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Randolph, Colin T. Jr. - false Tarzan

Pellham Dutton - white hunter

Bill Gantry - Dutton's guide & hunter

Tom Crump - ivory poacher

Ivan Minsky

Timothy Pickerall - Scottish millionaire

Sandra Pickerall - Tim's daughter

Mutimbwa - chief of the Waruturi

Alemtejos - lost Portuguese colony

Da Gama, Christoforo - King of Alemtejo

Ruiz, Pedro - high priest of Alemtejo

Chief Pwonja

Ga-un - great ape

Ungo - king of ape tribe

Zu-tho - great ape

Sancho - great ape servant

Fernando - great ape servant

Father Pedro Diaz

Stanley, Henry Morton - mentioned

Kyomya, slave boy

da Serra, Osorio - noble, and Captain-General of the warriors of


Quesada, a priest

Ali, the Sultan

Bolton-Chilton, Francis - pilot, friend of Randolph

Gallas - native tribe

Mal-gash, king of ape tribe "the servants of God"

Rateng, a Galla warrior


Waruturi Country

Ruturi Mountains

Upindi River



Castle of Alemtejo

Kibuka, the wargod of Alemtejo

Walumbe, god of death of Alemtejo

Mizimo, departed spirits

an airplane

a gold mine


Tarzan and the Madman

Summarized by
David A. Adams


This Tarzan novel was written during January and February, 1940, but never published in magazine form. It was published posthumously in hardback by Canaveral Press, June 9, 1964. The first paperback printing was by Ballantine, February, 1965. Canaveral later reprinted an identical hardback in 1975. There are 33 chapters.

Chapter 1 -- Friends or Enemies

Tarzan's 5 senses are developed far beyond ordinary men, as was his "sixth sense." Thus, he senses a safari before he comes upon it - 2 white men and a score or more of blacks. This group was met by 2 more whites and 4 canoe loads of natives -- they camp together.

Chapter 2 -- The Two Safaris

Safari 1 is led by Pellham Dutton and Bill Gantry, his guide and hunter. Safari 2 is led by Tom Crump, an ivory poacher known to Tarzan, and Ivan Minsky. Tarzan overhears that Dutton is looking for Sandra Pickerall whom "Tarzan" abducted. Sandra's father, Timothy, has put up a reward for her safe return and for Tarzan dead or alive. Crump has heard about a white man who has been taking women and children who lives up beyond the great thorn forest near the Ruturi Mountains. The Waruturi under Chief Mutimbwa are looking for him as well. When Tarzan enters their camp at night, Crump takes a shot at him.

Chapter 3 -- Hunted

The shot misses Tarzan, and he quickly puts an arrow into his shoulder, then disappears into the darkness. The next day he sees a group of natives, and one throws a spear at him. That night Tarzan enters the native village and abducts a sentry to find out what is going on. The man tells him that the drums say that Tarzan has turned bad and steals women and children. The next morning Tarzan heads for the Ruturi Mountains. On the way another native throws a spear at him, and he is convinced that someone is impersonating him.

Chapter Four -- Captured

Sandra is being led by a man through the jungle. He says he is Tarzan, but the Alemtejos call him God. He explains that King Da Gama calls him God, but Ruiz, the high priest, thinks he is a devil. He has fallen from the sky into Alemtejo and is on a mission to secure a goddess. He has captured black women and children, but since they were unsuitable for a goddess, they were fed to the guardians of Alemtejo. They are captured by Mutimbwa and his cannibals, but "Tarzan" is sure he will be able to escape. He calls the great apes, and they rescue him, but leave Sandra behind. She notices that the natives wear golden ornaments and realizes that her father's millions would not ransom her. The king tells her that she will soon be in their cooking pot.

Chapter Five -- Cannibal Feast

Tarzan hears the drums of the cannibals announcing a feast. Five goats are dismembered and thrown into the pot, but just as Sandra is about to be killed an arrow kills the witch-doctor. Tarzan rescues Sandra, and she tells him about the other "Tarzan." He tells her about the safari, and they sleep in a platform. The next day she finds herself alone, but Tarzan soon returns with food and the promise to lead her to the safari. When they arrive near the camp, Crump shoots Tarzan in the head.

Chapter Six -- In Cold Blood

They leave Tarzan on the ground, but return later to give him a burial. Sandra says that Tarzan had saved her from the cannibals and that Crump has shot him in cold blood. When they arrive at the spot where Tarzan had been shot, he was gone. All of this is observed by the man who thinks he is Tarzan and a band of great apes, which he calls the servants of God. Crump wants to increase the reward for finding Sandra to a ransom and comes up with a number of devious plans with Minsky and Gantry. Finally they decide to tie up Gantry (as a cover for his complicity in the plot) and steal the girl. Gantry is to get the ransom and bring it to Chief Pwonja's village on the Upindi River in two months. Sandra dreams of how lovely it was to be with Tarzan when suddenly Crump and Minsky enter her tent.

Chapter Seven -- Abducted

After Tarzan was shot, his body was taken away by a great ape. Sandra goes with Crump and Minsky quietly so Dutton will not be awakened and killed by them. The false Tarzan and his apes see what is happening and "rescues" Sandra, carrying her off into the jungle. Dutton and Gantry go in search of her but return to camp because it is too dark. The false Tarzan takes Sandra and a black Waruturi woman to Alemtejo. They pass a thorn forest and come to the home of the guardians of Alemtejo a gorge full of lions. They go up a narrow trail as lions leap at them, and the false Tarzan pushes the black women into the savage beasts. Next, they do some amazing mountain climbing up 2000 to 3000 foot vertical cliffs with the help of the great apes. They spend 2 hours climbing a single chimney alone. Suddenly the ape ahead of Sandra falls and breaks her hold and she topples backwards.

Chapter Eight -- Alemtejo

Tarzan becomes conscious among a tribe of great apes: Ga-un, Zu-tho, and Ungo, the king ape. Crump's bullet had just creased his skull. They have seen the false Tarzan and agree to take him to him. Sandra is kept from falling by the apes below her. The false Tarzan throws her a rope, and she is pulled to the top by "Tarzan" and Sancho, a great ape servant of Alemtejo. This "Tarzan" says that he is happy to be with her but confesses to be a little mad. He wants her friendship because "I am God, and God has no friends." Finally, they come to Alemtejo, a Portuguese castle in the clearing of a forest like the one Father Pedro Diaz built here in Abyssinia in the 7th. Century.

Chapter Nine -- When the Lion Charged

A number of the porters have deserted the Dutton safari, but they push on in search of Sandra. A Waruturi cannibal is shot, and they are interested in his gold ornaments. Crump remembers a tale about gold guarded by a thousand lions and two tribes in the Ruturi Mountains. Out hunting for food, Dutton is attacked by a man-eating lion. He wounds it, and the lion charges.

Chapter Ten -- Human Sacrifice

Sandra and the false Tarzan arrive at the castle of Cristoforo da Gama, the King of Alemtejo. The apes, "servants of God," return to the forest. The chocolate-colored soldiers at the gate wear helmets of gold and cuirasses of golden chain mail. They are taken to the throne room and seated on either side of a center throne. The fat king crosses himself before "God" and sits in the center throne. Ruiz, the high priest was Semitic in his features; he speaks a mixture of Portuguese and Bantu, which Sandra can understand. Their religion seems to her a mixture of pagan rites and a sign of the cross. She witnesses the sacrifice of a 12-year-old black girl and faints.

Chapter Eleven -- The Voice in the Night

Tarzan saves Dutton from the lion by killing it with his knife. He learns that it was Crump who had shot him and says, "I will get him eventually." Tarzan agrees to take Dutton with him in search of Sandra. He introduces him to his band of great apes led by Ungo. He and the apes eat an antelope raw, and Dutton is beginning to wonder if there is just one mad man rather than two Tarzans running about the jungle. The three whites don't really miss Dutton that much. As they turn in that night, Crump hears a voice calling out of a black void, "Go back before you die!"

Chapter Twelve -- The King Comes

When Sandra regains consciousness, Ruiz takes credit saying, "I have brought her back from heaven." Kyomya, a slave lad, fears her, as do the other slaves since she is a goddess who might throw them to the lions as Ruiz is fond of doing. She just asks for food and a bath. She is dressed like a goddess in fine clothing of gold, and after a fine meal, the king enters her room. She plays at being a goddess extremely well, and interviews the king. He tells her that he is a descendant of the first Cristoforo da Gama, brother of Vasco da Gama. He is in constant war with Moslems on the other side of the valley. Ruiz comes in and tells "Chris" to stay away from the girl. Neither one of them believe in the god and goddess story. Ruiz reminds him that many of the nobles would prefer Osorio da Serra as king. The king reminds him that he could make Ouesada the priest the high priest.

Chapter Thirteen -- Captured by Cannibals

Worried by the voice in the night, Gantry turns back and is captured by the Waruturi cannibals. While Tarzan is out hunting, Dutton leaves the great apes and wanders into the jungle. He is captured by the Waruturi cannibals, one of whom takes his rifle and accidentally shoots one of his own men. They will eat this man as well, and Burroughs jokes about inheritance upon the death of an uncle.

Chapter Fourteen -- "Then the Door Opened"

Kyomya gives Sandra a tour of the village outside the castle. He explains that both the Alemtejo and his people (really the Gallas, only called "Moslems") keep African buffaloes for war purposes as well as food and hides. He also tells her about the rich gold mines in the mountains. The false Tarzan visits her in the evening and is sorry for her when she tells him about the unwelcome advances of the king. He even promises to take her away from Alemtejo, and she is no longer afraid of him. Later, Ruiz comes to Sandra with lewd advances, kills Kyomya when he tries to intervene, but just as she is about to suffer "a fate worse than death," the door opens.

Chapter Fifteen -- "Set the White Man Free!"

Tarzan hears the gun shot and goes to investigate. He shoots two cannibals with arrows, and commands "Set the White Man Free!" They hesitate, but a third man shot convinces them to run away. Tarzan takes Dutton and the great apes to Alemtejo. The apes and Tarzan climb the vertical cliff a full hour ahead of the experienced mountain climber, Dutton. At the top, they hear a sound of battle, and Tarzan is able to hear the sound of bow strings amid the tumult. Tarzan tells Dutton that the girl may be in trouble and that he is looking for the false Tarzan to kill him. "Here, I am the law." They witness a siege upon the castle with buffaloes pulling scaling towers. During the confusion, Dutton is captured by the attackers, but Tarzan escapes into the trees.

Chapter Sixteen -- The Plan That Failed

The man who thinks he is Tarzan kicks Ruiz out of Sandra's room. Sandra is worried for him because neither the king nor the high priest believe he is God. She tells the false Tarzan this, and he replies that he is glad that he is not God nor Sandra a goddess. He thinks he might be Tarzan, but Sandra as seen Tarzan and tells him that he doesn't even look like him but for the lack of clothing. He sleeps on the floor overnight to protect her, and the next morning they leave the castle to find the great apes to help them descend the cliff. However, they are captured by the Gallas and taken to the Sultan just as the attack on the castle begins.

Chapter Seventeen -- The White Slave

Meanwhile Minsky and Crump come upon a party of Alemtegos, and an Englishman, Francis Bolton-Chilton cries out to them to stay away or they will be made slaves. They decide to give themselves up to the natives to get closer to the gold mine, and Bolton-Chilton calls them "blooming asses." He explains that he has been a prisoner of the Gallas for two years now, but has just been captured by the Alemtego. They try to remember the path to the city, but the natives take many devious routes.

Chapter Eighteen -- King of All the Apes

The attack on Alemtejo is quickly repulsed. Ungo's ape tribe meets the ape tribe of Mal-gash, known as "the servants of God." Tarzan intervenes, telling them that he is "King of all the apes." Tarzan beats Mal-gash in a hand-to-hand struggle and forces him to agree to come to his aid with Ungo's tribe if he should have need of them.

Chapter Nineteen -- The Mad Buffalo

Tarzan goes to Alemtejo and saves Osorio da Serra, the great noble and Captain-General of the warriors, from a mad buffalo by throwing it to the ground with his bare hands. [Boris cover on Ballantine edition] da Serra thinks he is "God," but Tarzan tells him "that other Tarzan" is a false one. Tarzan is immediately proclaimed as the real God, but he explains that he has only come to kill the false Tarzan. da Serra suggests that Tarzan help him get rid of da Gama and Ruiz. They are summoned before the king.

Chapter Twenty -- The Sultan

Sandra and the false Tarzan are in the hands of Ali, the sultan of the Gallas. The false Tarzan is to be sent to the mines; Sandra to be held for the ransom of 200 buffaloes. The false Tarzan thinks sadly, "I am Tarzan. I am Tarzan. There is nothing that I cannot do." But always he returns to the fact that he is utterly helpless. He meets Pelham Dutton, who has been working in the mines since chapter 15, and explains how he has had a change of heart and now wants to take Sandra away from Alemtejo. They both fear for Sandra's safety in the clutches of the evil , black Sultan.

Chapter Twenty-One -- The New God

Tarzan is denounced by da Gama and Ruiz, but when he throws a warrior across the room, he prevails, and Osorio da Serra is proclaimed the new king of Alemtejo and Tarzan as the true God. Quesada is named as the new high priest. Tarzan is disgusted because they change gods and rulers as easily as the apes change kings. Crump, Minsky and Bolton-Chilton are brought before the throne. After some humorous and informative dialogue Tarzan claims Bolton-Chilton as "a friend," but Crump and Minsky are sent to the slave quarters. Tarzan can use his knowledge of the Galla village to get to the false Tarzan (to kill him) and for Sandra's rescue. He suggests to the new king that they attack the Gallas to solidify his position.

Chapter Twenty-Two -- The Battle

Sandra thinks of the false Tarzan while lying in the filth of a Galla hut. She no longer thinks he is mad, in fact, she is beginning to become fond of him. Laboring in the mines, both "Tarzan" and Dutton think fondly of Sandra. She is to be married to the Sultan, and this news filters to the two white men. Just as the marriage is about to happen, Tarzan and Chilton attack with 1000 buffaloes and the great apes. "Tarzan" and Dutton manage to escape with Sandra, and she seems to prefer the company of Dutton to the chagrin of the false ape-man.

Chapter Twenty-Three -- In Hiding

The Gallas are beaten, and Ali is taken prisoner by Osorio da Serra. Tarzan sends the great apes back to the forest, and he and Chilton go off in search of the false Tarzan and Sandra. Chilton tells him there is any easier path out of the country than the one down the cliffs. Meanwhile, Crump and Minsky have escaped from the castle into the same hills as Sandra, Dutton, and the false Tarzan. In the morning the trio begins looking for a way out of the land of the Alemtejo.

Chapter Twenty-Four -- Captured by the Great Apes

While hunting for food, the false Tarzan shoots a great ape with an arrow. The maddened apes, strike down "Tarzan" and apparently kill Dutton, and Sandra finds herself carried off by a bull ape.

Chapter Twenty-Five -- Alone

That night, a lion comes and carries off the body of a dead man, which saves Crump and Minsky from an attack. Searching for food, they come upon the recovering false Tarzan. They continue together in search of Sandra and Dutton on the trail of the great apes. Meanwhile, Sandra in the clutches of Sancho, the bull ape, come upon Ungo's apes. When the other "servants of God" catch up to Sancho, there is a great battle among the apes, and Sandra is able to crawl away during the confusion.

Chapter Twenty-Six -- Gold

"Tarzan, Crump, and Minsky stumble upon the gold mine of the Alemtejos and the Gallas. Crump and Minsky overload themselves with gold and are barely able to push it to the top of the ravine.

Chapter Twenty-Seven -- Rateng the Hunter

While hunting, Rateng, a Galla warrior from the village of Ali the Sultan, captures Sandra. He plans to take her to a cave for a few days of pleasure, then cut her throat. She manages to get an arrow out of his quiver and plunge it into his back. He falls upon her, clutching her throat.

Chapter Twenty-Eight -- Reunited

"Tarzan" hears a horrible scream and runs to find Sandra with a dead warrior lying across her body. They declare their love for each other, and after a successful hunt, they rest up for the descent down the cliff.

Chapter Twenty-Nine -- Gold and Death

Crump and Minsky fall asleep hungry under a tree. They have their gold, but nothing else. Searching desperately for water, Crump kills Minsky just before they get to a stream. He is too weak to go even a few more steps, so falls upon the pile of useless gold.

Chapter Thirty -- Our First Home

Tarzan hunts for Chilton and himself. Chilton compares him to a lion in his movements and behavior. He thinks perhaps Tarzan is lazy, but he is scouting the country carefully while looking for the trail out of the land of the Alemtego. They come upon the dead bodies of Crump and Minsky. Tarzan comments that the two scoundrels are better off dead. Meanwhile, the false Tarzan and Sandra are getting acquainted with each other in an idyllic forest glade. She thinks he is an American because of his southern drawl. She calls this place "Our First Home."

Chapter Thirty-One -- "I'm Going to Kill You"

In the morning, Tarzan return to Chilton with a wild pig for breakfast. He explains that he has been out before dawn backtracking the trail of Minsky and Crump and has found the trail of the false Tarzan. He tells him that this man will have to explain fast, just the time it takes for an arrow to reach his heart. "You are not talking to a civilized man." Hyenas eat the bodies of Minsky and Crump, which shocks Chilton, but Tarzan walks by with scarcely a glance. When he finally meets the false Tarzan, Sandra explains that he is does not really know who he is and was forced into his evil deeds.

Chapter Thirty-Two -- Rand

When Chilton comes upon the scene he recognizes "Rand." Colin T. Randolph, Jr., an American from West Virginia. They had been aviators together in Spain for a year. Rand had come to Africa to emulate Tarzan because he had an obsession about him from reading the Tarzan books. He was an inveterate gambler and had come upon a bet that he could live like Tarzan ( and like a native boy raised by baboons he read about in the newspapers.) The trial was to last a whole month. The plane had developed trouble over Africa, and Chilton had bailed out, then spent the next two years in the village of Ali the Sultan as a slave. Rand still can remember nothing, not even how to fly a plane.

Chapter Thirty-Three -- A Ship

The next day they come upon the airplane in perfect condition. It must have landed by itself. Rand recovers his memory when he sits in the pilot's seat. They all fly off together, leaving the gold behind. Everyone is rich enough. Even Tarzan says, "What would I do with gold?" Sandra says, "Thank God for everything."