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I find myself answering the same questions from authors submitting to Tangor Presents Pastiche and Fan Fiction that a short FAQ seems appropriate. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please contact me at tangor@erblist.com .

Q: Why do you publish these stories?

A: For fun and enjoyment, and the satisfaction of producing an excellent story web site. I also enjoy reading new material by authors who have the same interests but who might have a different viewpoint.

Q: Will you print anything sent to you?

A: I reserve the right to refuse any story sent to Tangor Presents Pastiche and Fan Fiction. If the story does not fit the themes of the web site or is patently vulgar or excessive in language or theme it will be declined. My name is on the masthead and this web site has a good reputation for publishing works that are generally family oriented. Stories with adult or mature themes will be considered on an individual basis.

Q: Can I make any money sending you a story?

A: Not from me! :) Seriously, participating at Tangor Presents Pastiche and Fan Fiction is purely voluntary. No fees, commissions, sales, or other monetary recompense is either suggested or implied. However, publishing a story at my web site might get you noticed elsewhere and maybe somebody else might wish to purchase rights to your story or query you for other stories. While this is unlikely, it is possible.

Q: How do I get published at your web site?

A: Send your story as an email or email attachment to tangor@erblist.com in ASCII TEXT (DOS or GENERIC), RTF (preferred), HTML, or WINDOWS ANSI TEXT, DOC (no macros, is least preferred). I will read it. If the story is appropriate to the themes of Tangor Presents Pastiche and Fan Fiction I will publish it.

Q: Do you edit every story?

A: Some stories require edits, many do not. I do, however, check for readability, spelling, grammar, and consistency. If a story needs editing I will let the author know what needs to be done and ask if they would like to do the edit and re-submit, or for me to do it. I generally ask the author to do the revisions. Edits correcting errors produced by spell checkers are a non-issue.

Q: I would like to write a story for one of the theme areas (MORGOR WAR, FORGOTTEN SECRET, etc.) but am not sure I remember the ERB stories very well. Can you help?

A: Yes. As managing editor of these specialty stories I maintain a general consistency between the works by the Grand Master and the new stories. I also maintain a consistency within the new works so they generally follow the same theme.

Q: How do I get an illustration with my story?

A: If you have an original illustration, or one that is free of copyright considerations, you may file attach to tangor@erblist.com and I will view it. The image may not exceed 2.5mb in size. Image formats accepted are GIF, JPG, PSD, PDF, PCX, BMP and PNG. If the image is appropriate for the themes of Tangor Presents Pastiche and Fan Fiction I will publish it. Sometimes I have time to create an illustration, usually a cover with text, and will use that image after author approval. Occassionally a story begs for one of our fan artists to illustrate it for both cover and internally and I will make a request to them.

Q: I published at your site. I have received an E-mail from someone asking if they could print my story at another place on the web. Should I do that?

A: Reply in two parts: 1. The story is yours to do with as you like. My copyright is that of the look and feel as the story appears at Tangor Presents Pastiche and Fan Fiction. Nothing prevents you from reprinting your story elsewhere. 2. That said, bear in mind that too many reprints in too many places may dilute the work or future works. (see below)

Q: Do you want me to say "No" if another web site wants to publish my story that you have published?

A: Definitely not! See above. You, the author, hold the copyright to the story. Copyright means just that: the right to copy or distribute. You can send it to a hundred publishers if you like! But SHOULD you do that? Most publishers hope to have some reasonable exclusivity for a period of time. If your story appears in many places on the net most publishers will not attempt another competing edition of the same story. There are several issues you might wish to consider:

First: Consider the publications, mine vs other guy's, and decide where you'd like to be published. Authors who write for Tangor Presents Pastiche and Fan Fiction website are ALWAYS featured on my fanfic home page whereas other web sites might show you once to the audience, perhaps for a month, then the work disappears within their web sites, some with thousands of other pages which can make it extremely difficult for potential readers to locate your work.

Second: I am an editor and author in my own right, not just a publisher. Each author I work with gets the same level of care and consideration that I give all my authors--which is one reason why the stories at Tangor's Pastiche and Fan Fiction are of such high quality, and because of that high quality each of the authors publishing with me enjoys a further benefit of being in the company of respected authors.

Third: as mentioned above, I believe there should be a reasonable loyalty between authors and publishers, particularly with an Internet publisher who expends time and energy to transform your story from word processing to HTML and draws readers to your work, in addition to the "hidden costs" of operating a website such as hardware, hosting, bandwidth, etc. I hope anyone publishing at Tangor Presents Pastiche and Fan Fiction web site will refrain from re-printing elsewhere for at least 90 days after publication at my web site, but that is not a rule or requirement, merely a request.

Q: You did a lot of edits. I don't know if the story belongs to you now. What are my rights?

A: It is YOUR story--no editor can claim rights to an author's story, except if the story was commissioned specifically for exclusive use of the editor (which I do not require of any author). However, I could, as an editor, claim a copyright on the look and feel appearance of your story; i.e., nobody can use MY web page as their web page or any illustrations that I or others, excepting yourself, have created because that portion of publishing is my intellectual property and copyright.

Q: I'm just the author. I've never dealt with this before and am kind of fumbling my way along.

A: Let us make something clear: you are not JUST the author. You are the creator of an intellectual work that publishers crave or they have nothing to publish. You, as the author, have more to say about the disposition and publication of your works than you might think.

If we were in the normal field of publishing (magazines, books, newspapers) the traditional publishing would be: Magazine--6 months to 1 year exclusive rights, Books--1-2 year exclusive rights, then Newspaper--1 month-6 months exclusive rights--and all of those exclusive to North America! The reason for these exclusive rights was to allow the publisher time to prepare the book/story, print it, distribute it, and market it. The Internet has changed all that: the concept of exclusive rights has been tossed on its ear because it is so easy to publish to the web, therefore we've seen such a proliferation of competing web sites publishing EXACTLY the same thing and as a result some works have become extremely diluted.


David Bruce Bozarth
Updated: 2017