Tangor Responds
ERB Timeline
David Bruce Bozarth
Copright © 1998

ERB fanzies who know me know I am a strong proponent for reading ERB in context with the era in which each story was written. In view of today's technologicial society, that means we have to "dumb down" to obtain the full sense of wonder that readers must have felt when each Edgar Rice Burroughs novel hit the market for the first time. Conversely, it is difficult to determine where ERB was a predictor or prognosticater if we do not have a real world benchmark for comparison, thus this timeline, that was inspired by David Adams' excellent ERB Chronology (which had a bit of input from yours truly), is presented in a linear timeline format. It contains my (incomplete) vision of what was "new and exciting" when Ed Burroughs was writing his novels of future and fantastic lands.

The Tangor ERB Timeline now presented reveals that Ed Burroughs was an educated man, though not always a good student of his time and era, yet also was a fellow who managed to take what was popularly current in general scientific terms and extend the possibilities thereof. Pilots in many air forces suggest this excerise is "stretching the envelope." ERB stretched that envelope by several magnitudes during his writing career. The following time line gives value weight to many of the "inventions" and "speculative thought" which appeared in his novels, primarily the Barsoomian series. These extrapolations were based on new or emerging technologies of his time. Ed Burroughs took what was "new and exciting" in the exciting science of his day and logically carried forward the potentials of the same so that his worlds were populated with working machinery operating within the realms of then current theory. By putting just a smidgen of "what if" to what was happening the world of science, Ed "predicted" a wide variety of devices and applicationns which we now take for granted. Fax machines, personal flying devices, electro-magnetics, television, "smart" military technology, space flight...the list is rather impressive.

By looking at the world around him, he envisioned what the world might be, whether Barsoom, the Moon, Venus or beyond the farthest star. Though not noted as a hard science fiction writer, Burroughs nonetheless was well in advance of the masters of that genre such as Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke and Bradbury. His futuristic societies used their technology in a familiar fashion, that is, nothing was unusual to the characters because the machines and science were natural to their worlds. By avoiding detailed descriptions or speculation, Ed's works introduce the (fantastic in his lifetime) devices we accept as common place today.


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The World Great Victoria Desert first explored by Ernest Giles; Carl Jung born; D W Griffith born; William P. Chrysler born; Mathew Webb swims English Channel; Rutherford B. Hayes elected president; Pablo Casals born; Jack London born; Nobel patents blasting gelatin; Antonia Lopez de Santa Anna dies; Custer defeated at Big Little Horn; telephone invented. Federal troops withdrawn, Reconstruction ends; Russo-Turkish War; Porfirio Diaz becomes dicator of Mexico; Giovanni Schiaparelli observes "channels" (canali) on Mars; Edison's phonograph; Otto von Bismarck invites European powers to discuss the Balkan peoples, Bulgaria cut into three pieces, independence of Romania, Montenegro, and Serbia recognized. Austria allowed to occupy Bosnia and Herzegovina; Northeast Passage sailed; Bismark Hughes demonstrates microphone; First practical electric light invented; Josef Stalin born; Christian Science founded; Zulu army destroyed; James A. Garfield elected president; seismograph invented; Jeannette Expedition fails; Billy the Kid killed by Pat Garrett; British army and navy abolish flogging; President Garfield shot by Guiteau; Triple Alliance formed; John L Sullivan heavyweight champion; US bans Chinese immigration for 10 years; Benito Mussolini born; Karl Marx dies; Krakatoa erupts; Maxim patents machine gun; Brooklyn Bridge completed; Orient Express maiden run;  Grover Cleveland elected president; First skyscraper built in Chicago; Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Twain); Rayon patented; Pancoast performs first artificial insemination where donor was not the husband; First volume of Oxford English Dictionary; Waterman invents practical fountain pen; First practical internal combustion automobile by Carl Benz; Gottlieb Daimler patents high speed internal combustion engine; Galton proposes fingerprint identifications; British annex Burma; American Federation of Labor organized; Statue of Liberty erected; South Africa gold rush; Coca-Cola introduced; Third French Republic exiles all pretenders; Interstate Commerce Act; Hertz tests Maxwell's hypothesis (electro-magnetic waves/radio); Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli describes system of interconnecting channels on Mars. Percival Lowell speculates canals built by an advanced but dying Martian civilization; A Study In Scarlet (Doyle); Benjamin Harrison elected president; Kaiser Wilhelm II comes to power; T. E. Lawrence born; Eastman introduces inexpensive camera; pneumatic bicycle tire; First beauty contest, Spa, Belgium; First Pan American Conference; Adolf Hilter born; Charlie Chaplin born; Brazil becomes republic; Mrs. Cochran perfects automatic dishwasher; Sherman Anti-Trust Act; Charles De Gaulle born; Luxembourg separates from Netherlands; Kemmler first man executed by electric chair; First showing of motion pictures Grover Cleveland elected president; Lottie Collins makes "Ta-ra-ra-bom-der-e" popular; Reno patents escalator; First automatic telephone switchboard; Queen Liliuokalani deposed (Hawaii); World's Columbian Exposition (Chicago); First Ferris wheel; Edward VIII born; Kipling begins writing Jungle Book; Dreyfus affair; George VI born; The Time Machine (Wells); Oscar Wilde imprisoned; Luminere brothers patent motion picture projector; Marconi invents wireless telegraphy; first auto race (gas powered); X-ray discovered; William McKinley elected president; Henry Ford's first car driven in Detroit; Modern Olympic games begin; Island of Dr. Moreau (Wells); Tornado kills 600 St Louis; IQ test created; radioactivity discovered; Menelik II defeats Italians; Gold discovered in Klondike; Alfred Nobel dies; The Invisible Man (Wells); Captains Courageous (Kipling); Russian Navy occupies Port Arthur; Spanish-American War ends; War of the Worlds (Wells); The Curies discover radium and polonium; krypoton, neon and xenon discovered; Poulsen invents the telegaphone (tape recorder); Boer War; Ernest Hemingway born; Stanley published William McKinley reelected president; First Zeppelin; The Son of Wolf (London); Paris Exhibition; Planck formulates quantum theory; Freud publishes The Interpretation of Dreams; King Humbert assassinated; McKinley assassinated, succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt; Boxer Rebellion; Toulouse-Latrec dies; Radio; The First Men in the Moon (Wells); Kim (Kipling); Commonwealth of Australia formed; Charles A. Lindberg born; Mata Hari returns to Europe; The Virginian (Wister); Fingerprints first accepted as trial evidence; Trotsky escapes Siberia; Wright brothers fly; Springfield repeating rifle; Call of the Wild (London); Paul Gauguin dies; Electrocardiograph invented; Theodore Roosevelt elected president; Russo-Japanese War; Panama Canal begun; Sea Wolf (London); Gorges eradicates yellow fever from Panama; First subway opens in New York; Gulliver of Mars (Arnold); Jules Verne dies; Louis Chevrolet set speed record in automobile; Einstein publishes theory of relativity; Norway breaks from Sweden, ruled by Haakon VII; Russian workers march on Winter Palace; Cullinan diamond discovered;; Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) forms in Chicago. Federal Food and Drug Act; British battleship Dreadnought launched; San Francisco earthquake; White Fang (London); Permanent wave introduced; First radio broadcast; First feature-length film, The Story of the Kelley Gang, produced in Australia; Vacuum tube; Robert A. Heinlein born; Kipling awarded Nobel Prize for literature; Ziegfeld Follies opens; First successful daily strip (Mr. Mutt); Baden-Powell forms Boy Scouts; T. Roosevelt bars Japanese labor immigration to mainland America; William Howard Taft elected president; First Model T Fords from assembly line; General Motors formed; First horror film (Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde); King Leopold relinquishes personal control of Congo, transferring to Belgium; Jack Johnson becomes first black heavyweight champion; Marconi awarded Nobel Prize for wireless telegraphy; Bleriot flies across English Channel; Model T; Martin Eden (London); Bakelite (first plastic) invented; National Board of Censorship of Motion Pictures formed; Peary alleged to reach North Pole; George V crowned king of England; First air operations from ships conducted; Zeppelin used commercially; Boule describes Neanderthal skeleton; Mann Act; Oldield sets land speed record 131.724mph; Revolution in Portugal; Tango gains popularity; Union of South Africa proclaimed; First neon at Paris Motor Show; Churchill becomes first lord of the admiralty; Francisco Madero overthrows Diaz (Mexico); Italy first country to use airplanes in combat; Mona Lisa stolen (recovered 2 years later); Amundsen reaches South Pole; Sun Yat-sen elected in China;  Woodrow Wilson elected president; New Mexico and Arizona admitted to the Union; Balkan wars; SS Titanic sinks; German industry explodes; Funk discovers vitamins; Scott's expedition fails; First successful parachute jump;  16th and 17th Amendments (Income Tax and popular election of Senators); Fox trot becomes rage; Bulgaria loses territory to Serbia, Romania, Greece, and Turkey (Second Balkan War); First crossword puzzle in US; Panama Canal opened; World War I starts; Goddard rocketry Lusitania sunk; coast to coast telephone service; The Birth of a Nation (film); German fighter planes; Ku Klux Klan reorganized; Poison gas first used; First Zeppelin raid on London; Woodrow Wilson reelected president; Tanks first appeared in battle; Pershing pursues Pancho Villa; Jack London dies; Great Britain introduces Daylight Saving Time as war conservation effort; Pancho Villa attacks Columbus,. NM; Easter Monday (Irish rebellion) quelled; Battle of Jutland (last major use of battleships); US enters WWI; October Revolution in Russia; Trans-Siberian railroad completed; First Pulitzer Prizes;  Chateau-Thierry, Belleau Wood, St-Mihiel, Argonne Forest. Armistice ends war; HMS Hermes (aircraft carrier); Influenza breaks out in Kansas, 21.6 million die world wide; regular airmail established; Socialist Debs arrested; Bulgaria surrenders; Turkey surrenders; Austria-Hungary falls; German navy mutinies; Germany surrenders; Kaiser Wilhelm II flees; United States Senate rejects League of Nations; Navy pilots fly across Atlantic. 18th Amendment (Prohibition); Weimar Republic in Germany; First crossing of Atlantic by airship (dirigible). Jack Dempsey heavyweight champion; Sir Barton (colt) first Triple Crown winner;  William G. Harding elected president; 19th Amendment (women vote); broadcast radio begins; Ray Bradbury born; Thompson invents tommy gun (submachine gun); Hitler addresses newly formed National Socialist German Workers;  Washington Conference restricts warship construction; R.U.R (capek); Irish Free State formed; First bathing beauty contest;  US Army plane makes first flight around the world; Mussolini becomes dictator of Italy; Fascism founded; Tutankahamen's tomb discovered; Nazi Beer Hall Putsch; End of Ottoman Empire; German inflation rises; Teapot Dome; Pancho Villa murdered; Tokyo earthquake;  Calvin Coolidge elected president; Lenin dies; Stalin gains control of Communist Party; US Immigration excludes Japanese all together; Edgar Hoover appointed director of Justice Departments Bureau of Investigation;  No No Nanette (musical); The New Yorker founded; Billy Mitchell court-martialed; Charleston (dance) becomes popular; Vanderbilt creates contract bridge (game); Hitler dictates Mein Kampf to Hess while in prison; Nellie Ross becomes first US governor (Wyoming); Scopes "monkey" trial; First television images transmitted; first motor hotel (motel) opens in California; Amazing Stories premiered; First liquid fuel rocket; Hirohito becomes emperor of Japan; The Sun Also Rises (Hemingway); Seven Pillars of Wisdom (Lawrence); Winnie-the-Pooh (Milne); Lebanon becomes republic; Arabia unified under Ibn-Saud; Actor Valentino dies;  Charles A. Lindbergh makes solo flight across Atlantic; Krakatoa eruptions resume; First talking movie, The Jazz Singer;  Herbert Hoover elected president; United States signs Kellogg-Briand Pact to outlaw war; Collectivism of Soviet farms; Fleming discovers penicillin; First color television images transmitted; First color motion pictures Stock market reaches new high, crashes, marks beginning of Great Depression; St Valentine's Day Massacre; First magnetic tape recorder; Discovery of Pluto; Last and First Men (Stapleton); Astounding Stories premiered; Haile Selassie I becomes emperor of Ethiopia; Pluto discovered; Frozen food marketed;  Empire State Building completed; First trans-Pacific flight; Al Capone convicted; Franklin Delano Roosevelt elected president; Brave New World (Huxley); Anderson discovers the positron; Chadwick discovers the neutron; Amelia Earhart solos the Atlantic; Bonus Marchers driven from Washington; New Deal launched; National Recovery Act; Tennessee Valley Authority; 21st Amendment repeals prohibition; Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany; The Shape of Things to Come (Wells); Swordsmen of Mars (Kline), Outlaws of Mars (Kline); Chicago World's Fair; Federal housing launched; Beebe's bathysphere descends record depth of 3,208 feet; Engelbert Dollfuss assassinated; President Hindeberg dies; Hitler names himself fuhrer and orders personal loyalty oaths; Social Security Act; CIO founded; secret rocket research at Peenemunde; Iceland becomes first country to legalize abortion; Watson-Watt demonstrates radar; Nuremberg Laws strip German Jews of civil rights; Italy invades Ethiopia; Parker Bros release board game Monopoly; Franklin Delano Roosevelt reelected president; George V dies; Edward VIII abdicates; Germany seizes Rhineland; Spanish Civil War; Hoover Dam completed; Olympic games in Berlin; Rudyard Kipling dies; Rhineland occupied by Germany; Gone With The Wind (Mitchell)  George VI crowned; Zeppelin Hindenberg burns; Frank Whittle develops first jet engine; Patent issued for nylon; Japanese shell Wanping;  Kristallnacht; Fair Labor Standards Act; War of the Worlds broadcast; Munich Pact; Germany invades Poland; US declares neutrality; M1 carbine; Battleship Bismark launched; Asimov and Heinlien first published; WorldCon (Nycon1); New York World's Fair; First jet taxied (Germany); Soviet Union invades Finland;  Franklin Delano Roosevelt reelected president; US begins rearmament; First peace time draft; Churchill becomes prime minister; Trotsky assassinated; Fall of France; Finland accedes to Russian demands; Norway and Denmark invaded; Nylon stockings introduced; Dunkerque; Italy joins Germany;  Lend-Lease Act; Atlantic Charter; Japanese attack Pearl Harbor; Stalin becomes premier; Bismark sunk; Kaiser Wilhelm II dies; Germany invades Russia; Wannsee Convention proposes "Final Solution"; American counteroffensive in Pacific; Allies invade North Africa; First sustained nuclear reaction; Advent of jet propelled aircraft in Germany; Irving Berlin writes "White Christmas"; Bataan Death March; Japanese-Americans interred; Heydrich assassinated; FBI arrests 8 Nazi saboteurs; Midway; El Alamein;  Allies invade Italy; Warsaw ghetto; North Africa liberated; Mussolini dismissed by King Victor Emmanuel III;  Franklin Delano Roosevelt elected to 4th term; Normandy Invasion; GI Bill of Rights; British, German, and American jet aircraft; V1 and V2 missiles; Syria and Iceland independent; Leyete Gulf, largest naval battle in history; Battle of the Bulge begins; FDR dies, Truman succeeds; Hitler suicides; Mussolini murdered; Germany surrenders; Atomic bombs used; Japan surrenders; United Nations formed; Cold War begins; Ho Chi Minh forms Vietnam government; Indonesia and Taiwan independent; Tito proclaims Yugoslavia a republic; Mao Tse-tung and Chaing Kai-Shek struggle for control of China; Nuremberg war trials; Jordan and Philippines independent; Atomic Energy Commission formed; H. G. Wells died; Albania becomes communist; Hungary becomes republic; Bulgaria's monarchy abolished, Dimitrov becomes premier; First session of UN General Assembly; Italy becomes a republic;  Truman Doctrine; Department of Defense consolidates Army, Navy and Air Force; Pakistan and India independent; Al Capone dies; Jackie Robison first black pro baseball player; Kon-Tiki (balsa raft) sails from South America to Tahiti; Dead Sea Scrolls discovered; Truman elected president; Burma, Ceylon, Israel, Korea (N and S) independent; Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (Kinsey); Long play records; Gandhi assassinated; Czechoslovakia becomes communist;  Fair Deal program; Berlin blockade ends. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) founded; Mao Tse-tung's communists take control, Chaing Kai-Shek and Nationalists retire to Taiwan;Apartheid begins in South Africa; Russian atomic bomb;  China invades Tibet; Korean War;
ERB ERB Born, Sep 1         First begins writing poetry; Alvin Hulbert (Emma's father) enters politics; Attended the Brown School School School School Brothers George Jr and Henry (Harry) attend Yale University; Corresponds with brothers; cartoonist; Attended girls school during diphtheria epidemic; good student with high marks; Attended Harvard School; apparently gets first bicycle (alluded in letter Apr 8 from George Jr.); Begins courting Emma Hulbert; George and Harry graduate Yale, both return to work at father's American Battery Co; Harry contracts consumption from fume damaged lungs; George and Harry, with Lew Sweetser, operate a cattle ranch in Idaho; Idaho admitted to the Union; Lives with brothers on Sweetser and Burroughs ranch, Idaho; Meets Texas Pete Harvard School report card reveals average student with above average Latin; Attends Phillips Academy; Popular student; submitted writing and cartoons to the Mirror, a school sponsored publication; Attends Michigan Military Academy; Meets life-long friends Bert Weston and Robert D Lay; participated in hazing new students; General Charles King becomes school commandant; Ed deserts, returns, becomes settled to school life; excels in sports; Nephew Studley born; Shows remarkable skill as horseman, wins second place in riding exhibition; Drives electric automobile at World's Columbian Exposition, involved with his father's exhibit; Scholastics improve; again gravitates toward school publications; engages in pranks, some elaborate; rises in rank, begins to assume responsibilities; Graduates Michigan Military Academy; accepts teaching position there Enlists in Army, Troop B 7th Cavalry, Fort Grant, Arizona; Military discharge; begins work at The American Battery Co. (father's company); George and Harry form Yale Dredging Company to extract gold in Idaho; Moves to Idaho; opens stationary store in Pocatello; Returns to American Battery Co.; Yale Dredging Co becomes Sweetser-Burroughs Mining Co., a houseboat "El Nido" becomes home and headquarters;  Marries Emma Hulbert (Chicago, Jan 31); Brother Frank marries Grace Moss; Ed pens poetry and illustrates small books for niece Evelyn; Written: Snake River Cotton-Tail Tales; Written: Grandma Burroughs' Cook Book (third booklet); Continues at American Battery Co. Emma and Ed join brothers' mining operation; Written: Minidoka 937th Earl of One Mile Series M (in Idaho). Runs for office, Town Trustee, Parma, Idaho, wins by one vote; Railroad cop in Salt Lake City; construction work; door-to-door book sales; light bulbs; accountant; Bricklayer; Moss & Burroughs Forwarding Agents; unsuccessful employments, continued low-wage positions when found; Turned down by Chinese Army; Sears, Roebuck, Co. Shows initiative at Sears, Roebuck and Co.; Daughter Joan born (Jan 12); leaves Sears; starts Burroughs and Dentzer Advertising Contractors; brothers fail with gold-dredging and return to Chicago; writes "Poverty," a poem; Son Hulbert born (Aug 12); Office manager for Physicians Co-Operative Association, shut down by government; Stace-Burroughs Company (wrote course and pamphlets for scientific salesmanship); Secretary and Advertising Manger, Champlin-Yardley; Writes: Under The Moons of Mars, The Outlaw of Torn, Tarzan of the Apes begun; Manager of System Service Bureau; All-Story buys serial rights to Tarzan of the Apes ($700); Published: Under The Moons Of Mars (Princess); Writes: The Gods of Mars, The Avenger, For the Fool's Mother, The Return of Tarzan George Tyler Burroughs dies (Feb 15); Son John born (Feb 28); Trip to San Diego; Published: A Man Without A Soul (Monster Men); Written: At The Earth's Core, The Cave Girl (Pt 1), The Monster Men, Warlord of Mars, The Mucker (Pt 1), The Mad King, Eternal Lover (Pt 1) Moves to Oak Park, Chicago; Published: Tarzan of the Apes (McClurg); Written: Beasts of Tarzan, Lad and the Lion, Girl From Farris's, Thuvia, Cave Girl (Pt 2), Eternal Lover (Pt 2), Mad King (Pt 2), Pellucidar Selig accepts Lad and the Lion (film); Joins Author's League of America; Published: Return of Tarzan (McClurg); Written: Son of Tarzan, The Man-Eater, Beyond Thirty, Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar, The Rider, The Zealots (up), The Lion Hunter (rejected script)  Travels to Los Angeles; Sells film rights to Tarzan of the Apes (National Film Corporation); Moves to 355 Hoover Street, Chicago; Neuritis; Emma persuades him not to enlist; Writes: Auto Gypsying memoir of family trip; Published: Lost Continent (Beyond Thirty) (All Around Magazine), Girl from Farris's (All-Story Weekly), Beasts of Tarzan (McClurg) Captain in Illinois reserves; Written: The Oakdale Affair, Jungle Tales of Tarzan, The Land That Time Forgot; The People that Time Forgot, The Little Door (up); Published: Auto-Biography (Republic Trucks), Apes-Return-Beasts (Methuen); Lad and the Lion (All-Story); Son of Tarzan (McClurg), A Princess of Mars (McClurg); Radio/Film: The Lad and the Lion Takes over newspaper sales from Chapman; Written: Out of Time's Abyss, Tarzan the Untamed, Patriotism by Proxy, Peace and the Militia, A National Reserve Army, Wanted--Good Citizens!; Published: Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar (McClurg), Gods of Mars (McClurg), The Rider (All-Story); Radio/Film: Tarzan of the Apes and The Romance of Tarzan Moves to Tarzana Ranch; Hires John Shea; Studley's wife dies in childbirth; Written: Under the Red Flag (eventually Moon Men Pt2), The Efficiency Expert; Published: Jungle Tales of Tarzan (McClurg), Warlord of Mars (McClurg); Radio/Film: The Oakdale Affair Mary Evaline (mother) dies (Apr 5), Studley's daughter dies (Mar), adds swimming pool; Written: Tarzan the Terrible, The Ghostly Script; Published: Tarzan the Untamed (McClurg), Thuvia, Maid of Mars (McClurg); Radio/Film: Revenge of Tarzan, Son of Tarzan serials Children tutored at home; Written: The Chessmen of Mars, Girl from Hollywood; Published: Tarzan the Terrible (McClurg), The Mucker (McClurg), The Efficiency Expert (Argosy); Radio/Film: Adventure of Tarzan Sub-divides Tarzana ranch; Written: Tarzan and the Golden Lion; The Moon Maid (Pt 1), Beware!; Published: At the Earth's Core (McClurg), Chessmen of Mars (McClurg) Incorporates; auctions off livestock and equipment; Written: Bandit of Hell's Bend, Tarzan and the Antmen; Published: Tarzan and the Golden Lion (McClurg), Pellucidar (McClurg), Girl from Hollywood (Macaulay) Ill health; Deal for 120 acres of Tarzana ranch falls through; Written: Marcia of the Doorstep (up); Out of Time's Abyss (Urban Military Academy); Published: Land That Forgot (McClurg); Tarzan and the Antmen (McClurg) Sells horses; Family vacation Grand Canyon; The Moon Maid (Pt 3), Master Mind of Mars; Published: Cave Girl (McClurg), Bandit of Hell's Bend (McClurg), Eternal Lover (McClurg) Jim Pierce selected as film Tarzan, dates Joan; Written: The War Chief, An Adventure in Plagiarism, The Tarzan Twins; Published: The Moon Maid (McClurg), The Mad King (McClurg) Build house at Malibu; Cyril Ralph Rothmund hired; Joan's stage debut; Written: You Lucky Girl! (play), Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, Apache Devil; Published: Outlaw of Torn (McClurg), War Chief (McClurg), Tarzan Twins (Volland); Radio/Film: Tarzan and the Golden Lion Pierce marries Joan; Written: Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins with Jad-bal-ja the Golden Lion, Tarzan and the Lost Empire, Tanar of Pellucidar, Tarzan at the Earth's Core; Published: Master Mind of Mars (McClurg), Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (McClurg); Radio/Film: Tarzan the Mighty Granddaughter Joan Burroughs Pierce, II born (Dec 24); Ed and sons vacation southern California; Written: A Fighting Man of Mars, Jungle Girl, The Citizen and the Police (Police Reporter); Published: Monster Men (McClurg), Tarzan and the Lost Empire (Metropolitan); First daily Tarzan comic strip; Radio/Film: Tarzan the Tiger Tarzana Post Office; Frank (brother) dies (Mar 18); Bladder obstruction, surgery (Nov); Written: Tarzan the Invincible, Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County, Genghis Khan (up long poem); Published: Tanar of Pellucidar (Metropolitan), Tarzan at the Earth's Core (Metropolitan) Moves to Malibu; Written: Tarzan Triumphant, Calling All Cars (up), Tarzan and the Leopard Men, Pirates of Venus, Tarzan and the City of Gold; Published: Tarzan the Invincible (ERB), Fighting Man of Mars (Metropolitan) Studley's drinking impairs work; Written: Murder! (up mystery puzzles), Pirate Blood, Lost on Venus, Edgar Rice Burroughs Tells All (Rob Wagner's Script); Published: Pirates of Venus (Argosy), Jungle Girl (ERB), Tarzan Triumphant (ERB); Radio/Film: Tarzan Radio (Jim and Joan voices), Tarzan, the Ape Man Ella Oldham Burroughs (sister-in-law) dies (Mar 30); Harry (brother) uses psychics; Hulbert graduates Pomona College; Written: Tarzan and the Lion Man, Swords of Mars, Death Valley Expedition of the Intrepid 33ers (vacation account); Published: Apache Devil (ERB), Tarzan and the City of Gold (ERB); Radio/Film: Tarzan the Fearless Flying lessons; Grandson James Michael Pierce born (Aug 13), Divorces Emma (Dec 6); Jack graduates Pomona College; Written: Tarzan's Quest; Published: Pirates of Venus (ERB), Tarzan and the Lion Man (ERB); Radio/Film: Tarzan and His Mate Marries Florence Dearholt (Apr 4); Continuing health problems; Written: Back to the Stone Age, Tarzan the Magnificent; Published: Lost on Venus (ERB), Tarzan and the Leopard Men (ERB); Radio/Film: New Adventures of Tarzan Son John marries Jane Ralston (Dec 12); Written: Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw, Tarzan the Magnificent; Published: Swords of Mars (ERB), Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins with Jad-bal-ja the Golden Lion (Whitman), Tarzan's Quest (ERB); Radio/Film: Tarzan Escapes Angina; Written: Carson of Venus, Tarzan and the Forbidden City, Two Gun Doak Flies South (up), Writer's Digest letter; Published: Oakdale Affair (ERB), Back to the Stone Age (ERB) Written: Lad and the Lion (rewritten), Synthetic Men of Mars, Land of Terror; Published: Lad and the Lion (ERB), Tarzan and the Forbidden City (ERB); Radio/Film: Tarzan's Revenge, Tarzan and the Green Goddess Continuing health problems; Florence has surgery (Jun); Written: Tarzan and the Jungle Murders; Angel's Serenade (up), Tarzan and the Champion; Published: Carson of Venus (ERB), Tarzan the Magnificent (ERB), Official Guide of the Tarzan Clans, Scientists Revolt (Palmer rewrite of Beware!, Fantastic Adventures): Radio/Film: Tarzan Finds a Son Moves to Hawaii; Binge drinking; Written: Tarzan and the Madman, Escape on Venus, Llana of Gathol, Savage Pellucidar, Beyond the Farthest Star, Tarzan and the Castaways, Strange Adventures of Mr. Dinwiddie (up), Mysognists Preferred (up); Published: Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County (ERB), Synthetic Men of Mars (ERB), Tarzan and the Castaways (Blue Book and Thrilling Adventures) Separates from Florence; drinking, columnist Honolulu Advertiser, poor health; Witnesses Pearl Harbor attack with Hulbert; Written: I Am a Barbarian, Wizard of Venus, Uncle Miner and other Relations (up), Skeleton Men of Jupiter, Fall of Democracy; Published: Skeleton Men of Jupiter (Amazing); Radio/Film: Tarzan's Secret Treasure Florence granted divorce (May 4); Grandson John Ralston Burroughs born (Jun 22); UP Correspondent, Pacific Theater; Written: no fiction written; Published: Savage Pellucidar (Amazing Stories); Radio/Film: Tarzan's New York Adventure Written: More Fun! More People Killed! (up); Published: none; Radio/Film: Tarzan Triumphs, Tarzan's Desert Mystery War correspondent in Gilbert and Marshall Islands; Grandson Danton born (Jun 2 Jack and Jane), George (brother) dies (Jun 8), Emma dies (Nov 4); Written: Tarzan and the Foreign Legion; final part Savage Pellucidar, Uncle Bill (up); Published: Land of Terror (ERB) Returns to California, ill; Hulbert (son) marries Marion Thrasher; Written: none; Published: none; Radio/Film: Tarzand and the Amazons Stops drinking; Views Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (Lesser); Discussed reprints with Mills; Health deteriorating rapidly; Written: Unfinished Tarzan (completed by Lansdale, 1995); Published: Escape on Venus (ERB); Radio/Film: Tarzan and the Leopard Woman Renews contact with Florence's daughter Caryl Lee; health problems continue; Tarzan comic strips declining in popularity, all time low 80 subscribers, Ed and Rothmund take charge; Ed's first TV set; Written: none; Published: Tarzan and the Foreign Legion (ERB); Radio/Film: Tarzan and the Huntress Resumes drinking; Health worsens; Caused auto wreck, quits driving; Written: none; Published: Llana of Gathol (ERB); Radio/Film: Tarzan and the Mermaids Diagnosed with Parkinson's disease; Has serious heart attack; Studley dies in surgery (Dec 29);' Published: The Cave Girl (Dell paperback); Dies, March 19, in bed reading the comics pages.