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Ken Webber's ERB-APA articles, as published at his ERBmania! Tantor Trumpets column, has become very popular! His articles are linked from authority sites for comics and syndicated Daily and Sunday strips due to Ken's excellent research and commenary. Though Ken is no longer editor of ERB-APA (as of 2008), he continues to contribute to that publication under the byline of ERB ETC., and remains active in ERB fandom via the ERBList listserver, and at annual ERB conventions such as the DUM-DUM and ECOF.

What is ERB-APA?

ERB-APA is the acronym for Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Publishing Association.

The ERB-APA is a quarterly collection of the ERB related writings of 36 members who pay $20.00 annually to cover mailing and other costs. The members write articles based on a minimum contribution requirement, making paper copies of their work and sending the (paper) articles to the acting editor.

The range of writing is quite broad and individualistic. Most freely comment upon the previous mailing's offerings, etc. The ERB-APA editions number between 100 and 250 pages depending upon many factors.

It's my turn on the official editor job. I collect, add editorial input, a cover, and bind the edition to send the assembled mailing to each of the members. Extra copies are made and sold for $15.00 postpaid to help defray the excess costs involved. I have a few extras of the most recent issues and a handful of the previous ones before that.

ERBmania! Editor's Note: Ken's turn is up as ERB-APA editor. The current ERB-APA editor is Tracy Scott Griffin - as of 2008.

How can one join/subscribe to ERB-APA?

When someone wants to join they send the editor, me, $3.00 to be placed on the waitlist for a year. If and when a member drops out or fails to meet minimum contribution requirements a place is made available. The next person in line on the waitlist is invited to join.

More questions? Please ask by sending email to: (removed since Ken is not the current editor. —ERBmania! Editor's Note)

Tantor--aka Ken Webber