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ERB Book Reviews

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The Red Hawk

Reviewed by: David Bruce Bozarth 1999-08-21

The final chapter of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Moon series is perhaps the most intriguing of the bunch. Julian 20th follows the lead of his ancestors in fighting against the oppressive Kalkars from the Moon. The Red Hawk's people, Americans who in many ways resemble the early Indians of the North American continent, are great warriors and have driven the Kalkars across the nation from the Atlantic to the Pacific, where the invaders have dug in with their backs to the ocean.

Burroughs' vision of a successful nomadic people surviving in a world on the brink of outright barbarism is a startling juxtaposition as it relates to the two previous tales in the Lunar series. Young Julian 20th is the war chief of the Americans and it is his intention to drive the Kalkars into the sea. The Red Hawk embarks on a scout toward that end and becomes embroiled in a series of events that threaten his life, the life of his people's ancient enemy, and the fate of the world. In the process he encounters the one woman who stirs his heart--and she is of the Or-tis family, the sworn enemies of his people!

ERB weaves a convoluted plot which is ultimately simplistic--a retelling of Romeo and Juliet with a slight difference: Romeo and Juliet survive. Though the basic plot is trite and overworked in places, it is the color and characterization whichs propells The Red Hawk as the final chapter of Burroughs' Moon Maid trilogy.

The Red Hawk appears in several different printings: an ominbus with all three tales combined or as three separate novels. The three parts together consitute a single whole.