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Parental Warning: This article contains images and text which might not be suitable for younger readers.

NOTE: Images are cropped. Images displayed without attribution...there rarely is attribution in the first place.


David Bruce Bozarth

At first glance the above title appears to be Ying/Yang opposites. Add the word "TARZAN" to the mix and it really becomes confused.

Fans of ERB are fans forever, at least in my personal experience, and we tend to revere the old fellow with various shades of admiration. But what of the greater world, the world that sees the cinematic Tarzan, most especially the Disney version of TARZAN OF THE APES?

A respondent to this Tangor article in progress at ERBList said: This stuff is wholly insignificant. Humor in bad taste has always had its place among some people often, and among many people less often. I've always enjoyed certain types of such humor with very good friends. In Vietnam our sense of humor was incredibly twisted. But that's all it was and is. Humor. I wouldn't enjoy such humor about the ape-man, since he's my favorite; and gross sexual humor of the type that young men often enjoy is something I can actually find offensive sometimes. However, I'm not a young man anymore.

Twisted humor in war time situations, provided there were publications to which we could be obtuse and contradictory for mere entertainment or debate were issues that ended up the topic of the day. To paraphrase the above: Don't Tread On My Memories though obnoxious sexual aberrations I recognize, but do not mess with Tarzan! 1960s feelings were: Humor in bad taste is okay excepting the ape-man. Whew!

In reality today there's a minor contingent of kiddies at the local Burger Mac who once screamed their Tarzan yells at MacLand where the more adventurous might find slides and plastic balls into which anyone can fall without injuring themselves. These are the most pure of fledgling Tarzan fans (Edgar Rice Burroughs does not enter their consciousness by one iota, or if the name has any meaning at all it is as a by-line to the Disney TARZAN title). Despite my personal 40 year reading of Tarzan, who is not a comic character, this present reality is one I am willing to accept in hopes the little ankle-biters and rug-rats will eventually find the true Tarzan of the Works.

Another fellow stated: "I can recall little booklets referred to as 'Tijuana bibles' which had 8 pages of material which fits your description exactly."

I recall these as poor imitations of the 1930s "Eight Pagers" where Dagwood, Blondie, Popeye, Olive Oyle, Whimpie, L'il Abner, Orphan Annie, etc, were depicted in compromising and overtly sexual or consensual erotic situations.

In the long run we have the crowd of Tarzan of the Movies dolts who continue to expound upon the MGM Tarzan's mono-syllabic vernacular and his extraordinary physique and damn fool luck to find a delicious babe willing to overlook all the above to be his Jane. Sadly, this is the Tarzan of the Masses ad nauseum. Not even the more realistic portrayals of Gordon Scott, Christopher Lambert, or Casper Van Deim can sway the "Weismueller" crowd which is nearly 70 years of age at the time of this writing.


And you knew there was one coming...

There's a seamier side to Tarzan, that most famous character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs who permeates the world's conscious perceptions. As early as 1963 I viewed crudely MIMEOGRAPHED (look it up to see how old that technology is) cartoons of Jane swinging with Tarzan through the trees. He's grasping a vine, she's grasping a part of the male anatomy that dangles near the juncture of legs and pelvis. Over the years I have seen perhaps six or seven similarly vulgar depictions of the ape-man and his mate, passed around as crude xeroxes. And found them amusing.

As a Tarzan fan these hilarious diversions (I am not easily offended) were something to be catalogued and treasured along with the rest of my Tarzan collection. Things change, however. The Internet gives us access to more information than you can shake a stick at and that means we are also exposed to the darker side of humor/vindictiveness. This aspect of humanity is not recent; most likely it has been part and parcel of humanity since Ugh and Ughette sat around the campfires 50,000 years ago.

The Disney Tarzan film unleashed a flood of graphic and degrading (usually for Jane) cartoon images on various Usenet services--read that as Newsgroups or News Host if that is the way your software is configured. The images included in this article were obtained from various news groups and are included without attribution or even a nod or wink to copyright status as regards the miscreants who created the images. Images are cropped as needed or otherwise modified as necessary.

Tarzan the Horny, or Tarzan the Over-Endowed, or Tarzan the Perverted has reared his ugly head. Sodomy, Oral, "regular", Bestiality, Group Gropes, has become the "norm" for these Internet "fans" of Tarzan. It should be stated there is the reality that some people will trash anything that Disney produces merely because they dislike Disney. For example, Ariel the Mermaid, Belle, Esmeralda, even Gadget from the Chip'n'Dale Rescue Rangers, are recurring themes for depictions of the most disgusting sexual acts imagined. These images might be only an angry rasp (sic) towards anything Disney in an effort to defile the company itself. If so, then ERB's Tarzan has been innocently caught up in the "I Hate Disney" crowd's desire to trash any product the Disney Company produces. I suspect the latter reason is the impetus for the multitude of sexually explicit Tarzan images created by these "folk artists."

Tarzan of the Orgy, Tarzan of the Without A Clue (as Jane orgies), Tarzan of the Animals (with or without Jane), Tarzan of the Homosexual (Aladdin), Tarzan of the Defile Jane Most Various and Sundry, Tarzan of the Self Abuse...the images presented on the binary news groups are repetive and extreme.

Tarzan of the Apes, OUR heroic and principled Tarzan, is nowhere to be seen.

In 1963, Jane grasping the dangly-down part of the male anatomy while Tarzan, with eyes wide open and "hollering" his jungle yell as they swung through the trees, was amusing. In 2000, Jane sandwiched between bull apes and orally participating with another while Tarzan hands on... er, looks on, denigrates the ERB legacy of Tarzan.

To this day I remain not easily offended, but I can't help thinking that this plethora of obscenity one can find in the Newsgroups can only relegate Tarzan to the absurd. And reduce Tarzan to insignificance. Ruin Tarzan. Trash Tarzan. Make Tarzan a blue joke.

I collect things Tarzan. Always have. There's approximately 300 in this electronic collection at this time.

Do yourself a favor and avoid these newgroups if you are:

1. Easily offended

2. Blinders on

I will not publicly post the addresses for these newsgroups (and will NUKE the subscription of anyone who does since we have underage kiddies as members at ERBList) but if you are interested in pursuing this topic, contact me directly.