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Steve Servello

Pellucidar, Geography, and Me

Just what is it about ERB's Pellucidar series that I love so much ? I think the Ace covers by Roy Krenkel, Jr. and Frank Frazetta had something to do with it. In particular, the cover art for At the Earth's Core and Tanar of Pellucidar seems to invite the reader into it. I remember looking at those covers and wishing I was there. More importantly (and more germaine to this article), I wondered what was just around the corner, down the jungle trail, beyond those low hills, etc. It is the geography of the Inner World that captivates me so. Whether it is in small doses, as I mentioned concerning specific scenes, or virtually world encompassing, like where is the farther shore of the Lural, Bandar, Sojar Az?

To start with, my first Pellucidar book was Tarzan at the Earth's Core. Therefore I was handicapped in trying to understand the plot and the exact whereabouts (geography) of everyone in this story that moved from locality to locality in swift fashion. When I first read of Sari, I did not know it was the capital of the Empire of Pellucidar. Yet, it rang sweetly in my mind. What is Sari really like, I wondered. I found out when I finally purchased At the Earth's Core and Pellucidar. ERB does not give an in depth view of Sari, but I got the gist. It was part cave dwellings and part city, due to David Innes and Abner Perry. An added bonus was the map included in Pellucidar.It shows a portion of David Innes' empire. The northernmost kingdoms of Kali and Suvi are not included, yet it did show where most of the action in the initial duology takes place.

Now, having previously read Tarzan at the Earth's Core, I was desperate to see a map which showed Korsar, the Ice Girt Sea, the Rela Am, Korsar Az, Zoram, Pheli, etc. I do believe I read some sort of David Innes comic that included a partial map of Pellucidar that did show the Great Penninsula of the Empire, The Korsar Az, and Korsar itself. It was not in detail, but at least it gave me an idea of how Pellucidar was laid out.

The next two books I read were Back to the Stone Age and Land of Terror, as I could not locate Tanar of Pellucidar and Savage Pellucidar was yet to see print. I was totally perplexed as to where Basti, Ja-ru, Lo-har, Azar, Oog, and The Valley of the Jukans were. I spent much time making up my own maps showing these localities, but never felt satisfied. At about this time I began my initial subscription to ERBANIA (I have since renewed it, thankfully). Also, and more important to this article. I subscribed to ERB-dom. In one of the latter issues (before closing shop, temporarily), I saw a list of back issues with brief descriptions of articles therein. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that ERB-dom # 15 had a map of the known areas of Pellucidar included. I ordered and received it shortly. Here was my dream come true! Virtually every place mentioned in the Pellucidar series was included. I now a point of reference as I read along. This was designed by Bob Barrett and Reed Crandall.

I was able to have my local library order Tanar of Pellucidar for me to borrow and Savage Pellucidar became available finally. It was with great relish that I could envision the islands of Amiocap, Hime, and Tandar in the Korsar Az. It was with amazement that I saw how the Terrible Mountains tied in many aspects of Inner World geography, that had eluded my imagination. Namely the exact location of Suvi and The Great Peak. It became obvious to me that this massive mountain range effectively cut off the western side of the Great Penninsula from the Empire of Pellucidar.

Of course traveling across The Nameless Strait made me wonder what was further south beyond the Xexot cities of Tanga-tanga and Lolo-lolo. I'll never know, but I can imagine (you see, I have ideas, but no skill to transform them into quality stories).

After joining the ERB lists of Jim Thompson and Bruce Bozarth I came into contact with numerous Burroughs fans, one of which, George McWhorter, supplied me with an alternate map of the explored areas of Pellucidar. Among the differences from my previous map was the concept of several lands being on the far side of the Polar Opening. In particular: The Mountains of the Thipdars and the villages therein, Pheli, The Gyor Cors, The Rela Am, and perhaps Basti. I think this map ties in the locales of Tarzan at the Earth's Core and Back to the Stone Age in a more satisfactory manner. Also the adventures of David Innes in Land of Terror are more geographically compatible to the Great Peninsula with this map. Personally, I feel a combination of the two would be the best and most informative map.

Lastly, it should be noted that Abner Perry was able to peruse a Mahar map of the entire Inner World of Pellucidar. It showed that the continents and oceans of the outer world are basically inversed. How the Mahars came about such a map is beyond me. Despite their advanced state, they only occupied a small portion of the Great Peninsula. How would they have geographic knowledge of the vast areas not originally lorded over by them? Well, they did and I have included a map (thank you Laurence G. Dunn and Frank J. Brueckel) portraying such a scheme. I find it fascinating.

The one last area not to be mapped is the Pendent World. While one or two pastiches have been written that concern it, ERB never developed the incredible possibilities. Oh he teased us with David Innes sightings of oceans and jungles. This is a land just begging to be mapped, but alas, never will be. Mayhap it is best that some things are left to one's imagination.

Steve Servello

November 1998

P.S. I wonder why the Unfriendly Islands were never incorporated into the Empire?

The following codes are used:

Ah-gilakPellucidarian for Old Man. The name given to the captain of the Dolly Dorcas, who was shipwrecked via the Ice Girt Sea.SP
AllaraThe mother of Stellara and husband of Fedol, both of Amiocap.TOP
AmarThe name given by the Ruvans to Diane the Beautiful, while their slave.LOT
ApemenManlike creatures with black skin and features. Long arms, short legs, and slender tails. They captured David Innes and Abner Perry upon their advent to Pellucidar. Probably spoke the language of the great apes and Sagoths.EC & TOP
AvanChief of Clovi and father of Ovan.TEC
BrumaHigh Priest of the Jukans.LOT
BalalSon of Scurv, in Garb, on the island of Hime.TOP
Bison-menThe Ganaks who had the head and tail of Bisen, with human bodies. Very primitive.BSA
BlugA brutal Kalian who coveted O-aa and is killed by Hodon the Fleet One.SP
Bohar the Bloody OneRight-hand man of the Cid, in Korsar. Killed ny Tanar.TOP
BovarA warrior from Tandar who is killed by tarags while attempting to kill Diane the Beautiful.SP
BrunFather of La-ja and chief of Lohar.BSA
BulfHand picked successor to the Cid. Killed by Tanar.TOP
Buried PeopleThe Coripies of Amiocap. They live underground in grottos and are cannibals. They are white skinned and hairless.TOP
Canda the Graceful OneDaughter of Goork, King of Thuria. Mate of Dacor the Strong One.EC
CarbA native of Clovi.TEC
Cid (The)Title of the King of KorsarTOP
CoripiesThe Burried People of Amiocap. Cannibals who dwell in underground grottos.TOP
Dacor the Strong OneSon of Kandar, King of Amoz. Prince of Amoz and brother of Diane the Beautiful. Mate of Canda the Graceful One.EC, P, & TEC
DajWarrior of Lo-har.BSA
DangarA Sarian who was rescued from a trodon's nest by Von Horst.BSA
DhungSon of Scurv, the chief of Garb.TOP
Diane the BeautifulDaughter of Kandar, King of Amoz. Princess of Amoz, brother of Dacor the Strong One and mate of David Innes, thus Empress of Pellucidar.EC, P, LOT, & SP
Do-gadNephew of Fash, King of Suvi. Slain by Diane the Beautiful.LOT
Dorf, LieutenantAn officer of the O-220.TEC
DovalAn Amiocapian from Paraht.TOP
Downes, FrankCommunicated with David Innes by telegraph, while in the Sahara Desert.P
DrovanChief of the Bison-men. Slain by Tanar.TOP
DurgA Gorbus whose life was saved by Von Horst.BSA
FashKing of SuviLT & SP
FavoniaWife of Erich Von Haren. From Castrom Mare.TEC
FedolChief of Paraht in Amiocap and father of Stellara.TOP
FittA Korsar prisoner of David Innes.TOP
FoogeWoman warrior of Oog.LOT
FoolaMan of Oog and son of Gluck.LOT
FrugChief of Basti. Killed by Daj.BSA
FurpKing of Tanga-tanga.SP
GambaKing of Lolo-lolo. Fled to Sari.SP
GanaksThe Bison-men. Head and tail of Bison with human body. Very primitive.BSA
GazBrutal man from Lo-har. Slain by Von Horst.BSA
GeelaSon of Gluck in Oog.LOT
Ghak the Hairy OneKing of Sari and father of Tanar.EC, P, TOP, & SP
Giants of AzarPrimitive giants who are cannibals.LOT
GilakPellucidarian word for human.EC, P, TEC, BSA, & SP
GluckChief of Oog. Woman warrior.LOT
GlufA Phelian killed by Jason Gridley.TEC
GlulaGluck's mate in Oog.LOT
GoofoMajor domo of the Jukan palace. Murdered by Noak, his assistant and successor.LOT
GoorkKing of Thuria and father of Kolk and Canda the Graceful One.P & TOP
GorbusesCannabalistic race that inhabits the Forest of Death. May have oriniated in the outer world.BSA
GorphA Mammoth-man.BSA
GoshaXexot term for king.SP
Gridley, JasonOrganized expedition to Pellucidar (with Tarzan), to rescue David Innes from Korsar. Mate of Jana, the Red Flower of Zoram.TOP, TEC, & BSA
Gr-gr-grChief of the sheep-men on Hooja's Island.P
GrumDaughter of Gorph, a Mammoth-man.BSA
GungWarrior woman of Oog. Slain by Gluck.LOT
GuraDaughter of Scurv of in HimeTOP
GuvaA Mammoth-woman.BSA
HalaA woman from Zurts.SP
HamlarChief of Tandar.SP
Hines, LieutenantNavigator of the O-220.TEC
Hodon the Fleet OneMessenger and warrior of Sari. Mate of O-aa.SP
Hooja the Sly OneVillain of unknown origins. Worked with Mahars, Sagoths, and outcasts to bring down The Empire of Pellucidar. Killed by the Federation Navy in battle.EC & P
HoojansThe renegade army of HoojaP
HorHigh Priest of Lolo-loloSP
HorgA Mammoth-man. Mate of Grun, thanks to Von Horst.BSA
HoribsReptilian humanoids who dwell along the Rela Am.TEC
Innes, DavidEmperor of Pellucidar and mate of Diane the Beautiful. Discovered Pellucidar with Abner Perry.EC, P, TOP, TEC, BSA, LOT, & SP
JaKing of the Anoroc Islands and admiral of The Empire's fleet.EC, P, TOP, TEC, & SP
JaluChief of the Zurts and father of Zurk.SP
JanaThe Red Flower of Zoram. Sister of Thoar and wife of Jason Gridley. Left with him to outer world.TEC & LOT
JavSecond mate of the John Tyler. A Mezop.SP
Jones, RobertPvt. Cook on the O-220.TEC
JuagKing of Hooja's Island.P
Jubal the Ugly OneBriefly the Amozite chief who pursued Diane the Beautiful. Killed by David Innes.EC
JudeNative of Hime.TOP
JukansSemi civilized and crazed people who live in a valley of the same name.LOT
JulpWarrior of Basti. Slain by Von Horst.BSA
KandarKing of Amoz and father of Diane the Beautiful & Dacor the Strong One.SP
KanjeA priest in Tanga-tanga who became High Priest under David Innes.SP
KayA Mezop on the John Tyler.SP
KleetoWoman from Suvi and mate of Zor.LOT
KoA Mezop crew member of the Sari and John Tyler.SP
KolkSon of Goork, King of Thuria. Brother of Canda the Graceful One.P & TEC
KorsarsEntered Pellucidar through the North Polar Opening and terrorize the Korsar Az from their city of Korsar.TOP & TEC
KruA Bison man who becomes chief thanks to Von Horst.BSA
La-akWarrior from Canda. Killed by O-oo.SP
La-jaDaughter of Brun, chief of Lo-har. Mate of Von Horst.BSA
LajoA Korsar sailor.TEC
LanaThe sister of Jana of Zoram.TEC
LetariMate of Doval of Paraht.TOP
Little MenDwell in the Molap Az.SP
LotaiDaughter of Gorph of Jaru.BSA
Lu-BraGirl from Suvi and friend of Kleeto.LOT
MaharsFemale rhamphorhynchus' that controlled most of the present Empire of Pellucidar. Intelligent and human flesh eaters. Defeated by David Innes.EC, P, & TOP
Mammoth-menTribe who domesticate mammoths and live in Ja-ru.BSA
MamthChief of Ja-ru.BSA
ManaiMate of Hamlar, chief of Tandar.SP
ManatA tribe on Tandar at war with the tribe of Tandar.SP
MaralMate of Avan, the chief of Clovi.TEC
MeezaKing of the Jukans.LOT
MezopsA race who inhabit The Anoroc and Luana Islands. Perhaps Canda as well.EC, P, TEC, & SP
MokoPrince of the Jukans. Son of Meeza.LOT
MowA Coripie from the tribe of Ictl.TOP
MumalA Sarian woman mated to Gorph of Ja-ru.BSA
MuviroChief of the Waziri from the O-220.TEC & BSA
M'wa-lotChief of a Sagoth tribe near The Mountains of Thipdars.TEC
Nester, CogdenDiscovered David Innes telegraph instrument in the Sahara.P
NoadaMessenger from Pu in the Xexot religion.SP
Noada's GuardFifty women picked by Diane the Beautiful to guard her in Lolo-lolo.SP
NoakMajor-domo in Jukan palace.Slew his predecessor Goofo. Killed by David Innes for his loin cloth.LOT
O-aaPrincess of Kali. Daughter of Oose and mate of Hodon the Fleet One.SP
OgarThe god of the Jukans.LOT
OoseKing of Kali and father of Oose.SP
OpeHigh Priest of Tanga-tanga.SP
O-raA girl of Ruva.LOT
OvanSon of Avan, chief of Clovi.TEC
Perry, AbnerDiscoverd Pellucidar with David Innes. Created the prospector.EC, P, TOP, & SP
PuThe god of the Xexots.SP
Priests of OgarIn the Valley of the Jukans they pray for all the Jukans to Ogar, so they don't have to.LOT
RajA Mezop who was captain of the Sari and the Lo-har.SP
RanaA girl of Zoram.LOT
Red Flower of ZoramJana, sister of Thoar.TEC & LOT
RelaDaughter of Avan, chief of Clovi.TEC
RhumpWarrior woman of Oog.LOT
RoA Jukan.LOT
Ro-TaiChief of Ruva.LOT
RumlaNative of Oog. Son of Gluk.LOT
Sabertooth menPrimitive men with tails and tusks. They dwell near Kali.SP
SagothsApe-like beings who used to serve the Mahars. Now in the Empire's army or dwell as nomadic tribes.EC, P, TOP, & TEC
SajA priest in Lolo-lolo. Committed siucide.SP
ScurvChief of Garb.TOP
Sheep-faced menDwell on Hooja's Island. Now in the Empire.P
ShrudWoman of Tandar.SP
SkrufNative of Basti. Betrayed Von Horst and Dangar. Killed by Bison-men.BSA
SkrukWarrior of Pheli. Lusted after Jana of Zoram.TEC
SlooMate of Scurv, chief of Garb.TOP
Sol-to-toA Mahar from Phutra..EC
Son of Gr-gr-grSheepman on Hooja's Island. Befriended David Innes.P
SplayA Bison-man.BSA
StellaraDaughter of Fedol, chief of Paraht and Allara of Amiocap. Mate of Tanar.TOP & SP
TanarPrince of Sari. Son of Ghak the Hairy One. Mate of Stellara.TOP & TEC.
TantA Bison-man.BSA
Tar-gashA Sagoth from the tribe of M'wa-lot who befriended Tarzan and Thoar.TEC
TarzanWith Jason Gridley, led the O-220 expedition to rescue David Innes from Korsar.TEC
ThoarWarrior of Zoram and brother of Jana.TEC
ThorekA Mammoth-man and friend of Von Horst.BSA
TomarA warrior of Clovi.TEC
TorpChief of the Gorbuses.BSA
To-yadA Sagoth of the tribe of My'wa-lot.TEC
TrogA Mammoth-man.BSA
TrumA Bison-man.BSA
Tu-al-saA Mahar who accompanied David Innes to the outer world and back.EC & P
TurthA Mammoth-man.BSA
UlanA warrior of Clovi.TEC
Ul-VanWarrior of Ruvan who befriended David Innes.LOT
UtanWarrior of the Zurts and friend of O-aa.SP
U-ValA warrior of Ruvan. Killed by David Innes.LOT
VictorCabin boy on the O-220.TEC
Von Harben, Dr.Father of Erich Von Harben.TEC
Von Harben, ErichA scientist who contributed to the creation of the O-220.TEC
Von Horst, Lt. Fredrich Wilhelm Eric Von Mendelorf UndMember of the O-220 expedition and mate of La-ja of Lo-har.TEC & BSA
VulhanNative of Amiocap and brother of Fedol of Paraht. Uncle of Stellara.TOP
WaziriAfricans who accompanied Tarzan on the O-220 expedition to Pellucidar. Led by Muviro.TEC & BSA
Wicked OneAnother name for Hooja the Sly One.P
XaxA chief of the Coripies.TOP
XexotsThe yellow-skinned race that dwells on the opposite shore of the Nameless Strait in Tanga-tanga and Lolo-lolo.SP
ZorWarrior of Zoram and mate of Kleeto of Suvi.LOT
Zuppner, CaptainCaptain of the O-220.TEC
ZuralChief of Lar on Amiocap.TOP
ZurkSon of Jalu, chief of the Zurts.SP
ZurtsA tribe dwelling on the Korsar Az, near the Terrible Mountains.SP
AllabanOnce referred to as the chief city of Korsar.TOP
AmdarA village near Basti.BSA
AmiocapA large island in the Korsar Az. Contains the villages of Lar and Paraht.TOP
AmozA kingdom on the Darel Az. Part of the Empire.EC, P, & SP
AnorocThe chief island of the Anoroc Islands.EC & P
Anoroc IslandsIn the Lural Az, off the coast of Phutra. Part of the Empire. Populated by Mezops.EC, P, & SP
AzPellucidarian word for ocean.All books.
AzarLand of giant cannibals. Located between the Valley of the Jukans and the land of the giant ants. Near the Bandar Az.LOT
Bandar AzThe part of the huge Pellucidarian ocean due west of the both the Sojar Az and Lural Az. The Floating Islands and Canda are located there.LOT
BastiThe land of cannibals north of Jaru.BSA
CandaIsland in the Bandar Island. Populated by people closely related to Mezops.SP
CarnOne of the two villages on the island of Hime, in the Korsar Az.TOP
Charnal CavesUnderground home of the Gorbuses, in the Forest of Death.BSA
CloviA village in the Mountains of Thipdars.TEC
CorsPellucidarian word for plains.TEC
Darel AzAn arm of ths Lural Az. Amoz and Greenwhich are located near it. North Island is at the mouth.EC & SP
DarozA village in the Mountains of Thipdars.TEC
Dead WorldThe moon of Pellucidar. Also called the Pendent World. It is stationary and casts perpetual shadow over parts of Thuria. This is the Land of Awful Shadow.EC,P, & SP
Federated Kingdoms of PellucidarAnother name for the Empire of Pellucidar. Originally comprised of 20 tribes. Ruled by David Innes.P, TOP, LOT, & SP
Floating IslandsA group of islands in the Bandar Az of which Ruva Ko-va are the main ones. Populated by a dark skinned race and held together by an extensive network of roots.LOT
Forest of DeathA large forest between Ja-ru and Lo-har. Populated by the Gorbuses.BSA
GambaOne of the Jukan cities.LOT
Garden of EdenA small valley near Amoz, where David Innes and Diane the Beautiful spent time and became mates.EC
GarbOne of the two villages on the island of Hime, in the Korsar Az.TOP
GefOne of the villages of the warrior women near the land of the Jukans.LOT
GohalA village near Basti.BSA
GombulA village that is perhaps part of the Empire of Pellucidar.P
Great PeakThe southern most and greatest peak of the Terrible Mountains.EC & P
GreenwichA village where an observatory was built to keep time and observe the Pendent World. On the south shore of the Darol Az.P & SP
Gyors CorsPlains near the Mountains of Thipdars.TEC
HimeAn island in the Korsar Az, near Amiocap.The villages of Garb and Carn are on it.TOP
Hooja's IslandIn the Sojar Az. Also called Indiana. The sheep-men rule it, within the Empire of Pellucidar.P
Ice Girt SeaAnother name for the sea near the north polar opening.TOP
IndianaHooja's Island in the Sojar Az.P
Inland SeaBetween the Valley of Jukans and Azar.LOT
Island of TreesSmaller island off the coast of Indiana, in the Sojar Az.P
Ja-ruThe land of the Mammoth-men, north of the Forest of Death.BSA
JulokOne of the villages of the warrior women, near the land of the Jukans.LOT
KaliA kingdom near the Lural Az, but in a mountain range, and one of the northern most of the Empire of Pellucidar.P & SP
KaranaXexot term for heaven.SP
KorsarThe chief city of the Korsars, just upstream from thr KorsarAz. TOP & TEC
Korsar AzThe ocean between Korsar and the giant penninsula that the Empire of Pellucidar is on.TOP, TEC, & SP
KovaOne of the Floating Islands of and foe of Ruva. In the Bandar Az.LOT
Land of Awful ShadowThe part of Thuria that lies in the shadow of the Pendent World.EC, P, TOP, & SP
LarOne of the two villages on the island of Amiocap in the Korsar Az.TOP
LibaA village of ThuriaSP
Lidi PlainsThe great plains of Thuria.P & SP
Little CanyonWhere the Mammoth-men put prisoners to die via wild animals.BSA
Lo-harA village south of the Forest of death and the Bison-men.BSA & LOT
Lolo-loloOne of the two Xexot cities beyond the Nameless Strait.SP
LuanaA group of islands west of the Anoroc Islands. Peopled by Mezops and part of The Empire of Pellucidar.EC
Lural AzThe northwestern most section of the grear ocean comprised also of the Sojar and Bandar Az.EC, P, & SP
ManatOne of the two villages on the island of Tandar, in the Korsar Az.SP
Molop AzThe mythical sea of flame upon which Pellucidar is said to float.EC, TOP, TEC, BSA, & SP
Mountains of the CloudsMountain range south of Sari.EC & P
Mountains of the ThipdarsLarge range near the Ice Girt Sea.TEC
Nameless StraitStrait between the Sojar Az and Korsar Az. Separates Thuria and the land of the Xexots.TEC & SP
ObservatoryBuilt by David Innes at the edge of the Land of Awful Shadow, to monitor the Pendent World and time.P
OogA village in the land of the warrior women, near the Valley of Jukans.LOT
ParahtOne of the two villages on the island of Amiocap in the Korsar Az.TOP
PellucidarThe Inner World. Entrances at both polar openings.All Books
Pendent WorldAnother name for the stationary moon of Pellucidar.P
PheliA village at the base of the Mountains of the Thipdars. In a swamp.TEC
PhutraMahar city between Sari and the Lural AzEC & P
Polar OpeningVast depression in the Earth's crust at each pole. Allows entrance to Pellucidar.TOP & TEC
Polar SeaThe Ice Girt Sea near the North Ploar Opening.TOP & TEC
Ravine of the KingsLocated in the Valley of Jukans.LOT
Rela AmThe River of Darkness which flows through the Gyor Cors to the Korsar Az.TEC
RuvaOn of the Floating Islands in the Bandar Az. Foe of Kova.LOT
SariCapital of the Empire of Pellucidar. On a plateau near the Darel Az.EC, P, & SP
Sojar AzThe Great Sea. Souhernmost section of the mighty ocean comprised also of the Bandar and Lural Az.P & SP
South IslandOne of the Anoroc Islands, visible from the mainland.P
SuviThe northern most Kingdom of the Empire. Four hundred miles west of Kali.P, LOT, & SP
TandarIsland in the Korsar Az with the two villages of Manat and Tandar.SP
Tanga-tangaOne of the two Xexot cities in the land beyond the Nameless Strait.SP
Terrible MountainsRange extending from north of Suvi down to the Great Peak.SP
ThuriaThe southern most Kingdom of the Empire of Pellucidar. Has the villages of Liba and Thuria.EC, P, & TOP
Unfriendly IslandsLarge Archipeligo in the Sojar Az. Natives are savage and not part of the Empire of Pellucidar.Common
Unknown SeaProbably beyond Gohal.LOT
Valley of the JukansBetween Azar and the warrior women. The Jukan cities are located there.LOT
Well of Sounding WaterAn entrance to the grottos of the Coripies, on Amiocap.TOP
ZoramA village in the Mountains of the Thipdars.TEC
ZurtsA village on the Korsar Az, near the Terrible Mountains.SP
Ah Ara, Ma RahnaPellucidarian for Old White, the Killer. He was an intelligent mammoth that befriended Von Horst.BSA
AntelopeSeveral species live in Pellucidar, but no equivilent name is given. One species is the eland.EC, P, BSA, & LOT
AzdyrythThe ichtyosaur of Pellucidar's oceans. Means Sea-sloth.EC
AztaragMeans Sea-tiger. A savage reptile of Pellucidar's oceans.SP
CodonThe prehistoric wolf of Pellucidar.TOP & SP
DyalThe phororhacos, an eight foot tall , savage bird.TEC & LOT
DyrodorA stegasaurus with gliding ability.TEC
DyrthA megatherium or giant sloth.EC & BSA
ElkNo Pellucidarian equivilent given.P
Giant AntsDwell near Azar and are six feet long.LOT
Giant Ant BearPrey on the giant ants.LOT
Giant SharkRoam Pellucidar's oceans.SP
GoroborsThe reptilian mounts of the Horibs.TEC
Hyaena SpelaeusLarge hyena-like beasts.P
IbexWild goat of Pellucidar.P
JackalsNo Pellucidarian equivilent given.TEC
JalokThe hyaenodon of Pellucidar.EC, P, TEC, LOT, & SP
LidiPellucidarian Diplodocus. Used as transport and beasts of burden.EC, P, & SP
MajPellucidarian mastadon.TEC, BSA, & LOT
Musk SheepRoam the Mountains of Clouds and the hills near Basti.P & BSA
Old MajMammoth that saved the lives of David Innes, Zor, & Kleeto.LOT
OrthopiThe primitive and diminutive horse of Pellucidar. Size of a fox terrier.EC
RahnaThe tamed jalok of O-aa.SP
RajaThe tamed jalok of David Innes.P
RaneeThe semi-tamed mate of Raja.P
Red DeerNo equivilent given.BSA & LOT
RythPrehistoric cave bear.EC, P, TEC, & BSA
SadokPrimitive rhinoceros.EC
SithicA labyrinthadon of Pellucidar's oceans.EC
SnakeNo Pellucidarian equivilent given. Sometimes called great snake. Probably a constrictor.Common
Ta-hoCave lion.P, LOT, & SP
Ta-ho-azMeans sea lion. Savage sea creature.SP
Tandor AzMeans sea mammoth. A plesiosaur.EC, TOP, TEC, & BSA
TapirNo equivilent given.EC & BSA
TaragSabertooth tiger.EC, P, TOP, TEC, BSA, LOT, & SP
ThagGiant ox of Pellucidar.EC, P, TOP, TEC, & BSA
ThipdarThe pterodactyl of Pellucidar.EC, P, TEC, & SP
TrodonGiant flying reptile with a pouch.BSA
ViperPoisonous snake. It's fangs were used by Diane to escape a fate worse than death.EC & P
Wild BirdsSeveral varieties, not named.P
Wild DogsScavengers, not named.TEC
ZarithTyrannosaurus Rex.BSA
AmozThe name of the first primitive ship built by David Innes and Abner Perry, upon the Lural Az.P
AmozA bigger and better version of the original ship.SP
AndrodeThe Xexot term for bronze.SP
Dinosaur llThe second balloon of Abner Perry. Used by David Innes to rescue Diane the Beautiful.SP
E.P.S.The abbreviation for Empire of Pellucidar Ship.SP
Great SecretThe formula by which the Mahars can procreate without males. Was stolen by David Innes.EC
HarbeniteThe light weight metal discovered by Erich Von Harben and used to build the O-220.TEC & BSA
Inventions of Abner PerryGuns, gunpowder, wireless.hot air balloon, ships, etc.EC & SP
Inventions of David InnesBows and poison tipped arrows & military organization.EC & P
John TylerClipper ship in the navy of the Empire of Pellucidar. Ah-gilak directed its building.SP
LoharA ship in the navy of the Empire of Pellucidar.SP
O-220The zeppelin that brought the rescue party of David Innes to Pellucidar.TEC
PadangPellucidarian for friend. Not commonly used.SP
ProspectorThe iron mole that transported David Inees and Abner Perry (its inventor), to Pellucidar.EC & P
RahnaPellucidarian for killer.SP
SariThe first primitive ship in the navy of the Empire of Pellucidar.P
SariA much more advanced ship, named in memory of the first Sari.SP
TumalA fermented brew, made by the Mammoth-men.BSA