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Tantor Trumpets - by Ken Webber

Who? Me?

I'm 54, married to Sally, two daughters, three step childeren- everybody raised and out of the house! I have five grandkids. I am a pumper for an oil refinery (Translation: I make the gas you drive.)

Read Tarzan at the Earth's Core in 1958 and was hooked. Back then it was nearly impossible to find the books, info on ERB, or anything of note. I had a letter in the second-ish of Screen Thrills Illustrated responded to by an active ERB fan and was introduced to fandom where I began submitting first artwork and cartoons and then later articles. I am artwork orientated, collecting original artwork, the strips, and comics primarily. Have a ton of old comics, fanzines, magazines and videos, but treasure the friendships and people I have met more.

When I do get off work I come home, eat and crash and ignore life until I see daylight again.