ERB: In Focus

ERB in Focus

Robert Zeuschner

Zeuschner's NEW
Edgar Rice Burroughs

ERB Bibliography dust jacket

Back and front illustion of the dust Jacket.

Inital comments by Tangor:

This fantastic volume is not "a revision" of a previous book. There is so much more included that it virtually is a brrand new reference on the printing history of American Author Edgar Rice Burroughs. Burrougs is the creator of Tarzan and John Carter of Mars, among other Burroughs heroes and heroines who filled the pages of the early pulps, then hard back and paperback books.).

Massive. Chock full of black & white and color images, each page turn is a delight, even if there are no pictures on that particular page! The covers and interior illustions from long forgotten prntings are a feast for the eyes.

And then there's the meat: Bob has expanded the listings with meticulous research, uncovering new sources of information, and then clearly cataloguing, indexing, cross-indexing, analying... The knowledge collected in this immense volumn can not be over stated.

What follows on this page are the press release and other reviews. The book is available now at the site and also direct from the author, so look around and get a copy!

Zeuschner and Jim Sullos, president ERB,Inc

Robert Zeuschner and Jim Sullos,
President of ERB, Inc. at the Tarzan Office.

The Press Release:

EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS: THE BIBLIOGRAPHY by Robert B. Zeuschner is the most comprehensive, entertaining and visually stunning guide to the works of ERB ever published. Edgar Rice Burroughs, well known for his tales of Tarzan and John Carter of Mars, has been rightfully dubbed the Master of Adventure, but few are aware of the truly fantastic landscapes encompassed by that title. During his lifetime, Burroughs created worlds that ranged from the Earth's core to the Farthest Star, inhabited by larger-than-life heroes and heroines, populated by unimaginable creatures and captivating landscapes. Now, Dr. Robert B. Zeuschner, one of the world's most highly respected ERB scholars, has put together a one-of-a-kind illustrated bibliography that is a must for anyone interested in ERB, the history of pulp fiction and the works that inspired Superman and every other pulp hero since. EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS: THE BIBLIOGRAPHY, features over 2000 annotated, illustrated entries describing ERB publications from 1911 to the present and 500 color images including 1st & reprint edition books & dustjackets, paperbacks and the 97 ERB story-related pulp covers. Both editions are 7 by 10 inch hardcover books. Two editions are available in limited numbers.

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