Upon announcement of the Disney contract to produce the Broadway play in the Netherlands.

Mighty Terkoz underwent a startling transformation,
When Disney's "Tarzan" lit the silver screen.
His hide turned blue and he became a twit by name of "Terk,"
And tried to upstage Tarzan in each scene.

And now the Dutch have gone and twisted Terkoz' name again,
And sometimes it's been kind of "nip and Tuk."
It made some Burroughs fans wish that their copies of the film,
Had warning labels showing Mr. Yuk!

But still not satisfied with how they've tangled this ape's title,
They've re-translated: Terk's now known as Tark;
Next thing you know they'll film ol' Bloodstone's "Tarzan on Mars" story,
And change Terk/Tark into a mighty Thark!

But though it's irritating to see movies change some things,
For this we all can thank our lucky stars:
In all the movie versions that have varied from the books,
They haven't stooped to call the ape-man "Tarz."

Bridge (inspired by Ron de Laat)