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ERB Book Reviews

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Reviewed by: Bruce Bozarth 1998-12-17

In Gods of Mars John Carter returns to Mars after an involuntary absence of 10 years. His initial euphoria is swiftly reversed by sudden and swift mortal threat upon himself and unexpected companion Tars Tarkas of the six-limbed green Tharks. Both are beset by monstrous plant men ranging the lands of the southern pole of Barsoom. Worse, they encounter the zealots of the Holy Therns, a white race who carry the religion of Issus to the far reaches of the planet. Caught between two extremes, Carter, Tars Tarkas, and Carter's son, Carthoris, do battle and survive against these extremities.

Burroughs continues with his Barsoom saga and expands both the social and geographic presentation of the dying world of Mars. New vistas of a fantastic planet hovering on the verge of extinction thrill the reader nearly as much as the soap-opera-like situations through which the major portaganists must travel.

Considered by many to be the best of the Barsoom novels, GODS is filled with non-stop action and intricate detail.