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David Bruce Bozarth

The following spreadsheet collects, in a single view, the creative, serial, second serial, and hardback output of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Color Coding is IMPORTANT. Please note that Llana of Gathol, Escape on Venus, and Savage Pellucidar are presented as initially seralized--interconnected, but separately published novellas. These 12 stories were later collected as three novels; though the complete Savage Pellucidar volume was not released until 1963 which included the (then) unpublished novella of the same name.

See Tangor Responds WORDS AND WAGES for a spreadsheet illustrating Burroughs word counts over the years and a graph displaying initial income on each story. Note that after the mid-1930's ERB's income diminished dramatically and that the amounts shown for Escape on Venus and Llana of Gathol are the total income collected on the various story parts.

When written First Edition Hardback Film/Radio (I) Incomplete Title in white: 1 of kind
Written unpublished Article Written Daily Comic Strip Pt# - Story sections later collected Serial titles may differ from books
Serial Article published LL# Llana of Gathol EV# Escape on Venus SP# Savage Pellucidar
Complied by David A. Adams and David Bruce Bozarth, Copyright 2001
1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916
Princess Mars Tarzan Apes Earth's Core Beasts Tarzan Son Tarzan Auto-Gypsying
Outlaw Torn Gods Mars Cave Girl Pt1 Lad Lion Man-Eater Beasts Tarzan
  Avenger Monster Men Girl Farris's Beyond Thirty Cave Girl Pt2
  For the Fool's Mother Warlord Mars Thuvia, Maid Mars Tarzan Jewels Girl Farris's
  Return Tarzan Mucker Pt1 Cave Girl Pt2 Rider Beasts Tarzan
  Princess Mars Eternal Lover Pt1 Eternal Lover Pt2 Zealots Mucker Pt2
  Tarzan Apes Mad King Pt1 Mad King Pt2 Lion Hunter Tarzan Jewels
    Monster Men Pellucidar Return Tarzan Thuvia, Maid Mars
    Cave Girl Pt1 Tarzan Apes Beyond Thirty  
    Gods Mars Earth's Core Eternal Lover Pt2  
    Return Tarzan Beasts Tarzan Eternal Lover Pt1 (I)  
    Warlord Mars Eternal Lover Pt1 Mad King Pt2  
      Mad King Pt1 Man-Eater  
      Mucker Pt1 Pellucidar  
      Outlaw Torn Son Tarzan  
1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922
Oakdale Affair Out Time's Abyss Under the Red Flag Tarzan Terrible Chessmen Mars Tarzan Golden Lion
Jungle Tales Tarzan Tarzan Untamed Efficiency Expert Ghostly Script Girl Hollywood Moon Maid 1
Land Time Forgot Patriotism by Proxy Jungle Tales Tarzan Tarzan Untamed Tarzan the Terrible Beware!
People Time Forgot Peace Militia Warlord Mars Thuvia, Maid Mars Mucker Earth's Core
Auto Biography (Republic) National Reserve Army, A Tarzan Untamed Tarzan Valley Luna Efficiency Expert Chessmen Mars
Little Door Wanted--Good Citizens! Oakdale Affair Revenge Tarzan Tarzan Terrible Chessmen Mars
Son Tarzan Tarzan Jewels   Son Tarzan Adv Tarzan Girl Hollywood
Princess Mars Gods Mars        
Lad Lion Land Time Forgot        
Jungle Tales Tarzan Oakdale Affair        
Auto Biography (Republic) Rider        
  Tarzan Apes        
  Romance Tarzan        
1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928
Bandit Hell's Bend Marcia the Doorstep Red Hawk War Chief You Lucky Girl! Tarzan Twins Jad-Bal-Ja
Tarzan Antmen Out Time's Abyss (Urban) Master Mind Mars Adv in Plagurism Tarzan Lord Jungle Tarzan Lost Empire
Tarzan Golden Lion Moon Men Cave Girl Tarzan Twins Apache Devil Tanar Pellucidar
Pellucidar Land Time Forgot Bandit Hell's Bend Moon Maid Outlaw Torn Tarzan Earth's Core
Girl Hollywood Tarzan Antmen Eternal Lover Mad King War Chief Master Mind Mars
Moon Maid Out Time's Abyss (Urban) Moon Men Adv in Plagurism Tarzan Twins Tarzan Lord Jungle
Tarzan Golden Lion Bandit Hell's Bend Red Hawk   Land Time Forgot Apache Devil
  Tarzan Antmen     Master Mind Mars Tarzan, Lord Jungle
        War Chief Tarzan the Mighty
        Tarzan Golden Lion  
        Perils the Jungle  
1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934
Fighting Man Mars Tarzan Invincible Tarzan Triumphant Murder! Tarzan Lion Man Tarzan's Quest
Jungle Girl Deputy Sheriff Calling All Cars! Pirate Blood Swords Mars Pirates Venus
Citizen Police Ghengis Khan Tarzan Leopardmen Lost on Venus Death Valley Exp 33ers Tarzan Lion Man
Monster Men Tanar Pellucidar Pirates Venus ERB Tells All Apache Devil Swords Mars
Tarzan Lost Empire Tarzan Earth's Core Tarzan City Gold Jungle Girl Tarzan City Gold Tarzan His Mate
Tarzan Daily Comic Lost Inside the Earth Tarzan Invincible Tarzan Triumphant Tarzan Lion Man  
Conquest the Moon Fighting Man Mars Fighting Man Mars Pirates Venus Lost on Venus  
Carter Red Planet Tarzan, Guard Jungle Jungle Girl Tarzan City Gold Tarzan the Fearless  
Tanar Pellucidar   Tarzan Triumphant Tarzan Leopardmen    
Tarzan Lost Empire     Tarzan Radio Starts    
Tarzan Earth's Core     Tarzan the Ape Man    
Tarzan the Tiger          
1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940
Back to the Stone Age Resurection Jimber-Jaw Carson Venus Lad Lion (rewrite) Tarzan Jungle Murders Tarzan Madman
Tarzan Magnificent Tarzan Magnificent Tarzan Forbidden City Synthetic Men Mars Angel's Serenade Escape on Venus
Lost on Venus Swords Mars Two-Gun Doak… Land Terror Tarzan Champion City Mummies LL1
Tarzan Leopardmen Tarzan Twins Jad-Bal-Ja Writer's Digest (letter) Lad Lion Carson Venus Black Pirates Barsoom LL2
Tarzan Immortal Men Tarzan's Quest Oakdale Affair/Rider Tarzan Forbidden City Tarzan Magnificent Yellow Men Mars LL3
New Advs Tarzan Tarzan Magic Men Back to Stone Age Carson Venus Tarzan Clans Invisible Men Mars LL4
  Tarzan Escapes Writer's Digest (letter) Red Star Tarzan Scientists Revolt Return to Pellucidar SP1
    Seven Worlds Conquer Red Star Tarzan Synthetic Men Mars Men Bronze Age SP2
    Resurection Jimber-Jaw Tarzan's Revenge Tarzan Finds a Son Tiger Girl SP3
    Tarzan Elephant Men Tarzan Green Goddess   Beyond the Farthest Star
    Tarzan Jr     Tangor Returns
          Strange Advs Dinwiddie
          Mysognists Preferred
          Deputy Sheriff
          Synthetic Men Mars
          Tarzan Castaways
          Terrible Tenderfoot
          Tarzan Champion
          Tarzan Jungle Murders
1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946
I Am A Barbarian Return to Pellucidar SP1 More Fun! More People Killed! Tarzan Foreign Legion Tarzan Amazons Tarzan, Lost Adv (fragment)
Wizard Venus Men Bronze Age SP2 Tarzan Triumphs Savage Pellucidar SP4   Escape on Venus
Uncle Miner Relations Tiger Girl SP3 Tarzan's Desert Mystery Land Terror   Tarzan Leopard Woman
Skeleton Men Jupiter Beyond The Farthest Star        
Fall Democracy War on Venus EV4        
Fall Democracy Tarzan's New York Adv        
Skeleton Men Jupiter          
Quest Tarzan          
Slaves Fish Men EV1          
Goddess Fire EV2          
Living Dead EV3          
John Carter Giant Mars          
City Mummies LL1          
Black Pirates Barsoom LL2          
Yellow Men Mars LL3          
Invisible Men Mars LL4          
Tarzan's Secret Treasure          
1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952
Tarzan Foreign Legion Llana Gathol Cave Girl (Dell) Tarzan Slave Girl Tarzan's Peril Tarzan's Savage Fury
Tarzan Huntress Tarzan Mermaids Tarzan's Magic Fountain