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ERB in Focus

Robert Zeuschner

Robert B. Zeuschner, affectionately known as Tardos Mors, is a long time collector and scholar of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Among fans of ERB he is noted as the author of Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Exhaustive Scholar's and Collector's Descriptive Bibliography (McFarland, 1996). His encyclopedic knowledge of the publishing history of Burroughs is immense and his collecting habits are voracious enough to challenge the confines of his Califonia home. Bob's web column "ERB: In Focus" contains thoughts and experiences as regards collecting Edgar Rice Burroughs. If you are a collector, old or new, this is the place to get the answers.

Some of the articles below have previously been published in ERBapa, a small publishing group of Edgar Rice Burroughs fans. They are reproduced here by permission of the author.

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ERB Bibliography dust jacket

Released in Summer 2017, Zeuschner returned to the well to find even MORE info for bibliophiles focused on the printings (in all forms) of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the Creator of Tarzan and John Carter of Mars, among others.

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