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Few authors have inspired as many fans as Edgar Rice Burroughs. His works have a timeless feel and address the yearning heart of all ages and occupations.

Fanzies(tm) (ERB fans-in-a-frenzy) have existed since the publication of "Under the Moons of Mars" (A Princess of Mars) in 1911. A year later a whole new legion of fans was born when "Tarzan of the Apes" appeared.

Over the years fans have expressed themselves in various ways--first by writing to the editors of the pulps which published ERB's works. Some then formed local discussion groups. Frank Shonfeld, a long time correspondent with Ed Burroughs, established the Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship pen pal group, and others have banded together under the banner of The Burroughs Bibliophiles, currently the largest ERB fan organization. Long established fanzines have provided information on ERB-related events or fan writings. ERB fandom hit the Internet with a splash of exciting and colorful web sites beginning in 1996 that range from parody and humor to extensive research and reference sites.

The on-line world is also home to active and occasionally brilliant email lists such as Tangor's ERBList and Jim Thompson's ERBCOF-L.

Each generation discovers Edgar Rice Burroughs either through the many reprints, films, or the deliberate indoctrination by older fans recommending the works of this one-time businessman from Chicago. The recent release of "Tarzan and the Lost City" by Village Roadshow Productions and the upcoming animated "Tarzan" by Walt Disney Studios is an indication that Tarzan (thus Burroughs) is very much alive more than 80 years after his literary introduction.

Each year The Burroughs Bibliophiles holds a Dum-Dum, a gathering of mangani as portrayed in the novel Tarzan of the Apes. This fan convention brings BB members and ERB fans from around the world together to bask in their "addiction" with others or to express themselves as regards Edgar Rice Burroughs and his works. The 1998 convention was held in Baltimore, Maryland and was by all accounts a huge success. DD99 will be held in Tarzana, California to coincide with the release of Disney's "Tarzan."

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