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ERB Summary Project



Stan Galloway, Associate Editor
Steve Wadding, Associate Editor
David A. Adams, Associate Editor
Fredrik Ekman, Associate Editor

The ERBList Summary Project came about as an inspiration by David "Nkima" Adams. Bruce "Tangor" Bozarth has provided the managing editor and web skills to make the project reality. Nkima has been extraordinarily active as an Associate Editor and Summarizer. Over the last three years we have enjoyed the assistance of Associate Editors Stan Galloway, Fredrik Ekman, and Steve Wadding.


Chapter Summarizers:

Summary is 250 or less words per chapter and notes characters, action, plot, places, and any specific "things" (see below for "thing" description). No commentary, speculation, or personal interpretations are allowed in the chapter summary.

IF commentary, speculation, or personal intrepretations are desired, please provide separately at bottom or top of file for consideration as an inclusion to the SUMMARY INTRODUCTION, or a SUMMARY AFTERWORD to the completed project novel.

Summary Editors:

250 words or less per chapter is the goal. Use good judgment when allowing chapter summaries exceeding the desired count. "Present Tense Omniscient" is preferred rather than Past Tense or Passive Voice. Rule of Thumb: change as LITTLE as possible in edit; retain as much of the summarizer's wording as possible, even if the result is an odd turn of phrase. Summary Editors are also charged with providing, in list form (one item to each line) the NAMED CHARACTERS, PLACES, and THINGS at either the top or bottom of the file submitted to the Managing Editor. The "Character" list should be in order of appearance in the project novel summary.

Solo Summary Authors:

All the above applies to solo submissions.

Managing Editor:

Managing Editor is final authority and may make additional edits to summary projects submitted by associate editors or solo summary authors. The Managing Editor will also add an INTRODUCTION to the project novel summary which includes initial magazine or newspaper publication dates, first hardback publication, or other information known regarding the creation of the work by Edgar Rice Burroughs--if not supplied at time of submission. Much of this information can be found in Bob Zeuschner's bibliography. Bare bones publication information can be found at ERB PUBLISHING HISTORY.


"Things," like "Places," indicates we list something specifically named, such as "numa" or "tharban". Also include named objects such as "ersite" (a Martian stone), modern weapons in primitive locales, named vessels (air or naval), foods with alien names, unusual technological devices (neural recording machines, t-rays, etc.). Editors and Solo Authors should limit naming things to the first chapter where they appear, if possible but if Tarzan fights Numa in chapter x and then again in chapter y, name that Numa! :)

Technical Specifications:

Summaries should be sent to Associate or Managing Editors as one of the following types:

1. Email body which contains the summary in full.

2. RTF (Rich Text Format) attachment to email.

3. ANSI (Windows Text) attachment to email.

4. ASCII (DOS Text format) attachment to email.

Email for short summaries is easiest for single chapter summarizers. RTF is cross-platform, which means PC and MAC editors can accept the resulting word processed files. ANSI is a generic Windows text word processing file which does not contain formatting code. ASCII is cross-platform but requires one or more editors (usually me!) to process for eventual HTML web page display.

MS Word, WordPerfect, Claris, and Ami Pro word processors (and quite a few more) support the RTF format (PC or MAC). Please avoid sending native MS WORD DOC formatted files as these CAN transmit viruses. MS WORD users are advised that the FILE TYPE can be specified during SAVE AS option--drop box below filename, select RTF file type, then save. Editors: if MS Word DOC is sent, be advised to open file using WORDPAD (Win users) which will display file but will not execute any embedded MS macro based viruses. Cut and paste the displayed text into your word processor.

Images and Graphics:

The project novel summary is the goal. However, the summary can also benefit from images. The Managing Editor will generally create a graphic for the title area and also include ERB cover images from various editions with each project novel summary. If you have suggestions for images, or have managed to beg images from any of our valued fan artists for the project novel summary, the Managing Editor will accept BMP (in ZIP format), JPG, or GIF.


Each summarizer, Associate Editor, and the Managing Editor retain all copyrights to their efforts. The Managing Editor is the general conservator of such copyrights, implicitly granted by each summarizer's participation in the ERBList Summary Project. The conservator may not make any use of the individual or editorial participations other than publication at ERBList's website without specific permissions from the contributors to the ERBList Summary Project. The language above, while sounding obtuse, means Tangor has been given a club to whack any badguys who want to steal what we have done at ERBList. It also means Tangor can't use what we've done without a thumbs up from everybody concerned with each project summary novel.