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Drabbles: 100 Word Stories
in the Worlds of
Edgar Rice Burroughs

by Members of ERB-LIST

ERB-List member Ghek suggested the following during some messaging in April, 2007:

Here's a challenge for all of you.

Compose a story of exactly 100 words (no more, no less) - the rules can be found here: http://www.meades.org/drabble.html

I'll start.

The resulting drabbles (short stort stories) which followed are entertaining, and revealing, as to the author's insights and affection for the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. A few of the stories broke the "rule" of 100 words, but were not excluded from this collection. Enjoy!

If you have a 100 Word Drabble in the worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs and would like to see it published here, send it as email to tangor@erblist.com.

Rykor Mortis


Ghek felt the trembling and knew the time had come. He began to separate himself from his rykor, then stopped. "His rykor," the words rang harshly in Ghek's mind. They had been companions for centuries. He knew on more than one occasion it had saved his life while taking near-mortal wounds. So who was he to abandon his companion at the last. It was a strange feeling as he felt his life slip away too. Then with one last effort the rykor took Ghek in hand, severing the bond forever. Ghek finally understood the meaning of 'love.'


Gregg Stone

I was a tall lanky kid, sandy haired, but full of life, I swung through the trees and did as I pleased. I grew to be a man, big and tall, but still I lived to do it all. The jungle was my home, I loved it but one day it would be gone, or I would cease to be. So now I am old, how old, who knows, but how I have lived, life has been fun, so when they bury me under Africa's hot sun know this and know it well I gave life my best Tarzan yell.

Jackie's First Kill


Korak and young Jackie hurtled through the trees. They finally came to the game trail beside the jungle river. There they waited with the patience of the beast. A wild boar with huge tusks came to drink. Korak whispered, "He's yours." Jackie shot it between the ribs with an arrow. Suddenly the child slipped when the branch cracked. He fell to the soft turf. The boar turned and charged. Korak's right arm tensed for a long spear throw. But Jackie drove his spear right through its skull. "Good job, son, let's take it to your mother to cook for supper!"

All is well

Gregg Stone

The house was quiet and peaceful, there was a fire burning in the fireplace. Soft music drifted in from the next room. Walking into the living room he saw her on the sofa, asleep so peaceful and beautiful. Quietly he slipped from the room so as not to awake her. Going upstairs he turned left and went down the hallway to the room on the end. He peeked through the open door and saw him quietly reading a book. He went down to his room sat on the bed and smiled. Tarzan was happy, his family was safe and well.

Nkima's nightmare

Gregg Stone

He runs screaming through the trees. Sheeta is after him chasing him to the highest branches. He leaps out and grabs a little limb and scrambles into the next tree. That was close, Those green eyes frightened him. Now he is gone, whew that was close, but now here comes histah, cold, ugly, slimy, snaking his way toward him. Faster he flies through the trees, climbing higher and higher when snap, the branch breaks. He is falling, falling, falling, he never stops, just keeps falling. Then all of a sudden little nkima awakes safely curled up in his masters arms.

Tarzan has the hungries


Tarzan grimaced at the open refrigerator.

"Jane," he said, "isn't there anything to eat in this bungalow?"

"There's some roast giraffe in the blue dish," she said. "We need to get it eaten."

"No thanks," said Tarzan. "I had two omtag sandwiches earlier today."

"Well then, dear," she said, "I don't know WHAT you're going to eat. We need to make another trip to the trading post. Ohhh...wait...there's the pasang Jello in the red bowl. Would you like some?"

Tarzan made a face. "Naw," he said. "I'll just go out back. I think I've got something buried there."

Muviro's hunt

Gregg Stone

Tall and sleek, fast and strong, he marched through the jungle. Spear in hand, his bow on his back he was ready for anything . Today he was hunting, hunting for meat. He craved it, needed it. The vegetables and bread from the Greystoke farm were delicious, but meat sustained him. On through the jungle he went, to the place were he knew he would find game. There up ahead, bara the deer was drinking at the water hole. His arm went back, quick as lightning he released it and bara lay dead. Muviro shouldered his kill and headed home.

Tarzan Trails Tantor


For days, Tarzan had followed the spoor of Tantor. Never before had the pachyderm wandered this far from home. But now, there was more cause for concern, as the footprints clearly showed that Tantor was now lame in his right front leg.

Traveling along the outskirts of the great thorn boma, Tarzan finally saw his friend and called out to him.

"Tantor!" Tarzan cried. "Let me take a look at that foot, old friend." The elephant curled it up into Tarzan's grasp. The apeman saw the thing embedded there and gasped: "Oh no, Tantor. You've stepped on an ant man."

The dum dum

Gregg Stone

The drums could be heard for miles. Animals were wary, staying far away. None dare come near, for the great apes were holding their dum dum. The time had come to choose a new king. None could believe their beloved king was dead. That great heart stilled forever. It happened so suddenly. The fire stick of the tarmangani killed him. Shot from behind he never had a chance. His body lay before them, cold and still yet majestic evening death, as they danced their dance of death when suddenly from the trees above Tarzan dropped in to dance with them.

Jane's lament

Gregg Stone

Get out of my house Jane screamed. filthy animals that is what you are. Look at the dirt you tracked on my floor. .. yelling at them she picked up her broom and chased them from the room. I don't know what I will ever do with you two she screamed as they ran out the door. You make a woman's job so hard. I cant keep the house clean. All you do is eat, sleep, and sit on the couch watching John Wayne movies. Korak and Tarzan laughed as they ran from the house and disappeared into the woods.

Histah lovers beware

Gregg Stone

Histah is hanging from a limb when all of the sudden someone grabs his tale and swings with it like a vine. Darn it Tarzan you do that all the time. histah hatches a plan, he greases himself down and the next day Tarzan grabs his tail and as he slides off toward the ground he screams ayyyyyaaaaaaayyyyyyyaaaaaaa. Thus the invention of the Tarzan yell. Tarzan gets mad and says I will get even. he sneaks up on histah, pulls his knife and they fall to the ground. When the dust settles Tarzan walks away wearing new snake skin boots.

The Beast in the Night

Not a 100-word story by Bridge

Last night, I had just settled down for a long winter's nap when suddenly I could have sworn I heard someone...or some thing...emit one fairly loud, panting breath. Was it my imagination? No, there it was again. A big huff, and then silence.

The noise continued every 10 seconds or so, so I followed it until I came to the bathroom. The noise guided me to the very nerve center of the bathroom, the toilet itself. I stood there, perplexed, listening to my toilet make those heavy, husky breaths every few seconds. It sounded as if it could only come from a living creature...but where WAS this creature? Under the floor? On the other side of the wall? Had I a poltergeist?

It seemed to be coming from the toilet tank, and new fear gripped me. What could possibly be in that tank, making that noise? How would a possum get there? Ah, but a snake could get in there. What if I took the lid off the tank and a big python lunged out, latching onto me with its needle-sharp teeth?

I cautiously grasped the tank lid and moved it off and back ever so carefully.

Ah, no animals therein. Only clear water.

But, what was this? A few bubbles around some of the apparatus. And then, there was the noise again. I noticed some bubbles around the rubber stopper in the bottom of the tank. I moved the flush handle ever so gently. The noise stopped. I stood, waiting. Would it start again? No, it didn't.

I'd never heard a toilet make a noise like that before. It was uncanny.

I went back to bed, having dealt with the demon.

Now, I would get a good night's sleep without having to worry about Histah crawling out of the slimy inside of my toilet tank and hiding in the hamper to await my next visit to the little room.

The Seduction of Jane


Jane Clayton, Lady Greystoke, was bored. As per usual, her husband, John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, was out and about--this time to Opar to fetch back still more Atlantean gold. There was precious little to do on the great rambling African estate. Jane's fascination with the flora and fauna of sub-tropical Africa was long since past. Sighing gently, she left the veranda and returned to her bedroom. As she entered the room, Jane stifled a scream. There, coiled on her bed, coiled a magnificent python. Fully twenty feet in length, the great beast lifted its head and began to sway hypnotically back and forth. Jane stared awestruck at the long forked flickering tongue that tasted the air and her essence. Slowly, seductively, Histah uncoiled and glided toward her. "Ohhh," she moaned, unable to move. The great snake rose and wrapped himself around her and squeezed oh so gently. To Jane's surprise, the snake's scintillating scales were warm and dry. Suddenly a shout sounded in the distance. Through her bedroom window, she could see a line of men emerging from the jungle in the distance onto the plains. Tarzan and his Waziri had returned. Histah also saw. Flickering his tongue close to Jane's rosebud lips, Histah then slowly relaxed his grip and retreated across the floor. Up to the sill of the open window stretched his long, scaly neck. Out the window flowed the great python, out into the deep grasses and out of sight. "Damn," whispered Jane. "Maybe next time he'll bring an apple…"

La's Nightmare

Gregg Stone

There he comes, the man of her dreams. Tall Dark, handsome wearing nothing but his loincloth. Tarzan, Tarzan I knew you would come back. La, I have always loved you, there is no other but you for me. They embrace and kiss. Tonight we will be wed the oparian way La says to Tarzan and we will live happily ever after. Standing at the altar with the priest reciting the ceremony he ask do you Tarzan take La to be your lawful wedded wife till death do you part, Tarzan opens his mouth to speak and then La wakes up.

Tarzan's Nightmare


Tarzan crept into the dusty darkness. He found his sleeping furs, and there lay La sleeping. He heard the wheezing snores of his beast-brood. He had seven fine sons by La, all of them with low, sloping foreheads and vicious dispositions. Tarzan lie down to sleep. Suddenly two of his beast-boys woke up, fighting and gibbering. They rolled onto Tarzan and he slapped them savagely against the slimy wall. Tarzan growled at them in ape talk. They whimpered and snuggled in beside La, who snuggled with them affectionately. Tarzan started awake in a cold sweat, but in bed with Jane!

Histha's revenge

Gregg Stone

Histah was feeling sly, he decided to play a joke on an ole guy. He snuck around the yard dodging from tree to tree hiding in the bushes waiting for me. I was in the yard swinging my club, golf that is, when I hit the ball to far. I ran to the bushes, stuck my hand in when I felt something slimy [sorry] I knew it wasn't my ball. I stuck my head in the weeds and there was histah looking at me. Boo he hissed with a big ole grin and laughed as I crapped my pants again.

Sheeta out of luck


Sheeta licked her fangs, her yellow eyes fixed on the Tarmangani below who, she thought, did not know it was about to sate a panther's hunger. With a hideous roar to frighten the prey into immobility -- she launched herself toward the intended victim.

Beneath the tree, Tarzan smiled grimly. He had caught the scent of Sheeta half an hour earlier.

Once Sheeta committed herself, the apeman spun like lightning and grabbed both her forepaws, swung her over his head, and slammed her bodily onto the jungle sward.

Humiliated, Sheeta howled with rage and sped for sanctuary in the surrounding foliage.

Tarzan and the City of Spires


Tarzan of the Apes parted the foliage and his eyes narrowed. In the valley below he saw a company of strange men with rhinocerous horns growing from their heads, and they were dragging a redheaded girl, clad only in thong underwear.

In the distance stood a city with elongated spires jutting from its battlements.

Tarzan had never been in this part of Africa before, and his first thought was: Ah, new adventure beckons.

Then, he thought again.

"What's the matter with me? I'm getting too old for this stuff," he muttered. "I'd better get back home before Jane starts worrying."

Survival of the Fittest


The little dog gave a curious sniff to the butterfly which danced across the dandelions and then gave chase.

Soon, the butterfly, oblivious to the dog, lifted itself toward the high blossoms of a cherry tree.

But the butterfly was quickly forgotten as the pup caught an unfamiliar scent. He raced off happily, following the winding trail through the tall grass.

He burst from the field, into the backyard and raced around the corner of the house, where he had time for only a brief, pathetic yelp.

He had not seen the neighbor's escaped python until it was too late.

Dinner Guest


Tarzan chewed at his meat thoughfully, head down, hair forming a curtain around his feeding. The flesh was warm and soft and smacking sounds escaped his lips. Hot juices ran from the corners of his mouth as he savored his dinner. His reverie was so focussed that he almost spit out his current mouthful with a start when he heard the clatter of dishes. Staring up he saw a woman in a melon-colored dress throw down her napkin and turn to Jane. "You never told me your husband was a P-I-G pig!" Jane surreptiously tripped the woman who fell face first into a massive cherry bombe. Patting Tarzan's hand, she said: "We'll always have Paris."

Tarzan and Numa

Gregg Stone

Splat, the ripe fruit hit him between the eyes. He shook his head and looked up when a well thrown stick caught him on the nose. Numa let out a roar. One of these days , I am going to get that Tarzan. Why he just called me the son of a hyena, hey I resent that numa growled, you cant talk to me that way you hairless ape, you look like histah with your bare skin. Now Tarzan growled and let out the victory cry of the bull ape. The jungle stopped and listened as two kings did battle.

Jane Makes a Decision


Tarzan was proud of the advances the Waziri had implemented on the Greystoke ranch. With modern technology, the tribe was able to raise its own meat and not have to rely on dangerous forest forays for the wild stuff. (They did, of course, continue to hunt for sport).

Tarzan had his own herd of 100 cattle and it was time to butcher one. "Which do you think?" he asked Jane. "Should I slaughter one of the steers with the reddish hides, a spotted one, or a dull, greyish one?"

"Oh Tarzan," said said, "I think we'd enjoy more drab bull."

Korak and the Tarzan Twins

Steve Allsup

Korak took Dick and Doc, along with Jackie, to the swamp where he had hidden the flying saucer that he captured during the 1960's invasion. It was still hidden! The four men in leopard-skin loincloths clambered into the alien vessel. The Tarzan Twins were still in college, and Jackie was just a youth. Korak, the elder, looked thirtiesh. They all strapped in and Korak made it rise into the air. "Let's find a terrorist camp!" Soon they saw a band of Arab bandits making nuclear bombs. ZAPP! The UFO cannons disintegrated them. "I'm ready for lunch!" cried Jackie in glee.

Histah Strikes!


Histah, the snake, lay in motionless coils on the thick limb that overhung the branch to the waterhole. The python had not eaten for several days and was very hungry. First, a clergyman came down the path, unaware of the mighty retile overhead. The man was an ascetic who had so far denied himself worldy pleasures that he was little more than gristle and skin. Sighing, Histah let him pass. He wanted a meal; not an appetizer. Next came a famous politician. So bloated was he with largesse that even at even over twenty feet long, Histah despaired ever being able to swallow such bulk. As well might he seek to swallow Bhuto, the rhinoceros. And there was also the matter of the hot air and gas. As the politician waddled off down the trail, Histah relaxed. Soon Bara would pass. Ah, Bara! That was a meal the big snake loved dearly!

Le Autre Histah

Jane's Victory

Mama Tangor

"Here he comes," grumbled Esmeralda.

"He's got something for dinner! "

"Can't cook that. Got fur all over."

"I'll get him to skin it," simpered Jane.

Batting her eyes at Tarzan, she motioned to his knife.

He started to hand it to her.

"No, you do it."

"You need learn skin catch - Woman's work!"

"Tarzan! That's so messy. I'll get my dress all bloody."

"Take off to do."

"I can't do that!" Jane shrieked.

"Give here." Quietly he mumbled, "Dumb woman!" Then smiling he mumbled, "Pretty woman!" as he began skinning.

The victorious Jane winked at Esmeralda.

Legacy of the Warlord


Since John Carter had learned to travel across the vastness of space with his armament and adornments, it was no problem for him to figure out how to transport a Martian flyer as well. So, he transported himself and several friends to Africa around 1960 for a vacation. Unfortunately, Korak thought it was an invasion and started firing burning arrows at them. Chuckling, Carter had one of his friends leave their flyer behind as they went back to Mars. He had no doubt Korak would figure out how to fly it and use it in the cause of humanity someday.

"Let's Go to Mars!"


"Mother'll kill me for this," said Korak as he threw the UFO into warp drive. He glanced back and saw tousle-headed Doc turning purple from air-sickness. Soon they reached Mars and skimmed low across the desert. Dick spotted a crashed flier. On board woman struggling with a man. They landed and Dick leapt on board, dashing the fellow to the sands. He struggled to rise, his leather harness down around his knees. Dick smiled grimly, while Doc and Jackie hooted with laughter. Just then the Warlord's airboat approached. "Thanks for saving Dejah Thoris," he grinned. " I know Tarzan of old."

Korak and the Tarzan Twins with John Carter the Warlord of Mars


Helium threw a parade to honor the heroes who rescued Dejah Thoris. A fleet of majestic airboats flanked the flying saucer. A great host cheered as they landed in the great plaza and mounted the vast stairs to the palace. At dinner, John Carter expressed interest in the UFO. "Won't you let our scientists look it over? We may be able to learn a great deal about alien technology." Korak finished chewing his meat. "That is EXACTLY the reason I never told Queen Elizabeth about it! Oh well, I guess so, AS LONG AS YOU PROMISE TO GIVE IT BACK."

A Tale of Little Histah


Bolgani, the gorilla, was furious. How could that fickle she have preferred the company of his silverback rival to him? At the thought of the smirking, perfidious couple, the hair along Bolgani's spine bristled. As he stomped down the jungle path, he growled hideously and thumped his massive chest loudly with great hairy paws.

Then his beady red eyes caught a flash of emerald in the forest floor debris. A small snake! How dare it cross his path this ill-starred day? Quicker than thought, the bull gorilla snatched up the small snake. What did he care that little Histah's head was diamond-shaped?

In his rage, Bolgani hardly felt the needle fangs that sunk into his massive hairy arm. The gorilla cracked the little snake like a whip, then sank his mighty fighting fangs into the broken green body before casting the dying snake aside.

Moments later, Bolgani felt a burning sensation in his harm where Histah had struck. He started off down the trail but soon became dizzy. His tongue felt thick; he craved water but now felt so lethargic he couldn't rouse himself to fetch it. It became progressively harder to breathe. Where Histah had bitten, Bolgani's arm was swollen and discolored.

Now pain racked Bolgani's mighty frame as he gasped for air like Pisah, the fish, in a drying puddle. His chest felt constricted; he could not breathe. Then with a mighty shudder, Bolgani's spirit slipped its fleshy prison. The gorilla should have heeded the warning of the Histah clan: "Don't tread on me!"

Korak and the Tarzan Twins with John Carter of Mars and the Magma Men of Mercury


"Come with us to Mercury," asked Korak. "Agreed!" replied Carter. The four earthmen and Carter arose. When the flying saucer reached Mercury, they found two races in an eternal war over the narrow temperate zone. The magma men from the hot side could never win the war, though, because they could not enter the cold zone, and the beings from the cold side could never enter the hot zone for a decisive conquest. "Why not share the temperate zone?" suggested Carter. Korak, Jackie and the twins liked that idea. "Go away! You know nothing of our ways, humans!" declared the Mercurians.

Korak and the Tarzan Twins with John Carter of Mars and the Plantmen of Pluto


The flying saucer sped to the Outer Rim of the Solar System, so the heroes could view cold Pluto, rolling along the midnight tides of the Abyss. Korak brought the ship down close to the planet, where they strained their eyes in the dim darkness. Black basalt buildings without any openings rose along rivers of thick oil. Then they saw that which made them queasy so that Korak turned back to Mars-- rubbery things herding, with spears, bloated, white, bipedal beings into a building that had no exit, save for tall chimneys that poured smoke endlessly into the skies.

Tarzans gift

Gregg Stone

Tarzan was moving fast, got to find something he thought as he crept into mbongas hut. A spear, nah, how about a cooking pot, man what to do? He scaled the wall in despair, heading home empty handed was not an option. Opar, that’s it, he discarded the idea as it was to far. Tarzan killed bara , he thought of skinning him and keeping the hide, but cast that thought away. Headed home, head down in shame Tarzan saw it, a beautiful flower. He carried it home in pride, handing it to Jane he said happy anniversary my dear.

Tarzan's Gift to Jane Histah

The trip to Opar was more than eventful. As usual, the Ape-man and his faithful Waziri retainers brought back a king's ransom in gold ingots. This time, Tarzan brought back something extra--for Jane.

"She is a very hard worker," Tarzan explained to his skeptical missus. "There is nothing she enjoys more than cooking and cleaning. I only brought her home to help you, Jane." Smiling, La nodded eagerly, then returned her gaze to Tarzan. Jane's eyes narrowed as she surveyed La's magnificent figure which her bejeweled accoutrements served to accent rather than conceal. This would not be as easy as Tarzan had hoped.


Gregg Stone

More than 2.5 million have lost their lives in the Congo conflict Jane. Illegal trade in Diamonds is providing arms and ammunitions to the warring parties . Despite UN Peacekeeping presence and a Security Council arms embargo, people continue to die. There's someone in authority controlling this war and I must find out who. The Waziri are at risk as is our Farm. The future of Africa is at stake, our future Jane. Tarzan, dressed in a fine suit of apparel, with a briefcase of diamonds prepares to infiltrate the industry to find the rat that is destroying his homeland.

Korak and the Tarzan Twins with John Carter of Mars and Danton Burroughs


"Before we return, let us visit our friends in Tarzana," suggested John Carter. Korak took the craft straight towards the earth. Soon they descended into the backyard of the Burroughs estates. Danton came out in astonishment. "What a surprise!" he ejaculated. "Please come with me- I am on my way to visit Manning." "Manning..." mused Korak. "The man who chronicles our adventures in the comics! Tarzan always sends him our latest exploits." They arrived at his studio and found him in bed deathly sick. "Well, well," he smiled. "I am a happy man, to finally meet you all in person!"

The Room with the Seven Doors


Carson Napier was trapped in the room of the Seven Doors. Behind one door lay freedom; behind the other six lay fates too horrible to contemplate.

"No problem," he smiled. "I'll just turn on my nifty little hallucinatory powers."

He concentrated, and soon those outside the Room saw Carson standing next to them, grinning triumphantly. Then, the vision disappeared.

"What's going on," demanded one guard.

"I don't know, let's check the room," said the other.

They opened the door to the Room and ran in; Carson, hiding behind the door, conked them on their heads and then made his escape.


Gregg Stone

The natural resource rents are a ‘honey pot’. Politics comes to be about the control of these resources, thus the fighting taking place in Africa. There seem to be two major factions involved on the outside at the present let alone the national government. The RUF [Revolutionary United front] on one side and the AFDL [Alliance des forces Democratiques pour la liberation de Congo-Zaire] on the other. War is never pretty, but when it affects one personally it is even uglier.

Jane could not go so they said their goodbyes at home. Tarzan boarded his private jet unsure of anything.


Gregg Stone

Colonel, or so he called himself, Geteye Abasi of the AFDL was furious. He was known for his short temper and was quick to strike out in an uncontrolled manner. Throwing fits of rage that earned him the nickname ’mabaye tembo’ or mad elephant. He was a straw boss over one of the mines, nothing more nothing less, but he meant everyone to know it. Get up lazy hyenas he screamed, you stinking dogs, striking out with his whip. We have an important visitor coming. He lashed an unlucky worker across the back, cutting the skin through to the bone.

Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins with Korak and John Carter of Mars


Danton drove Korak, his son Jackie, the Tarzan Twins, and John Carter back to the Burroughs estates. Marion rushed out with news. "Korak, your father is trying to locate you! Jane has been abducted from the London castle." With great trepidation Korak flew the heroes across the Atlantic. As they rushed into the castle, Tarzan said, "Look son, at this security camera film." "Rabba Kegga?!?!" exclaimed Korak. Scotland Yard rushed in. "He's made his getaway in a small plane, heading straight for the North Pole!" "Let's take the flying saucer," Korak suggested. "FLYING SAUCER??" exclaimed Tarzan, "What th... flying saucer??"

Battle in the Night


Tarzan was locked in the loathsome, disgusting embrace of the slimy snake beast from Barsoom. The apeman was slowly but surely suffocating in the snake's six sinuous tails which crushed him harder each time he exhaled, while the serpent creature opened wide its slavering jaws, smelling of rotted flesh, preparing to sink its deadly fangs with its putrid poison into his shoulder. Tarzan tried to move, but could not. He could only yell at the unheeding beast. The cry awoke Jane with a start. "Tarzan, Tarzan," she said, unraveling the sheets that he had become entangled in, "You're dreaming again."


Mama Tangor

Histah was incensed. Korak had called him slimy! Snakes weren't slimy! They could be called scaly, scary, shifty, sleazy or sly; but they were never slimy. He had friends that were spotted and some that were shiny or silvery or saffron in color. He had short-tempered friends with rattles on their tails. His cobra friends were spell-binding. His boa friends were silent and sinister. The single-minded Histah liked to think of himself as sibilant, sinuous, supple and strong. Histah had a savage desire to seek out Korak, but that would have to wait. The supper-seeking Histah was so very hungry.

Tarzan Explodes Some Misconceptions


"Look at that slimey snake," said Korak.

"Snakes aren't slimey, son," said Tarzan.

"Look at that tiger over there," rejoined the Killer.

"There are no tigers in Africa," said the apeman.

"How come that elephant's ears look funny," exclaimed the son.

"That's an Indian elephant," the father said. "The Hollywood people are here making a new Lion Man movie. They attach those extra big ears so people will think they're African elephants. Indian elephants are easier to train than African elephants."

"Yikes," said Korak, "an alligator is attacking that native girl."

"You mean crocodile," laughed Tarzan. "C'mon. Let's go home."

A Strange Fever


"Rabba Kegga must be taking Jane to Pellucidar," said Tarzan grimly. "We can catch him easily in Korak's craft," John Carter assured him. Immediately, they ran out and loaded into the UFO. After take-off, Doc turned ashen again. "Hey, you okay?" asked Dick. Suddenly Doc began shivering uncontrollably. Cold sweat broke out. Dick and Jackie helped him climb onto a metal bunk to lie down. "That's not air-sickness," said Korak. "Must have been something in the breakfast we had on Mars," Doc suggested, as his teeth clattered together. Dick remained kneeling beside the trembling form of his blond American twin.

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