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Tales of the Morgor War

Reports From The Field

The Warlord has decreed that this history of the Morgor War be made available to all citizens.


When the untimely death of Edgar Rice Burroughs cut short his writing career, fans of his Barsoom tales of adventure romance were left with the unhappy reality that John Carter, Warlord of Mars, and his wife, the incomparable Dejah Thoris, were stuck on Sasoom (Jupiter). Carter's experiences with the Skeleton Men of Sasoom left little doubt that the Morgor hordes under the rule of Bandolian would soon attack the Warlord's adopted planet.

ERB pastiche writers, as early as the 1950's, commenced with the production of story extensions based on Ed Burroughs' Skeleton Men of Jupiter. Each of these previous pastiches--so far--have dealt with Carter's wanderings upon the cloud covered landscape of the Solar System's largest planet and his trials in locating and rescuing Dejah Thoris. Many of these are excellent, all of them are heartfelt and written to fulfill the need to see more of the Warlord.

Enter Charles Ryan. Ryan's vision of what occured after Skeleton Men of Jupiter is far different than any previous Sasoom extensions. What John Carter had to endure to escape Sasoom is not the subject of the Tales of the Morgor War, it is assumed Carter excelled and escaped and returned with his wife. Tales of the Morgor War examines what logically would have followed: the Morgor invasion of Barsoom.

Charles and I discussed his monolithic saga in several emails and it was determined the story was so large in scope that a little help might be needed. Pastiche authors are invited to examine the timeline and course of the war. Choose from one of the indicated key stories or suggest a related story to David Bruce Bozarth (tangor@erblist.com).