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The Life and Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs In a Million or so Words! Articles, His Novels, Illustrations Old and New.


What is within ... or you can just scroll down and plunge in! Better yet, click on the contributor's index for hundreds of pages not listed here on the front page!


Fast and Brief Overviews of the worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Includes image gallerys of famous cover and interior illustrations.

Burroughs is famous for creating masterful world and character color that has often been imitated, but rarely equalled. A quick exploration of his writing style and literary endurance. Heroes and Heroines: his most enduring characters, male and female.


Worlds of ERB Book Map


Fast and Brief Contact information, and a larger Overview of the California corporation Edgar Rice Burroughs created in 1924.

Includes some interesting factoids regarding Trademarks and one in-depth court case of how ERB Inc zealously guards the family corporation "product" created by founder Edgar Rice Burroughs.



Major Contributors have ERBmania! columns of their own. The following articles and essays are special features at ERBmania!

The Kavuru Question—Resolved
- Jess Terrell reveals new information regarding the Kavuru Pills!
Venus and Beyond
- Michael Wm Kaluta. First days in ERB comic illustration.
Four Thoughts
- Billy York. Observations regarding Race, Art, Health and UFOs.
Princess of Mars World Film Premier
- Billy York. Extensive report from the San Deigo premier from the mockbuster company The Aslyum.
Feral Children in Fiction and Fact
- Serena Dubois. The extended (complete) forward by Serena Dubois for the Leanta edition of Tarzan of the Apes.
Tarzan Radio Show, Australia
- Ian Clarke. Report from Canberra regarding the Australian productions of Tarzan on Radio and commentary on the Murray Tarzan comic books.
Beyond the Farthest Star - A Review and Bibliography
- Stephen Servello. The editions, and additions, to the tale of Tangor, a warrior of two worlds.
Tarzan of the Apes, Through the Eyes of a Poet
- John "Bridge" Martin tours the famous novel, chapter by chapter. Insights, observations, and fun commentary on Edgar Rice Burroughs' best known work.
Annotated Index, Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Man Who Created Tarzan
- Electronic version of the 2,600+ entry index in Irwin Porges' landmark ERB bibliography. Linked to ERB novel summaries and other Internet resources.
- Real life events regarding the worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs.
The Swordswoman
- Jessica Amanda Salmonson comments on her Burroughisan novel published in 1982 by Ace Books.
Dream Vaults of Opar
- Patrick Adkins, ERB-APA #55.
Paul Du Chaillu, the source of Tarzan?
- Text from National Geographic, article by Ken Fuchs, annotation by Tangor. Includes period map of Africa.
Temple of Tongue
- Bob Woodley, ERB novels in poetic form.
The Great ERB Revival
- Mike Resnick, remembering ERB's 1960s explosive rebirth
Why I Wrote Forgotten Sea of Mars
- Mike Resnick, Hugo Award author and early ERB fan pastiche writer.
Why There are No Classic Illustrated Comics by Edgar Rice Burroughs
- Don Bearden "Hark The Thark", the title says it all.
Importance of Comic Art As Related to Tarzan of the Apes
- Don Bearden "Hark The Thark", scholarly report, with images.


Tangor and Nkima Rate the Novels of ERB
- Multi-page exhibit where two giants of ERB Internet fandom, and guests, rate the novels of ERB by a five star rating.
ERB-apa Index
- David Adams and David Bruce Bozarth, contents of the ERB-apa.
Beyond 30/The Lost Continent
- a review with Time Line, by Dale Robinson
Review: The Origin of Tarzan: The Mystery of Tarzan's Creation Solved
- By Patrick H. Adkins, Review of Atamian's book.
The Identities of Tarzan of the Apes
- A review that embraces Disney's Tarzan by Dorothy J. Howell
Disney's Tarzan
- A review of Disney's Tarzan by Dale Robinson
The Fans Speak: HOW WE ARRIVED


Edgar Rice Burroughs' novels in public domain. The version provided is the original pulp magazine edition. Illustrated with public domain or new images. Annotations are copyrighted.

A Princess of Mars
Barsoom #1 - Beginning of John Carter's Adventures on Mars.
The Gods of Mars
Barsoom #2 - John Carter's return to Mars after 10 years gone.
Warlord of Mars
Barsoom #3 - A titanic struggle for survival and world peace.
Thuvia, Maid of Mars
Barsoom #4 - The mysteries of Mars are revealed. Ancient mysteries!
Thuvia glossary
Barsoom #4a - Glossary for above, and preceding Martian novels.
Chessmen of Mars
Barsoom #5 - John Carter's daughter faces perils from all quarters, and a man, as well!.
Chessmen of Mars - (PDF)
Barsoom #5a - PDF version, with original on page footnotes.
The Mad King
Unrelated - A small European nation, a princess, and international tensions in the years before WWI.
The Mucker & Return of the Mucker
Unrelated - A pair of "contemporary" tales that stretch from Old Chicago to the South Seas that ends with an encounter with Pancho Villa!
Outlaw of Torn
Unrelated - ERB's first historical novel, and Norman is no Robin Hood!
Unrelated - ERB's original novelette, before Ray Palmer changed it to science fiction. (Original)
The Cave Girl - Both Parts.
Unrelated - Milquetoast to Hero on a South Seas Island of lost savages.
H.R.H. The Rider
Unrelated - ERB's other European novel. Confused identities, dangers, and bandits!
The Monster Men
Unrelated - Also known as "The Man Without A Soul". Shades of Frankenstein.
The Man-eater
Unrelated - Short novelette originally intended as a film treatment. (Rare)
The Eternal Lover - Both Parts
Unrelated - One of several "crossover" stories by Burroughs. (Tarzan/Mad King)
The Efficiency Expert
Unrelated - Jimmy Torrence grows up fast, with the help of a lady of the night, a safecracker, and a society girl.
At The Earth's Core
Pellucidar #1 - David Innes and Abner Perry drill their way to the Earth's Core.
Pelludicar #2 - Innes returns to Pellucidar to find his true love and his friends.
The Girl From Farris's
Unrelated - A young woman caught up in difficult circumstances tries to find a new life.
The Land That Time Forgot (trilogy)
Caspak - All three Caspak novels (the longer magazine versions)
The Lost Continent (Beyond Thirty)
Unrelated - An alternate history of what the next 100 years after WWI would look like.
The Oakdale Affair
Unrelated - Bridge, a minor character in "The Mucker" has a story of his own.
Tarzan of the Apes (Comparison Text!)
Tarzan #1 - An annotated version with comments by Ken Fuchs.
The Return of Tarzan
Tarzan #2 - Tarzan's "introduction" to civilization is fraught with perils and complications.
The Beasts of Tarzan
Tarzan #3 - The ape-man enlists the aid of jungle beasts to save his family.
The Son of Tarzan
Tarzan #4 - Tarzan's son takes running away to join the circus to a whole new level!
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar
Tarzan #5 - La of Opar returns, Europeans enter the jungle, Tarzan battles through.
Jungle Tales of Tarzan
Tarzan #6 - 12 short stories covering the formative years of Tarzan of the Apes.
Tarzan the Untamed
Tarzan #7 - This is the real "Tarzan Makes War!" novel. Set in WWI the ape-man seeks revenge for the death of his wife.
Tarzan and the Golden Lion
Tarzan #9 - Jad-bal-ja, the Golden Lion, raised from a cub by Tarzan, is central to this jungle tale.
Seven Murder Puzzles (1935-1940)
Unrelated - A collection of logic mystery puzzles. Each includes a dead body!

From ERB's Home Library

Gulliver of Mars
Edwin L. Arnold, a 1905 story many think inspired ERB to write "A Princess of Mars".