. So, Larok it is.

Lion Man (Duane Adams) ERBCOF-L - Lions have always been apart of my life. One of my fondest childhood memories is laying in bed at night and listening to the lions roar. They were only zoo lions, but to my brother, Nkima, and me they were free and wild lions. We were in Africa. We were Tarzan. Now I have lions on pedestals outside of my house. And a collection of lion statues inside my house causing people to refer to me as the lion man.

Lorquas Ptomel (Deon Beswick) ERBList - Hey, I am a green martian at heart - just barely hovering on the edge of civilization. Besides, who else can tell John Carter AND Tars Tarkas when to jump? (sak...,sak I say!)

Mama Tangor (VirJean Potter Bozarth) Texas, currently California - ERBList - Tangor's mom, which explains his good looks and charm. Seriously (written by Tangor) Mom and Dad encouraged reading. We were taught that books were friends, and among those friends were Edgar Rice Burroughs. Photo is circa 1946. (Deceased)

Man Without A Persona (Larry Rickert) Brooklyn, NY - ERBList - Both my first and second choices (Tantor and Nkima) were already taken. I left ERBList several years ago, and upon my return immediately searched through the Persona Directory. But alas, Tantor and Nkima were still unavailable. So, dejected and miserable, I wander through the many worlds of ERB as...the Man Without a Persona.

mj (Mark Jankeloff) ERBCOF-L - I wanted to spell my name as Tarzan in Jungle Tales would have said it. Big M little a little r little k. But couldn't find the letters. So I gave up.

Mors Kajak (Bill Herr) ERBList, ERBCOF-L - Mors Kajak isn't mentioned as much as many other characters, but as the father of the incomparable Dejah Thoris has certainly played an important role in the canon. As the father of two wonderful daughters, I would like to think that Dejah Thoris is also one of my daughters, because of the joy she has brought me over the years.

The Mucker (Joel Jenkins) Marysville/WA/USA ERBList - I'm not very brilliant and would prefer to solve my problems with brute force.

Munango-Keewati (Patrick "Treasure Mountain" Adkins) ERBList, ERBCOF-L - "Man or devil, set out food and he'll come and eat it." (Deceased, 2015)

Muviro (Lloyd Heilbrunn) Palm Beach Gardens Fl., ERBList - I was looking for a heroic minor character who had appeared in more than one novel. Since I've been a loyal follower of Tarzan for many years, taking the name of another one seemed appropriate.

Nat-ul (Elizabeth Patterson), Texas, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - Nat-ul spanned the ages to find her Soul-Mate. Talk about true love! Luckily, my Soul-Mate lives in the same time with me, and we have been together for 20 years.

Nemone (Linda Thompson), Clarksville, TN, ERBCOF-L -

Nkima (David Adams), Minnesota, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - Nkima rides on Tarzan's shoulders. He chatters a lot and is very brave, even though everyone is trying to eat him. Nkima came about during a series of e-mail messages to Tublat during the summer of 1996. Somehow he seems to fit my personality. Nkima wanders off from time to time in search of succulent grubs seemingly distracted by other things, but he always comes back to Tarzan.

Norman of Torn (Bob Beckerbauer) ERBList - It is from the Outlaw of Torn. Of all of the ERB books this is my favorite and usually every year or two I need to read it.

Nu, son of Nu (Rod Hunsicker) ERBCOF-L - I believe that Nu was the way Tarzan should have been done. In any case, Nu was one of ERB's best creations. The Eternal Savage combined elements of undeniable love, spirituality and savage splendor. The Cliff Dwellers were a tribe of noble savages into which I would like to have born.

Numa John T. Vaughan) ERBList, ERBCOF-L - Has Numa been taken? I checked the personna list and didn't see it. If it isn't taken I want it. I will fill out the on-line form and even send a picture. The picture explains it all. Best John

Olga de Coude (Victoria Huckenpöhler) ERBList, ERBCOF-L (via Huck) - Washington, DC - Recommended by John Tyner -- she wanted someone sexy & mildly naughty but not really evil, and La is already taken

Okapi (Yoko Okamoto) ERBList - Japan - When I was fourteen years old, I went to a bookstore on one day. I watched many kinds of books which I bought. Then, One book caught my eye. "What a beautiful woman she is !!" I cried in my mind when I saw a picture on front cover. This book was "A PRINCESS OF MARS". I decided to buy this book. I couldn't put this book down. Love,adventure,fantasy , I loved this book and I knew ERB. I thought "What become of Dejah Thoris after John Carter came back earth?" So I bought THE GODS OF MARS and THE WARLODE OF MARS. I was satisfied with this ending. After that I bought other his works. I became a ERB fan because of this beautiful picture in front cover which was painted by Motoichiro Takebe. And many of Japanese ERB fan think so that,too. Motoichiro Takebe painted a lot of illustrations for ERB works were published in Japan. I am happy to be a ERB fan.

Pan Dan Chee (Hideki Nagata) ERBList - Kanazawa city, Ishikawa, Japan - About five years ago, I was Carthoris. But now, I am not Carthoris.Then I choice "Pan Dan Chee". Pan Dan Chee is like a Asian name. And, Pan Dan Chee is a marriage partner of Llana, Granddaughter of John Carter and Dejah thoris. It is very Happy, isn't it?

Passmore, Lord (Scott Tracy Griffin) ERBList, ERBCOF-L - My favorite character/book is "Tarzan of the Apes"; second favorite, Julian 9th and "The Moon Men." To add another dimension to these bios, Julian is the ERB character I most identify with, probably since I have long blond hair like the Frazetta cover, and ERB was vague about Julian's size/coloration (not many 5'11", blond ERB heroes except that goof Carson). Why Passmore? Coz we all know who he REALLY is...

Predator Seven (Dennis Wilcutt), Glasgow, KY, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - I used to have LOOPHOLE as my persona, my unfortunate nickname at work because I am an attorney. I decided that didn't begin to describe what my real attitude in life was, so I changed it to PREDATOR. I added SEVEN after taking one look at Seven of Nine. Thus, Predator Seven, brother of ex-borg, Seven of Nine. I read my first ERB book while in the military and have admired Burroughs ever since. He is my favorite author of all time.

Princess of Helium (Diana L Cole), Council Bluffs, Iowa, - ERBList, ERBCOF-L - I have been "Dejah Thoris" ever since 1953, when, at the age of 10, I discovered the Dell comic of "John Carter of Mars in Tyrant of the North", #488, the one with the photographic cover. However the Dejah Thoris persona is in use. That comic started an unsucessful search for more Mars stories until the 60's when the books were finally reissued. I never tire of reading the series or listening to the audio recordings. Also, as a developing artist, I hope to someday do justice to my favorite characters and settings.

Princess Valla Dia (Paula Pappas), Stockton, CA - Because my husband, John Pappas, is Captain Ulysses S. Paxton.

John Martin, Bridge, posted a tongue in cheek comment that Ulysses Paxton returned to Stockton with his princess, Valla Dia.

Quaestor (John Tyner) Rockville, MD, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - All my favorite ERB characters have been assumed by my colleagues, so I thought it would be appropriate for me to assume a role featured in "Tarzan and the Lost Empire" - that of Quaestor, an ancient Roman official responsible for administration and finance. Being the treasurer of the National Capital Panthans as well as Coriell-era BB #1805 clinched the persona for me. Of course there was Gene Roddenbury's excellent story "The Questor Tapes" which excited me. Come see our Panthans page.

Ras Thavas (Marten), Netherlands, ERBList - Being already a brilliant surgeon in the days, Ulysses Paxton visited Barsoom, I recently managed to stretch the brain pan of a man and placed my brain next to his, in that way not taking his skills but giving him mine.

Red Hawk, The (Jim Hadac), Brookfield,IL, ERBList The Red Hawk (Julian 20) I chose this persona because...well, he's the greatest hero, isn't he? He achieved the final liberation of America from a barbaric tyranny after a generations-long war. To me as a kid, I thought this was quite an heroic epic. Besides, Nu was taken. Originally, I got hooked on ERB through the Dell comics and then Johnny's films on TV in the early 60s. Then my dad started bringing home the ACE here I am, still a fan after all these years, honored to be numbered among this esteemed company and reading the erbmania articles and fan fiction, as well as rereading the works of The Master himself.

Sheeta (Robert W. Miller) ERBList, ERBCOF-L - Regardless of my e-mail address, most of my ERB affinity comes from Tarzan books, comics, collectibles, TV, and films. I chose Sheeta because 1. Numa and Jad-bal-ja were taken. I am truly a cat person. 2. One of my favorite Burroughs scenes is when Sheeta slays Rokoff on the deck of the Kincaid, and then protects his kill even from Tarzan. Oh, yeah... And 3. My heart is as black as a panther's fur, and my personality is as spotted as a leopard's. [List Editor's Note: Robert Miller passed away December 25th, 1998. He will be much missed by the members of the ERB lists and by friends everywhere. This persona is not available. Tangor]

Shoz-Dijiji (Bob Burrows) Germantown, MD, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - I've always wanted to be adopted by Native Americans and remain a mystery even to my friends. Even my wife can't figure me out and Soz-Dijiji is perfect.

Shoz-lekay (Bob Hunton) ERBList, ERBCOF-L - I will use Shoz-lekay, the white bear in the Burroughs story. The bear was a protector sent by the Apache mountain spirits(Gaan). If anyone out there is interested in this topic (or Native American related) I have some great photos of Gaan dancers at the Heard Museum in Phoenix. I teach a large related unit to my kids at school. I have always been a fan of Burroughs' westerns, especially BANDIT and WAR CHIEF. LOVE the language, land and people of the Southwest.

Stanley Obroski (Allen Ellis) ERBList - Like many, I came to Burroughs by way of the Tarzan films. I think it appropriate to choose the persona of the actor who was chosen to play a Tarzan-like character (as are all Tarzans in the movies) in the film being produced in ERB's "Tarzan and the Lion Man."

Tan Gama (Ralph Grasso) NY, ERBList - I am a big fan of Captain Carter [Prince of helium, Warlord of Barsoom]. I am however not familiar with Tarzan and only passingly familiar with Pellucidar. I am here to learn and learned about this list from jhuck and Bruce Salen. I am also a fan of Otis Kline as well-- I am retired from N.Y.P.D. and I am looking forward to start meeting with Bruce to discuss ERB and developing a new friendship---thanks, ralph g

Tan Hadron of Hastor (Bruce Salen) Brooklyn, NY, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - This noble son of a princely house seeks ever the fair Tavia; however, too proud to stop and ask for directions, he seems destined to seek eternally. (Written by his friend, Tangor. I'll write one for you, too, just ask!) (Editor: Bruce Salen passed away March 6, 2011. This persona is no longer available.)

Tanar (Michael A Conran) Jenison, MI, ERBList -

Tangor (David Bruce Bozarth) Houston, Texas, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - "Tangor" means "from nothing" in the Polodan language, very much like email comes to us "from nothing." Tangor communicated to ERB via "ghostly hands" on a keyboard. The similarities were too significant to ignore! Tangor's ERB web sites can be accessed via goes by "Bruce." His writing name is the multi-syllabic "David Bruce Bozarth."

Tantor (Kenneth Webber) ERBlist, ERBCOF-L - Tarzan's gentle,quiet lifelong friend. I've read ERB since the late 50s and have always been hooked by him. I enjoy writing for the ERB-APA, the Buroughs Bulletin, Erbania, and other fanzines. Try to make a ERB Convention every other year. I collect the comics, strips and original art more than the books.

Tarak (Bob Woodley), Ohio, ERBList - I was born in a desolate major hospital, then crudely grasped from my cradle and taken home by a fierce she, who nursed me as if I were her own. In the 50's and 60's I discovered Tarzan comics, and "Tavane." In High School, I noticed "Tarzan Triumphant" with a Roy Krenkel, Jr. cover. I gave it a try, and....Whew. One day I took the Bar Exam, broke my leg, and while laid up started writing "Tarak of Aantor." Tarak is a combination of Tarzan and Korak. I don't know why I have to relate all this. It should be obvious.

Tardos Mors (Bob Zeuschner), California, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - Love Barsoom, and have two daughters who are as beautiful as one could wish. So, it seems appropriate to be the old grandfather.

Tars Tarkas (Don Bearden), Washington State, ERBList - Born at an early age in 1942 Saint Louis, Mo. Moved to Washington State May, 1956. Began drifting (bus bum) around United States in 1964 starting with Alaska and gradually covering 41 states in the next three years. Married July 7, 1967 in Springfield Missouri (still married to same wife) Two kids: Son in 1968 and daughter in 1977. Forced into retirement in 1993 due to physical problems. Has had near-death experience once and nearly died at least three separate times. Has read ERB since childhood even though watched Johnny Weismueller and Lex Barker before finding POM and GOM in Public Library at about 10 years of age. Read more comic books than Carter had Little Liver Pills - Still collects Classics Illustrated and related books.

Tasor (Robert Greer) ERBCOF-L - Tasor of Gathol is mentioned in three chapters of Chessmen of Mars, but is only physically present in one. Call me Tasor, "the son of that great Gatholian noble who had given his life so gloriously, however futilely, in an attempt to defend Gahan's sire from the daggers of the assassins." ERB writes: "And so I [Tasor] was brought a prisoner to Manataj, a distant city of Manator, and there sold into slavery. A woman bought me--a princess of Manataj whose wealth and position were unequaled in the city of her birth." (Chessmen, Chapter 18) I picked this name simply because Chessmen of Mars is my favorite ERB novel (and I find the idea of being purchased by a rich, beautiful woman very appealing).

Tavia (Serena DuBois) Sedro-Woolley, WA, ERBList - I have always liked ERB's Barsoom best of all his worlds, and Tavia was one of my favorite heroines. Tavia is attractive without being drop dead gorgeous, tough, intelligent, loyal, all traits I both admire and think I have personally. I came to the ERBList a while back and discovered that personas were de rigeur. Tavia popped into my head and Tavia I became. The handsome gentleman in the picture with me is Michael my beloved mate and life-companion.

Teeka (Rachael Wenban) Sacremento, CA, ERBList - Because Teeka was a playmate of Tarzan and his first love.

Tex (Rob Donkers) Netherlands, ERBList - I've been thinking of an ERB persona name that would fit and this is it! From now on I'll be 'Tex'. In fact my good friend and fellow ERB-list member Ted McKosky started calling me Tex since I'm kind of a western buff. doubt, this is the perfect name... Thanks! Rob...ahrrr...Tex!

Thandar (Ken Fuchs) Texas, - ERBList - I read my first Tarzan novel when I was in the 7th grade in 1955, and I was hooked. Here was the ideal hero of my youth, and I have never found a more perfectly realized heroic figure since. I read all of the Tarzan novels three or four times, but it was only about three years ago that I began reading other works by ERB. I just finished THE CAVE GIRL during the Christmas holidays (1997) and was captivated by the non-heroic figure Waldo Emerson Smith-Jones. Now there is a figure that most of us can relate to. When faced with the realities of the jungle, he is terrified. But he becomes the heroic Thandar, which is obviously a reversal in theme and name of Tarzan (Darthan = Thandar). I chose this name because I see myself in the figure of Waldo in the first part of the book."

The Ape-Man (Sky Brower) Little Rock, AR USA, - ERBList - As an early teen, ERB's twenty-four "Tarzan" novels were a huge factor in my life and still affect my outlook on the world today. After losing touch with the character for several years I've rediscovered the magic of those stories and started a fansite,, dedicated to furthering knowledge of Tarzan of the Apes for a new generation.

Thoar (Steve Servello) ERBList, ERBCOF-L - Thoar is my persona first of all because he is from Pellucidar (what a great name for a land). The very first Pellucidar book I read was Tarzan at the Earth's Core. The kingdom of Zoram in the Mountains of the Thipdar caught my imagination. Thoar appeared a noble barbaric warrior (with a wicked good looking babe for a sister).

Thoos, the Lion-God of Cathne (Jim Johnston) ERBList - Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, I really like the big cats, and I just love the sound of this name.

Threk Har, War Chieftaness of Wyhtl (Chris Adams) ERBList - She's one of our nutty creations! Threk Har is the daughter of Bethdariel and Halek, the WarChief of the Clan of Six Teeth for our comic in SHADIS magazine "WARCHIEF: The Alumnus." Yes, it's satire, and plainly riffing on the transworld heroics pioneered by ERB, but where would we be without him, eh? Our website:

Tintin (Wayne E James) ERBList - Tintin is a very popular (and old) cartoon character in Europe. On our last trip to Belgium, I was introduced to him and took a liking to him. During a recent conversation with my mother-in-law the topic of personas came up for some reason and she suggested that I take Tintin as my persona. Since I like him and he has had some adventures in the Congo, I decided to do just that. Wayne passed away April 4, 2008.

Torkar Bar (Andrew F. Bayne) ERBList - Well what can I say? Torkar bar, Dwar of the Kaolian Road, runs around a dark forest with a long pointy stick swatting large lethal flies. Isn't that everyones aim in life? Heard of only once, his main claim to fame is that he once met the mighty John Carter. Just another bit character for John Carter to bounce his ego off.

Tublat (George T. McWhorter) Louisville, KY, ERBCOF-L - As for why I chose "Tublat" just popped into my head. I was looking for something starting with "T" and came up with Tublat. There are no deep hidden meanings, Freudian or otherwise.

Tublat-Zan (Troy McCarter) ERBList - Tublat means 'broken-nose white skin' which describes me.

Turjun (Joe Brazell) ERBList - I usually have gone by the name of Carthoris in my earlier years but have been forced to fall back on my more anonynous name when circumstances required.

Ulysses S. Paxton (John Pappas) Stockton, CA, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - I liked story, the name, and the background.

Usha (Dorothy J Howell) ERBList, ERBCOF-L - The Tarzans have been my favorite ERBS since I discovered them in the early fifties. While I cannot assume my childhood identity as Tarzan, none of the women appeal to me. So I have taken on the identity of Usha the Wind who knows as many moods as Tarzan himself. I actually discovered Tarzan in 1949 and the books shortly thereafter. Of course, I have always seen Tarzan as personified as Lex Barker; he is one of the few Tarzan actors who could have given us both sides of the persona, had the times allowed

Vad Varo (Jess Terrell) Admin at the discussion group "For the Love of All Things Edgar Rice Burroughs". A retired I.T. professional exploring Edgar Rice Burroughs' legacy. ERB-APA contributor and active member of the Burroughs Bibliophiles. A consultant to the Edgar Rice Burroughs collection at the University of Louisville. Besides, Vad Varo was a very cool guy!

Vandor (Dale Robinson) ERBList - This was an alias used by John Carter in the Swords of Mars when he investigated the Assassins Guild of Zodanga. Like Carter, I am a Virginian transplanted to an alien world (Florida). John Carter was my first introduction to the true Burroughs and my favorite Burroughs character.

von Horst (David Critchfield) ERBList - Geetings, gilaks. This is Frederich Wilhelm Eric von Mendeldorf und von Horst, former Lieutenant of the O-220, now wanderer of Pellucidar contacting you via Gridley Wave. Surface-dwellers can experience the inner world at It's the next best thing to being there!

Waldo (Bob Hibbard) Huntville, TX, ERBList - I've been an ERB fan for 40 years, starting with Mastermind. I rather enjoyed some of his miscellaneous adventures, including CG. For my persona, I choose Waldo, 'cause it's short, and I'm not like him.

Wazirian, The (Bob Cook) ERBCOF-L - Put me in the line for a Persona directory, and THANKS!
Robert Cook, Sr. passed away June 12, 2006.

Woola (Stanley Galloway) ERBList - Like Woola, I have few words to say (though not quite none). I enjoy studying what Burroughs wrote and thinking about the implications, an English teacher's occupational hazard. Like Woola, I think of myself as one of the silent faithful.

Xodar (David Bringhurst) ERBList - First, it wasn't taken. Second, you gotta admit, it's a cool name. Third, who wouldn't want to be Jeddak of the First Born? If this persona hasn't been secretly taken, I'd like to claim it as my own. Also, I'd like to proclaim my absolute excitement about this listserv and my fortune in finding a group with such discriminating taste.

Zu-Gogo (Don Falkos) Madison/Wisconsin/USA, ERBList, ERBCOF-L - I am a professional storyteller and so have chosen the name Zu-Gogo which, in the Mangani language, means "story" or "tell a story." I discovered ERB after graduating from college. I frequented used bookstores looking for Star Trek novels and kept seeing all the Tarzan books. I finally bought Tarzan of the Apes. It sat on my shelf for over a year before I read it. As soon as started reading, I was hooked. By the time I had finished reading TOA, I owned 37 Burroughs books. Tarzan is still my favorite, but I have enjoyed all of ERB's works and have a special liking for The Outlaw of Torn. Website

Zu-tho (Joe Loehr) Ft. Wayne IN USA ERBList - Why not?! We're all just Monkey-Boys (ook-ook-ook)