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Jane Clayton - Lady Greystoke

Lady Hazel (Strong) Tennington

Princess Sborov, the former Kitty Krause

Prince Alexis Sborov



Waziri warriors


Buira - Muviro's daughter

Neal Brown (nicknamed Chi) - racketeer and pilot

Annette - Princess Sborov's personal servant

Tibbs - Prince Sborov's personal valet

Udalo - chief of the Bukena

Bukena - native tribe

Gupingu - Bukena witch-doctor

Ydeni - Kavuru who captures Naika and Annette

Naika - Gupingu's daughter

Ogdli - Kavuru who captures Jane

Balando - Waziri warrior

Kavandavanda - king, witch-doctor, and god of Kavuru

Medek - Kavuru guard


The Savoy


Ukena - Bukena village



Sheeta (leopard)



numa (lion)

Tarzan's Quest

Summarized by
Duane Adams

"Tarzan and the Immortal Men" was published as a six part serial in The Blue Book Magazine, October, November, December 1935 through January, February, March 1936. It was written from May 1934 to January 1935. It is Burroughs' forty-seventh hardback book, and the first edition was by his own publishing company. Twice Grosset & Dunlap, Tarzana, Ace, and Ballantine have done reprints.

— Robert B. Zeuschner's
The Exhaustive Scholar's and Collector's Descriptive Bibliography.


Written under the working title "Tarzan and Jane," this story marks the final appearance of Jane as a major character in the Tarzan stories. In fact, the story is more about Jane than the ape-man. Jane shines in this story, displaying strength of character, will, and resourcefulness. Why did Jane receive such an important role at this juncture in the Tarzan canon? Much credence has been given to the time period in which Burroughs wrote Quest. He was going through his divorce from Emma and building a strong relationship with Florence Dearholt who would become his wife the following year. Is the strong, resourceful Jane what he saw in Florence? Is the befuddled and annoying Princess Sborov what he saw in Emma? Certainly the Kavuru pellets are at the core of this story and the source of much speculation. Did Tarzan, Jane, and Nkima eat the elixir of perpetual youth? Did it give them immortality? Did Tarzan give tablets to Jad-bal-ja, Korak, and Meriem? The supply of pills could not have been an endless supply; yet, Kavandavanda clearly states that the tablets must be taken monthly at the full moon. Is Tarzan immortal because of the Kavuru tablets? Or is he immortal because he is Tarzan?

Chapter One — The Princess Sborov

Jane Clayton and Lady Hazel (Strong) Tennington bump into the Princess Sborov, the former Kitty Krause, and her new husband Prince Alexis Sborov at the Savoy. Kitty tells them about an American gangster who has told them about a witch-doctor's secret formula of youth and longevity. The racketeer has talked Kitty into financing an expedition to find the witch-doctor. Jane, who is to meet Lord Greystoke in Nairobi, agrees to accompany them to Africa.

Chapter Two — Sound Above The Storm

Tarzan wants to investigate the strange disappearance of many young girls between the ages 14 to 20; however, the superstitious natives will not lend aid. Abandoning the mystery, he and Nkima come upon Muviro and nine Waziri warriors. They are searching for Buira, Muviro's daughter, who is missing. Muviro suspects that the Kavuru are responsible for her disappearance. Tarzan will go on ahead to a Bukena village near Kavuru country to see if he can learn something about the missing girl. A violent storm comes up. They huddle in a group to wait for the storm to abate. Tarzan hears an airplane overhead.

Chapter Three — Out Of Gas

Brown, the gangster and pilot of the plane, struggles to keep the plane level. Princess Sborov and her handmaid, Annette, faint. Prince Sborov complains, and his valet, Tibbs, looks after the women. Jane climbs into the cockpit. Brown tells her that they have lost their compass and are in trouble because of the weight of the supplies. He suggests throwing the complaining Prince overboard. They are almost out of gas and have no parachutes. Prince Sborov verbally attacks his wife. Tibbs tries to comfort Annette. As they run out of gas, Brown plans to attempt to land on top of the trees.

Chapter Four — In The Kraal Of Udalo

The plane crash lands in the treetops, which results in no serious injuries. The passengers show their true selves. Jane suggests waiting until the storm abates before attempting to descend. After the storm, Tarzan and Nkima leave for Ukena, a Bukena village, to ask about the Kavuru. Rumors about the Kavuru are listed. After three days Tarzan arrives at the kraal of the Bukena. He boldly walks up to Udalo, the chief, and questions him about the Kavuru. Udalo claims to know nothing about the Kavuru. His warriors surround Tarzan. Udalo accuses Tarzan of being a Kavuru spy. The warriors fall upon the ape-man.

Chapter Five — "The Lion Is Coming!"

Jane proposes getting some supplies from the luggage compartment. She makes it through the branches to the compartment and changes into suitable attire for the jungle. The others are concerned about her climbing around in the trees but are amazed by her agility. Brown and Alexis argue. Jane takes over as leader of the group. She goes to scout out the area and leaves instructions for them to get the supplies to the ground. Brown and Alexis continue to bicker. Jane discovers a clearing where they can make a campsite. As she returns to the party, she senses something following her. She calls to Alexis, who is releasing the supplies lowered to the ground, to climb a tree because a lion is coming. Brown lowers a strap to Alexis. Jane urges them to hurry because the lion is coming quickly.

Chapter Six — The Ballot Of Death

The Bukena warriors surround Tarzan. They discuss whether or not to kill him. Tarzan grabs a native and uses him as a shield. Before he can make his escape, he is knocked unconscious from behind. He awakens in a hut bound hand and foot. As Tarzan sleeps, Gupingu, the Bukena witch-doctor, predicts disaster, if they kill Tarzan, the Kavuru. Udalo calls for a vote of his warriors to decide Tarzan's fate. A gourd in passed around the one hundred warriors. Each man votes by placing a kernel of corn in the gourd to vote for life or a pebble to vote for death. The ballot is overwhelming for death. Udalo proclaims that they will torture him and kill him tomorrow evening. That night, Tarzan awakens to see someone enter his hut.

Chapter Seven — The Merry Company

The charging lion barely misses Jane as she leaps into the trees. Hiding in the bushes, a trembling Alexis noisily puts on the strap. The lion goes to investigate the noise. Brown and Tibbs pull Alexis up. The lion leaps, almost reaching him. Alexis faints. They drag the Prince into the plane. Kitty is hysterical. Jane arrives and calms the situation. She plans to shoot the lion, but Alexis forgot to pack ammunition for the rifles. Tibbs has a pistol; however, it has already been lowered to the ground. They spend the night in the plane. In the morning after much bickering, the remaining supplies and Annette are lowered to the ground. Kitty puts up a fuss about being lowered and threatens to have Alexis cut out of her will. Tibbs is lowered next. Brown and Alexis will have to climb down.

Chapter Eight — Ydeni, The Kavuru

Gupingu enters the hut which holds Tarzan. He would free him in the hopes that the Kavuru will not harm him nor take his daughters. He gives the ape-man directions to Kavuru country and cuts his bonds. After giving the witch-doctor time to return to his hut so that he could not be blamed for the escape, Tarzan slips into the chief's hut to retrieve his weapons. A warrior awakens. Tarzan tells him that he is Kavuru and forces him to lead him to the gates. Tarzan moves through the trees toward Kavuru country. Unaware of Tarzan's, escape Nkima leaves for home. Tarzan senses a lion hunting a tarmangani. A description of Ydeni, a Kavuru, is given. The lion charges the white man, who throws his spear but misses. Tarzan drops onto the lion. He kills the lion with his knife and gives the victory cry of the bull ape. After tentative introductions, Tarzan asks Ydeni to take him to his chief. Ydeni advises Tarzan to leave the area or the Kavuru will kill him.

Chapter Nine — Sheeta, The Leopard

Jane and the party make it to the clearing where they build a boma and some shelters. Tibbs' pistol is a .22 with no ammunition. Jane makes a bow, six arrows and a spear. She asks and receives Brown's knife. Brown wants to accompany her on the hunt, but when she takes to the trees Brown is left hopelessly behind. They are impressed by Lady Greystoke's mastery of two different worlds. Brown and Alexis quarrel. Annette tries to make peace between them. She also starts to build a relationship with Brown. Jane senses game, finds a bushbuck, and downs it with an arrow. After field dressing the antelope, a leopard appears on the trail. Not willing to give up her kill, Jane fires an arrow into sheeta. Back at camp, the screams of the leopard are interpreted as Jane's. Brown and Tibbs leave camp to help Jane.

Chapter Ten — Abduction

Tarzan insists on meeting the Kavuru chief. Ydeni maintains he will be killed. Tarzan asks him if the Kavuru steal young women because they do not enough of their own. Ydeni says the Kavuru have had no women for eighty years. This perplexes Tarzan because Ydeni appears to be young. Tarzan leaves the area, giving the impression that he has given up. He circles back to follow Ydeni. The Kavuru takes to the trees near the Bukena village. In a low voice he hypnotizes a young girl to walk out in the jungle. He drops his rope around her and pulls her up into the trees. He carries her off through the trees. Tarzan follows them. The spell wears off when Ydeni is away searching for food. When he returns, the girl demands that he keep his promise to Gupingu not to harm her. This means nothing to Ydeni; however, to Tarzan it means that he is honor bound to aid the girl. That night, as Ydeni sleeps, Tarzan carries the bound girl away. She fears Tarzan is another Kavuru but will take her chances with him.

Chapter Eleven — "Seventy Million Dollars"

Brown and Tibbs follow the sound of Jane's voice to find her. They are in awe of her archery skills. They carry the antelope back to camp. After Brown and Alexis verbally spar a bit, antelope steaks are cooked and eaten. Various plans to find civilization are discussed. Jane decides that she should go for help, alone. Alexis and Kitty's marriage deteriorates. That night, Alexis is torn between his lust for Jane and his wife's seventy million dollars. Tibbs is to stand watch until midnight and Brown until three at which time they hope Alexis will take over. The women retire for the night. Brown suggests to Tibbs that if Kitty were not around, they could all attempt to find civilization. As Brown enters the men's shelter, Alexis agrees to stand watch. During Brown's guard duty, Annette joins him by the fire. She says that she awoke with the feeling that someone was crawling around in their hut.

Chapter Twelve — Murder In The Night

Annette is afraid to return to her tent because of the strange noise. She stays by the fire. She and Neal Brown talk, building a close relationship. Brown's nickname is Chi, short for Chicago. Annette spots eyes staring at them. Brown throws a blazing stick and frightens the beast away. Brown and Annette snuggle. Alexis relieves Brown stating that he slept so soundly that he heard nothing. In the morning, Annette's screams wake the men. Kitty's head has been split wide open. Brown suspects Alexis. Tibbs tells the Prince about the murder. Alexis accuses Brown of having Tibbs kill her. They all begin to accuse each other and examine motives and alibis. Alexis keeps insisting that they should look for the murder weapon, a hatchet. A search is made of the men's quarters. Annette discovers the hatchet in Brown's things but claims to have found nothing. Alexis searches Brown's bed and finds the murder weapon. Many accusations fly. Brown's guilt looks apparent.

Chapter Thirteen — Treachery

On their way to the Bukena, Muviro and the Waziri come across Nkima. They realize that Nkima is trying to lead them somewhere so they follow the little Manu. As they run toward the kraal, the Bukena women flee to the village. The Waziri approach the gates with peaceful gestures. Gupingu, who feels betrayed by the disappearance of his daughter, Naika, consuls Udalo that the Waziri are allies of the Kavuru. Udalo tells them that Tarzan is no longer there. With the assurance that there are only ten warriors, he permits the Waziri to enter the village. As the Waziri and Udalo palaver, Gupingu prepares a potion. Udalo pretends to drink from a gourd. Muviro and the Waziri drink the potion and fall unconscious. They wake to find themselves bound and realize the treachery that has befallen them. Muviro reveals that the Bukena eat the hearts of their enemies. They wonder if that will happen soon.

Chapter Fourteen — Nkima Forgets

Naika is feeling safe with Tarzan but suspects that he is a demon. Tarzan asks her to tell her people that he is not Kavuru. She says she will. He returns her to the village. Nkima catches up with Tarzan as he leaves the area. The Bukena listen to Naika's story but believe that Tarzan is a demon so they will eat the hearts of the Waziri anyway. Back on the trail of the Kavuru, Nkima remembers that the Waziri are captives of the Bukena. Evening time brings Tarzan and Nkima to the back of Udalo's hut. He overhears sub-chiefs from other villages demanding to see the prisoners. He makes his way to the captives' hut and frees them. They lay in wait for the guards.

Chapter Fifteen — A Bit Of Cloth

Brown agrees to go with them to safety, but he fears an unfair trail awaits him so he will stay in Africa to search for the perpetual youth formula. A discussion of which direction to take follows the burial of the Princess. Alexis wants to go in the opposite direction of Jane's suggestion. Suddenly he acquiesces to Jane's authority. While everyone packs what he or she can carry, Jane discovers a piece of partially burned fabric by the fire. Brown and Alexis bicker over the food. Annette cooks their breakfast and shows Brown the burnt fabric. Brown asks Alexis if he can see the coat he was wearing last night. Alexis states that it is packed away. Brown shows him the burnt fabric and asks Tibbs to confirm that it belongs to the Prince, thus suggesting that he was trying to get rid of bloodstains. Alexis claims this is a frame job. Jane says they should leave this matter for the courts. Jane leaves a note in case someone should happen upon their campsite. The note contains who they are and what direction they took. As they leave, no one will carry Alexis' bags. Tibbs resigns as his valet. They move to the east - toward danger.

Chapter Sixteen — The Message

Tarzan and the Waziri subdue the three guards as they enter the hut. Tarzan takes the bound captives into the trees. He lowers one of them by a rope headfirst through the trees. His warning cry of the bull ape alerts the Bukena. They are terrified. Tarzan demands the release of the Waziri through the gates. Udalo agrees. Tarzan joins the Waziri. They walk through the gates into the jungle. They wait for the drug to wear off before continuing. Meanwhile, a Waziri warrior brings a message on a split stick to the Bukena village. Udalo is very helpful and sends him after Tarzan. The message delivered to Tarzan is about the mem-sahib's (Jane's) flying into Nairobi. They wonder if that was her plane that they heard during the storm. Tarzan decides to continue to search for Muviro's daughter. Tarzan teaches Nkima how to place the envelope on the split stick. This is Nkima's great delight for the next three days. He protects it at all costs even while mating with a female from a nearby tribe of monkeys. So enraptured by his new trick that he does not notice that Tarzan and the Waziri have started north again.

Chapter Seventeen — The Snake

Alexis and Jane fall behind the others. Alexis declares that he loves her. When he makes a move on her, she threatens him with her spear. At a noon rest break, Jane and Brown go to hunt for food. Alexis sends Tibbs for boma material. The Prince offers Annette one hundred thousand francs for the cloth evidence. He tries to convince her that Brown and Lady Greystoke are in love. When she won't give it to him, he chokes Annette, who cries out. Tibbs runs to her aid. Alexis says that a snake frightened her. With some irony, Annette agrees a snake scared her. Alexis cautions her not to say anything or he will kill her also. Brown returns with fruit, as does Jane. A pair of eyes watch them eat. Guard duty is set. They allow Annette to take one of the watches. Annette joins Brown during his watch and tells him what transpired with Alexis. Brown says he will protect her. They profess their love for each other. Annette takes her watch. In the morning Annette is missing.

Chapter Eighteen — A Bit Of Paper

Nkima's playmate covets the paper and the split stick. She steals the paper from him and runs off. By the time Nkima catches up to her, the paper is gone. He can not find it; however, he does find Jane's note as a replacement. He attempts to bring it to Tarzan but discovers the ape-man is gone. The female's clan comes to the area and chases Nkima away. He picks up Tarzan's trail and follows it.

Chapter Nineteen — Hate and Lust

Brown accuses Alexis of harming Annette and attempts to choke him. Jane stops the fight. Brown tells Annette's version of the cloth and snake. Alexis claims she misunderstood his intentions. Jane follows Annette's tracks, which stop under a tree. Jane deduces a man or man-like creature had watched them from a branch for sometime. Tibbs suggests that it was the ghost of Kitty. Deciding a search would be pointless, the party moves onward. Again Alexis professes his love to Jane and tries to embrace her. Jane punches him in the face, enraging the Prince. Brown arrives. Jane stops him from killing Alexis. At the camp that night Tibbs says he can't go on and that they should leave him. Brown and Jane won't hear of it. Jane wants to go hunt for food. Brown won't let her go alone because of what happened to Annette. Tibbs coerces Alexis into helping build a boma. During Alexis' watch, he sees the ghost of his dead wife. He frets about Jane's rejection of him. The axe, near the sleeping Brown, consumes his thoughts and stirs his hated. He takes the axe and raises it over Brown's head.

Chapter Twenty — Nkima Plays A Game

Nkima catches up with Tarzan and the Waziri. Tarzan notices that the paper on the stick is different from the one he originally gave to him and wants to see it. Nkima believes this to be a game of keep away and runs off. Nkima is distracted by a small bird and follows it. When his prey eludes him, he decides to return to Tarzan. Distracted by a voice, Nkima goes to investigate. He follows a Kavuru and his captive, Annette, to the Kavuru village. As night falls, the little Manu heads back for Tarzan.

Chapter Twenty-one — Only Two Left

Tibbs awakens and alerts Brown. Alexis' axe swing misses Brown's head. Alexis runs into the jungle. Jane says to let him go. They start off again as two eyes watch them, especially Jane. Brown chooses a stopping place for the night. Now Jane is missing. A search is futile. Brown blames Alexis. He wants to search for him and kill him. Tibbs suggests they continue looking for help. They sleep in a tree that night.

Chapter Twenty-two — Stalked By Numa

Nkima finds Tarzan, who reads Jane's note. He sends Muviro and his warriors toward the Kavuru. In a round about way, Nkima leads Tarzan to the campsite. Tarzan can now find the trail himself. Meanwhile, Alexis retraces the path back to their first camp. A lion stalks him. As the lion advances, the Prince screams in terror.

Chapter Twenty-three — Captive

Traveling through the trees, Tarzan senses numa stalking a man. Alexis drops to his knees. Tarzan drops between the lion and the Prince. Tarzan growls at the lion, which decides to leave. The ape-man questions Alexis. He relates the tale of his wife's murder, the party abandoning him and Lady Greystoke's love for Brown. He also tells him which direction they were headed. Tarzan is unsure of Alexis' inconsistent story, but feels he must help him because he may be a friend of Jane. He will take him along in his search for Jane and Brown, but first he hunts for food.

Chapter Twenty-four — Down Into Darkness

Jane hypnotically turns back on the trail. A Kavuru ropes her into the trees and carries her off. As the strange mental suggestion dissipates, she converses with her captor in the Bantu tongue. Her captor tells Jane he is taking her to Kavandavanda. Jane convinces him to let her walk. She learns that his name is Ogdli. He threatens to cut out her tongue for talking so much and that Kavandavanda does not need her tongue. Into the village of the Kavuru, she learns that the Kavuru men are rewarded a necklace of teeth for each woman they capture. Ogdli leads her up a ladder to the top of a windowless building. He tells her to climb down a ladder, which leads inside the structure. She descends into the black void.

Chapter Twenty-five — Defeat

Muviro and the Waziri approach the Kavuru village. A plane circles overhead looking for a place to land. The pilot and his companion watch the Waziri cross the plain and white men emerge from the village. They land in front of the village and are set upon by the Kavuru. Gunfire does not stop their advance. Gunfire at the Waziri causes them to take cover. In the battle the fliers are killed, as are most of the Waziri. Balando, a Waziri, grabs the firearms. He and Muviro make it to a rocky summit, which provides safety from the Kavuru spears. At dusk the Kavuru avoid the airplane on their return to the village. Muviro and Balando head for the forest. They wish Tarzan were there.

Chapter Twenty-six — Tarzan Stalks Brown

Brown and Tibbs wake and assess their adventures as they move along the trail. Impatient with Alexis' slow pace, Tarzan carries him into the trees. Alexis' fear and struggling forces Tarzan to return to the ground. He instructs Alexis to stay on the trail and he will go on ahead to find Brown. Tarzan catches up with Brown and Tibbs. He stalks them and hears them talking about the murder and the disappearance of Jane and Annette. He drops down behind them. Tarzan tells them that he knows their entire story and that the Kavuru probably took the women. He adds that the Kavuru have a well protected village and the secret of the elixir of life. Brown reveals that this is the goal of their expedition. Alexis comes down the trail. Brown makes a move for him, but Tarzan throws the American into the bushes. Alexis runs off. Tarzan believes that Alexis will follow them. He will take Brown and Tibbs to safety.

Chapter Twenty-seven — Madmen And Leopards

In the dark interior of the structure, Jane finds a frighten Annette. Jane plans an escape. A man appears on the roof and commands them to climb the ladder. Ogdli states he will take them to Kavandavanda. Jane senses a change in him and attempts to get him to help them escape. Ogdli is a Kavuru priest, and they believe that women will contaminate them. Along the way they pass fields being worked by madmen. The Kavuru believe they are possessed by demons and will not kill them for fear the demon will pass into their bodies. As they approach the temple, leopards rise from the weeds and bare their fangs. Ogdli tells them the leopards are used to prevent escape from the temple. He hints they are used for one other thing. A strange scream calls the leopards away. Thinking Ogdli may be their only hope, Jane asks him to ask Kavandavanda to permit him to stay in the temple with them. He believes Jane has bewitched him. Jane thinks he will ask.

Chapter Twenty-eight — Kavandavanda

Almost completely mad, Alexis runs at three lions that flee into the jungle. Ydeni sneaks up on Alexis, ties him up, and leads him off to the Kavuru village. Tarzan and the others travel along. Jane and Annette are brought before Kavandavanda. A description of Kavandavanda is given. Jane refuses to kneel before the king/god. Jane explains who she is and perpetuates the Kavuru's fear of airplanes. Kavandavanda is unsure of what he will do with Jane. He has the two women sent to the room of three snakes. Medek, a priest, leads them to the room designated by three snakes above the lintel. Jane tries to enlist Ogdli's aid in escape, but all he can think about is Kavandavanda's un-Kavuru attitude toward Jane. Kavandavanda enters and declares he will speak to Jane only. He tells her that he may be thousands of years old and that there is no such thing as god. They are a cult of celibate priests who have achieved immortality with an elixir made from pollen, spinal fluid of leopards, and the glands and blood of young women. Thus is to be Jane's fate, excepting for the fact that Kavandavanda desires Jane, he pulls her toward him.

Chapter Twenty-nine — To What Doom

Tarzan, Brown and Tibbs reach the plain before the Kavuru village. Tarzan calls for the Waziri. Muviro and Balando arrive and tell their story. Jane calls for Ogdli. An embarrassed Kavandavanda hurries from the room. Ogdli will help them escape, using a secret passageway. He will go with them, as his life is forfeit for witnessing Kavandavanda's weakness for Jane. Ydeni brings the mad Alexis to Kavuru and locks him in the two snakes room. Ogdli leaves, to wait for evening for the escape attempt. He does not like the idea of taking Annette with them. Annette is in the next room. Jane unbolts the door between the rooms. Alexis is in the room. He thinks Jane is a ghost. When Jane opens the next room to admit Annette, the Prince thinks she is a ghost also. Medek enters to find out what the commotion is about. Alexis think he is the ghost of Kitty and leaps out the second story window. The leopards finish off the Prince. Medek leaves the room. Ogdli knocks out Medek and leads the women to the secret passageway. As they enter the tunnel, warriors fall upon Jane and Annette. Ogdli escapes into the jungle. The warriors bring the women to Kavandavanda. He sends Annette away and professes his love to Jane. He offers her pills that give eternal youth. She tries to run away, but Kavandavanda grabs her hair and pulls her back into the room.

Chapter Thirty — "The Dead Men Fly!"

That night, Tarzan spies a Kavuru running from the village and subdues him. Ogdli tells him about Jane, Annette, and Kavandavanda. Tarzan would have him lead them to the secret passageway, but the doors only open toward the jungle. Tarzan and Brown head for the plane, leaving Ogdli with Muviro, Balando, and Tibbs. They take the fliers parachutes and load up on ammunition. At dawn, they take off in the plane. The Kavuru believe that the dead fliers have returned for vengeance and run into their houses. At two thousand feet Tarzan and Brown parachute toward the temple.

Chapter Thirty-one — The Wages of Sin

Kavandavanda threatens Jane. Warriors break into the room pleading for the god/king to save them from the flying dead men. They go outside and see two men jump from the plane. The plane crashes into the courtyard. By the time Tarzan and Brown reach the ground, the Kavuru have fled the area. The guards accuse Kavandavanda of breaking his vows and demand Jane's death. Kavandavanda raises his dagger over Jane. Tarzan shoots him. Brown shoots a warrior. The Kavuru are afraid of the dead men from the sky. Tarzan and Brown lead Jane, Annette, Buira, and other young women from the throne room. The fire from the plane has spread to the temple. Jane leads them toward the secret passageway. They stop by Kavandavanda's room and take the perpetual youth pellets. Jane can't remember the way to the passageway. Tarzan stops Ydeni, who feels obligated to lead them to the secret tunnel. Three weeks later at Tarzan's bungalow, the Kavuru pills are divided equally between Tarzan, Jane, Brown, Annette, Tibbs, and Nkima.