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by Ghek

John Carter's jaw dropped as he saw the extent of the frozen caves before him. Being a fearless but cautious man he spoke to the calot that trotted beside him, "Boon companion, we must traverse these caves to rescue my princess." They then moved swiftly and silently through all but the last of hte Carrion Caves.

The calot stopped and sniffed the air and in an uncharacteristic manner lay down and began to whimper.

"This is not the time to lose heart old friend, I'll drag you if I must!" And he began to do just that when a great roar echoed through the caves and a hideous monster appeared.

Carter was off like a shot, dragging the calot behind him.

When they were safely outside he turned and yelled back, "An apt escape, even if I had to pull the Woola over your ice!"