BEYOND THIRTY WEST contains new and reprinted articles by Laurence Dunn. The articles and essays herein are often as witty as they are scholarly.

Dunn is an active member in British Edgar Rice Burroughs fandom.

Where is Betty Callwell Now?

- Originally published in Frank Westwood's Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1985. Has new editorial sidebar by David Bruce Bozarth, © 2001.

Let's Hear it For Bo...

- Originally published ERB-APA #41, 1994

J. T. Edson and Bunduki

- ERB-APA #61, 1999

The Priceless Jewels of Barsoom

- (Originally appeared in Frank Westwood's fanzine, The Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs).

Outlaws Take Peveril Castle

- Adventures at a castle, very much like that of Norman of Torn! (2017)

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