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Detail from Dick Powers cover, circa 1964


Edgar Rice Burroughs - narrator

Paul of Tarsus - Roman martyr

Angustus the Ephesian - nephew to the house of Onesiphorus

Earl of Whimsey

Lady Barbara Collis - daughter of the Earl of Whimsey

Kabariga - chief of the Bangalo


Leon Stabutch - OGPU agent

Lafayette Smith (nicknamed Lafe)

Joseph Stalin

Peter Zveri - (mentioned only)

Abraham, son of Abraham - AKA: Prophet of Paul and Son of Jehovah

Elija - son of Noah

Martha - Abraham's daughter

Gabriel - archangel

Jezebel - North Midian

Jobab - a South Midian apostle

Jehovah - god of the Midians

Danny "Gunner" Patrick - hit man for Big Shot

Big Bill Thompson - mayor of Chicago (mentioned only)

King George - King of England (mentioned only)

Lord Passmore - English big game hunter (Tarzan in disguise)

Goloba - headman, Stabutch safari

Bagesu - tribe employed as porters

Ogonyo - headman, Smith/Gunner safari

Dominio Capietro - Italian, shifta leader

Dongo - shifta headman, captures Stabutch

Isaza - Lord Passmore's "boy" and cook

Obambi - Smith's Bantu "boy"

Zugash - king of the baboons

Tongani - baboons

Timothy - Midian apostle/elder

Lamech - Midian shot by Smith

Eshbaal - shepherd, North Midian

Elija, son of Noah - North Midian

Ntale - shifta chieftain

Waziri warriors




Ephesus - Ionian city


Islands of Rhoades



Ghenzi Mountains

Bungalo - Bangalo village


Phil Sheridan Military Academy

New York City



Chinnereth - lake in the land of Midian


OGPU - Soviet Secret Police

Thompson submachine gun

.32 caliber revolver




Tarzan Triumphant

Summarized by
Duane Adams


"Tarzan and the Raiders" was published as a six part serial in The Blue Book Magazine, October, November, December 1931 through January, February, March 1932. The working title was "The Triumph of Tarzan." It was started February 1931. It is Burroughs' thirty-eighth hardback book and the fifteenth Tarzan novel. The first edition was by Burroughs Inc. and featured dust jacket and illustrations by Studley Burroughs. Grosset & Dunlap, Tarzana, Ace, and Ballantine have done reprints. Robert B. Zeuschner's The Exhaustive Scholar's and Collector's Descriptive Bibliography.

This novel has a great opening line: "As far as I know the first Earl of Whimsey has nothing to do with this story..." In the prologue Burroughs begins with the premise that fate and time are connected. In the first few chapters he adheres to this theory and establishes how the life of the epileptic Angustus will effect the lives of a small cadre of people two thousand-years later. In the middle portion of the novel this interweaving is not mentioned. It is referred to once more in the waning chapters, but it is ignored in the concluding chapter, which could have brought "Tarzan Triumphant" to a full circle and provided closure for his premise. Although Burroughs includes a slight tie-in with the previous novel, "Tarzan the Invincible," this is a stand-alone work. The core of the story revolves around the two Midian cities and their twisted form of Christianity. Burroughs uses biting satire on Christians who have warped the message of their religion and argue over inconsequential matters, which results in their division. Essentially, 'Triumphant' is a romance novel about two couple from diverse backgrounds who find each other. Tarzan is the connecting force to these elements, and he displays qualities which make him Lord of the Jungle.

(Note: Gunner's language is considered racist by twenty-first century standards.)


The narrator, Edgar Rice Burroughs, philosophizes about fate and time interweaving into the tapestry of life. An English aviatrix and an American geology professor will be effected by what happened two thousand years before their time. The martyrdom of Paul of Tarsus causes an epileptic named Angustus of Ephesus to flee through the Island of Rhoades, acquire a slave girl, travel through Alexandria, Memphis, Thebae, and head deep into Africa.

Chapter One — Gathering the Threads

Lady Barbara Collis, daughter of the Earl of Whimsey, is flying over the Ghenzi Mountains. With no compass, low on fuel, and in a cloudbank, Barbara parachutes out. Kabariga, chief of the Bangalo tribe from the village of Bungalo, comes to Tarzan. Leon Stabutch, OGPU officer, enters Joseph Stalin's office. Lafayette Smith, young American geology professor at Phil Sheridan Military Academy, boards a ship in New York City, bound for Africa. Stalin directs Stabutch to avenge Peter Zeri's death (Tarzan the Invincible) and get rid of Tarzan so their African campaign can move forward. As Stabutch leaves Moscow, fate is on the train with him. Tarzan asks Kabariga why he sought him out. The chief tells the ape-man that shiftas from Abyssinia are constantly raiding their village and that they are lead by a white man. Tarzan will help them.

Chapter Two — The Land of Midian

In the crater of a volcano, Abraham, son of Abraham, hears the sound of a plane. Elija and Abraham's daughter, Martha, wonder what it is. Abraham speculates that it is the Second Coming. Others suggest it may be the archangel Gabriel. The women faint, and the men have epileptic seizures. A parachute appears in the sky. The seizure victims are ignored. As Lady Collis lands, they drop to their knees. She is surprised to find white people. The features of the men repulse her. A beautiful girl, Jezebel, approaches Barbara. They can't understand each other's language. Jobab, the apostle, admonishes Jezebel for approaching the heavenly visitor. Barbara draws the girl to her and speaks to her. Jobab demands to know what was said. Jezebel, knowing the Midian's nature, says she is from heaven and will deliver her message only through her. Abraham is communing with Jehovah (i.e. having an epileptic seizure). Barbara notices that the dark-haired Midian's are repugnant looking (Angustus' genes) and the blonde haired people appear to be more intelligent (slave girl's genes). She looks around the crater for a way out. Abraham's seizure ends. He questions the presences of Jezebel. Jobab confirms that Jezebel alone is to speak for the heavenly messenger. Barbara lights a cigarette. Taking advantage of the situation, Jezebel has Barbara and herself taken to a clean cave. They teach each other their languages. Barbara witnesses Abraham sacrificing a child with a knife.

Chapter Three — The "Gunner"

Danny "Gunner" Patrick, mob hit man, double-crosses his boss, Big Shot, and takes a ship to England. Smith and Gunner strike up a conversation, in which Smith discovers Gunner's lack of education. Gunner is under the impression that England is a city in London. Gunner mentions Big Bill Thompson, Mayor of Chicago, wanting to punch King George of England in the nose. Gunner doesn't understand the object of the geological expedition but is attracted by the thought of no policemen in Africa. He wants to join Smith. Smith doesn't understand the gangster's slang but agrees to let him accompany him.

Chapter Four — Gathering the Stands

Three safaris converge on the Ghenzi Mountains. They are Smith/Gunner from the West, Lord Passmore, English big game hunter from the South, and Stabutch from the East. Stabutch's natives are deserting because they are entering shifta territory. A band of shiftas charges the Russian's camp. Wholesale desertion leaves Stabutch alone to face the bandits. They take him prisoner and all of his supplies. Gray eyes witness the event. Goloba, headman of the Stabutch safari, concocts an alibi for their desertion. Tarzan drops into their mist and demands an explanation. Goloba is defiant, calling him lower than the Bagesu, a tribe of porters, until he finds out that he is speaking to Tarzan of the Apes. Goloba explains their fear of the shiftas, who are lead by a white man. He further explains that Stabutch was seeking Tarzan. Tarzan lets them go on their way.

Chapter Five — When the Lion Charged

As Lord Passmore receives the report of the lack of game in the area, they hear machine gun fire. Gunner and Smith are having trouble communicating over their common language. A lion is heard, and Gunner takes out a Thompson submachine gun. Ogonyo, their headman, points to the area where simba may be. Gunner sprays the area with machine gun fire. Numa is frightened off, but he is old and hungry so returns to the camp cautiously. The lion pounces on an askari guard and starts to drag him away. Gunner leaps to his feet and fires the Thompson. The wounded lion drops its victim and charges Gunner. The machine gun jams. Tarzan drops in front of numa and plants a spear into the ground. Numa lands on the spear. Tarzan leaps onto its back. After finishing off the lion with his knife, Tarzan gives the victory cry of the bull ape. Tarzan asks who they are and why they are here. After learning the answers, he tells them not to hunt with a machine gun and cautions them about the shifta slavers. He leaves abruptly. Ogonyo informs them that was Tarzan of the Apes.

Chapter Six — The Waters of Chinnereth

Weeks later, Lady Barbara walks down to Chinnereth, a bottomless lake in Midian. All the Midians follow her like sheep. She has managed to curtail their brutal rites even though they are skeptical about her celestial countenance. Jezebel is to be punished for the carnal sin of smiling. A net is thrown over her; lava rocks are placed inside the net; and she is cast into the lake. She is pulled up and thrown in again. Barbara protests. Abraham tells her that she will be next and has Jezebel thrown in for a third time. If she dies, it is the will of Jehovah. If she lives, she has been purified. Barbara prays for Jezebel's life. Abraham calls Barbara an impostor because Jezebel is pulled out of the water, dead. Barbara says Jehovah will resurrect her. She resuscitates the girl and has her brought back to the cave. Jezebel tells her about the good-looking men of North Midian who steal their goats. Barbara hopes to escape to this land. Abraham enters and tells Barbara that Jehovah has told him to prove her false. Tomorrow she will be cast into Chinnereth with weighted stones and no ropes to pull her out.

Chapter Seven — The Slave Raider

Stabutch's life is threatened by the shiftas. They reach their village beneath a rocky cliff. Stabutch is brought before their white Italian leader. They find a common language in English. Stabutch admits he is a Red Russian. Dominio Capietro, the shifta leader, is also a communist. The Italian says he is lucky to be captured by Dongo, his headman. Other shiftas probably would have killed him and asked questions later. Stabutch and Capietro are curious about each other but are guarded in their talk. While drunk, Capietro reveals how he became a slave trader. Stabutch tells him that he is there to kill Tarzan. Capietro wants nothing to do with the ape-man but will help the Russian find his safari. Lord Passmore's safari is a precision unit except for Isaza, the Lord's "boy" and cook. Smith and Gunner's safari is a ragtag group. Gunner makes camp while Smith and his boy, Obambi, go to examine the mountainside. Thinking Obambi is exhausted, Smith sends him back to camp. Against his better judgment, Obambi heads back to camp. Absorbed in his findings, Smith wanders up and down a canyon. As the sun starts to set, he decides to follow the ridge of the canyon back. In the darkness, he gets hopelessly lost.

Chapter Eight — The Baboons

The Tongani (baboon) sentinel barks the alarm to Zugash, the king, and the rest of the tribe about an approaching tarmangani. Zugash threats to kill Tarzan. Tarzan tells him that he came as a friend. The Tongani are shocked that this tarmangani speaks the language of the apes. Tarzan wants to pass, but he also wants to establish his presences. Tarzan swings up to the cliff and is surrounded by baboons. Tarzan tells Zugash that he has come to drive out the bad tarmangani who have thunder sticks and will kill them. Zugash challenges him. Tarzan moves through the pack. One baboon will not give way, but Tarzan bluffs his way past him. Tarzan senses sheeta and hears the screams of a mother baboon with her balu. He leaps into the ravine and casts his spear pass the baboon into the leopard. Zugash's tribe attacks the leopard. Tarzan finishes it off with his spear. He gives the victory cry of the bull ape. Zugash calls Tarzan friend and tells him where to find the bad tarmangani.

Chapter Nine — The Great Fissure

The Midians lead Lady Barbara to the shore of Chinnereth. She wonders about their inbreeding and their twisted Christianity. Barbara berates Abraham for being a false prophet. He has her quickly netted. As she is cast into the lake, Barbara takes out her penknife. Smith stumbles along the outside wall of the crater that contains Midian and Chinnereth. A pair of eyes watches him. For an hour, numa stalks him. Smith becomes interested in a great fissure in the rock. He notices the lion but is more interested in the crack. He enters the fissure. Smith is completely absorbed by his findings until the lion's growl indicates that numa has also entered the opening. Smith plunges deeper and deeper into the fissure in the hopes of finding a safe haven from the lion. He imagines himself killing the beast with his .32 caliber pistol. The lion rounds a bend in the fissure.

Chapter Ten — In the Clutches of the Enemy

Gunner sends out search parties for the missing professor. He takes Obambi with him. He threatens Smith's bearer, if they do not find him. Obambi doesn't understand the threat. At a nearby cliff, Tarzan watches a village at its base to see if the man he is seeking is there. The voice of Stabutch telling Capietro how he will kill Tarzan rises to the ape-man, who smiles. The ground underneath Tarzan gives way, and he falls into the shifta camp. Stabutch realizes that it is Tarzan who is falling and has men sent to the area. Gunner sees Tarzan go over the cliff and heads for that spot. Tarzan falls through the roof of a hut. Capietro stops Stabutch from shooting the ape-man because he wants the ransom money he could bring. Tarzan charges the whites who step aside. Tarzan battles the shiftas and almost reaches the wall of the cliff. He is tripped, and a dozen men fall on him. Gunner assesses the situation and sprays the area with machine gun fire. The shiftas and their leaders flee. Tarzan climbs the cliff to Gunner.

Chapter Eleven — The Crucifixion

Abraham stops Jezebel from jumping into Chinnereth after Lady Barbara. She curses Abraham, who replies that she will be burned tonight. Barbara cuts her way out of the net and swims to the surface. As the Midians are distracted by Jezebel's actions, she swims to an overhanging rock. Instead of escaping, she feels compelled to help Jezebel. That night, Barbara turns away from the lights of the North Midian village and approaches the village of Abraham, Jobab, Timothy, and Jezebel. She makes it to Jezebel's cave to find it empty. She witnesses the Midians carrying a cross and placing Jezebel on it. Barbara cries out, rushes down to the area, and commands them to free her. Believing Barbara has been resurrected, Abraham asks her to intercede for him to Jehovah. Jobab stops Jezebel's release with the story of his walk with Jehovah. He says that the seeming miracle of Barbara's resurrection is the work of Satan. A second cross is brought in, and the two women are tied to them. He says that if they are true to Jehovah, he will not let them burn. The fires are prepared, and the two condemned women say good-bye to each other.

Chapter Twelve — Out of the Grave

Firing wildly at the lion, Smith turns and runs. The loud report echoing in the fissure causes the lion to run back the way he came. Exhausted, Smith turns to face the beast. When the lion doesn't appear, Smith becomes distracted by the geological formations around him. The rift narrows above him allowing in little light. Crawling through a small opening, Smith comes out on the edge of a huge volcano crater with a lake at its center. From a tree he spies a small village. He makes it to the lake to quench his thirst. As he approaches the village, he sees two beautiful women tied to crosses and deformed people preparing to burn them. He leaps into their mists brandishing his revolver. Abraham calls for the Midians to kill him. Barbara advises Smith to use his weapon. Lamech charges, and Smith shoots him. Many Midians have seizures. Smith cuts the women's bonds, and they start to leave. Abraham sneaks up behind them with the sacrificial knife. He is about to plunge the knife into Barbara when suddenly he has a seizure.

Chapter Thirteen — The "Gunner" Walks

Tarzan sends Gunner and Obambi back to their camp. He will search for Smith alone. He cautions Gunner to be wary of the slavers. As they approach the camp, Obambi alerts Gunner to the strange men in camp. They enter the camp, and the shiftas capture them. Capietro questions Gunner about Tarzan, his machine gun, Smith, and himself. Gunner plays dumb. Stabutch wants to have Gunner killed. Capietro thinks about ransom. Gunner's American slang confuses the Italian and the Russian. Gunner agrees to a ten thousand-dollar ransom. They tie him up and decide that Capietro's camp would be the best place to defend themselves against Tarzan, Lord Passmore's safari and/or Gunner's companion. Gunner is angry about being forced to walk to the camp at night with his hands tied.

Chapter Fourteen — Flight

Barbara and Smith help the weak Jezebel walk. Timothy tries to stop them but has a seizure. Jobab tries to stop them. Smith fires point blank and misses. Jobab believes he is immune to the weapon and falls upon Smith who drops the pistol. Barbara picks up the gun, shoots Jobab, and fires at the Midians who flee. Smith leads them toward the fissure. They relate their stories to each other. Once more Jezebel's differences from her fellow Midians are described. Smith falls because of exhaustion and the lack of food. The women want him to rest awhile. Smith admits that he is not familiar with Africa and wishes Gunner were there for protection. After introductions, Smith falls asleep. Jezebel thinks Smith is beautiful. Barbara believes that Jezebel's naiveté will cause her problems in civilization. With that thought, she also sleeps.

Chapter Fifteen — Eshbaal, the Shepherd

Smith awakens and worries about providing protection and food for the women. They drink from the lake. Smith can not find the fissure. When they reach a forested area, Smith is disappointed in himself. Jezebel spies some North Midian goats. Barbara gives Smith advice on how to stalk game. Smith crawls toward the goats. Jezebel comments on Smith's beauty. Barbara expresses little confidence in the American's marksmanship. A kid watches Smith. Smith fires at point blank range and misses. The kid butts Smith in the legs. He falls to a sitting position on top of the kid. Eshbaal, the North Midian shepherd, hears the gunshot. Smith carries the kid back to the ladies. The goats run to the shepherd. Eshbaal notices a kid is missing. A description of Eshbaal is given. The kid is cooked and eaten. Eshbaal watches them, becomes angry, and leaves for his village. The search for the fissure continues unsuccessfully. North Midians approach them. They say they must be punished for killing the kid. After a conference, the Midians state that the women must accompany them. Smith rejects the idea. The North Midians advance. Smith shoots and misses all twenty of them. The leader hurls his club, which knocks the pistol from Smith's hand. The North Midians fall upon them.

Chapter Sixteen — Trailing

Tarzan's keen hearing awakens him. Suspicious of the horsemen he hears, Tarzan goes to investigate. Capietro's band reaches their camp. Gunner is fed, and he sleeps from exhaustion. Tarzan watches them imprison Gunner. He waits for the camp to settle in for the night. Tarzan sneaks into camp and waits for Gunner's guard to fall asleep before snapping his neck. He takes Gunner and throws him to the top of the palisade surrounding the village. They go to search for Smith. They sleep. In the morning, Tarzan goes to a water hole and kills Horta with his bow and spear. The victory cry of the bull ape awakens Gunner, who thinks Tarzan has deserted him. Gunner spots a panther stalking him. He drops to his knees and prays. Tarzan enters the scene, drops the boar, and charges the panther. Sheeta flees. After eating, Tarzan follows Smith's trail to the fissure. In the close quarters of the fissure, Gunner falls behind. Tarzan enters the land of the Midians. He thinks that Smith found the village friendly so he heads for the village instead of following the tracks. Gunner attempts to follow Tarzan's trail but heads in the opposite direction.

Chapter Seventeen — She Is Mine!

Elija picks up Smith's pistol. Eshbaal claims Jezebel for himself. Jezebel is thrilled. Barbara scares her about the fate worse than death and tells her to prepare for suicide. The North Midians are distracted by their discussion. The three prisoners escape into the forest and split up. Smith decides to follow Barbara. Barbara thinks the North Midians are after her and berates Smith for his actions. They talk about many things as they make their way to the cliff. They hear their pursuers coming. Smith sends Barbara on ahead as he will attempt to protect her. Barbara turns and watches Smith put up a valiant fight against the North Midians; however, numbers overwhelm him. The recaptured Barbara tells Smith that she could not leave him.

Chapter Eighteen — A Guy and a Girl

Gunner gives up on trailing Tarzan and goes to Chinnereth to quench his thirst. He comes upon Jezebel. Their common language, English, separates them. She is aware of Gunner's relationship with Smith. Gunner wants her to lead him to Smitty. After a nap, they head for the cliff. Gunner finds the fissure. Jezebel eagerly wants to see life outside the crater. On the other side of the fissure they cook some boar meat, which Tarzan had given Gunner. They flirt with each other. Mounted shiftas approach. Gunner tries to send Jezebel back into the fissure, but she does not understand his slang. Gunner puts up a fight but is knock unconscious. The shiftas seize Jezebel and ride off, leaving Gunner for dead.

Chapter Nineteen — In the Village of Elija

Tarzan is spotted by the South Midians, who retreat to their caves. They roll boulders down at him. Tarzan leaves to follow Smith's trail. Smith and Barbara are taken to the North Midian village, which contains attractive blonde, blue-eyed people. They are held in separate huts. Barbara's jailer tells her that the men captives are killed and the females are made slaves. Barbara tells him that they are not South Midians but from a place outside of Midian. Some Midians believe that the outlands contain demons. Some believe it contains angels. She is told that she must perform a miracle to prove that she is an angel. Barbara learns that the rift between the two cities centers on the color of Paul of Tarsus' hair. The South Midians insist it was black, while the North Midians insist that it was yellow. Barbara is brought before Elija, the Prophet. She informs him that Smith believes Paul's hair was yellow. The Midians retire to consider if he is an angel or not. They return with the verdict that he can not be an angel because he has no wings. Smith is to be buried alive. As they dig his grave, two eyes watch them. Smith and Barbara make a break for the forest. They are easily recaptured. Elija demands to know what the pistol is. They trick him into shooting himself. Tarzan springs into their midst and shoots a Midian. They make their escape.

Chapter Twenty — The Best Three Out of Five

The shiftas bring Jezebel to Capietro. Stabutch wants to buy her. The Italian proposes gambling for her. Capietro wins. Stabutch accuses him of cheating. They fight. Stabutch kills Capietro with his knife. Realizing that he has just killed the shifta leader, he has two horses saddled. He and Jezebel ride out of camp

Chapter Twenty-one — An Awakening

Gunner awakens, can not remember what has happened, but knows he must try to find the camp. The baboons change the direction he was going. Remembering how Tarzan bluffed away a leopard, he does the same to another leopard. (However, he does think it is a lion.) He digs up the boar meat he and Tarzan buried and makes himself a meal. He finds the shifta village. The sight of Jezebel returns his memory. He watches as Stabutch rides away with Jezebel. He desperately tries to follow on foot. Into the evening, he realizes that he has fallen for Jezebel.

Chapter Twenty-two — By a Lonely Pool

Tarzan force-marches Barbara and Smith until they are about to collapse. Tarzan carries Lady Barbara. He takes them to Lord Passmore's camp and leaves to search for Gunner and Jezebel. Stabutch and Jezebel ride aimlessly to the point of exhaustion. As Stabutch sleeps, Jezebel thinks about escape. A lion chases off their horses. With Jezebel in a tree, Stabutch goes to a waterhole to hunt for game. He spies Tarzan coming through the brush. His shot misses. Tarzan disappears into the trees. Stabutch makes a run for it. With his bow, Tarzan shoots him in both arms, the throat, and finally in the heart. Tarzan gives the victory cry of the bull ape. Jezebel flees in terror.

Chapter Twenty-three — Captured

Gunner is at a loss what do to next when he sees two horses pursued by a lion. A gun shot, Stabutch's screams, and Tarzan victory cry mean little to the exhausted American. He enters the forest, hears something, and pulls his pocketknife. Jezebel runs into view. They both collapse to the ground, sobbing. She tells him about her life and recent occurrences. He tells her a clean version of his life. She starts to pick up on the American's slang. Tarzan searches for spoor of Gunner and Jezebel. The shiftas discover Capietro's body. One hundred mounted shiftas search for the Russian and Jezebel. Tarzan and the shiftas spot each other. Tarzan runs for the cliffs. As they close in, Tarzan suddenly wheels around and puts an arrow into the chieftain. He drops another one before they surround him. Their gunfire misses Tarzan but manages to kill several of their own men. When Tarzan's arrows are spent, the shiftas close on him. Numbers overpowers Tarzan. While the others continue to search for Stabutch and Jezebel, one shifta takes Tarzan back to their camp.

Chapter Twenty-four — The Long Night

Smith and Lady Barbara recuperate in Lord Passmore's camp. They are impressed by the dignity of Passmore's safari members. Smith pursues a closer relationship with Barbara, who is hesitant. Gunfire brings the natives to a high alert. Gunner makes plans for his future with Jezebel. The distance shifta battle with Tarzan causes them to take cover. The shiftas ride by and capture Gunner and Jezebel. They are confined in Capietro's hut. In another hut Tarzan works on his bonds. More shiftas return with the news of Lord Passmore's camp. Plans are made to attack Lord Passmore's safari and to take the women and Tarzan back to Abyssinia. Ntale, the new shifta chief, solidifies his control by killing a dissenter. Tarzan frees himself and escapes over the palisade. Gunner gnaws on Jezebel's bonds all night. In the morning Ntale goes to kill Gunner. He tells his wife to prepare food for Jezebel. She wants Ntale to kill the woman also.

Chapter Twenty-five — The Waziri

Gunner eats his way through the bonds. Once they are both free, Gunner discovers his machine gun and pistol. Ntale enters the hut. Gunner shoots him with his pistol. A sentry warns the camp of an approaching hostile force. The shiftas are at the gates firing upon the approaching men. Gunner opens fire on their backs. He signals Ogonyo and the other captives to find weapons and attack. The shiftas try to mount their horses. The attack causes panic amongst the slaves. A few shiftas make it out of the gates only to be cut down by Muviro and the Waziri warriors. The shiftas realize the hopelessness of their situation and surrender. Tarzan tells Gunner and Jezebel about Smith and Barbara. He organizes the former slaves into their tribes. He instructs the Gallas to take the shiftas to Abyssinia for trial. The camp is burned to the ground.

Chapter Twenty-six — The Last Knot is Tied

Smith and Barbara were asleep when the Waziri left to do battle. In the morning only four warriors remain to guard Lord Passmore's camp. Tarzan and his band return to camp. Tarzan reveals that he is Lord Passmore and that this safari was a ruse to flush out Capietro and the shiftas. Smith plans to go with Barbara to England. Gunner and Jezebel plan to go to California to run a gas station.