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Tarzan/John Clayton

Lord and Lady Mountford - lost in Africa 20 years earlier

Stanley Wood - travel writer

Robert van Eyk - Wood's friend

Spike - hunter with Wood safari

Troll - hunter with Wood safari

Mafka - magician of the Kaji

Gonfala - Queen of the Kaji, Lord Mountford's daughter

Kaji - tribe of warrior women

Zuli - tribe of warrior women; enemies of the Kaji

Woora - magician of the Zuli

Lord - English captive of the Zuli

Lorro - Zuli warrior woman

Black Panther - Woora's guardian

Jekyll and Hyde - mentioned

Kamudi - slave freed from the Kaji

Jane -

Muviro -

Waziri -

Bantango - cannibal tribe

Tantor -

Chief of a northern tribe -

Waranji - Waziri warrior

Valthor - Athnean nobleman

Nemone - Queen of Cathne - mentioned

Alextar - King of Cathne

Thudos - Cathnean nobleman

Phordos - Cathnean nobleman

Gemnon - Cathnean nobleman

Tomos - Prime Minister of Cathne

Phobeg - Cathnean temple guard

Doria - daughter of Thudos - mentioned

Belthar - guard lion - mentioned

Man Mountain Dean - mentioned

Honorable Mr. Detton - mentioned

M'duze - mentioned

Phoros - Dictator of Athne

Erythra - Athnean revolutionary organization

Zygo - King of Athne

Menofra - wife of Phoros

Dyaus - Athnean elephant god

Daimon - demon

Kandos - Phoros right hand man

Gemba - black slave

Thoos - god of Cathne - mentioned

Hyark - Erythros warrior


Neubari River

Lake Tana - mentioned

Mafa - river

valley of Onthar

Cathne - City of Gold

Athne - City of Ivory

Field of Lions

Xarator - holy volcano

valley of Thenar

Pass of the Warriors

Bridge of Gold

Medicine Hat - mentioned

Madison Square Garden - mentioned



letter wrapped in oiled skin


Gonfal - diamond of the Kaji

The Great Emerald of the Zuli


obol - monetary unit of Cathne

Queen's Hunt - mentioned

King's Hunt

Cubs/Giants game - mentioned

Army/Navy game - mentioned

lion drawn chariots

Darwin's Theory - mentioned

Emily Post etiquette - mentioned

drugged wether meat

Tarzan the Magnificent

Summarized by
Duane Adams

David Bruce Bozarth,
Managing Editor


The duality used throughout this novel this a unifying factor. It was originally two stories combined into one novel. There are the twin cities of Kaji and Zuli separated by their twin magicians Mafka and Woora, who each possess one of the two magical gems, the Gonfal and the Great Emerald of the Zuli. The dual personality of Queen Gonfala is a pivotal part of the first story. The two cities, Cathne and Athne are the center of the second part of the story. There are the two heroes, Stanley Wood and Robert van Eyk. The two evil white hunters, Spike and Troll, help to push the story from the magic men to the elephant men. One could carry this theme out more to include minor twin occurrences like the two converging rivers, the Neubari and the Mafa, etc. However, there is more to this novel than dualities. Mainly, the big question of why the black women warriors of Kaji and Zuli want to be white and thus only mate with white men. This mystery is never answered. (Note: There are ethnic slurs present in this novel.)

"Tarzan and the Magic Men" was published as a three part serial in Argosy Weekly, September 19, 26; October 3, 1936. "Tarzan and the Elephant Men" was published as a three part serial in Blue Book of Fiction and Adventure, November, December 1937; January 1938. The two were combined into book form under the title "Tarzan the Magnificent." The first edition was published in 1939 by Burroughs Inc. and featured dust jacket and illustrations by John Coleman Burroughs. It is Burroughs' fifty-third hardback book and the twenty-first Tarzan novel. Burroughs Inc. and Ballantine have published reprints. -- Robert B. Zeuschner's The Exhaustive Scholar's and Collector's Descriptive Bibliography.

i - Out of the Past

An exhausted man falls under the heat of the sun. Ska circles overhead. A description of Tarzan and his weapons is given. The Lord of the Jungle is investigating rumors about a European power and war. He comes upon the skeleton of a black man and a parcel wrapped in oiled silk. The package contains a letter written by Lord Mountford twenty years earlier. Mountford tells about his capture by the wild women of the Kaji and their occult powers. The Kaji capture white men to mate with them. They kill Lady Mountford when she gives birth to a daughter. The letter also tells about a huge diamond own by the Kaji. Tarzan has heard of the lost Mountford party. He decides to deliver the letter to the authorities. Tarzan approaches the area where Ska is circling. He sees numa coming towards a weakened white man. Tarzan voices the warning cry of the bull ape. Numa leaves. Tarzan learns that the thirsty, starving man is an American.

ii - A Strangle Tale

At a water hole the delirious man mumbles about a beautiful woman, a she-devil, and a diamond. After eating, Stanley Wood explains that he is a travel writer. He tells the story of how he and his wealthy friend, Robert van Eyk set out to track down every rumor about the Mountfords. On the way up the Neubari River, their porters began to desert. They learn about the mysterious tribe of women who the natives believe are demons. Spike and Troll, the safari's white hunters, push the bearers to the point of total desertion. A haunting feeling makes the four whites decide to return home. Some strange force makes them go up river against their will. They find Lord Mountford on the trail. The aged Lord urges them to bring back a large force of men against Mafka, the magician of the Kaji. He tells them that Mafka is training the Queen to use his powers. When Spike and Troll hear about the diamond, they are keen to continue onwards. Mountford dies with a plea to save ‘her' and to kill the Kaji. They enter Kaji country and are captured. Speculation about the Kaji's origin is given. "The Kaji attribute all their power and the power of Mafka to the diamond..." Queen Gonfala appears to have a split personality. Their diamond is called Gonfal. The Kaji, originally black, will mate only with white men. The Queen falls in love with Wood and helps him escape.

iii - The Power of Mafka

Tarzan is cautious with Wood, who is convinced Mafka's magic followed him this distance. Wood compares Gonfala to Jekyll and Hyde. When the ape-man shows no fear of the mysterious power, Wood calls him a "regular Tarzan," and suspects him of being an agent of Mafka. Tarzan introduced himself as John Clayton. Tarzan will take Wood as far as Lake Tana. An uneasy Wood doesn't think they'll make it. As Wood sleeps, Tarzan believes the American to be under some hypnotic suggestion. Tarzan is immune to the power of the witch-doctor. In the morning Wood awakes, and Tarzan is gone. He wonders why Clayton did not hear the strange sounds nor feel the eyes about them. Tarzan brings back a buck that he killed with his knife. Wood likens Clayton to a lion. After eating, they head out. Upon reaching the juncture of the Neubari and the Mafa rivers, Wood can go no further. He is compelled to return to Mafka. Tarzan carries Wood from that point. Wood tells Clayton about the enemies of the Kaji, the Zuli, lead by Woora, the witch-doctor. Long ago, the Kaji and Zuli were one tribe. He relates the history of the schism, in which Woora stole the counterpart of the diamond Gonfal, the Great Emerald of Zuli. Tarzan tries letting Wood walk. Wood runs towards Mafka. Tarzan overpowers him. They sleep. In the morning, Wood is gone.

iv - Sentenced to Death

Tarzan decides to go after Wood but will use an indirect path to thwart Mafka and the Kaji. He speculates that Mafka was reaching Wood's mind thus is probably aware of him. After three days, Tarzan reaches the stream that separates Kaji from Zuli. A group of warriors watches Tarzan. Their description is given. Tarzan sleeps. Lord, leader of the band of Zuli, surrounds and captures the ape-man. Lord, an Englishman, speaks a mixture of Galla and other languages. He thinks Tarzan is Kaji. They bring their captive to the Zuli village. Tarzan is brought to the main building. Lord tells Lorro, a Zuli warrior woman, that he has a Kaji prisoner for Woora. Tarzan is brought before Woora. A description of the room and Woora is given. The emerald sits in front of the magician. Woora asks the ape-man about his brother, Mafka. Tarzan tells him that he is not Kaji. Woora is enraged at Lord's mistake and has him placed in confinement. Woora believes Tarzan to be an agent of Mafka and has him thrown in with Lord. They are both sentenced to die.

v - The Black Panther

In their second story room, Tarzan and Lord become acquainted. Lord tells the ape-man that Woora suspects him of a plot to kill him and steal the emerald. He only used this incident as an excuse to imprison him. Lord is an Englishman captured by the Kaji twenty year ago. The Zuli captured him during a raid on the Kaji. Woora and Mafka are twins. Their occult powers rest in the diamond and the emerald. Lord noticed that Woora had no control over the ape-man so he probably will have him killed so he can eat his brain. Tarzan purposes their escape. Tarzan senses the black panther in the compound below the barred window before Lord can tell him. Tarzan rips out the bars, fame and all. He brakes up the bars for weapons for himself and Lord. The noise does not bring any guards. Lord tells Tarzan that every man and woman would leave Zuli if Woora were dead. Tarzan says he will kill Woora. Lord points out Woora's room on the other side of the compound. Woora controls the panther. Lord tells him about Woora's daily routine. Tarzan senses that the panther is asleep. He slips into the compound. As Tarzan creeps across the yard, the panther awakens and charges.

vi - Trapped

Tarzan kills the panther with a wooden bar. Woora watches from his window. Tarzan almost gives the victory cry of the bull ape. He heads for Woora's window. The magician retreats into his apartment. Once inside, Tarzan tries to sense the direction Woora went. He goes into the next room and steps into a rawhide trap. Woora enters and delights in describing the possible tortures in store for Tarzan. Woora goes into his lab and prepares to heat a metal rod he will use to blind his prisoner. Tarzan wards off the glowing rod with his hands and forearms. Woora encircles the net with a rope to disable the Jungle Lord's arms. As Woora approaches with the red-hot rod, Lord enters the room. He kills Woora with a wooden bar. Lord releases Tarzan. They find the emerald. Tarzan plans to go to Kaji to kill Mafka. He will take the emerald with him. He tells Lord that after dealing with Mafka, he will leave the emerald at the mouth of the Mafa river. Tarzan leaves. Lord does not believe him and runs to the guardroom.

vii - Green Magic

Lord rushes past the guards to reach Lorro. He tells her that the Kaji has killed Woora and stolen the emerald. The warrior women are ecstatic. Lord convinces them that they must pursue the emerald to achieve wealth and independence in the outside world. Tarzan discovers the power of the emerald. He waits until the warriors catch up to him. He uses his will to turn the warrior women back to Zuli. Lord urges the men forward. Tarzan wills the men to stop. The ape-man reveals himself carrying the glowing emerald. He commands the fifty men to go with him to Kaji to rescue Wood and his friends. Lord wants to know the fate of the emerald. Tarzan says it is too dangerous for humans to possess. He will hide it so that no one can find it. They arrive near the Kaji city. Tarzan decides they will rest that night before entering the city. He draws a line on the ground and commands them not to cross it. Lord waits until Tarzan is sleeping and his hand falls from the emerald. He crosses the line, takes the jewel, and slips into the night.

viii - The Leopard Pit

Tarzan awakens and discovers the emerald and Lord are gone. He picks up the spoor and gives chase. Seeing a greenish light ahead, he takes a direct route to cut Lord off. He falls into a leopard pit. In the morning, Kaji warriors come and throw him a rope. Tarzan does not resist so that he can reach Mafka. He tries to bluff his way to freedom. During the march to the Kaji, Tarzan learns one of the men is named Troll. The white hunter from Wood's safari tells him that Wood was recaptured and that Mafka will probably kill him because of his love for Gonfala. He wonders why the Kaji want to be white skinned. They enter the city and take Tarzan to the palace. Tarzan is surprised that Mafka looks exactly like Woora. Mafka questions Tarzan. A description of Gonfala is given. Tarzan is removed to an upper chamber. Tarzan examines the room and discovers a ledge inside the fireplace. He explores the dark hidden corridor. It leads him to a fireplace in another room. He drops into the room. Tarzan deduces that the woman in the room is Gonfala.

ix - The End of the Corridor

Tarzan releases the bolt on the door so Gonfala will think he came in through the door. He approaches her and asks about Wood. She must sentence him to die. Mafka suspects that she helped him escape. Tarzan tries to persuade her to help Wood and to tell him where Mafka is. She is about to tell him when suddenly she transforms and calls for the guards. Tarzan bolts the door. Gonfala tries to knife him. He shoves her into an adjoining room and leaps up the fireplace. The guards crash in, release the Queen, but can't find the intruder. They go to tell Mafka and check Tarzan's cell. Tarzan leaves Gonfala's knife by the ledge in his fireplace. The guards are baffled by his presence. They go to Mafka for answers. Tarzan is brought before Mafka, who attempts to control his mind with the diamond. Mafka questions Tarzan. Tarzan notices a fireplace in Mafka's room. Mafka reveals Lord's bloody head on the table with the emerald. Tarzan doesn't respond. He is returned to his chamber. Wood, van Eyk, Troll, and Spike are placed in the room with him. Troll makes an ethnic slur about Gonfala. Wood wants to kill Troll. Tarzan explains how he met the Queen. Wood tells them about the false diamond Mafka displays. Tarzan commands them to stay as he goes up the fireplace. He discovers more openings and one that has a greenish glow. He drops into Mafka's apartment.

x - Towards Freedom

Tarzan hides the emerald and the diamond on the ledge in the fireplace. He awakens Mafka and ties him up. He enters Gonfala's room. He gains the Queen's confidence to help them escape and to take her to England. He returns to his chamber and leads Wood and the others to Mafka's room. Troll tries to kill Mafka. Tarzan stops him and makes an enemy of Troll. Wood and van Eyk carry the gems. Spike and Troll carry Mafka. They enter Gonfala's apartment. There is a commotion in the hall. They hide. Gonfala calls the warriors into her room. The Zuli are approaching the city. Gonfala commands them to protect the city. The warriors demand the help of Mafka. The Queen tells them that the captains may meet with Mafka. Tarzan forms a plan. In the throne room, the warriors are outraged at the sight of the bound Mafka. Tarzan touches the Gonfal and commands the fighting to stop and the Zuli chiefs brought to him. Zuli and Kaji leaders enter. Tarzan tells them that they are free from Woora and Mafka's control. He also tells them that they are leaving Kaji with Gonfala. They hand Mafka over to the warriors. As they leave the city, Tarzan tells slaves and prisoners that they may join them. The Kaji tear Mafka apart.

xi - Treachery

They march unimpeded to the edge of the Neubari. Tarzan will leave them at this point. He gives the Gonfal to van Eyk to give it to the Kaji women, who are to return home. He gives the emerald to Wood in trust for Gonfala. Spike and Troll are disgruntled. Tarzan threatens them not to try anything. Clayton tells Wood and van Eyk to take charge. He leaves. They speculate if Clayton is Tarzan. Van Eyk puts Kamudi, a freed slave, in charge of making bows and arrows. Wood expresses his fears to Gonfala that she will no longer want him when she is a rich woman in England. The camp sleeps. Gonfala goes for a walk and overhears Spike telling Troll that Wood is just after the emerald and that he would never marry a person of color. Gonfala's heart is broken. She runs into the jungle. In the morning, they discover the Gonfal and the emerald missing. They search the Kaji. Spike and Troll are also missing. They decide to search for the thieves. They discover Gonfala missing also. They deduce that she either went willingly or that she has run away. Van Eyk reminds Wood of the difficulties of a mixed marriage in America. He suggests that the thieves may have used Gonfal's power to compel her to go with them. The trail of the two men is found.

xii - Reunion

Two weeks later, Tarzan senses a lion and a white woman on a similar path. He takes to the trees. The woman spots the lion. The beast charges. Tarzan drops on its back, kills it with his knife, and gives the victory cry of the bull ape. He recognizes Gonfala, who tells him her story. He brings Gonfala to his home and Jane. Van Eyk and Wood are lost. They stumble across Muviro and the Waziri, who bring them to Tarzan. They are surprised to learn that Clayton is Tarzan. They tell their tale and express their wish to search for Gonfala. Gonfala enters and tells them why she left. Wood and Gonfala make plans to go to America. But first she must deliver a letter to the Colonial Office in London. Tarzan reads the letter. It is from Lord Mountford, declaring that Gonfala is his daughter.

xiii - Cannibals

Spike, Troll, and their six bearers enter cannibal country. Cannibal warriors, the Bantango, enter their camp. The chief questions them. Troll attempts to use the power of the Gonfal on the cannibals. It does not work. Spike also tries with no results. The chief knocks Spike down and plans to take the diamond and the men. Suddenly, a lion attacks the Bantango. During the fight, Spike, Troll and the bearers make their escape with the diamond. Once they are safe, they experiment with the diamond to no avail. They deduce that Gonfala must be part of the equation to make the diamond work. They are going to experiment with the emerald when they discover that the gem was left behind with the cannibals.

xiv - Kidnapped

Tarzan equips Wood, van Eyk, and Gonfala with a safari to reach the railhead. Spike and Troll, who go to investigate, see their campfire. The discovery of Gonfala in the camp makes Troll rekindle the idea of using her to make the diamond do its magic. They overhear them making plans for a lion hunt the next day. In the morning, the three hunters head out in different directions with their gun bearers. Spike and Troll follow Gonfala. Gonfala spies a lion. The gunbearer throws a rock, and the lion charges. Her first shot wounds the beast. The bearer's gun misfires. He turns and runs. The lion chases the fleeing man. Gonfala's second shot kills the lion, but not before it kills the bearer. Spike and Troll approach. They take the guns and Gonfala. They tell her that they must have her to make the diamond work.

xv - Clews

Van Eyk has killed a lion. Wood joins him. Together they seek Gonfala. They find the dead bearer and the lion, but Gonfala is missing. They think she returned to camp. Back at camp, they organize a search party for her. The search is unsuccessful. Wood sends a runner to Tarzan asking for help. When Tarzan comes, Wood tells him about an old campsite they found. In the morning, they examine the site. Tarzan deduces the size of the party and that they have captured Gonfala. Tarzan will follow them alone. Upon entering Bantango country, the heretical enemy of the Waziri, Tarzan decides to investigate their village for signs of the party he is seeking. Tarzan approaches the chief's village. He gives the challenge of the bull ape. The cannibals believe it is a demon or the devil-god of the Waziri. Tarzan waits for evening and the noise of the dance to cloak his scaling the palisade of the village. He climbs a tree inside the village. He sees the Great Emerald of the Zuli near the feet of the chief. Tarzan connects Spike and Troll with Gonfala's kidnapping. He sneaks into the chief's hut. The chief tells him that the white men left the emerald behind. He relates the story about their contact with Spike and Troll. Tarzan takes the emerald and heads into the jungle. A lion is close by. Tarzan will out wait numa in the tree.

xvi - Tantor

Spike and Troll do not trust each other. They search for a perfect area, that Spike knows about, to set themselves up as kings. Their jealousy over Gonfala makes them pull weapons on each other. Gonfala tells them that Wood and/or Clayton/Tarzan will come after them. They plan to use the diamond to control Tarzan. Gonfala says she will use the diamond on them. Spike and Troll realize their predicament of having to use Gonfala to work the gem yet she could use it on them. They break camp and head for Spike's perfect valley. Tarzan buries the emerald at the edge of the forest. He reasons that Spike and Troll would head back to Kaji. On the way, he hears an elephant in distress and goes to investigate. He finds an elephant with one dark tusk in a pit. Dango and Ska circle the pit. Tarzan feeds Tantor and frees it. They go their separate ways. Wood convinces Muviro to organize a search party. Once they pass Bantango country, they learn about Spike's movements from a friendly tribe.

xvii - Strangers

Spike and Troll convince a chief of a northern tribe to provide them with guides. Gonfala tells them that Tarzan and Wood will find them anywhere. That night, Troll sneaks into Gonfala's tent and tries to persuade her to run off with him. She calls for Spike. Troll tries to kill her. Spike awakens and realizes Troll is missing. Spike and Troll fight. Spike knocks down Troll. Gonfala believes Troll has been killed so she hides. Troll awakens but his memory is gone. He believes Gonfala is his sister. Gonfala uses his misunderstanding to enlist Troll's protection. Their guides will go no further because they are entering taboo country. Spike forces them onward. At night, the sky is aglow from a volcano. Desertions start. They hear men approaching and hide off the trail. They spy a party of men with lions on leashes approaching. Spike struggles with Gonfala to run from the unknown party. Troll thinks Spike is trying to harm his sister and attacks him. The lion men turn their attention away from Spike and Troll as a hundred elephant mounted warriors pour into the valley.

xviii - Ingratitude

Wood and the Waziri follow Gonfala's trail to a golden city. Waranji, a Waziri warrior, agrees with Wood that they should not be taken prisoner. Wood sends the six Waziri home. He approaches the city alone. Tarzan looks down upon Cathne, City of Gold, in the valley of Onthar and recalls the death of Queen Nemone and the influence of Tomos, the evil prime minister. He also reminisces about his friend Valthor of Athne, City of Ivory, and his Cathnean friends, Thudos, Phordos, and Gemnon. As he crosses the Field of Lions, his thoughts are also on the placement of Alextar on the throne of Cathne. Approaching the Bridge of Gold in front of the city, Tarzan remembers his trip to Xarator, the holy volcano. The guards recognize Tarzan and welcome him to the city. A description of the anteroom is given. The guards return from King Alextar and arrest Tarzan. Gemnon comes to see Tarzan in his cell. Tarzan asks about his wife, Doria, and his father, Phordos. Gemnon tell Tarzan that Tomos controls Alextar. Tarzan explains his quest. Gemnon relates to Tarzan the battle in the valley of Thenar with the Athneans, the capture of Gonfala, and the Cathneans escape to the Pass of the Warriors. He reminds Tarzan of Tomos' hatred of him for losing all his obols on his fight with Phobeg, the temple guard. Gemnon wants to help Tarzan escape. Tarzan asks for a knife.

xix - Retribution

The sun shines in Medicine Hat as it does in Africa. Tarzan is brought to the palace grounds for the King's Hunt, as he was for the Queen's Hunt when he faced Belthar, Nemone's guardian lion. The procession is compared to a Cubs/Giants game, an Army/Navy game, Man Mountain Dean/Honorable Mr. Detton, and ice hockey at Madison Square Garden. On the Field of Lions, one of the hunting lions breaks free and charges Alextar's chariot. Tomos flees. Tarzan kills it with a knife and gives the victory cry of the bull ape. Alextar has Tarzan placed in a cell. A guard warns the ape-man about poison and assassination. A crowd sympathetic to Tarzan gathers outside. Warriors attempt to disperse the mob but are overcome. The crowd moves on the palace. Alextar turns the hunting lions loose in the streets. Tarzan rips out the bars on his window and drops between the mob and the lions. Tarzan commands the mob to advance with torches. A lion's mane is set on fire. There is chaos in the streets. The lions bolt. Tarzan directs the crowd to go after Alextar and Tomos. Phobeg helps sway the crowd. Alextar and Tomos are frightened. Tomos plans to have Tarzan poisoned. Tarzan and the mob enter the dining hall. Alextar begs for mercy. Tarzan suggests to the crowd that Thudos be made king. Alextar blames Tomos and M'duze for his troubles. He kills Tomos with his sword. Alextar goes mad and commits suicide.

xx - Athne

The general layout of Athne is given. Guards permit Wood to enter the southern gate of Athne. Wood speculates that they may be Atlantean colonists. Descriptions of the garments and weapons of officers and warriors are given. Wood is delivered to an officer, who gets angry when the American can't understand him. He is escorted to a large enclosure for confinement. Other prisoners are there as well as Spike and Troll. They explain to Wood about their capture and that Gonfala has been taken to the palace along with the Gonfal. They explain why they kidnapped Gonfala. Spike indicates that Troll is a bit loopy. Wood thinks it wise to work with the two kidnappers. They introduce Wood to Valthor, elephant man. There was a revolution in Athne and Valthor was taken prisoner. Valthor teaches Wood the language. Phoros became the dictator of Athne after the revolution. Valthor explains that the Erythra, the organization which overthrew Zygo, the King, won't harm Gonfala and that Menofra, Phoros' wife, would make sure Phoros won't go near her. Valthor believes a counter-revolution is in the works. As slaves, they are sent out to capture a wild elephant. Valthor swears by the Athnean god, Dyaus, that the rouge with the dark tusk is an impressive beast. The rouge charges an Erythros officer, knocks him off his mount, and tramples him. Valthor uses his mount and Wood's help to capture the beast. Phoros sends for Wood. Valthor cautions him to be careful.

xxi - Phoros

After placing Thudos on the throne of Cathne, Tarzan heads for Athne, alone. He travels through the Pass of the Warriors and into the valley of Thenar. He realizes that five hunting lions are on his trail. He heads for the forest. A lion steps out in front of him. Tarzan charges the single lion. He gives the challenge of the bull ape. The lion turns and runs. The ape-man makes it to the trees before the five pursuers can reach him. Tarzan swings around to the north side of Athne. He scales the wall and drops into the street. When challenged from a window, Tarzan replies that he is Daimon, a demon of the night. He finds the palace and peeks in on a banquet. Phoros demands that ‘the girl' be brought to him. No one dares to because of the wrath of Menofra. Phoros commands a slave to fetch ‘the girl.' Tarzan reflects on the reversal of Darwin's Theory. The slave brings in Menofra. She demands Kandos, Phoros' right hand man, tell her what they are celebrating. Menofra learns from the slave about Phoros' true intentions. Menofra threatens to kill Gonfala and grabs Phoros' ear.

xxii - Menofra

Tarzan uses a vine to climb up to the second story and into a room. He hears Menofra and Phoros scuffling and then a thud. He peeks out to see Phoros with a bloody sword. He follows him through a locked door. Phoros threatens to rape Gonfala and kill Wood, both of whom are tied up. Tarzan grabs Phoros' sword and releases Wood. The American releases Gonfala and ties up Phoros. Wood recaps their adventures. A bloody Menofra appears at the door, locks them in, and shouts for the guards. Menofra commands the guards to capture them. Tarzan threatens to kill Phoros. There is a stand off. Wood tells Tarzan about the revolution in Athne and the imprisonment of Valthor. Tarzan makes a bargain with Phoros to escort them, Valthor, and the diamond to freedom in exchange for not turning him over to Menofra. The guards are torn between the commands of Phoros and Menofra. The guards go to get Kandos. Wood puts Tarzan's plan to Menofra only with Phoros' return to her once their freedom is assured. Menofra and Kandos exchange words. Kandos announces to them that they will be escorted to freedom right after breakfast.

xxiii - Sentenced

Tarzan, Wood, and Gonfala discuss freedom and love. Their breakfast is delivered with no utensils. Wood comments on the lack of Emily Post etiquette. They all eat the young wether meat and fall to the floor unconscious. Menofra has made a pact with Kandos, but she doesn't trust him. When the drug wears off, the prisoners awake to learn that Tarzan is to go to the arena, Wood and Gonfala will be killed, and Phoros... Menofra sends for a priest. She commands the priest to marry Wood and Gonfala. Athnean law states that it is death for anyone to come between a married couple. Menofra has Wood thrown in a slave pen and Phoros and Gonfala locked in a bedroom. Tarzan awakens chained by the neck to a wall. Wood is placed in the cell with him along with other slaves and Valthor. Gemba, a black Cathnean slave, talks to Tarzan about his capture. Days pass. On a work assignment, some slaves escape. Valthor calms the slaves and promises them freedom when Zygo returns to power. Valthor is chained by the neck next to Tarzan. Menofra is in total power. Tarzan and Valthor are to face a rouge elephant in the arena.

xxiv - Death

Tarzan is stoic about the death sentence. Valthor accepts it as a nobleman. He makes references to their god, Dyaus, and to the Cathnean god, Thoos. While lining up for the procession, Valthor insults Menofra. As they enter the arena, Tarzan notes the flimsy construction of the palisade. The last of the aristocracy are to be killed also. Hyark, an Erythos warrior, executes a nobleman. Tarzan remarks that he could handle Hyark. A guard gives that information to Hyark. He wants to battle the ape-man. An old man is made to face an old lion. Tarzan comments that he could handle the lion. These remarks are relayed to Menofra. Tarzan proposes a three-way battle between himself, Hyark, and the lion. Menofra likes the idea. Hyark does not. Hyark rushes at Tarzan before the lion can be released. Tarzan disarms him and pushes him towards the onrushing lion. Hyark runs. The lion pursues. The lion kills Hyark and commences to feed upon him. Tarzan sneaks up on the lion, lifts it up, and throws it into the loyal loge. The lion causes a riot in the amphitheater. Unhurt, Menofra orders Tarzan and Valthor to the center of the arena. Tarzan recognizes the elephant with the dark tusk. He commands the rouge to stop and pick them up. It does. Tarzan leads the elephant into the palisade, which collapses. They head for freedom. They are caught between the approaching Cathnean army and the pursuing army of Athne.

xxv - Battle

Tarzan and Valthor dismount. Tarzan sends the rouge back at the oncoming elephants. Gemnon recognizes Tarzan. He tells them that Gemba escaped and told them about his imprisonment. They came to rescue him. Thudos tells Valthor that they will help put Zygo back on the throne. The Cathnean lions attack the men in the howdahs. The battle rages. The Erythra are defeated. The victors enter the city. Tarzan and Wood find Gonfala, who has just killed Phoros. Phoros came after her when he learned about Menofra's death. Zygo is returned to the throne, but the Cathneans and Athneans plan to remain at war with each other. On their way home, they met up with Muviro and the Waziri. Spike and Troll promise to stay out of Africa. Tarzan gives them the diamond. After they leave, Tarzan reveals that it was Mafka's imitation Gonfal. Tarzan tells Gonfala and Wood that he will give them the real diamond and emerald for their new life in civilization.