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ERB Summary Project


Milton Smith - VP at B.O. studio


Tom Orman - movie director

Joe - scenarist

Major White - big game hunter

Clarence Noice - sound director

Stanley Obroski - Lion Man, actor

Bwana Simba - name for Obroski

Naomi Madison - actress

Rhonda Terry - Naomi's double

Bill West - chief cameraman

Gordon Z. Marcus - actor, trader

Sheykh Ab El-Ghrennem

Jerrold Blaine - actor

Atewy - Arab

Kwamudi - head of B.O. safari

Pat O Grady - asst. director



Bansutos - tribe of cannibals

Rungula - chief of Bansutos

Eyad - Arab

Charlie Gay - animal trainer (mentioned)

Slats - movie lion (mentioned)

Jimmy - movie personnel

Shorty - movie personnel

Walumbe - Bansuto god of death

God - creator of talking gorillas

Henry VIII - gorilla king

Wolsey - gorilla

Duke of Buckingham - gorilla

Cranmer - gorilla

Suffolk - gorilla

Catherine of Aragon - gorilla queen

Anne Boleyn - wife of Henry

Prince of Wales - son of Henry

Edward VI - son of Henry

Mpugu - chief of a tribe

Jane Seymour - wife of Henry

Anne of Cleves - wife of Henry

Catherine Howard - wife of Henry

Catherine Parr - wife of Henry


Howard - gorilla

Mary - daughter of Henry

Elizabeth - daughter of Henry

Medel - geneticists

Father Tobin - gorilla priest

Malb yat - yellow head, mutant

Balza - golden girl, mutant

Freeman Lang - press agent

John Clayton

Reece - Hollywood guide

Prince Mudini - Naomi's husband

Jimie Stone - 2nd production mgr

Billy Brouke - party crasher

Abe Potkin - producer

Dan Puant - scenarist

Era Dessent - actress

Joe - party host

Joe's wife

Maya - party guest

Louella Parsons - columnist

Ben Goldeen - production mgr

Barrymore - actor

Cyril Wayne - director

Eddie - assist. director



Ituri Forest

Omwamwi Falls


Victoria Falls (Omwamwi Falls)

London - gorilla city

Thames River - gorilla river

Valley of Diamonds

Westminster Abbey

Brunn, Austria

Holy Stairway to Heaven - steps to God's castle

Heaven - God's castle


Beverly Hills


Palm Beach

New York

Los Angeles

The Roosevelt - hotel

Hollywood Boulevard

Brown Derby

Grauman's Chinese Theater

Franklin - street


Prominent Picture - movie studio


map to the Valley of Diamonds




Lamark and Darwin's theories

The Chief - railroad train

Soft Shoulders - movie

Examiner - newspaper

Tarzan and the Lionman

Summary and Introduction by Duane Adams

David Bruce Bozarth, Managing Editor


Burroughs felt Tarzan and the Lionman was his weakest ape-man novel, yet time reveals Lionman to be ERB's best satire of Hollywood and the movie ape-man. Burroughs revisits the plot device of mistaken identity and lost cities — this time inhabited by talking gorillas. Readers grin when John Clayton is fired as the film Tarzan because he is NOT the type. New readers (early hardcovers) are advised some character dialog contains racial slurs. Zeuschner's Bibliography states Tarzan and the Lion Man appeared as a nine part serial in Liberty, November 1933-January 1934. The magazine story is shorter than the book. It is Burroughs' forty-second book and seventeenth Tarzan novel. Burroughs Inc.'s first edition featured dust jacket and illustrations by J. Allen St. John. Grosset & Dunlap, Tarzana, Ace, and Ballantine have done reprints.

Chapter One - In Conference

Milton Smith, executive VP of B.O. studio paces in his office, which is full of studio people. He talks about a real jungle picture. His secretary announces the arrival of Tom Orman, director. Milt tries to persuade Orman to shoot the picture in the Ituri forest in Africa. Milt's lack of knowledge of Africa is revealed by Orman who informs him that there are no tigers in Africa. Joe, the scenarist, has put the tiger in the scene because Milt wanted it that way. Major White, big game hunter and technical advisor, is introduced. Major White has doubts about getting the equipment into the jungle, especially after Clarence Noice, sound director, tells him how much the trucks weigh. Milt explains that the script is about a boy raised by lions, hence the name Lion Man. Orman says, Sounds Familiar. Some of the cast and crew will include Stanley Obroski, marathon runner as the Lion Man, Naomi Madison, female lead, Gordon Z. Marcus, actor playing Naomi's father and white trader, Major White, as a white hunter, Rhonda Terry, Naomi's double, and Bill West, chief cameraman. They will leave in ten days.

Chapter Two - Mud

Sheykh Ab El-Ghrennem watches as the natives try to pull the generator truck through the mud of a stream. Actor Jerrold Blaine talks with Naomi and Rhonda. Naomi has been ill and complains that Rhonda's stand-in performance will ruin her reputation as an actress. The Sheykh talks with Atewy, one of his men. The Sheykh believes the movie is just a ruse to cover up a safari to the secret Valley of Diamonds. They believe Naomi has the map to the area. Bill complains to Blaine, Naomi, and Rhonda about Orman whipping the natives and his excessive drinking. He fears Kwamudi, chief of the natives, will abandon them. Obroski sleeps through everything. Major White tells Pat O Grady, the assistant director; they would be better off with him in charge because of his easy going ways. Rifle fire coming from the front of the column is heard.

Chapter Three - Poisoned Arrows

While napping with Jad-bal-ja, Tarzan hears gunshots and decides he will investigate later. The Bansutos, ritual cannibals, have killed two safari members with poison arrows as a warning to leave their area. The Major tells Orman they will be picked off one by one, and they will never see who did it. Orman will hear none of it and pushes onwards. The Major organizes the party for maximum protection for traveling. They make camp at a riverbank. Orman displays his jealous displeasure to Naomi about her flirting with Obroski. Gunfire to the rear interrupts their conversation. A frighten Naomi faints. Clarence reports that two men were killed in a similar sneak attack. Naomi awakens, screams, and faints. The others arrive and the camp is organized for the evening. Bill West declares his love to the brave Rhonda, who laughs it off.

Chapter Four - Dissension

Kwamudi tells Orman his men are leaving tomorrow. Major White stops Orman from whipping him. O Grady tries to get White to persuade the bears to stay with them for a bonus. Kwamudi agrees to the bonus but also insists that there will be no more whippings. Stanley Obroski enters Naomi's tent. He is afraid of the director's wrath for loving Naomi. Rhonda entering the tent startles them. Rhonda runs Obroski off by telling him she saw Orman headed this way. Orman spots Obroski leaving the women's tent and threatens to kill him. Orman enters the tent and threatens Naomi. Rhonda tells Orman that Stanley came to see her. Orman forbids men to enter their tent. He leaves and tells Bill West what Rhonda had said. This deeply troubles the lovesick Bill.

Chapter Five - Death

Tarzan surveys the camp without being noticed. White informs Orman that twenty-five porters deserted during the night. He advises him to turn back. Orman refuses. The news of the desertion disturbs the camp members. Bill avoids Rhonda. The day passes uneventful until suddenly arrows kill two askaris and Major White. Rhonda worries about Bill. O Grady persuades Kwamudi and his men to stay because they are almost out of Bansuto country. As they move out again, the Arabs lag behind. Just as they are about to make camp, three more men are killed, and Orman's helmet is knocked from his head by an arrow. The entire camp is on edge that evening.

Chapter Six - Remorse

Atewy casually walks close to Marcus and Rhonda. Rhonda shows Marcus the authentic looking prop map of the Valley of Diamonds. The movie was written around the map. Marcus tells her to keep it. The dead are buried after dark. Rhonda verbally spars with Naomi and leaves to start a bridge game. Bill turns her down and suggests Obroski. Tarzan watches them bury their dead in secret. In the morning Orman expresses remorse to O Grady over the dangerous path he forced upon the safari. He feels responsible for all the deaths. Orman swears off drinking. Orman speaks of ghosts when they hear the victory cry of the bull ape accompanied by the roar of Jad-bal-ja.

Chapter Seven - Disaster

Bill informs Orman that Kwamudi and all of his men are gone. Orman instructs Bill to gather everyone together, as he will go check on the Arabs. Orman organizes the camp. Rhonda will be the head cook. Obroski volunteers to be a cook because it is safer than other jobs. Jimmy and Shorty, B.O. crewmen, will assist her in cooking. Orman tells Naomi she must work also or she will not eat. She chooses not to eat. It is slow going with inexperienced hands trying to clear the trail. The Arabs act as guards. The safari has no guide to show them the way. Into a clearing, the Bansutos attack in full force. They hold them off but lose twelve men and a truck. Back into the forest, they regroup to discover that Noice and Blaine are amongst the dead. Furthermore, Obroski ran off when the fighting started. Orman and a party search in vain for the Lion Man. Naomi helps serve the evening meal.

Chapter Eight - The Coward

When the arrows bean to fly, Obroski's fear overcomes him and he runs. He runs into a Bansuto warrior, who is equally afraid but grabs the actor. Obroski lifts the man over his head and throws him, twice. Six more warriors close on him. He puts up a valiant fight but is overpowered by numbers. His hands are bound, and he is led away. A chief comes and leads them towards their village. Obroski's fears have numbed him. The Bansutos take his silent indifference as bravery. In the village, he is dragged into a hut and has his feet tied. In the hut he finds Kwamudi and two of his men, who have also been captured by the Bansutos. Kwamudi informs the actor that the Bansutos are ritual cannibals, eating only the brave, strong, and chiefs. Obroski asks Kwamudi to tell the Bansutos to untie them so they can remain strong. The Bansutos celebrate their victory and mourn their dead.

Chapter Nine - Treachery

Orman and Bill enter the cook tent and discuss events with the others. Despite all of the losses Orman still plans to shoot the movie. O Grady enters and asks if it is ok for the Arabs to stand watch from midnight until six. It is approved. In the morning, Marcus wakes Orman with the news that the Arabs have left during the night. They discover the Arabs took Naomi and Rhonda with them. The women's tent has been ransacked, but there is no evidence of a fight. Orman insists on looking for them alone. He will pay a ransom for the women. He instructs the others to proceed to Omwamwi Falls and sends a runner to Jinja to relay a message to the studio. Bill insists on going with him because of his love for Rhonda. They head north following the trail of the horsemen.

Chapter Ten - Torture

Obroski, Kwamudi, and the two other captives cry out for food and water. A guard silences them. In the morning they are taken before Rungula, chief of the Bansutos. After talking a while, Rungula has Obroski strip so he can have his clothes. They give Obroski a dirty g-string to wear. After a week one of Kwamudi's men is taken away, never to be seen again. The next night the other man is taken away. His screams are heard by the remaining two prisoners. The next night they are taken and tied to trees, facing each other. Obroski watches the Bansutos torture Kwamudi to death. In the morning they take him back to his hut. He makes plans for a death without torture. That night, they lead a smiling Obroski to the ceremonial area.

Chapter Eleven - The Last Victim

Tarzan wanders toward the sound of drums he has heard for the last three nights. He wants to know more about the Bansutos. The sight of a bound, almost naked, white man raises Tarzan's curiosity so he slips into the village. In a tree over the ceremony, Tarzan is shocked to realize that the white man resembles himself. As Obroski is led to a tree, he picks up a warrior and throws him at the crowd. He downs another warrior. Rungula orders him to be captured. In terror and silence Obroski fights against a thousand foes. Eventually they pull him down. And then —

Chapter Twelve - The Map

Eyad, an Arab, berates Atewy for taking the women with them when all they need is the map. Atewy angrily tells him they need the women to read the English map and possibly for slavery or ransom. He warns him not to touch the women. Naomi and Rhonda commiserate. They are brought before the Sheykh. The Arabs don t believe the map is only a movie prop. Rhonda reads the map for them. The Arabs deduce from her reading that the Valley of Diamonds is near Omwamwi Falls, which is close-by. Ab-Ghrennem desires the white women. Atewy wants Rhonda for himself. That night, Rhonda talks of escape and the corruption of humans. Atewy tempts Eyad with the thought of diamonds and one of the women, suggesting an accident could befall the Sheykh. Rhonda awakens Naomi and raises a piece of firewood over the guard's head.

Chapter Thirteen - A Ghost

Orman and Bill lose the trail of the Arabs in a stream. They are lost. Orman again expresses guilt over the disastrous expedition. A lion stalks them. Orman wishes Charlie Gay, movie animal trainer, would command the beast to lay down. Bill says the lion does look like Slats, the B.O. movie lion. In a clearing they fire at the lion. It charges and knocks Orman down. Tarzan drops from a tree onto the lion's back. He kills numa with his knife and gives the victory cry of the bull ape. He leaps back into the trees and disappears. They believe it to be Obroski's ghost.

Chapter Fourteen - A Madman

As Obroski is pulled to the ground, Tarzan ropes Rungula and pulls him up into the tree. The Bansutos are motionless. Rungula calls Tarzan, Walumbe, god of death. Tarzan says he made himself into two people to test the Bansutos. Rungula offers the demon food, weapons, and women. Tarzan extracts a promise never to harm white men. The Bansutos release Obroski. In the forest, Tarzan has Obroski follow him. Obroski thought Tarzan was only a fictional character. He thinks Tarzan is a madman pretending to be the ape-man, but he follows him anyway. Tarzan calls Jad-bal-ja. Sabor is with the golden lion so Tarzan asks Obroski to wait while he checks out this lioness. Tarzan has Jad-bal-ja keep the lioness under control. He has Obroski and Jad-bal-ja get aquatinted. Obroski realizes that he and Tarzan look alike. Tarzan says this is why he saved him. Stanley relates his story and tries to justify Orman whipping the porters. They sleep as Jad-bal-ja and sabor leave to hunt.

Chapter Fifteen - Terror

Rhonda knocks out the sentry. She and Naomi saddle two ponies and turn the others loose. They drive the ponies one hundred yards into the jungle before the Arabs discover what has happened. A rifle shot stampedes the ponies, and they make their escape. They come to a stream. Unable to drive the loose ponies across, they ford the stream themselves. The loose ponies follow them. At dawn they realize they are near the cone-shaped volcano on the map. A lion attacks Rhonda's pony. She is thrown to the ground unconscious. The loose ponies bolt back across the stream. The lion feeds on the pony. Naomi wonders how she can help Rhonda with the lion so close to her.

Chapter Sixteen - Eyad

Orman and West decide that it was Obroski who killed the lion and that he must have gone mad. They take some of the carcass for food. They come across a lone Eyad and get the drop on him. Through sign language, Eyad attempts to explain what happened and that a lion has killed one of the women. They make camp for the night. In a tree Obroski watches Jad-bal-ja and sabor feast on their kill. Jad-bal-ja kills a hyena, which comes too close to his food. Tarzan approaches and flings a charging hyena to sabor, who promptly kills it. Tarzan tells Stanley that he has spotted Orman, West and an Arab. Tomorrow they will look for them.

Chapter Seventeen - Alone

Naomi rides towards the forest. Rhonda awakens. The lion sniffs Rhonda, paws her, and drags his kill off into the brush. Rhonda crawls towards a tree; the lion comes back; and she leaps into the tree to safety. From the tree, she surveys the area and decides to try to make it to Omwamwi Falls. The lion leaves. She travels all day and makes it to the river. After sleeping in a tree, Rhonda goes upriver to the falls. She awakens from a nap by the sound of English voices. Two English speaking gorillas grab her and tell her that they are taking her to God.

Chapter Eighteen - Gorilla King

The gorillas quarrel whether or not Rhonda should be given to Henry VIII, gorilla king with delusions of godhood. One of her captors wants her for himself. Rhonda runs off but is easily recaptured. They carry her to the top of an escarpment. Rhonda regains her voice. A gorilla says that God will be delighted that she speaks English. She learns that God is an old man. They carry her down into the valley to their city, which is partially built into the side of a cliff. She is brought before the king, who asks Buckingham, one of Rhonda's captors, where he found her. Cranmer, the other gorilla, states that she must be brought before God. Wolsey, a gorilla cardinal, agrees. Henry VIII commands that Rhonda be brought to the women's quarters. He decides to keep her for himself. Wolsey threatens the King with excommunication. The King commands Suffolk, gorilla lord and commander of the King's guard, to take Wolsey to the tower. Buckingham brings Rhonda to the women's quarters. Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, Henry's gorilla wives, want to know what the King wants with the hairless white thing. Buckingham says they should guess. A young gorilla charges Rhonda, who strikes it. One of the seven wives throws Rhonda against the wall for daring to strike the Prince of Wales. Rhonda is bewildered.

Chapter Nineteen - Despair

Naomi's pony follows the riderless ponies. She is recaptured by Ab El-Ghrennem. She tells the Arabs how a lion killed Rhonda. She also tells them she will lead them to the Valley of Diamonds, if they let her go. The Arabs agree but plan treachery. With great difficulty, they cross the river below the falls. Once the opening to the valley is found Rhonda tries to leave, only to be struck by Atewy. The next day they enter the canyon. Gorillas watch them.

Chapter Twenty - Come with Me!

Obroski has a fever and lapses into a coma. Tarzan carries him to Mpugu, chief of a friendly tribe. He tells the natives to take the American to Jinja when he is better. Rhonda learns that God gave the wives the names Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, and Catherine Parr when they married Henry VIII. Rhonda learns more about God from Catherine Parr. A battle breaks out as Wolsey has escaped from the tower; God and Henry VIII are quarreling over whether or not the King can have another wife. Suddenly the door opens and several gorillas enter with instructions to take Rhonda to God.

Chapter Twenty-one - Abducted

The Arabs ride into the canyon. Eyad is left with the horses, while the others drag Naomi up the escarpment. Eyad sees a gorilla sneak up behind the party. He shouts a warning. Many Arabs and gorillas fall during the battle. Buckingham carries off Naomi. Eyad rides away. Buckingham thinks Naomi is Rhonda and wonders how she escaped from God after he captured her near Victoria Falls (Omwamwi Falls). Naomi believes she is dreaming. Buckingham points out London, the gorilla city, and the Thames River, the river near the gorilla city. Further conversation leads Naomi to believe Rhonda has been captured by the gorillas and Buckingham to realize there are two different women. He decides to keep Naomi for himself. He carries her to a place where he can hide her from God and King.

Chapter Twenty-two - The Impostor

Tarzan finds Orman, West and Eyad. Realizing they are starving, Tarzan hunts and kills Wappi, the antelope. The victory cry of the bull ape mystifies the white men. As Tarzan carries the buck into the camp, the Americans call him Obroski. Tarzan goes along with the mistaken identity. Learning little from the whites, Tarzan questions the Arab and learns about the gorillas. Orman scoffs at the map Eyad draws on the ground, stating it is from the prop map. Tarzan tells them to head for the falls. He will go on ahead and scout out the area. Tarzan leaves through the trees. They marvel at the change in Obroski. Orman wonders if it is Stanley. West is positive it is.

Chapter Twenty-three - Man and Beast

Buckingham carries Naomi deep into a forest. He sees Suffolk following them so he takes her down a rocky escarpment to a cave. Back up the cliff, Buckingham leads Suffolk away from the area. When Suffolk catches up to him, Buckingham claims to be looking for the she who escaped from him. After three days, the Duke of Buckingham returns and takes Naomi to the top of the cliff. Suffolk does not believe Buckingham, so the Duke plans to run off with the girl. Tarzan drops down in front of them and speaks the language of the great apes. Naomi thinks it is Obroski. Buckingham doesn t understand ape language. Buckingham charges. During the fight, Naomi believes the coward Obroski has gone mad. Tarzan kills the gorilla with his knife and gives the victory cry of the bull ape. He brings Naomi food. Naomi tells him about the Arabs, London, and Rhonda. Tarzan will take her to Orman and West and then go investigate the talking gorillas and London. Tarzan takes Naomi through the river and down an escarpment to the waiting Orman and West. After Naomi's story is told, Tarzan leaves to find Rhonda. West decides to attempt to follow in the dark.

Chapter Twenty-four - God

Tarzan scales the walls of London and makes for the castle, Heaven, which he believes will hold God and Rhonda. The sound of drums reminds the ape-man of the Dum-Dum lead by Kerchak. Only God sees Tarzan race up the castle steps to find the door slightly ajar. In the foyer only one door is unlocked. He follows the stairs down to yet another door. Once inside the room, he discovers this is a trap. A light reveals Rhonda in the room and bars separating another chamber, which contains an old man. Rhonda believes Tarzan is Obroski. A description of the old man is given. The creature wants to visit with them before his final purpose. He offers Tarzan a cigar. Tarzan doesn t smoke. The old man hints at his regeneration but first he must watch the Dum-Dum because he does not trust Henry VIII, Suffolk, and Howard. He turns to leave. Tarzan demands to know their fate. The creature is insulted by the demand and reveals that he is God.

Chapter Twenty-five - Before I Eat You!

Tarzan and Rhonda discuss their adventures, but Rhonda does not believe Obroski killed Buckingham. Tarzan examines the room and questions Rhonda how food is brought to her. God returns and sits in front of the bars. He tells them his story. God felt that Darwin and Lamark were on the right track. In Brunn, Austria he exchanged ideas with Medel. Other scientists scoffed at his theories, which are expounded. Working on the transference of genes, God was caught taking genes from King Henry VIII in Westminster Abbey. He fled to Africa where he conducts gene experiments on gorillas. This is what gives them their human-like qualities. He also has experimented on himself to stave off age, but it has also made him part gorilla. He plans to use Tarzan and Rhonda's genes to turn himself back into a human being. He has discovered that eating the glands of a human speeds the process. He plans to eat Tarzan first, and then after raping, Rhonda he would eat her also. He leaves.

Chapter Twenty-six - Trapped

Tarzan notices a draft going through the room. It rises to an opening in a darken corner of the ceiling. A chuckling noise filters down from the opening. Tarzan raises Rhonda up into the opening where she finds a ledge. Tarzan's rope aids him to achieve the ledge. Climbing to a beam over their heads, Tarzan throws his rope over the next beam. Repeating this procedure once more brings them to the top of a tower. Tarzan and Rhonda conceal themselves in the tower as God and Cranmer approach. God speaks about how he will destroy Henry on the Stairway to Heaven, the steps of his castle, and how none of his children, Edward VI, Mary, nor Elizabeth will become the new sovereign. He sends for Rhonda, who he has decided, will become Queen Elizabeth. A priest enters and reports that Rhonda and Tarzan are missing. God whispers to two gorillas. Twenty gorilla guards surround the tower. God chuckles. A puff of smoke rises up the shaft.

Chapter Twenty-seven - Holocaust

With the smoke stifling them, Tarzan tells Rhonda to follow him. As they emerge the gorilla god commands his guards to capture them. Tarzan battles the twenty gorillas, and Rhonda runs to another tower. She runs downs its staircase only to be captured by three gorillas coming up the stairs. Tarzan kills three of the guards before being knocked unconscious. The three gorillas with Rhonda report to God that the castle is on fire. The fire used to smoke out the prisoners is out of control. The gorillas panic and flee. Rhonda follows two gorillas down a staircase and out of the castle. In the city she is captured and taken to Henry VIII's harem. She falls asleep wondering about her feelings for Obroski and his fate. The castle burns itself out.

Chapter Twenty-eight - Through Smoke and Flame

Gorillas jam God's secret passageway. God is thrown aside by the guards, stunning him. Tarzan and God awake. Tarzan throws his rope around a merlon. God offers Tarzan diamonds if he will save him. Tarzan extracts a promise of helping him save Rhonda. Tarzan carries God on his back down to a roof of a building next to the castle. He retrieves his rope. Once on the ground, Tarzan ties his rope around God's neck and has the gorilla god lead him through corridors and down ladders to a cave of a priest. During the wait for the priest to return, God tells Tarzan about the map he had sent to a woman he once loved. She spurned him so he tried to entice her with the thought of diamonds. Father Tobin, gorilla priest, enters. They learn about Rhonda's fate. Tarzan has God instruct Father Tobin to gather as many followers as he can. God tells Tarzan about the mutant offspring. Tarzan plans to storm the palace and rescue Rhonda.

Chapter Twenty-nine - Death at Dawn

Rhonda awakens to the sounds of battle. Out the window she sees Obroski fight his way to the palace. Catherine Parr tries to protect Rhonda from the other wives. Henry enters and carries Rhonda off through a secret door and down a corridor to the river. All night they travel. Towards dawn, a lion stalks them. Numa charges. Henry throws Rhonda at the lion and runs. Rhonda lays still. The lion pursues the retreating gorilla king. Rhonda runs for the trees. The lion kills Henry VIII. Rhonda crosses the river and follows it toward the escarpment. Mutants capture her. They fight over possessing her. An almost human-like mutant fights off the more gorilla-like ones. A female mutant, full of rage, runs towards Rhonda. The handsome mutant male picks up Rhonda and runs off with her.

Chapter Thirty - The Wild Girl

Tarzan, God, and faithful breach the palace. God is pleased with the victory. At the wife's quarters, they learn that Henry has run off with Rhonda. Catherine of Aragon shows them Henry's escape route. Tarzan follows the escape tunnel. While following the spoor, Tarzan hears the fight between numa and Henry. He bypasses the lion, picks up the Rhonda's trail, and senses the strange mixture of mutants. He is in time to see a mutant carrying off Rhonda and the pursuit by the wild girl. Using the trees, Tarzan passes the woman and follows the man up a cliff. The mutant pushes Rhonda into a cave and turns to face the ape-man. When the mutant goes to meet Tarzan, Rhonda climbs to the top ledge. The mutant charges Tarzan. The thin veneer of civilization leaves Tarzan as beast meets beast. They tumble to the ledge below. The mutant is stunned in the fall. The wild girl reaches the ledge. Tarzan ties her up and drags her to Rhonda. Tarzan's threat of killing the wild woman does not stop the other mutants. At the wild girl's suggestion, they throw rocks down at them driving them back. Balza, the wild girl, informs Tarzan she is his because he took her from Malb yat, the handsome mutant, her mate. Balza was partially raised in London so she understands English. They plan to escape during the night. Balza and Rhonda become friends.

Chapter Thirty-one - Diamonds!

That night, Balza leads them to the back of the cave, which contains a natural chimney to the top of the cliff. Tarzan ascends and pulls the women up with his rope. They are in the Valley of Diamonds. Rhonda scoops up diamonds and dreams of homes on the Riviera, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Palm Beach, and New York. Tarzan cautions her not to glut the market with diamonds. By dawn they reach the escarpment. Tarzan carries Rhonda down the cliff. Down river they find the safari. Tarzan tells Balza she will have to go to civilization and be unhappy. Orman plans to go ahead with the movie and creates a part for Balza.

Chapter Thirty-two - Good-bye Africa!

With Tarzan's aid they shoot the picture for two weeks. Word comes from the studio that they must return to Hollywood. On the way to Jinja, Tarzan takes a side trip to Mpugu to learn that Stanley Obroski has died. Watching the safari, Tarzan observes Balza has already been corrupted.

Chapter Thirty-three - Hello Hollywood!

One-year later Tarzan watches Freeman Lang, press agent, introduce Balza, movie star, as she disembarks from The Chief at the Los Angeles train station. From the Roosevelt hotel, John Clayton looks at the crowds on Hollywood Boulevard and feels alone. Reece, a guide, takes Clayton to the Brown Debry and to Grauman's Chinese Theater to see the premiere of Soft Shoulders, Balza's latest movie. Naomi and her husband, Prince Mudini, are there as well as Jimmie Stone, second production manager. They go with Billy Brouke, party crasher, down Franklin to a party. Clayton learns that Rhonda is in Samoa shooting a picture with her husband, Orman. Abe Potkin, producer, and Dan Puant, scenarist, want Clayton to screen test for the role of Tarzan. They plan to use Dessent, sexy blonde, as Jane. A drunken Brouke pushes Joe, the host, down and drags his wife upstairs. Maya, a guest, tells Clayton they are party crashers. Tarzan throws Brouke down the stairs and leaves via a window. In the morning, Reece tells Clayton that Louella Parsons article in the Examiner has him cast as Tarzan. At Prominent Pictures Clayton is told he does not have to be Barrymore to play Tarzan. Ben Goldeen, the production manager, rejects Clayton as, Not the type. Cyril Wayne, adagio dancer, is cast as Tarzan. Clayton is cast as a frightened white hunter. The director checks with Eddie, the assistant director. Something goes wrong. Clayton saves Cyril by killing Leo, the movie lion. Clayton is fired and heads for Africa.