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UPDATE 2017: Nkima's wish list of ERB research has been whittled down in nearly every category listed over the last 17 years. Clicking the MENU (top left) will provide links for nearly everything suggested in this article. David Adams and any others all contributed to the wealth of Burroughs scholarship now available not only on the web, but in book and video reporting as well. What has beeen done over the seventeen years since this was first posted to the web is immense.

This article is retained for the simple fact that there remain a few items to be addressed!

Edgar Rice Burroughs Research Projects

David A. Adams

A corpus of scholarly works arises around every author to help explain the depth of meaning in the original opus. Once an author’s work is read it is only natural for casual fans and scholars alike to try to understand the full implications of stories that one has enjoyed.

This is not just work for the universities or folks who want to sell books. You can start a small project and make it your hobby to go along with your reading of the novels. Each fan might write an article on the name they have chosen at ERBlist. (See my “Search for Nkima” at Nkima Speaks.)

Some of the Basic Work on ERB is already finished:

However, there is still much basic work to be done with ERB.

Basic Research Projects to be completed

In-Depth Research

Other Projects

These are just some ideas from the top of my head. Keep this list for reference and add to it at will. An expansion of these project ideas by fans and work on each of these projects is the thing that is most desirable.

March 24, 2000