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Nkima Speaks

Tarzanic Morning Prayer
His 23rd. Psalm

David A. Adams

Images by James Allen St. John

I rise in darkness within this lair where I last closed my eyes upon a jungle fastness. Usha, the wind comes to me with morning light, and I know I am still alive.

From this tree I will descend into the world again to meet my enemies and friends, yet Thou art with me, flowing sure and steady as the song that sings in all.

I raise my spear into the sun, for the glory that shines in heaven shines within my beating heart as well, for we are warm and we are one.

This day I will go again to the cabin by the waters to turn the pages of the books I turned so long ago. I will stand before the graves of my true parents and offer them the remainder of my days. For I still live upon the vastness they have offered. I still breathe and bless this blood.

At my side rides the sharp blade given by my father. Upon my neck hangs the locket of my motherís love. My feet unshod walk upon the ground of a sacred wilderness.

I go forth now, swinging into every open space between wind and leaves. There I will meet all the creatures You have given and converse with spirits of the earth as a Man and as noble heir to the blessed throne I have earned as Kalaís son.

I fear no evil, no pain, no death. Master of this jungle, yet it harbors me. The arrows of life are in my quiver, awaiting the swift humming of my bow.

Farewell, night; I will meet you soon again. Now begins the way of my shadow moving through forest and shining glades where I shall come upon living men and beasts.

Whatever strange city I enter this day, I know the grace of Greystoke is upon me. His promise flows within my veins.

Come all spirits, my friends I call you. Let us go into this world Love has made and see what adventures may await us there.

Come Nkima, yes, you may ride upon my shoulder. Hang on to my hair that you will not fall when Sheeta screams at our passing. You are the mighty one at my side.

This is the morning in the jungle where we shall wander.

It is good to be alive!