Tangor Responds

David Bruce Bozarth
Copyright © 2005

I must have missed this set of Tarzan trading cards when they came out in 1966-7. Apparently coincided with the Ron Ely Tarzan TV series. The subject matter is fairly mundane, and in many instances the artistry does not rise to the level of Jesse Marsh illustrations. The image set I have is incomplete, missing some nine cards. The reverse of each card becomes a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Cards are numbered 1 to 66. Any information you have on this item would be greatly appreciated. Note: 8 pages, with puzzle back revealed on last page.

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These cards are British and are often offered on Ebay in Great Britain. I have the complete set and several duplicates. The backside forms a complete picture. When you got all of them you could send them in and get a full size poster in return. These posters sometimes are also offered on Ebay, but at very high prices. The posters are similar to the backside of the cards. As the cards also frequently pop up on German Ebay, I think they were sold there as well.

Ras Thavas (Netherlands)

There are two separate sets. I rechecked my card album and saw that the U.S. set, normally known as the Philadelphia Gum Co. set, also has the Banner copyright. It is also referred to as the Philly Gum set, as you mentioned in your other email. So, we have two different sets (different art and different backs), but both copyright by Banner, both put out in 1966 and both with 66 cards. The set you show from ebay is, I believe, the one more normally found in the U.S., while the other set is more normally found in Great Britain. While the British set has the puzzle on the back, the U.S. set has short (VERY short) stories on the backs. If you only had one card, you might think the story was continued on the next card, but it isn't. Card No. 25 tells of Tarzan in peril, surrounded by three gorillas and hoping help comes in time (from Tantor?). But card 26 has Tarzan about to sneak into a rebel village of some kind!! And so on! The cardback story describes the action scene on the front of the card.

John M.

CARD 1 at original scan size (1402x1017x24)