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Tarzan of the Apes

Reviewed by: Lisa Godin 1998-09-04

Webmaster note: This extended review of Tarzan of the Apes was written by Lisa "Kala" Godin over a period of several months at Edgar Rice Burroughs Listserver (ERBList). Thank you, Kala, for permission to reprint.

What a mess that mutiny was, but for the life of me, no doubt being a member of a civilized lot, can't fathom the captain's reluctance to take John's warning of the mutiny and done something when clearly it would've been in his best interest. Then he wouldn't of died such a senseless death. I'm also quite distressed with Alice after they landed. So emotional, so afraid of everything despite her husband being there willing and able to at least try to be stronger. It could be I haven't read enough to get a total picture of Alice too. They mystery deepens with the thing they saw. No doubt it was an ape come to spy. Sorry if I sound like a play-by-play, but just can't help share my thoughts every couple chapters.

Chapter 3 was quite interesting.Very impressed with John's ingenuity in building his cabin, concidering the circumstances, and went wo! when Alice killed the ape that attacked John. Very good timing that the baby was born that night. I never realized the trauma of the ape attack could be so severe despite her bravery in shooting him that she'd forget where she was and kinda not be fully lucid. But I'm confused. Was it the delayed trauma of killing the ape or something else that killed her a year after the baby was born. John Clayton has a couple things that are confusing. Is there a particular reason, though he's English, prefer to write in his diary in French? And then John passed away, despite being able to defend himself and Alice, was it the harsh life or of a broken heart over losing Alice that killed him. 'Hearing' the baby cry having no one to feed him is gut wrenching.

Well this next chapter was full of surprises. I had originally thought that John Clayton was already dead but seemed he fell asleep from exhaustion. In this chapter I've been introduced to Kerchak, and Kala. Man, I've been in some serious PMS attacks, but Kerchak's attitude beats them all hands down. What a nasty brute! I always figured apes were sort of a benevolent kind, but Kerchak breaks that stereotype. I don't like him one bit, even if he is a leader. John didn't have a chance. Poor man. Not a good way to go. Kerchak seemed a little disappointed that Alice was already dead. The barbarian! Then he had the nerve for no good reason other than being spiteful to go after Kala, and her baby died because she lost her grip on the little fella. I was very teary at the loss. I admire Kala for taking in the baby when she either could have left it or waited till she did the wild thing with Tublat. I'm impressed with her mothering instinct. Every mother should be like Kala who, even though she had Tarzan a couple minutes, still protected him from the crazed Kerchak. Another big surprise met me. With all his bravdo, Kerchak was such a wimp when it came to John's carbine. Even though conditioned by its deadliness, Kerchak still seems the the type not afraid of things(other than Tantor)and he was such a wuss before he finally got the guts to pick it up. I keep forgetting he's an ape and can't reason that if no one is shooting it, it won't hurt you. That's how impressed I am with the way ERB is portraying the apes. They're human in character, at least to me. I'm also surprised that when he was examining the rifle, Kerchak didn't blow his own head off when he pulled the trigger. Lucky shot that it went wild although Kerchak is so obnoxious that I wish he did blow his bad ass head off.

Very happy to see that Kala's love for Tarzan was unconditional even with Tublat who didn't seem to appreciate Tarzan's specialness. I was glad to see that Tarzan finally accepted the way he looked and didn't get too much of a complex about it. Great going warning the troupe of Sabor.The bud of superior intelligence at last is budding and making use of itself. Tublat, I have a problem with. I mean as far as I can see so far, the only reeason he doesn't like like about Tarzan is that he's what he is despite his marvelous agility, his obvious intelligence and his better looks. Could it be jelousy? And since he's made it quite clear he doesn't like Tarzan he deserved Tarzan's playful noosings of him. Seems like everyone but Kerchak, who hates everyone, and Tublat, Tazan is accepted by everyone else in the troupe. At least that's what I'm seeing so far. Seeing Tarzan discovering who and what he really is and testing what he can do slowly, is making me bust with pride. Gosh. I am getting into this!

The excitement never ceases. And how ironic. Tarzan has just begun to explore his parents' cabin, their remains still there and examined the book that said A is for Archer who shoots with a bow B is for Boy His first name is Joe, I just busted up laughing. A little Twilight Zoney here. I was impressed with what a fearless little fighter Tarzan is with his new toy of his new found knife against Bolgaini. It's another wierd coincidence that in TEA Tarzan is friends with Bolgani, yet here, he kills him. Surprised he survived such grave wounds. Kala is an excellent nurse. It ticked me that hearing that little Tarzan was attacked that neither Kerchak or Tublat cared. When will they ever learn that little Tarzan is an asset to the troupe! Oh the excitement grows in this book.

Needless to say wasn't very impressed with Tarzan teaching himself to read and write since I'm hooked on the action, although I give him credit for taking on and succeeding successfully in such a great task. The Dum-Dum scene was pretty brutal. Tarzan cutting off an arm to eat sort of sickens me mainly because the hair was still attached. Picturing slicing up the raw flesh sans hair would've settled easier. I'm glad he finally did away with Tublat. Not nice to go after Kala. No siree. He's become quite proficient with that knife and I'm glad he was able to find it after doing away with Bolgani. And as hard as I tried I couldn't help laughing at little tarzan's victory yell. The Tarzan Yodel has always put me in stitches and I couldn't help but 'hear' it as the yodel in the movies. Maybe if I read it again substituting the familiar Lara roar then I could handle the victory yell coupled with the chest pounding. Now, I hope he'll get the respect due him from the troup after dispatching Tublat. But something worries me. Dum-Dum's violent ending with their tearing apart of their defeated dead enemy, the violence was strangely elating. I feel immensely guilty enjoying the scene. I thought I was of a gentler heart.

Well I've now weathered my first jungle storm, and I was shivering in fear along with the rest as I'm terrified of storms.. It was so well written that I could really hear the thunder. Tarzan is getting some AT-TIT-TUDE! Bolgani and Tublat weren't enough. He's going for the big guns in Sabor! Although it didn't work well, he almost succeeded in noosing sabor to make clothes out of her. Now he's got another thing to boast about his brush with Sabor! That's my boy!

I'm facinated in this chapter that Tarzan is able to read and write fluent English though has never heard the language and understand what he was reading. It's a mystery. I was so sad when Kalonga killed Kala. It just wasn't fair. She was such a sweet ape. I was elated that Tarzan strung Kala's killer and dispatched him quickly and efficiently. I sort of expected him to torture Kalonga but that would've wasted valuable type and space. But something else astonished me. The fact that Tarzan didn't eat Kalonga. I always thought cannibalism among people was learned behavior, but to Tarzan it seemed an instinctual abhorrance so it made me wonder why he could be so sickened by the thought, yet how easy it seems for cannibals to indulge in the practice without batting an eye. I'm glad Tarzan has some sense of decency when it comes to not eating a fellow human. It was rather annoying that Kalonga liked to kill animals with his poisoned arrows even when he wasn't going to eat them. A waste of life. But he got his in the end so I'm satisfied. It's the quickest act of revenge I've ever seen in print.

Well, it seems that Tarzan has found Kalonga's village and I chuckled when he put all that stuff in the middle of that one hut in a pile. I think it put a scare in the villagers when they found it. Could someone tell me what a dried plantain is that the women were grinding? I'm glad he managed to steal the arrows he was after without getting poisoned let alone caught. A one man raiding party. I like that. Reading further in the chapter, I no longer feel abhorred with the idea that Tarzan enjoys killing for the sport of it, but the way it was worded it was like it's inbred in man to kill. Always thought it a learned thing. So since Tarzan has no guilt about killing for sport at times, I can now stop punishing myself for all the times as a child, enjoying pulling wings off flies, legs off ants and pill bugs, and pouring salt on slugs for the sheer pleasure of watching it die.

Well, Tarzan just discovered his mom's locket and his dad's diary. Wonder if he'll ever figure out how to read French. Tarzan's improving with his newly stolen arrows, and the witnessing of Kalonga's tribe torturing and about to eat their hapless victim sickened me. Even the hint of cannibalism is so nausiating to read. I was so proud of Tarzan not only scaring Kalonga's people while hidden in the trees, but especially killing Sabor with his arrow. Kerchak got really pissed and even more jelous to the point of challenging him to a fight. Petty ape. Tarzan had every right to boast about his great deed and to be challenged for being better? Not a good move for Kerchak. Horray for Tarzan for killing him. In a fair fight, which is something Kerchak wouldn't know if it bit him on the fanny. Getting killed was his just desserts. At last he's proven himself to the point where no one can dispute his greatness!!

Now this chapter was full of even more surprises. tarzan and his troupe scare the dickens more out of the natives by taking the offered food and raiding the fields and at 'home', we got Terkoz. I never thought there'd be anyone nastier than Tublat but here the old adage applies:like father like son. Tublat was a brute so Terkoz is brute extraordinaire. Dimwit Terkoz made the mistake of beating a she ape whose husband could no longer protect her until Tarzan literally knocked him over and bam it was like the wrestling matches I've seen. I pictured the Undertaker vs The Ultimate Warrior the way ERB wrote the fight though they'd never had half their scalp ripped off no matter how much they got into it. But I must give the apeman credit. Here he had the perfect opportunity to kill Terkoz to show again his betterness, but instead spared the nasty brute. I guess sparing Terkoz was the best thing to do concidering he was going to leave the troupe anyway to wander among his own kind, and Terkoz dead would've served no purpose. But if it was me, in the passion of it all, unlike Tarzan, I'd have my human reason shut down nor would I have shown any mercy. Guess I see whose the more civilized, me, or the apeman. What a thing to ponder. I'm glad that Tarzan is finally moving on and out of the troupe. He'll never be forgotten.

Wow again. What surprises. Tarzan is again terrorizing the natives and now I can tie in Munango-Keewati. Though it was explained, it was nice to see something familiar. In addition to being newly arrowed, the ape man is finally loinclothed. It was interesting to note how quickly, once he discovered that he was a man, and seemingly better than the apes, how much he not only wanted to get clothes on, but shave of sorts. The ship has landed. Jan Porter, Professor Archemedes Porter, Esmeralda and William Clayton have been introduced. But in this chapter it doesn't say what kind of Professor AQ Porter is. A little misty on why the ship landed in the first place. Why were they wanting to go to Zanzibar. Seems they'll never get there as they're as directionally challenged as me. Esmeralda was an annoying screaming meemi. Surely the skeletons of Tarzan's parents, and Kala's first baby she and Jane discovered, shouldn't be that scary to turn into a fun house shrieker. If Tarzan's parents' skeletons leapt outta bed and did the Irish jig, then you carry on. I'm glad Jane politely shut Esmeralda up. The screaming was annoying me.

Tarzan is following the almost lost Clayton looking for Professor Porter when he gets Sheeta and Numa. Good thing for Clatyon Tarzan was around to scare Sheeta away, and the lion fight was something. I found my mouth watering at Tarzan eating some of Numa raw. I'm really hungry now. I like the description of Tarzan but it was slightly confusing cuz it said he was naked. I thought what happened to his loincloth then it was mentioned. I don't think Clayton could handle a fully naked ape man. It was nice to see Tarzan being a little social with Clayton offering him a seat while he was eating, and was mildly surprised he wasn't insulted that Clayton, for polite sake, didn't take just a wee bit of raw meat with Tarzan. A thank you for saving my life is one thing, sharing in the kill is something Clayton should've partook in if for just a nibble. Tarzan could've easily left Clayton but was nice enoght to lead him to where he was supposed to go. Jane and the screamer, Esmeralda, are trying to fight off Sabor, and other than my own cat, I've never seen a more determined cat. But Esmeralda really bothered me. Screetching, eyes popping, and then fainting for god's sake. What good is Esmeralda if all she can do is lumber, scream and faint. Other than raising her, Esmeralda is of no use to Jane.But Jane was quicker in the brain department and got a quick shot off at Sabor. Not a kill but a darn good try that she made the attempt without falling apart too much. I can forgive Jane fainting. Esmeralda I have a problem with. I like the tense ending of the chapter with Sabor still trying to get into the cabin. The excitement of leaving a chapter hang. No I must hunt for fresh meat.

Well Clayton sure got a ride of his life swinging through the trees on Tarzan's back. Tee hee. Thought he was gonna have a heart attack. Oh what befell Sabor was an absolute joy to 'watch' with the description of tarzan's muscles. Sorry gang, I'm terribly attracted to bunching ape man muscles when they're working savage action. The snap of Sabor's neck startled me. Since Tarzan had introduced himself sort of to Clayton, and helped save Jane and Esmeralda, it just was a bit of a let down that he disappeared since he seemed to be taken with Jane when he saw her from a distance coming off the boat that he didn't want to stay around to get a better look. I'm ashamed to admit I wish that Jane's bullet had struck Esmeralda instead of the floor she annoys me so much. I'll get over Esmeralda--I hope.

Professor Porter and Samuel T. Philander were wandering around lost and followed by a lion who was just playing I think. But Tarzan yodeled and scared him off. Nice he lifted Philander to saftety then disappearing briefly and then Porter was lifted by Philander to safety, then they both fell and go boom. The way they spoke to each other just made me say but two words. "Say what?" Surely too much for this jungle savage to understand. Tarzan pointed them to safety then off he went again. All I can say about Porter and Philander is Tut!Tut! Speak in sentences I can understand you egg heads.

Well, Jane and company are keeping themselves for the moment in the cabin. Tut tut, my dear mangani, why didn't I realize that Jane's father was Professor Porter? Hmmmmm. For some reason it never hit me until Porter spoke to Jane with "tut, tut, child tut, tut". Now that I've gotten used to the banter between Porter and Philander, it's funny. Tut, tut, I'm assuming it means tsk tsk? 'course I never understood what that ment either! Oh well, tut, tut<g>. Now look what you've done ERB! I've been around Porter and Philander for two chapters and I'm talking like them! Now where was I? Oh yeah. The ship was gonna leave then come back so Snipes, a.k.a. Rat Face and his cronies could bury their treasure, and under Tarzan's very nose. Poor Snipes got his brain literally picked by a pick ax. And then he was buried with the chest. I guess Greystoke and clan are better off that the Arrow went on its way with these scoundrals. Tarzan surprised me by digging up Snipes then reburying him. Monkey See Monkey Do? It just didn't occur to me that he'd want to imitate men since he conciders them stupid. And why, when he saw the ship before it came back, want to be on it? The jungle is where he belongs not on a ship. But then he learned to smoke and drink absynth so what do I know! I chuckled at Tarzan having noooo problem hauling the chest to where he decided to bury it as if it were nothing where it took like 3 people to move let alone bury. Now that's strong! But then I like strong men. I'm assuming he'll soon retrieve it? I'm wondering if this is the same chest that's in Tarzan's cave in TEA. I'm glad Lord Greystoke and Alice were finally given proper burials and but surprised that Porter and Philander didn't reveal that the baby was an ape not their real child. I was extremely amused how interested in Jane Tarzan is. Seems he doesn't realize his attraction for Jane is instinct? And his oh so smooth move to retrieve her papers after she fell asleep I really liked for I wondered what would've happened had he been caught. I can just picture the glint in his eyes. "I'm good! I'm good!" he's probably thinking as he slunk away. Smooth Ape Man.

Oh this chapter was astounding! I've finally learned the reason for Jane Porter and Company coming to Africa and the contents of the chest, so the chest I saw in Tarzan's cave in TEA was not what I thought. Tut! Tut! Tarzan enjoyed reading Jane's letter and so imformative it was though a little longwinded. And his answer and his writing of his first love letter was so romantic. I never thought Tarzan could feel like he did over a woman he didn't know. What a savage romatic heart he has wanting to provide for Jane and lover her. My heart went all a flutter. You sappy apeman you. Lovely. Then we have an ape stealing Jane, and there was Esmeralda and her usual useless self making it hard for Porter, Philander, and Clayton to get her to tell what happened. I laughed my loincloth off Esmeralda's description of a "gorilephant." She may be a dunce, but Esmerald certainly is a colorful speaker. It was also surprising that as big and strong as Tarzan is, he was still afraid to confront Jane's little group like what does he have to be afraid of as he's more superior. A wild animal is afraid. But Tarzan is no animal and normally fearless. Had Jane not been abducted I'm sure he would've visited. I'm becoming a little fond of Clayton. He seems nice. Gosh. I'm still reeling over Tarzan's love letter and found it even more sweet that he returned Jane's original letter giving Jane a shiver with his once sentence introducing himself. Wouldst I enjoy having an apeman writest to me little messages. Sigh.

So it was the bully girly girl Terkoz that stole Jane after all. Guess he would be frustrated what with being kicked out of the troupe.'Bout time they attacked him. What a shame it took Tarzan to tell them what and how to do it before anyone would stand up to Terkoz and not remain wimps. It was as I suspected all along. Oh lord did Tarzan teach him a deadly lesson. Why oh why did ERB have to excite me again mentioning Tarzan's muscles! Oh the pain and longing!(clears throat)sorry about that. Well, while Tarzan is doing his thing, the Arrow had been flagged down by the French ship. How gross that the Arrow suffered some cannibalism. No matter how desperate I'd be, I'd never eat my fellow people. But then the Arrow's compliment is of ill repute so it is expected I suppose. D'Arnot was introduced in this chapter. Tarzan is full of surprises again. He and Jane sucked face. Now how in the world did he know how to suck face when he'd never seen it done? Is that also instinctual? Or learned. And Jane seemed to be taken in by it until she sobered somewhat and then she turned on Tarzan. How rude! He just saved her life, she ran to him, offered her mouth up to him, he got passionate with her, then her prudishness got the best of her, then she lashed out at him. Bad Jane! You got a jungle lord who wants you, you take him for all he's got to offer girlfriend! Bravo Tarzan for hefting Jane over your shoulder and taking her away with you. Now, the interesting thing is, will Jane be found again by Clayton and Company.

Well Tarzan and Jane are swinging through the trees, eating, resting, looking into each other's eyes, and examining the locket's picture of Lord Greystoke and Alice. Since he resembles his father, Jane should've realized Tarzan and his father are related. Wonder why she couldn't fathom that Tarzan could be related rather than just picking up the locket for fun. With the locket around his neck, the picture of his father in his quiver just seems a little unnecessary. A locket certainly keeps a picture less wrinkled than a covering of layered leaves. The description of Jane's thoughts about Tarzan can definately be summed up in those four immortal words "what a perfect creature". Indeed!!!!! Jungle perfection. I'm very happy that this time when they kissed, Jane wanted it. She was disappointed somewhat being brought back to the cabin area. I'd be disappointed too. I mean its such bliss to be with someone where you have no fear of anything while in his presence and Tarzan is the "perfect creature" to have those thoughts about. You don't find too many perfect jungle lords out there to feel safe with and Tarzan is definately the man to feel comfortable and safe with. The cabin seems to be plauged by lioness' a lot. And Esmeralda was in her usual form. Fainting rather than opening the cabin door for Philander. Glad the lioness decided to keep on her way. Everyone was so happy Jane was returned, and again I wish Tarzan could get over his jungle fear and visit. Now that I understand the instant attraction between Tarzan and Jane, they're the perfect couple and if she had her druthers, I'm sure Jane would've preferred to remain in Tarzan's clutches. I surely would.

Talk about problems! First Jane is whisked away and she can't be found then returned. Then in still looking for her D'Arnot gets captured in a fierce battle with Mbonga's tribe. And it's Tarzan to the rescue when he could've easily ignored the sound of the fight and gone on his way. With all the pricking of spears on him, I really admire D'Arnot for not crying out. The Frenchman truely has the heart of a warrior to endure the torture's beginning without an utterance. Tarzan's infamous noose did its deed and again scared the natives as did he roar. So glad that D'Arnot was not made into a meal and I can fully understand D'Arnot's fear of Tarzan thinking he'd left one torture to land into another but of course Tarzan won't hurt D'Arnot. I guess this is the start of the long relation between the ape man and the Frenchman. The more I read of D'Arnot, the more I admire him. He's already a friend, and with such a brave heart as his, I really have come to admire him.

Well Clayton and company raided Mbonga's village doing the typical European thing. Shoot and kill first, ask questions later. Are they daft? Did it never occur to them that D'Arnot was not eaten? That he was helped to escape since they didn't find him? Noooo! So they trudge back to the cabin. There they find Jane safe. I'm beginning to despise Clayton. He's turned out to have a mean streak in him as wide as the Grand Canyon trying to convince Jane that Tarzan participated in the natives' consumption of D'Arnot, making him out to be a scoundral. He's green with jelousy of Tarzan. William Clayton is the perfect example of a boarish man. Never thinking that a woman can actually have feelings for two men at the same time. So glad to see Professor Porter crying seeing Jane and not the the macho I don't cry bit. By the end of the chapter I just wished Clayton would vanish! He's no good for Jane. I hope Jane never forgives him for bad mouthing Tarzan apology note not withstanding. Esmeralda cracked me up again adding other words to the vocabulary with ripotamuses and hipponocerous. Sure sounds like a Palientologist to me.

Well D'Arnot was nursed back to health by Tarzan who could only write messages. He's surprisingly articulate with his writing. What confuses me is why D'Arnot would teach Tarzan to speak French first instead of English with which he writes so well. It would seem only natural to teach Tarzan to speak what he can only write. But at least with D'Arnot's help I learned a couple more French words totaling my vocabulary to three words. Mon Dieu! Nor did I realize that D'Arnot was so knowledgable in several languages. It shouldn't of been such a surprise to D'Arnot that Jane and company should've abandoned the cabin as he was thought dead and the mystery grows as to how he's gonna get home. I wonder, as slow as I've been reading lately if I'll ever finish this book by the end of the year! And I discovered something else with relation to this book. I thought I'd momentarily lost it in all my junk and I was almost in a near panic. I've never reacted like that to a book before. But I found it and will never let it out of my sight again.

LOL!I must be drinkin' too much cuz I'm reeeallly confused now. I don't seem to remember anyone other than D'Arnot being captured by the natives, and now it seems that Jane got the captian to steam back to the jungle. I thought they were long gone! Well anyway, Jane and company are back at the cabin. I wish they'd make up their mind. Coming, going, staying, what!Still the debate of whether Tarzan had a hand in the natives' rampage that took D'Arnot, led by Clayton and even Professor Porter rambles on. Thank God Jane is defending Tarzan. Finally Jane succeeds in convincing the captain that Tarzan is a decent guy despite Clayton's conclusions the jelous rat. Esmeralda doesn't wanna stay in "the lan' of carnivable animals." I like her description of the jungle as a "geological garden". How poetic. Seems like Jane is the only one not afraid of the jungle noises in the dark that everyone is rambling about. Seems we have a party of wimps! A lion roaring or monkey screaming and the rest get their hair all standing on end. Maybe I just have no sympathy cuz I'm fearless. Tut! Tut! How patronizing of Professor Porter humoring Jane about staying and waiting for Tarzan to return with D'Arnot. My feelings are rapidly changing about the man. Seems he treats Jane more like a child than the woman she is. Then they couldn't find the buried treasure. Well, concidering Tarzan got it first, no wonder, and no one ever concidered that it was Tarzan since he's always around then blame it on the natives. Everything's blamed on the natives. I was right! They're going again! But before they leave, Jane said a nice prayer to wish Tarzan safety(like he really needs it). It made me all romantically teary her also saying that had Tarzan come back she would've gone into the jungle with him forever. That's my boy. Hook the girl so she'll want you so bad and if worse comes to worse at least never forget ya.

Well it seems that the French shoot first and ask questions later as D'Arnot shot Tarzan grazing his head with a bullet. And here is where Tarzan shows humor. Concidering what Kerchak, Bolgani and Terkoz did to having your head almost blown away is nothing! Pretty funny. Tarzan is very determined to go to America to search for Jane, but mistakenly thinks that she never loved him since she's promised to another. Was that Clayton? Jane didn't say in her letter. I couldn't tell if he was moved or not with D'Arnot's reading of Johna Clayton's diary. He seemed more concerned finding Jane. Thank god Tarzan talks now even if it is French. Will he ever learn English? Tarzan was gonna kill some more natives when they got to the French Mission. I was surprised how easily he was disuaded by D'Arnot saying that one should not assume all men are enemies to be killed outright before they prove it is their first intention. Seemingly confused about being held back from being the "killer" of the blacks close to the mission I loved Tarzan's show of humor in saying "Let us go present ourselves to be killed." Funny ape man. The mission is Tarzan's first stab at a civilized outpost. I'm beginning to fear the ape man will become tame with his bouts with civilization. I don't want my boy spoiled.

All right in this chapter Tarzan acts like a gentleman because I feel he was trained to be so. Put back in his own element, D'Arnot knows full well that the "gentleman at heart" would disappear like the waters of a dried up watering hole. I think D'Arnot gives himself too much credit with his creation. If messed with in civilzation D'Arnot, let's see how gentlemanly my Tarzan will be, shall we? I liked the way Tarzan summed up in conversation with those French ignorants, the way Numa is. Coward or King. And he summed it perfectly. Never judge by the first example you see be it man or best. Cowardly lion today, eating you for lunch tomorrow. Cowardly man today, he too could have you for lunch. I've discovered that the novelty of Tarzan speaking has worn off, and I liked him better saying nothing, just reacting. I thought it funny that these French guys who didn't know who Tarzan was really but still had an inkling of how specials he is, still insinuated that he'd be afraid to face a lion. Tarzan having fear? He's not afraid of a lion or Virginia Wolf! Sorry. Bad humor. I thought it funny when one Frenchman in hearing a lion told Tarzan there was his chance to get a lion and Tarzan said "I'm not hungry." Tarzan has settled on a bet to get Numa. He doesn't have to prova a thing. But then the money'll come in handy so they can charter a boat and the quicker they'll get to Jane. And when Tarzan accepted, the Frenchmen expected him to back out saying the bet was won. Uh...buddy boys, you don't challenge Tarzan and expect him to say "Tut! Tut! I change my mind." Not on your loincloth! They were razzing Tarzan then realized the guy's for real. I think the namby pamby Frenchmen will keep their mouths shut from now on in case they meet another as different and as special as my Tarzan. I knew my Tarzan could kill the lion and my neck got all prickly when he blasted his victory cry. Easiest money he'd ever win by George! But it seemed still too easy. I did sorta hope that ERB would put a little spice to it, but then I suppose since Tarzan's an old hand in killing beasts, there's not much spicing that can be done to make it more exciting. Tarzan brings Numa in. D'Arnot seemed the most surprised. C'mon man you know Tarzan doesn't need much to kill. You knew he'd be successful. Tarzan isn't civilized the way you hoped huh! Why did Tarzan and D'Arnot have to go back for that darn treasure. With the money they won they could've been to see Jane not waste time with a treasure box. Paris seemed to be fun. Ooo a fingerprint party! They'll be starting the tests to prove the fingerprints of Tarzan are those of the son of John Clayton. Maybe while they're visiting Jane they'll learn the results. But then what? Tarzan's a jungle man to the core no matter how well he eats with silverware and how good he looks in clothes. He'll always be the man of the jungle and I don't think the Greystoke Estate carries much interest with him. Or does it! Ah another mystery to unravel.

Jane you wench! How could you! You don't like Clayton and now you literally sell yourself to Canler because of your father's debt to him? Could this be where the treasure chest comes in? Jane I'm appalled at you! Shame! Reminds me of Mystery Of The Lake in TEA. Jane babbles how much she wants Tarzan, he finally gets to her after his jungle biz and the wench leaves him running after her carriage! It was humiliating to watch seeing Tarzan chasing after her and still he's chasing her even after finding out what she's gonna do. Jane you definately don't have any smarts or intestinal fortitude to do what YOU want when it comes to the ape god. Clayton's an idot, Canler seems a boar and here comes a man whose perfect and you still don't take him after all he's done for you. Saving your life, making you feel save etc. And worse Professor Porter is in on this arranged marriage jazz. And the way Canler says he'll get the marriage license like Jane is getting her dog tags. Oh this is ticking me off. Then a forest fire comes to swallow everything up. But lo and behold, the ever faithful ape man swings through the trees and rescues Jane from being a crispy critter. More than Clayton or Canler will ever do for you babe. Shoot. They cringe at the mere sound of wild animals. Tarzan just can't see why Jane would sell herself to a man she doesn't love. I don't see it either. I don't care if my father owed money to a man and the only way to settle it is marry me off to a man I don't love. You marry him dad, not me! And no, I doubt Tarzan will ever reach Jane's station in civilization and the better for him. And "gentleman" my loincloth and nice boots, Jane! You can take the ape man outta the jungle but not the jungle outta the ape man as he admits that he's "still a wild beast at heart." You go guy! Here I thought civilization would tame him as he seems to welcome joining it. Tarzan you're a man of surprises. If you ask me, Tarzan, forget Jane! She just won't see reason and you'd be knocking yourself out trying to make her realize she'd be better off in your arms when she goes even unwillingly into the arms of another. A boar if ya ask me. Oh my God! Tarzan can now<gasp> drive! Oh for shame an ape man who can drive anything but a jungle vine. Whew! I think I've gotten my tirade outta my system now to speak rationally. Despite Jane, I'm still glad Tarzan found her. At least the trip wasn't a total waste. He's really a man of his word. One more chapter to go. I'll try to hold in my tirades. Takin' it too seriously again.

Gee, I didn't know Clayton could speak French. Clayton you're a real piece of work! You speak ill of Tarzan because of your jelousy thinking he had a hand with the natives in thinking D'Arnot was killed and now you're sucking up to him about saving everyone here and in Africa. Oh the thoughts I had when Philander said "It is Canler. I had hoped-er-I had thought-er-how happy we should be that he was not caught in the fire" I just chortled at that. Yeah right. Don't sugarcoat it, man. Say you wished he became an overdone crispy critter. Tarzan definately doesn't like Canler eyeing him like Sabor eyes her prey conveniantly not taking his hand in greeting. I'm surprised he didn't bite it off. Ha! Canler doesn't much like Tarzan either. I think the politeness is rather lame. You don't like someone, you can be civil easy enough. But don't offer your hand in such a shallow empty gesture for show. Canler doesn't waste any time. He's got the preacher there already and wants the marriage right then and there! He did a no no trying to force Jane to come with him. Not nice to do infront of Tarzan who just yanked his fanny off the floor by the throat and was shaking him! If it wasn't for Jane, Tarzan would've killed him. But it's the power of a woman's request that stopped him. Ah we do have power over the primitive man. But he got his point across and made Canler promise not to marry or bother Jane further. I don't think Canler could've run any faster. Tally ho Tarzan! Ah ha! Now I see where the treasure comes in! Now that we've gottin rid of Canler, Tarzan mentioned the treasure chest! So now Professor Porter doesn't have to save his precious civilized honor with an arranged marriage he's got his $241,000.00 in a letter of credit. Is that like a check from an appraiser? LOL! Deją vu! Philander had the same reaction as I did to Tarzan driving instead of swinging through the trees. Jane, you're still debating whether you love Tarzan! Does someone have to beat you over the head before you realize it? Or are you too civilized to really admit your feelings, woman! Let's face it. Clayton may be more your station in life and you could learn to love him, but Tarzan is au natural, perfect, and a damn fine catch! But nooooo! You had to consent to choose Clayton! Monkey See from Monkey Do(in Canler). And now Tarzan asks you to marry him, even going so far as trying to civilize himself for you. What a man will do for a woman! But you had the guts to be honest to Tarzan about it and he took the rejection like a man though I bet it broke his heart. He's found out he's Lord Greystoke. Clayton still ends triumphant with having Tarzan's title, estates and now Jane. But like the man he is the ape man didn't say anything as he didn't want to jeapordize anything being taken away from Jane. Oh my heart goes out to you, Tarzan. You've gained and lost so much yet you still take it in the stoic manner of the jungle god that your are. The End. FANTASTIC BOOK !!!!!