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ERB Summary Project



Stan Galloway, Associate Editor
Steve Wadding, Associate Editor
David A. Adams, Associate Editor
Fredrik Ekman, Associate Editor



A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far.... er, wrong beginning!

The ERBList Summaries Project is the brain child of David "Nkima" Adams who threw this idea out during a series of private email exchanges during the summer of 1998. He left it to David Bruce "Tangor" Bozarth to make it happen. Since both of us are named "David" I'll use Nkima, Tangor, or Bruce (the latter also being Tangor) to keep confusion to a minimum.

Nkima has always had a great interest of things Burroughsian, but perhaps as great is his interest in things Jack London. He came into contact with a group of Jack London fans who were busily engaged in summarizing the works of London, chapter by chapter to facilitate research and enjoyment of that author's works. "Why not do the same for Burroughs?" Nkima asked the Texican also known as Tangor.

Why not, indeed?

Enter Tangor who had very specific ideas of what constitutes a summary:

1. List Action.

2. List Characters.

3. List Plot.

4. REFRAIN from interpretation or personal commentary. Summaries are not reviews or speculation of author intent or character motivations.

5. Think Cliff Notes.

6. Think SHORT

Nkima and Tangor struggled for a few days defining the above, most of that struggle centered around #4 since both David and Bruce are habitually afflicted with diarrhea of the keyboard when discussing the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. It was recognizing restraint and dedication to the facts (just the facts) when creating summaries that has resulted in a rich and usable format.

Format defined, it was time to execute. The ERBList Summary Project utilized the knowledge and willingness of the membership of Tangor's ERBList Edgar Rice Burroughs List Server to find summarizers. By delegating chapter summaries to an interested membership the work of summarizing the individual chapters was made light. In time the addition of associate editors further expanded the project, though all pass through David Bruce Bozarth's managing editorship before publication at the ERB Summary Project web site to ensure a unified format.

The ERBList Summary Project (now known as the ERB Summary Project) provides researchers or readers of Edgar Rice Burroughs with a concise resource detailing the plot, characters, and action found within each novel. Each summary follows a rigid format of no more than 250 words to summarize each chapter, free of personal interpretations though personal or editor Introductions or Afterwords are allowed.

The ERBList Summary Project is open to all under the editorial directorship of David Bruce Bozarth. Group editorial efforts are also headed by Stanley Galloway, Steve Wadding, and David Adams. Solo summaries that fit the established criteria are also accepted.

The ERBList Summary Project has also enjoyed participation by artists and illustrators who are fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Many of the current Summaries are illustrated by artists famous or about to become famous.

It is the intention of the managing editor, when the project nears completion, to contact all the contributors to explore the possibility of producing a collected print edition so that those who are not on the Internet, yet are ERB fans, might have an opportunity to obtain a copy of the collected ERBList Summary Project.

In the meantime, the summaries just keep on comin'!