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Unrelated Stories
by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Beyond The Farthest Star
War is hell. So is Poloda! (See POLODA from main page.)
Beyond Thirty (The Lost Continent)
What happens to a world where war rages for centuries? What if that world was Earth?
Cave Girl, The
Waldo Emerson Smith-Jones, a society Milquetoast, has an adventure on a jungle island he will never forget!
Efficiency Expert, The
Graduating college with a rosy view of real life, Jimmy Torrence finds out the hard way that his education is only beginning. Originally published as a newspaper serial.
Eternal Lover (Savage), The
Can love transcend the centuries? ERB was way ahead of Twilight Zone for producing stories with strange twists.
Girl From Farris's, The
Life becomes complicated for June and Ogden and things only get worse.
Girl From Hollywood, The
a contemporary tale of sex, drugs and murder in the film capitol of the world. ERB never approved of the cover, which appears to show a leacherous geezer unwrapping a doll.
I Am A Barbarian
One of ERB's rare historical novels, it was published after his death. A grim look at life as a Roman slave.
Jungle Girl (The Land of Hidden Men)
Dr. Gordon King enters the jungles of Siam and encounters a lost civilization.
Lad and the Lion, The
A young European prince with a memory lapse is befriended by a powerful African lion.
Mad King, The
Lutha is a small European nation surrounded by belligerent neighbors in the days before World War I.
Man-Eater, The (Ben, King of Beasts)
One of the more difficult early Burroughs to obtain. Haven't read it, no comment.
Monster Men, The
There are rumors this man creating life story will be made into a motion picture soon. Keep tuned.
Mucker, The
From the slums of Chicago to the steamy jungles of Pacific islands, to the arid wastelands of Texas and Mexico, Billy Byrne does what he does best: survive!
Oakdale Affair & The Rider, The
Two tales of contemporary society, one a murder mystery, the other a mysterious highwayman.
Outlaw of Torn, The
A tale of deceit and betrayal, of vengenance and justice in Medieval Europe.
Pirate Blood
A young American with few prospects encounters dangerous pirates in the vast reaches of the Pacific.
Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw, The
A long short story exploring the consequences of thawing out and reviving a man frozen when mammoths roamed the earth! Argosy pulp cover.
Scientists Revolt, The
Originally written as Beware! this tale of justice long in coming was revamped by Ray Palmer in 1939.