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David Allen Smith is an ordinary guy ... who loves Edgar Rice Burroughs, Guitars, Politics, Family, Women, Poetry, and Writing.

Not necessarily in that Order!

New to on-line ERB fandom David, who has taken the persona "Grasshopper" because he keeps jumping from one delicous joy to another!, has made a splash at erblist.com with some very engaging short stories, poetry on the discussion list (coming to the web site soon!), and very recently discovered the joy of Drabbles: A story told in exactly 100 words.



Young Billy Byrne's adventures, Drabble style!

Grasshopper Presents ... Drabbles!

Drabbles to Delight

David Allen Smith

Anotar Away!

Duare showed no fear as the anotar lifted off the ground. Quickly the crack of Havatooian rifle fire faded. She and Carson were free and Vepaja bound!

"We're out of danger, my dear!" he said as they soared over the River of Death...

"Teach me to fly this thing," Duare beseeched.

"Here, take the wheel, but be very careful."

A triumphant expression lit her face as she assumed control. Suddenly the birdship fell like a rock!

"Give me the wheel!" Carson yelled, pulling the craft up just before it crashed into the ground.

"Women drivers!"

Histah's Greater Danger

Tarzan swung down from the upper terraces, a feeble snake wriggling in his hand. He sought to protect his fanged friend who appeared to be ill.

"Histah, you are weak today. What is the matter?"

"Last night I visited with some sick snakes and caught a bad cold!"

"I surely hope you feel better soon. In the jungle one must stay strong."

"I will be well, but I must tell you there is a greater danger than being sick."

"What is that?"

"The advent of man is in our midst! He is the most dangerous animal of all!"

Dumbo In The Congo

Tarzan rode on Tantor's back as the pachyderm strode through the jungle. They stopped to drink at a stream. Across the water stood an impossible cartoon elephant with monstrous ears! Both watched in disbelief as the fantasy creature flapped its ears and flew over to them!

"My name is Dumbo. You must be Tarzan."

"I am he, Lord of the Jungle," the shocked ape man managed, "But how is it can you fly?"

"I'm not really sure," Dumbo answered.

"Why have you come here?"

"To tell you how much I enjoyed Tarzan's Secret Treasure!"

Tantor's Truth

During Dumbo's visit, Tantor listened respectfully, then turned to Tarzan. "This creature would not last long in the jungle!"

Tarzan was at a loss for words.

Dumbo seemed hurt. His great floppy ears fluttered, lifting him off the forest floor as if to depart.

"How developed are your flying abilities, Tantor?" Dumbo taunted.

"I cannot fly although I can carry a man. But I mean no insult. I am truly concerned for your well being."

"Now I understand. I wish I could be more like you."

Just then a minuscule monkey ran up and climbed atop Dumbo's back...

Tarzan smiled.

Saving Korak

Young Korak left home before sunrise. Tarzan was awakened by Nkima, "Korak has gone to ride his baby elephant across the river!"

Tarzan raced through the jungle like a cat. He found them perched precariously on rocks at midstream. The pygmy pachyderm fell and both were swept toward the waterfall! Tarzan swam with Olympian speed!

"Son, remount Tantor, and Tantor, grasp your trunk about my waist."

Tarzan fought mightily thus against the raging current, returning boy and elephant to dry land.

"What were you doing, Korak?" an exasperated Tarzan asked.

"Just trying to be like you. Father."

This page is a work in progress. New entries will be added in the future.