John "Bridge" Martin

What is the ultimate Tarzan song? I humbly submit for your consideration my own Tarzan song, originally published in ERBapa 56 and patiently waiting to be discovered and recorded by a major artist. Anyone can sing this, as it's to the tune of "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" and penned with similar grammatical finesse:

Born in a cabin by the oceanside,
Kept in a cradle 'til his parents died,
Taken by an ape for a treetop ride,
Nursed by Kala ever' time he cried:
Tarzan, of the Jungle, orphaned in his first year.

A little at a time he began to grow,
But the old apes said he was just too slow,
They wanted to kill their whiteskin foe,
But Kala just snarled, and told 'em all No!
Tarzan, of the Jungle, Kala held him dear.

Kneelin' one day by the water's brim,
He saw his reflection starin' back at him,
When up behind come a lion grim,
He jumped in the pool and he learnt how to swim.
Tarzan, of the Jungle, learnin' new things each year.

When he grew up enough to roam,
He happened to find his seaside home,
He got his daddy's knife and a pocket comb,
And learned how to read from an A-B-C tome.
Tarzan, of the Jungle, gettin' hisself some gear.

He used his knife to make a rope,
To kill ol' Sabor and the antelope,
With tools like that he'd more than a hope,
That in the Jungle he always would cope.
Tarzan, of the Jungle, didn't know no fear.

Kerchak ruled with an iron hand,
He cowed and bullied the whole ape band,
But one day Tarzan took a stand,
And wound up the ruler of Mangani land,
Tarzan, of the Jungle, known both far and near.

Into the Jungle come a girl named Jane,
She was lovely but never vain,
For Tarzan and her there met the twain,
A love they knew would not ever wane.
Tarzan, of the Jungle, someone to call him dear.

Fingerprints showed he was the bloke,
Who owned the title of Lord Greystoke,
It came with land and a money poke,
But he never forsook all the Jungle folk.
Tarzan, of the Jungle, known as a British peer.