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Nkima Speaks

David "Nkima" Adams has a reputation among ERB fans and scholars alike for exploring the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs from unconventional and sometimes astonishing viewpoints. His commentaries are sure to provoke the reader, either toward new insight or disagreement, but one thing is sure, like little Nkima, Mr. Adams is, and always will be, Tarzan's best friend. David will provide articles for this page from time to time, so check back frequently to see where next we go when Nkima Speaks

Natives, David Adams
The Real Leopard Men
- Article. The assassination cult of Africa. First appeared in BB #50, Spring 2002.
The Warrior's Code
- Article. Examination of the warrior's code and the personal philosophy of Edgar Rice Burroughs.
COLLAGES 2004 - The Ras Thavas and the Calot Series
- Article and art.
Appllication of Propp's Morphology on the Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs
- An Application of Propp's Morphology to Minidoka, 937th Earl of One Mile Series M. Also includes full articles on Propp's Morophology for Jungle Tales of Tarzan and Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins.
Minidoka, 937th Earl of One Mile Series M
- Examination of the Author's methods. David Bruce Bozarth, co-author.
ERB 1930-1933
- The Transistion in ERB's writing style. Includes a list of 100 movies from 1930.
- The readers of ERB. Aside by David Bruce Bozarth.


- Collected essays on Books, Art, Film, Magazines, Pastiches, Bibliographies, etc.
Maureen O'Sullivan: No Average Jane
- Review of David Fury's recent biography of Maureen O'Sullivan.
Carl Jung and Erich von Harben
- Article and Review. Burleson's JUNG IN AFRICA, and a speculation entertaining!
Swinging on the Limbs of Fiction
- ARTICLE REPRINT, comparing Stanley Waterloo's 1897 The Story of Ab: A Tale of the Time of the Cave Man with the works of Burroughs.

Patiche Fan Fiction

Mark Twain's Visit to Barsoom
Tales of NíK-IMA
- PASTICHE FICTION and POETRY, The relationship between Nkima and Tarzan is revealed in pyschological blank verse and a humorous short story.
The Death of Tarzan
ERB Meets Mark Twain In Heaven A conversation between two legendary writers.
- PASTICHE FICTION, presented in play script format.
The Revelations of a Certain Lord (Latter day musings upon a strange life.)
Word Analysis of The Eternal Lover
- Examining the roots or origins of names.
Psychology of Pellucidar
- an exploration of the literary and psychological themes found in the Inner World series.
The Misadventures of Tarzan in Pellucidar
- An examination of the ape-man's role as expedition leader. Illustrated by David Burton.
Definitive Quotes
- Definitive Quotations: Out of the Mouths of ERB Characters.
A Personal Tribute to ERB
- Rescued from deletion at another web page.
Greystoke: Cranial Traumas Explored
- Tarzan's head injuries real life!
Tarzanic Morning Prayer
- a Jungle Psalm.
Oedipal Musings
- The Oedipal themes in Tarzan of the Apes and Return of Tarzan, in poem form.
ERB and Telepathy
- Barsoom and Beyond
Hard Working Man
- ARTICLE and REFERENCE, with David Bruce Bozarth. A look at ERB's writing habits and publications in a spreadsheet format by YEAR including creation, serial, second serial, and first editions.
Nkima the Artist
- ESSAY, personal remarks regarding art from a biographical viewpoint.
Burroughs Bibliophiles In Light of the Torah
Stories Told by Fathers
- ESSAY, personal remarks regarding the handing down of reading tradition, biographical.
Lord Greystoke of The Eternal Lover
- ARTICLE, exploring Tarzan's appearance in The Eternal Lover. See also Tangor's TARZAN'S GROWTH
Tarzan's Rock Climbing Records An ERBapa Reprint
- ARTICLE, examines Tarzan's physical abilities.
Fabulous Tales from a Papyrus Scroll: Tarzan and the Lost Empire
- ARTICLE REPRINT, Linking von Harben's experiences with real world ancient history.
A Letter
- LETTER, examines the epherial aspects of ERB fan articles and the importance of collecting same and publishing on the Internet.
The Red Hawk: A Poem
- POETRY, Nkima demonstrates with ERB's own words, in verse form as suggested by other famous poets, that his works continue to entertain us.
ERB Research Projects
- ESSAY suggesting various potential ERB Internet research projects (many have been completed or are currently underway.)
The Search for Nkima
- ARTICLE REPRINT, Adams searches for the roots of Nkima in Burroughs' fiction.
The Madness of Normal Bean
- ARTICLE, explores the possible personal and psychological forces which inspired Burroughs' writing.
Apes Swing, Men Walk::Why canít we swing through the trees like Tarzan?
- ESSAY, a reasonable attempt to link current evolutionary thought to the works of Burroughs.
A Toast to the Master, Edgar Rice Burroughs
- Written for the ECOF gathering in Clarksville, TN.
A Princess of Mars In Heroic Couplets
- POETRY, Presented, as nearly possible, in ERB's own words.
ERB On The NET: BOOM TOWN! Klondike Dave reports
- REVIEW, a look at the explosion of ERB related web sites and content available on the Internet.
The Thin Veneer of Civilization: The Discovery of a "Lost" Essay
- ARTICLE, Adams examines the familiar "thin veneer of civilization" description found in the Tarzan novels.
A Desert Tale (Originally appeared ERBAPA, Fall 1998)
- POETRY REPRINT, exploring Opar.